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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 251 Morgan St. Versailles, Ky.

$1.00 A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Versailles, Ky. September 1953. Vol 9. No 5.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



It is with the deepest regret that we have to say here and now that unless more interest is shown we will be compelled to discontinue publication of our little leaflet.

We have continued publication at a loss from the very beginning, but until the past few months our subscription list has been enough that our loss has been held to a minimum, so we kept on. But as we are still seeking additional information, and at our own expense, we cannot continue both. We have, as we have told you before, spent some ten thousand dollars collecting genealogical records, and have the largest collection of records concerning Shackelford-Shackleford families to be found any where. And now that we are in Kentucky where many of the early people of that name lived, we are in a position to add greatly to what we now have.

So unless our subscription list grown (sic) considerably in the next few months we will discontinue publication when we have completed volume nine.

This being but a short time before Christmas why not each of you send along the necessary remittance for a subscription for a friend, or some other member of the family, for a Christmas present? No doubt many of them would appreciate it immensely.

For several months now we have been discussing the Darnaby family of Kentucky, ending the August issue

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with notes on the Henton Family of Woodford County. We will now continue with the Hentons, and in this and the October issue, complete the Darnaby record and begin with others, probably Virginia. We hope to have the space to give you a very interesting item from Virginia records in this issue.



I, Nancy Henton, of Woodford County, State of Kentucky, do hereby make my last Will and Testament as follows, towit:

By the will of my late husband--Thomas Henton, there was left to me certain property for my life, with directions that so much of the same as might be remaining at my death should be sold and the proceeds divided between all of his children. As nearly all of said property except some of the household furniture and a few of the farming implements has been consumed in using, and as I desire to substantially replace the same in valua (sic), I direct that all the furniture in the house, all my milk cows and their calves, all of the horses on the place except the three that belongs to my son-James Henton, and the one that I gave to Thomas E. Henton, Jr, and such of the farming implements as may have belonged to my said husband, be sold and that the proceeds, after payment of my debts, funeral expenses and the cost of administration, be divided equally amongst all the children of my said husband, and the children of his deceased son-Thomas E. Henton; the children of the said Thomas E. Henton representing their father in such division and taking together his share, which is one sixth, 1/6.

All the rest of the stock, including the cattle, sheep and hogs and all the crops and other personal property on the farm, except the hemp, all of which belongs to my son--James, is owned equally in partnership by my said son James and myself; and after the partnership crops now growing shall have been gathered, I desire that my said son shall settle up our partnership business and turn over the proceeds of my interest in it, to my executor who shall

--3 (799)--

divide the same amongst all the children of my said husband and the children of his deceased son-Thomas E. Henton, as directed in the division above prescribed.

This May the fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty two. (May 5, 1882.)


I have heretofore given to Thomas E. Henton and Ambrose E. Henton, one bed and bedding each, and I now give to Mary H. Dudley, my daughter, and my son James Henton, one bed and bedding each. And Mildred Thompson and Anne E. Wright, one bed and bedding or the value thereof.

Signed--Nancy Henton.

J. F. Nichols and William Bayette, Witnesses.

Will Book Y, page 184, Woodford County, Ky.

Probated October 2, 1882.

In your August 1953 issue of the Magazine will be found the names of all the children of Thomas Henton, Jr, and his two wives--Mildred and Nancy.



I, Robert T. Thompson, of Woodford County, and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and advanced in age and admonished of the uncertainty of life, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

First: It is my will and my desire that all my personal property be sold and my just debts and funeral expenses paid from the proceeds of said sale, and any debts that may be owing to me. But my wife is privileged to select out such furniture, farming utensils and stock as she may desire to carry on the farm.

Second: I devise to my said wife--Mildred D. Thompson, all my estate, both real and personal, during her widowhood or until my youngest child shall arrive at twenty one years of age, for the purpose of her own and the maintenance of all my children, so long as they remain one family. But if any of my children should marry and leave their home, then it is desired that my wife shall give each assistance

--4 (800)--

to such child or children as in her judgement she may see fit, having due regards to the rights and interests of the balance of my children.

Third: Should my wife die or marry before my youngest child arrives at twenty one years of age then I desire that my wife shall, in case of her marriage, take all the land and property which she owned in her own right and be entitled to by her dowarable interest in my estate; and the balance of my estate, the personality, shall be divided into ten equal parts amongst my ten children, and the land into five equal parts; one part to my son Thomas W. Thompson and my daughter--Mary E. Thompson. One part to my son--William E. Thompson and my daughter--Lucy A. Thompson. One part to my son John A. Thompson and my daughter-Milded E. Thompson. One part to my son-James R. Thompson and my daughter-Cynthia Ann Thompson. One part to my son-Lewis P. Thompson and my daughter--Nancy Elizabeth Thompson.

My above named children to have an equal interest in the dower at the death of my wife, or if my wife should die before my youngest child shall arrive at twenty one years of age, then I want all my land divided as above into five equal parts as above.

Fourth: Should any of my children die without issue of their own body, then such child's portion shall be equally divided amongst the balance of my children then living. Or should any of them be dead, leaving children then their children to take the parent's part.

Lastly: I constitute and appoint my wife--Mildred D. Thompson executrix and my sons-Thomas W. Thompson and William E. Thompson, executors of this my last Will and Testament, without security as long as they manage the estate prudently and to the interest of all the children; and I hereby revoke all wills heretofore made by me. And further, should I die before my sons--John A., James R., and Lewis P., have finished their education, then I desire that two hundred dollars shall be applied to the education of each of the said children.

Given under my hand this the twenty eighth day

--5 (801)--

of January eighteen hundred and seventy five. (January 28, 1875).

Signed--R. T. Thompson.

William A. Moore, W. M. Shipp, and C. W. Stone, witnesses.


I, Robert T. Thompson, do make and ordain this as a codicil to my last Will, made and signed on the twenty fifth day of January 1875.

First: I desire that the provisions in iten (sic) third in said Will requiring land to be divided into five parts equal, shall be altered to read "Shall be divided into ten equal parts and one part allotted to each of my children. And further, any advancements made by me to any of my children before my death or after my death and before the death of my wife, shall be charged against such child or children and taken from that child or children's part in the division. My object being to have each of my children to receive and share equally of my estate.

Second: In item fourth I make the following change. I hereby constitute and appoint my wife--Mildred D. Thompson, and my daughter--Mildred E. Thompson, executrixs and my son--William E. Thompson executor, of this my last Will and Codicil thereto, without security, but under the conditions and restrictions mentioned in item fourth.

Given under my hand this the ninth day of February eighteen hundred and seventy eight. (February 9, 1878.) Signed in the presence of William A. Moore and C. W. Stone.

Signed--R. T. Thompson.

Will Book X, page 600, Woodford County, Ky.

Probated February 24, 1882.

Robert T. Thompson, whose will you have just read, parentage and place of birth not known, was born December 25, 1815. He died in Woodford County, Ky., February 2, 1882. He was married to Mildred D. Henton, eldest child of Thomas Henton, Jr, and his first wife--Mildred Darnaby Henton, Dec 30, 1840; to which union were born eleven children, namely:

--6 (802)--

Mary Eliza.,-----(married Thomas D. Lewis)

Mildred Ella.,---(married Virgil Lewis)

Thomas W.,----(married Mary Quarrels)

William E.,-----(born ??, married ??.

Lucy A.,-------(born ??, never married.

Nancy Elizabeth.,(married Thomas R. Shaw)

John A.,-------(born 1856, died Sept 30, 1878)

James R.,-----(married Martha Scott)

Cynthia Ann.,-(married Stonewall J. Gibson)

Lewis P.,-----(said to have never married)

Infant.,-------(born and died July 26, 1864.)

Mildred D. Henton was born in Woodford County, Ky., January 16, 1822. Died in Woodford County, March 1, 1889.

Thomas D. Lewis, of whom nothing more is known, married Mary Eliza Thompson, daughter of Robert T. Thompson and Mildred D. Henton, September 25, 1884. They had no children. Mary Eliza Thompson was born in Woodford County, Kentucky, 1842, and died March 25, 1893.

Virgil Lewis,of whom we have little information, was born in 1843. He was twice married, but we do not know the identity of his first wife. He married for his second wife Mildred Ella Thompson, daughter of Robert T. and Mildred D. Henton-Thompson, November 25, 1880. She was born in Woodford County, Ky., February 7, 1847; and died September 2, 1926. They had at least four children, ie:

Mary L.,-------(born ??, married ??.

Thompson.,----(born ??, married ??.

Sarah.,---------(born ??, never married.

Virginia.,-------(born ??, married Ralph Scarce.

Thomas W. Thompson, son of Robert T. and Mildred D. Henton-Thompson, was born in Woodford County, Ky., April 6, 1848. Died July 1, 1899. He married Miss Mary Quarrels, May 10, 1877. Parentage and dates for her are not known to us. They had at least seven children, as follows:

Quarrels.,------(married Mary Franklin)

Lillian.,---------(married Scott Brown)

Ella.,-----------(born ??, married ??.

--7 (803)--

William.,-------(born ??, married ??.

Russell.,-------(born ??, married ??.

Benjamin (Ben)(born ??, married ??.

Carrie.,--------(born ??, married ??.

Thomas R. Shaw, parentage and dates not shown, married Nancy Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Robert T. Thompson and Mildred D. Henton, July 15, 1879. She was born in Woodford County, Kentucky, December 19, 1853. We do not have the date of her death. They had at least five children, namely:

Mildred.,----------(married Clarence Burke)

John.,-------------(born ??, married ??.

Elizabeth (Bess)---(married William Haydon)

Ethel.,-------------(married Orah Moore)

Mary.,------------(married Sam Flatow)

James R. Thompson, son of Robert T. and Mildred D. Henton-Thompson, dates not known, was born in Woodford County, Ky., and died in California, but we do not have the date. He was married to Miss Martha Scott, date not available, and they had at least three children, as follows:

Scott.,------------(born ??, married ??.

Robert.,----------(born ??, married ??.

Martha Jane.,-----(born ??, married ??.

Stonewall J. Gibson, parentage and dates not available, married Cynthis Ann Thompson, October 5, 1898. Apparently they had no children. She was a daughter of Robert T. and Mildred D. Henton Thompson.

It is said that Lewis P. Thompson, youngest son of Robert T. and Mildred D. Henton-Thompson, never married. If he did we do not have a record of it.


"We've discovered the answer to "What is the dangerous age"--NOW.


We wish now to welcome Miss Virginia Brown, of Macon, Ga., and Mrs Nelle H. Edwards, of Versailles, Ky., as new subscribers. Also Miss Elizabeth Shackleford, of Rose Hill, Va., and Mr Clay B. Tucker,

--8 (804)--

of Woodville, Miss., and one other who wishes that her name be not mentioned, for their subscription renewals. To all of whom we say again "Thanks a Million"--

We also wish to thank the following persons for their splendid co-operation in sending along additional information: Mrs Alvon S. Jones, of Apartanburg (sic), S. C. ; Miss Virginia Brown, of Macon, Ga.; Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Mr Clay B. Tucker, of Woodville, Miss.; Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; and Mrs Allan Benson, of Webster Groves, Mo. and for this we are deeply grateful and thank you very kindly again.


We would also like to introduce another new member of the Clan. He is master William Marshall, a lusty little potential president, son of Mr and Mrs Marshall and Sally Tucker-Cook, of St Francisville, La., who arrived on this orb August 14, 1953. To whom we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to both parents and baby.



Again this year we received invitations to attend the annual Reunion of the Shackelfords and allied families, at Quannah Parker Camp Grounds, near Lawton, Okla., to be held over the week end of September 5th, through the 7th. This is, as before stated, an annual affair with these fine people; and while they have extended this writer an invitation each year for the past several years. We have never been able, by reason of circumstances, to attend. We deeply regret this, and it is our fondest hope that we shall yet have that pleasure. Congratulations, and we sincerely hope that you had a grand reunion, and that you will have many more.

We wish here to extend our sympathy to Mr and Mrs Jim Reagan, of Temple, Oklahoma, our niece and her husband, who were in an automobile accident recently, and critically injured. Happy to say however, that they were doing fine at last report.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

July 15, 1998

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