--1 (789)--


Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 251 Morgan St. Versailles, Ky.

$1.00 A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Versailles, Ky. August 1953. Vol 9. No 4.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy ot be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Woodford County, Kentucky, with the little City of Versailles as the County Capitol, lies in the heart of the blue grass region of the State. Its fertile soil adorned by magnificent homes make it one of the most desirable rural sections to be found any place.

Just prior to and for a few years immediately after the Revolutionary war thousands of people came into this section seeking new lands. But their appearance was resented by the Indians who occupied this section, and many of them met an untimely death at the hands of the red men.

One of the early pioneers, according to the story given us, was a man by the name of Joseph Henton. He had patented several hundred acres of land in what is now Woodford County, but on his return to his original home to bring his young wife and children, he was captured and subsequently slain by the savage red men. Later however, his family came and occupied his Kentucky lands. And among his descendants was young Thomas Henton, Jr, a progressive and ambitious young man that believed in doing things. And his success is attested is attested (sic) to by the quality of his progeny, many of whom still call Woodford County their home.

Thomas Henton, Jr, was twice married, but being so well satisfied with the quality of his first

--2 (790)--

wife that when he lost her he promptly went back and married her sister.



Know all men by these presents that I, Thomas Henton, of the County of Woodford, and State of Kentucky, do make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all and every other will.

First: I loan to my wife --Nancy Henton, during her natural life, the farm that I now live on, to contain two hundred and twenty acres (220) of land, to be laid off so as to include my dwelling house and and improvements; also my household and kitchen furniture, also one half of my horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, and one half of my crop. Also farming utensils, and wagon, buggy and harness; and at her death it is my wish that the land be divided between all my children, also the stock, furniture and farming utensils that may be left, sold and divided between all my children.

Second: I have given to my daughter--Mildred D. Thompson, in property and money, thirty one hundred and fifty dollars.

Third: I give to my daughter--Anne Wright, or I have given to Anne Wright, in money and property, thirty hundred dollars.

Fourth: I have given to my son--Thomas E. Henton, in property and money, thirty hundred dollars.

Fifth: I have given to my son--Ambrose E. Henton, in property and money, thirty hundred dollars.

Sixth: Having made the above appropriations to some of my children, it is my wish and desire that all my children be made equal to the highest in amount, and that my land and all my estate be equally divided between all my children.

Given under my hand this the twenty eight day of December, eighteen hundred and sixty five. (December 28, 1865.)

Signed--Thomas Henton.

Thomas G. Gibbany and Abner Hammon, Witnesses.


It is my wish and desire that my son Thomas E. Henton, and my son Ambrose E. Henton, act as my executors on the written instrument of writing, also

--3 (791)--

that my son-Thomas E. Henton act as guardian for my son-James Henton, until he is twenty one years of age.


I have this day given my daughter-Mildred Thompson, one hundred dollars to be added to the amount I have given her in the written will.

This July the fifteenth eighteen hundred and sixty six. (July 15, 1866)


I have given my daughter-Mary C. Henton, fourteen hundred and twenty eight dollars in money.

January the twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty nine. (January 20, 1869)

Signed--Thomas Henton.

Witnesses in all three codicils same as those to the original will.

Will Book T, page 426, Woodford County, Ky.

Probated April 2, 1869.

Thomas Henton, Jr, son of Thomas Henton, Sr, was born in Woodford County, Ky., March 9, 1797; and died in Woodford County, Ky., March 20, 1869. As before stated, he was twice married, his first wife being Mildred Darnaby, daughter of Edward Darnaby and his wife--Mildred Ellis, of Fayette County, whom he married January 30, 1821. She was born in Fayette County, March 4, 1797; and died November 11, 1833. They had four children, ie:

Mildred D.,------(married Robert T. Thompson)

Anna Eliza.,------(married Alexander L. Wright)

Thomas Edward.,(married Sarah (Sally) Hammon)

Mary Catherine.,(b June 27, 1827. d Aug 26, 1846.)

Thomas Henton, Jr, then married for his second wife--Nancy Darnaby, daughter of Edward Darnaby and his wife-Mildred Ellis, a sister to his first wife, in 1835. She was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 6, 1808, and died in Woodford County, Ky.,September 24, 1882. They had five children, ie:

Ambrose Ellis.,(married Sarah Hansbrough)

John Augustine,(born July 8, 1840. died 1841.)

Guy.,----------(born Dec 21, 1843. died Nov 5, 1844.)

--4 (792)--

Mary Catherine.,(married Richard M. Dudley)

James Q.,-------(married Betty D. Hampton)


"Lots of folks have returned and are already lying about what a perfect time they had on vacation"--


Before we continue with the Henton Family records we would like to make some acknowledgements and bring you up todate (sic) with the family news.

We have several new subscriptions and many renewals to reprot this month, but some of you appear to be allowing your subscriptions to lapse, and we are reluctantly dropping your names from the list, and hope that you will again see your way clear to come back into the fold.

This month we wish to welcome the following new subscribers: Mr A. D. Shackelford, of Wilson, N. C.; Mrs Mary Larsen, of Morenci, Ariz.; and Mrs Martin Kern, of Gloucester, Va. Also subscription renewals from the following: Mrs A. C. Ellis, of Los Gatos, Calif; Miss Emma B. Coons, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs C. W. Matthews, of Woodland, Ga.; Mrs Margaret A. Johnson, of Culpepper, Va.; Mrs H. H. Shackelford, of Newport News, Va.; Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Tyler, Texas.; Mr Odis Shackelford, of Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mr B. L. Shackelford, of Waynesboro, Va.; Rev Franklin S. Moseley, of Livingston, Ala.; Mrs R. M. Tichenor, of Scotch Plains, N. J.; Mrs C. W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va.; Misses Mary and Lillie Porter, of Jacksonvelle, Fla.; and Mrs R. L. Thacker, of Franklin, W. Va. who also included one for Mrs Kern, who was mentioned above. And to all of whom we again express our sincere gratitude.

We also wish to thank the following persons for their splendid co-operation in passing along additional data: Mrs Pauline S. Curry, of Calhoun, Ky.; Mrs A. L. Edwards, of Versailles, Ky.; Mrs B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Mrs M. H. Netherton, of Gentry, Ark.; Mrs M. E. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C.; Mr Edward S. Smith, of Washington, D. C.; Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Miss Mary Porter, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Mrs Alvon S. Jones, of Spartan-

--5 (793)--

burg, S. C.; Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; and our good friend--Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky. Also Miss Mildred Murphy, of Fontana, Calif., for another copy of her splendid book on the Henry Guthrie-John Lane Mason descendants.

To all of whom we are very grateful indeed.


This month we are going to introduce no less that seven new members of the Clan, and could add others had our correspondent been more specific and given us the names. Some of these are belated, but due to our being out of contact with you so long we will tell you of them any way.

Lusty little Teddy Shackelford, son of Mr and Mrs Roy Shackelford, of Columbus, Miss., put in his appearance April 28, 1952.

Micky Mack, another of the potential presidental variety, put in his appearance at the home of Mr and Mrs Loren Vena, of Pittsburg, Kansas, October 27, 1952.

Then in order not to be out done Mr and Mrs Fred B. Williamson, also of Pittsburg, Kansas, became the proud parents of a splendid son, who will be known as Mark Barry, October 29, 1952.

Mrs Vena and Mrs Williamson are twin sisters, and daughters of Mrs M. H. Shackelford-Netherton, of Gentry, Arkansas.

Walter Sumpter Smith, III, a potential presidental aspirant, son of Mr and Mrs Walter Sumpter and Martha Haislip-Smith, Jr, of Birmingham, Alabama, arrived on this orb February 14, 1953.

Another of the masculine gender in the person of master Charles Allan, son of mr and Mrs Rollin Hunsicker, of Minneapolis, Minn., arrived February 23, 1953.

And since old Dock Stork seemed to be dealing exclusively in the masculine variety this time, he made a stop at the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Hunsicker, of Denton, Texas., and left a bouncing baby son at their home, March 12, 1953, who will be known as Rollin William.

Then to keep the record completely on the masculine order, another son arrived on this orb March

--6 (794)--

22, 1953 and will henceforth make his home with the proud parents Mr and Mrs Gaston Lewis, of Lexington, Tenn. Our correspondent failed to give us his name.

There were no less than three others, but our correspondent failed to give names of babies, or parents, or the sex.

To each of the proud parents and fortunate babies, we, on behalf of the entire Clan, extend our warmest congratulations and sincere good wishes.


There has been a total of seven marriages reported since our last issue went to you.

Miss Ruth Simpson, we presume of Lexington, Tenn., became the bride of Mr Cleavy Davis, son of Mr and Mrs Will and Fanny Shackelford-Davis, of Lexington, Tennessee, on July 2nd.

Junior Scott, son of Turney Scott, and the late Mrs Flossie Gerturde Sego-Scott, of Lexington, Tennessee, was married recently. But the exact date and name of the bride ws not given.

Miss Patricia Sue Netherton, of Gentry, Ark., became the bride of Mr Wayne Palm, of Pine Bluff, Wyoming., at Maysville, Ark., September 12, 1952.

Miss Eddie Mae Sego, pretty daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Sego, of Lexington, Tenn., became the bride of Mr Thomas Todd, also of Lexington, Tenn., May 10, 1953.

Miss Martha Ann Duncan, lovely daughter of Mr and Mrs J. R. Duncan, of Fremont, Miss., became the bride of Mr Aubrey Earl Shackelford, son of Mr and Mrs J. J. Shackelford, of Columbus, Mississippi, June 28, 1953.

Miss Charlotte Elaine Rhodes, beautiful daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Hilton Rhodes, of Blair, Nebraska, became the bride of Mr Vincent Dean Morrison, son of Commander and Mrs Claud O. Morrison, of Anniston, Alabama, June 29, 1953.

Young Mr Morrison is a grandson of Mr and Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.

Miss Mary Patricia Darnaby, charming daughter of Mr and ;Mrs John Edward and Margaret York-Darnaby, of Lexington, Ky., became the bride of Mr Robert W.

--7 (795)--

W. Barker, son of Mrs Mayme Barker, also of Lexington, Saturday night August 1, 1953. A very elaborate affair that we would like to give details, but lack the space to do so.

And on behalf of the entire Clan we extend our warmest congratulations and sincere good wishes to all of you.


There has been several deaths without a doubt, since our last issue, but only four have been reported to us, as follows:

Mr Warren Felton Shackelford, of Atlanta, Ga., died recently. But our correspondent failed to show any dates or details, except that he is survived by his wife, two daughters, two sons, two sisters and two brothers; and a host of other relatives.

We appreciate this kindness very much, we would appreciate it more however, if more of the dates and details were always included.

Mr Ambrose Haley, Jr, son of Ambrose Haley, Sr, and his wife--Nannie K. Alberti, of Lexington, Ky., was born in Fayette County, Ky., January 26, 1880, died at his home near Lexington, Ky., May 30, 1953. He was never married, and is survived by one sister, three brothers, three nieces and three nephews, and a host of other relatives.

Mrs Amelia Shackelford, maiden name not remembered, widow of James Henry Shackelford, was born December 3, 1865. She passed from this earthly probation at St Joseph, Mo., June 12, 1953, having attained the ripe old age of 88 years. She is survived by five children--one daughter, four sons and a number of grand children and other relatives too numerous to mention here.

Then comes the announcement of the death of Mr John Harlan Shackelford, age 76 years, of Nicholasville, Ky., Friday morning August 7, 1953. He was a farmer of Jessamine County, and is survived by one daughter, four sons, one sister and a host of other relatives.

To all of whom, and on behalf of the entire Clan we express our deepest sympathy. May the Lord bless and comfort those who mourn.

--8 (796)--


It was with a great deal of interest and pleasure that we noted the plug and the chiding given us in the July issue of The Stewart Clan Magazine, by our good friend--Mr George Edson, the Editor, of Olathe, Kansas. Thanks Mr Edson, we appreciated both. We needed the chiding no doubt, and as to the compliments regarding our own little leaflet--well that tickled our ego even if we did know that you were exaggerating the facts.

And to those of you who do not know of Mr Edson, if there is such a person, let us inform you that he is the Editor and Publisher of the Stewart Clan Magazine, which is now in its 31st year. If there be those who desire information of the Stewarts we suggest that you write Mr Edson. If there be those WHO HAVE STEWART DATA, please send it to him, we are sure he would be grateful for it.

He chided this writer because we failed to make mention of the name of the bride when we mentioned our own marriage in the January issue of the Clan. But as an explanation let us say that we had given her name before. That was not an account of our marriage in the January issue, we simply mentioned it as an alibi for our long silence.

For several years we have been trying in every way that we know to find the parentage and ancestry of of (sic) Daniel Zadock and Paschal Shackelford, who were brothers, and who, according to census records, were born in Georgia, but who came into Jefferson County, at or near Birmingham, Alabama, about the year 1818.

There has been a number of people other than this writer, who have tried to solve this problem, but to no avail. Now comes another of the descendants--Mr Edward S. Smith, of Washington, D. C., who is doing everything that one person could do to solve and to find an answer to this mystery. If there ever was a person who deserves success it is this Mr Edward S. Smith.

Both Mr Smith and ye Editor would be forever in debted to any person that could help us on this problem, even if it is no more than just a clue.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

July 12, 1998


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