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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy ot be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



For the past several months now we have been discussing the Darnaby Family--Shackelford descendants in the State of Kentucky. And we shall continue that discussion now, beginning with the Augustine F. Eastin Family.

But before beginning that discussion we should like to make an explanation. You noted in the June issue, page 8, that we were planning an early return to our home in Texas. But at the last moment we changed our mind and decided to remain here in Kentucky for awhile longer. And the above address is, as far as we know now, our permanent one.

And in the June number you also noted a copy of the Will of Augustine F. Eastin. So now we will begin a discussion of his descendants. But it will also be noted that our records of descendants are very scant, therefore any help that any of you can render in order to complete the record of his descendants will be a valuable addition to the record.

Augustine F. Eastin, Sr, was probably born in Virginia, November 19, 1790. He died in Fayette Co, Ky, March 6, 1873. He was married twice, his first wife being Judith Darnaby, daughter of Edward Darnaby and his wife Mildred Ellis, whom he married in 1820. It is not certain just how many children he had, but from his Will and other records we know that he had at least ten. But we are not certain how many of the ten were children of his

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first wife--Judith Darnaby.

Judith Darnaby was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 10, 1799, and died in Fayette County, June 13, 1839. The ten children of Augustine F. Eastin, are as follows:

Marry A.,------(married George Mitchell)

Mildred W.,---(married James C. Berry)

Thomas E.,----(married Anna L. Bryan)

William H., (born Sept 14, 1826. died May 7, 1851.)

James M.,-(born May 9, 1828. died July 4, 1852.)

J. Augustine, (Gus) born ??, married ??.

George B.,----(married Fanny Castleman)

Preston H.,---(born ??, married ??.

Stephen.,-----(born ??, married ??.

Luther F.,----(married Mary W. ??.

Augustine F. Eastin, Sr, then married for his second wife--Nancy Bryan, whom he married Sept 30, 1840. Nothing more is known of her, nor do we know how many children, if any, that she had.

Other records too, of the children and heirs of Augustine F. Eastin, are quite confusing. We find one record showing H. W. Berry, Preston H., L. F., Gus, and George B. Eastin, as the only living children and heirs of A. F. Eastin. See Deed Book 62, page 174, dated November 5, 1880, Fayette County.

But later we find Mildred W. Berry, Thomas E., J. Augustine, George B., Luther F., and Preston H. Eastin, as living heirs of A. F. Eastin, January 1, 1883. Deed Book 67, page 109, Fayette County, Ky.


I, James C. Berry, of the County of Fayette and State of Kentucky, being in sound mind but in feeble health, and knowing that life is uncertain, do make and publish and ordain this instrument of writing as my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other dispositions of my property.

First: I wish my just debts to be paid after the expense of a decent funeral are first defrayed by my executrix hereinafter named.

Second: I bequeath and devise all the balance of my estate of all kinds and sorts, real, personal and mixed, to my wife--Mildred W. Berry, to be held managed and controlled by her during her natural

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life, for the joint use and benefit of herself and our children now born or hereafter to be born, for their support, education and maintenance, and I hereby vest my said wife and executrix with full power and authority to manage, control and dispose of said property so devised to her in such way and as she may, in her discretion, deem proper for those purposes, having confidence in her judgement and discretion. And I further direct in the event she sells any part or all of it that she shall invest the proceeds of said sale or sales in other property to be subject ot the like trust conditions and stipulations.

It is further my wish and I hereby direct my executors, executrix and wife, that as each of our children shall arrive at age or marry, then and in that event it is my will that my said wife give to each of them so marrying or coming of age, so much of my said estate and property so given and devised to her herein, as she can in the exercise of a sound discretion, having due regard to the interest of the balance, spare to them.

Third: In the event of my said wife marrying again another husband, it is then my will that she shall take and be entitled to one third of my estate as dower, such as the dower law gives the widow of a decedent, subject to the same rights and conditions as the law imposes on dower alloted the widow of decedents.

Fourth: I nominate and appoint my wife Mildred W. Berry, the executrix of this my last Will and Testament, and request that the Fayette County Court should not require security of her for the execution of this Will.

Witness my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of September eighteen hundred and fifty eight. (September 28, 1858)

Signed--J. C. Berry.

A. F. Eastin and T. E. Eastin, Witnesses.

Will Book W, page 333, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Probated October 20, 1858.


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As will be noted, James C. Berry did not mention the names of his children, therefore we are not certain as to the number. But our records show them to have had at least five.

James C. Berry married Mildred W. Eastin, daughter of Augustine F. and Judith Darnaby-Eastin, January 13, 1842. She was born in Fayette County, Ky., date not known. But she died in Fayette Co, 1898. Their children as follows:

Mary J.,------(married William Henry Darnaby)

Susan M.,-----(married Henry W. Appleton)

Sally E.,-----(married G. D. Hunt, Jr.)

Nanny E.,-----(married ??, no other record)

Lucy E.,------(married John W. Veal)

See Deed Book 58, page 239, dated September 5th, 1877, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Later we find the following to be the heirs of Mildred W. Berry: Lucy E. Veal, Susan Appleton, Mary Darnaby, R. Eugene Hunt, and Thomas B. Adams. November 14, 1898, and July 8, 1901. See Deed Book 123, pages 570 and 611, Fayette County, Ky.

William Henry Darnaby, son of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, was born in Fayette County, Ky., February 15, 1828. He died in Fayette County, Sept 15, 1879. He was married to Mary J. Berry, daughter of James C. Berry and his wife Mildred W. Eastin, June 19, 1861. Her dates are not known. They had at least two children, as follows:

Daughter, name not shown, (married Harry B. Talbert)

A. Lee.,-------------------(married Lucy Wilkerson)

G. D. Hunt, Jr, married Sally E. Berry, October 19, 1869. We have no further record of this family.

John W. Veal married Lucy E. Berry, September 18, 1866., and we have no further record of this family.


Mary Ann Eastin, evidently the eldest daughter of Augustine F. Eastin and his wife Judith Darnaby-Eastin, married one George Mitchell, January 7, 1838. She was born January 12, 1821, and died in Fayette County, Ky., December 25, 1840. And there appears to be so many men by the name of George

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Mitchell that we are confused as to which of them was the husband of Mary Ann Eastin.

One George Mitchell married Frances McCann, daughter of Benjamin McCann, February 14, 1817. And another George Mitchell married Louisa Soper, January 25, 1844.

We are herein giving you a copy of the Will of one George Mitchell. But if he was the husband of Mary Ann Eastin then there must have been a second marriage. We will appreciate information from any one that can and will tell us which, if either, was the husband of Mary Ann Eastin.


I, George Mitchell, of the County of Fayette and State of Kentucky, do hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following-viz:

Item 1: I wish and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

Item 2: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife--Frances Mitchell, my entire estate of every discription, during her natural lifetime, and after her death, to be sold by my executors hereinafter mentioned; and the proceeds of said sale to be distributed as follows:

Item 3: I give to my son Claiborn Mitchell, five hundred and fifty dollars.

To my son Joseph Mitchell, the sum of two hundred dollars; and to my son George Mitchell, the sum of three hundred dollars. The same being for their services and borrowed money.

Item 4: I give to my son Addison Mitchell, fifty dollars.

Item 5: The residue of my estate to be divided amongst my children and heirs at law, as follows:

I give to my daughter--Susan D. Gosney, one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 6: I give to my son Claiborne Mitchell, one ninth (1/9) part of said residue, to him and his heirs forever.

Item 7: I give to my daughter--Louisa Lowe, one

--6 (786)--

ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 8: I give to my son Joseph Mitchell one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to him and his heirs forever.

Item 9: I give to my son George Mitchell one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to him and his heirs forever.

Item 10: I give to my daughter Sarah Weathers, one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 11: I give to my daughter Lucy Mitchell, on ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 12: I give to my daughter Mildred Mitchell, one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 13: I give to my two grand sons--William T. Lyon and George A. Lyon, one ninth (1/9) part of said residue of my estate, but in consequence of the said William T. Lyon being a cripple he is to have one hundred and fifty dollars more than the said George A. Lyon.

And I appoint my son Claiborn Mitchell trustee for the said William T. Lyon, and is to pay him his portion of my estate as he may think proper, or in other words as he may stand in need of it.

And lastly, having full and entire confidence in my son Claiborn Mitchell, I do hereby constitute and appoint him my executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of December eighteen hundred and sixty. (December 7, 1860.)

Signed--George Mitchell.

Nathan McDonald and Robert A. Carter, witnesses.


I, George Mitchell, of the County of Fayette and State of Kentucky, do hereby make the following addition or change in the second item of my lat (sic) Will and Testament.

It is my wish and desire that my slaves to be

--7 (787)--

valued by three dis-interested men, and my children to have the liberty to take said slaves at their appraised value, but provided they should not agree or be willing to divide or take them at the valuation, then said slaves to be sold, but not to be sold to be taken out of the State of Kentucky, and so much of item second as conflicts with this codicil to nul and void.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the seventh day of December eighteen hundred and sixty. (December 7, 1860)

Signed--George Mitchell.

Same witnesses.

Will Book X, page 521, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Probated February 11, 1861.

As before stated, there is some question as to the identity of the George Mitchell who married Mary Ann Eastin. But we have herein reproduced the Will of this George for two reasons. First, as will be seen later, there was a connection or relationship of some nature between the families of George Mitchell and Benjamin McCann, and Augustine F. Eastin. Second, because of the interest to be found in this particular document. And because George Mitchell mentioned a son Addison in the fourth clause of his Will, but never included him in the division of the residue.

We have little information of the descendants of George and Frances Mitchell, but our records show the following children:

Susan D.,--------(married Fielding Gosney)

Claiborn.,-------(married Sall--??

Louisa.,---------(married William H. Lowe)

Joseph.,--------(born ??, married ??.

George.,-------(born ??, married ??

Sarah.,---------(married James E. Weathers)

Lucy, Mildred, and Addison, also a daughter not named that married a Lyon.

Additional information that will help us to complete this record will be greatly appreciated.

Thomas E. Eastin, son of Augustine F. Eastin,

--8 (788)--

and his wife Judith Darnaby, married Anna L. Bryan, October 27, 1846. They were living in Henry Co, Kentucky, 1881. No further record of them.

George B. Eastin, son of Augustine F. Eastin, and Judith Darnaby, married Fanny Castleman, daughter of David and Virginia Castleman. Living in Jefferson County, 1881. No other record of them.

Luther F. Eastin, son of Augustine F. Eastin, but probably not a son of Judith Darnaby-Eastin, married Mary W. ??; and had a son--John W. Eastin. He died in Fayette County, Ky., in 1897.

Now then, Lucy Darnaby, third daughter of Edward Darnaby and his wife--Mildred Ellis, married Benjamin McCann, September 10, 1830. But records of this family, like the Mitchells, are confusing. One Benjamin McCann died in 1834, and we find the following heirs: Sally Dawson, wife of James or Benjamin Dawson; Nancy Lyon, wife of Henson Lyon; Mildred Lyon, wife of William Lyon; Elizabeth Lyon, wife of Henry Lyon; William McCann, Joseph McCann, Frances Mitchell, wife of George Mitchell; and the heirs of Polly Hewlett or Hulett, deceased. See Deed Book 9, page 84, Fayette County, Ky.

Emily T. McCann was the widow of Benjamin R. McCann, and Martha B. Price, wife of Willis Price; Mary D. Caseldine, wife of S. M. Caseldine; and George, Virginia, Benjamin, Mildred, Anne and Betsy McCann, were heirs of this Benjamin R. McCann, deceased. March 1, 1865. Deed Book 42, page 60.

Then one Benjamin McCann married Louisa Mitchell, January 2, 1827.

Help on this problem would be appreciated also.


"No matter how much time you have to look for it, never try to find lost time"--


Next month all the family news, and records of The Henton Family. Also some personal items, one of which you will enjoy, we are sure.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

July 5, 1998


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