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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



It has always been our policy to mail to each of our subscribers every Christmas a special Christmas letter. But due to circumstances outlined in the November Magazine regarding our future plans, and with the thousand and one details that has had to be cared for and will have to be cared for, it has been impossible for us to have that letter published this time. You will forgive us this year we hope, and will try to do better next year.

So with all good wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous 1953, to each and every one of you, and may God bless you in your every righteous endeavor (The Editor).

In your November Magazine we began an examination of the records in our files concerning the Darnaby Family, and we continue that discussion now.

Francis Smith Darnaby, called Frank, eldest son and eldest child of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby, married Mary Elizabeth Coons. For a record of their family see the November Magazine just preceding this one, on page 8.

Joel Smith Darnaby, second child and second son of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby, was born in Fayette County, Ky., in 1820; and died in Fayette Co., Ky., 1873. He married to Mildred McCann,

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December 12, 1853. She was born in 1832, and died in 1864. We have no record of Joel Smith Darnaby having married a second time. Following is a copy of his Will.

I, Joel S. Darnaby, of Fayette County, Ky., do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

My estate consists almost wholly of my interest in the assets of the firm of J. S. and W. G. Darnaby Company, composed of myself and my brother W. G. Darnaby, and of the real estate owned by us in common.

It is my wish that the affairs of said partnership shall, after my death, be settled up as soon as possible consistently with the interest of my estate; and to facilitate this object I give to my executors hereinafter named, full power to act for me in the settlement with W. G. Darnaby as surviving partner. And if any controversy should arise, to submit to arbitration any question in which my estate may be interested, or to make settlement in any other fair way in their discretion.

I also empower my executors to sell, either at public or private sale, and convey any real estate which I may own or have any interest in at the time of my death, or if of opinion that the interest of my estate demand it, my executors may demand it. My executors may unite with the said W. G. Darnaby in a mortgage of the real estate owned by us in common, to secure a larger credit on the liabilities of said firm.

I wish all my just debts and funeral expenses to be first paid out of my estate.

Out of the residue, if any, I desire my executors to set apart a sum of five hundred dollars for the education and maintenance of my youngest daughter - Mary E. Darnaby; and the balance of my estate I wish equally divided between my two daughters - Ella and Mary E. Darnaby. It is my intention that my youngest daughter Mary, shall have five hundred dollars more of the estate than my daughter Ella. And this sum shall be applied by my executors or by her guardian toward her nurture and education.

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I have in my life time done what I could to give to my daughter - Ella, all the advantages of a good education, and the above provisions in favor of Mary is made in order to equalize her as far as I can in this regard, with her elder sister.

I nominate and appoint my brothers - James Edward Darnaby and Francis S. Darnaby, as executors of this my Will. In case either of them should decline or fail to act, or if a vacancy in the office should occur for any cause, all the powers herein conferred on my executors as named, may be exercised by whatever person who shall qualify and act as my executors or administrators.

In witness whereof I sign and publish this Testament as my Will this the twenty third day of June, 1873 (June 23, 1873).

Signed - Joel S. Darnaby.

W. H. Lusty, and G. W. Dozier, witnesses.

Probated August 25, 1873.

Will Book No. 3, page 387, Fayette County, Ky.

Therefore it will be seen by the above Will that Joel S. Darnaby had but two children when he died, daughters - Ella and Mary E. We would be grateful for information of the descendants of Joel S. Darnaby. We have no other information of his family.

Simeon A. Darnaby, son of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby, no dates of birth or death shown, married Marian Dawson, Feb. 22, 1860. No dates of birth or death for her either; no further record of this family of any nature.

One James Edward Darnaby, whom we presume to have been the son of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby, married Mildred McCann, June 8th, 1854. However, we have one record showing the date of this marriage as January 5, 1854. We copied the first date shown here from the official records of Fayette Co., and therefore do not understand the discrepancy.

We would appreciate confirmation of this one way or the other.

William G. Darnaby, son of William and Malinda

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Smith-Darnaby, appears to have been married three times. He was born 1822, in Fayette County, Ky., and died in 1901. Our records show that he married Mary E. Arnett, November 22, 1849. And that later he married Susan E. Clark, no date shown.

Official records show that one William G. Darnaby married Mary L. Stone, November 3, 1865. Query: Was the above three marriages all by the same man? We have no records of his children or descendants.

William J. Higgins, no dates of birth shown, married Lydia T. Darnaby, daughter of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby, April 10, 1855. And we have no other record of this family.

James Stevenson, no dates of birth or death shown appears to have been rather fond of the Darnabys. He married for his first wife - Mary Eliza Darnaby, daughter of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby. She was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 3, 1818, and died there July 4th, 1843. They married June 22nd, 1837. Our records show they had three children, as follows:

Thomas J.-----------(married ??)

William Darnaby----(married ??)

Emma---------------(married ??)

James Stevenson then married for his second wife - Elizabeth E. Darnaby, daughter of Edward and Catherine Smith-Darnaby, May 30th, 1861. No dates of birth shown for her, but she died June 1891. Our records show no children born to this union.

Thus we complete the records that we have for the descendants of William and Malinda Smith-Darnaby.

James Darnaby, third child and second son of John and Elizabeth Also-Darnaby, was born in Fayette Co., Ky., April 18, 1788. He died in Fayette County, in 1873. He was married to Eleanor Sharp, daughter of Richard Sharp, November 7th, 1816. She was born September 25, 1794, and died in Fayette County, 1831. We have no records showing that James Darnaby married a second time.

They had five children, as follows:

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Dr Benjamin Mills-----(married Elizabeth A. Triplett)

Georgia Ann-----------(married Edward H. Coons)

William Sharp---------(married 1st Fanny Lindsey, and 2nd Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wheeler)

Margaret Ellen---------(married Jesse D. Winn)

James S., Jr.-----------(married Mary Smith)


I, James Darnaby, of the County of Fayette, and State of Kentucky, do make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all others heretofore made.

First: I direct my executors hereinafter named, to sell my land at public sale upon such terms as they may deem best, and such of them as qualify, or the survivors, shall have power to convey to the purchases.

Second: I give to my daughter - Georgia Ann Coons, my negro woman-Harriet, but to be charged to her at valuation at the time my negroes are divided as hereafter directed.

Third: I direct that my negroes shall be divided equally between my children - Benjamin M. Darnaby, Georgia Ann Coons, William S. Darnaby, and James S. Darnaby, and they are not to be sold.

Fourth: I direct that the proceeds of my land and all my property of every description shall be equally divided between my children mentioned in the third clause of this Will.

Fifth: I give to my executors hereinafter named, one thousand dollars out of my estate, in trust for the use and benefit of my daughter - Margaret J. E. Winn, to be appropriated by them for her sole and separate use and benefit, as they may think best, giving them the power to invest the same in such property as they may think best for her, or they may appropriate such portion of the principal, interest or proceeds from time to time as may be proper, for personal comfort during her natural life; and I hereby direct that no portion of said sum or proceeds, or the property in which it may be invested, shall in any manner be appropriated to the use of

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her husband - Jesse D. Winn, and in the event that my said daughter should die before her said husband, I direct that the aforesaid property shall by equally divided between my children named in the third clause of this Will, or their representatives. But in the event my said daughter survives her said husband, then my executors are to give said property to her and discharged of the trust.

Sixth: It is my Will that all my children, except my daughter Margaret, shall be made equal in the distribution of my property, and that whatever advancements I have, or may hereafter make to either of them, shall be taken into the account in the final distribution.

Seventh: I appoint my sons - Benjamin M. Darnaby, and William S. Darnaby, my executors. In testimony whereof I have set my hand this the thirty first day of July, eighteen hundred and fifty six (July 31, 1856).

Signed - James Darnaby.

W. S. Berkly, and John M. Thompson, witnesses.

Probated April 14, 1873.

Will Book No. 3, page 320, Fayette County, Ky.

Dr Benjamin Mills Darnaby, evidently the eldest child and eldest son of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, was born in Fayette County, Ky., 1817, and died 1867. He married Elizabeth A. Triplett, who was born in 1830, and died in 1912. Our records show but two children for them, as follows:

George---------------------(evidently died in childhood)

Sarah Frances (Fanny)-----(married James Madison Darnaby)

Georgia Ann Darnaby, second child and eldest daughter of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, married Edward H. Coons. For a record of their family see Clan Magazine for October 1952, page 6.

William Sharp Darnaby, third child and second son of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, was born in Fayette County, Ky., December 20, 1821, and died 1885. He was twice married, Fanny H. Lindsey being his first wife, whom he married in 1859. No record of

7 (731)

children born to this union.

Then William Sharp Darnaby married for his second wife - Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wheeler, of Hampton, Va. No dates of birth or death for her, and our records do not show any children born to this union.

Jesse D. Winn, dates of birth and death not shown, was married a second time. His first wife was Lucy A. T. Buckner. She was born October 14, 1808, and died in 1849. They had the following children: Davidella B., Mary E., Catherine E., Benjamin S., William Henry, George Gordon, and Lucy A. T.

Jesse D. Winn then married for his second wife - Margaret Ellen Darnaby, daughter of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, October 17, 1851. She was born in Fayette County, Ky., but no dates of birth or death shown. They had the following children:

James Brooks------(married ??)

Mary Goodloe-----(married ??)

Ellen----------------(married ??)

James S. Darnaby, Jr., evidently the youngest son of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, but no dates of birth and death available. He married Mary Smith, and no dates are available for her either; but they had the following children:

Richard (Dick)----(married ??)

Annie-------------(married ??)

Daniel-------------(married ??)

James-------------(married ??)

William------------(married ??)

John---------------(married ??)

Thomas------------(married ??)

Drusie-------------(married ??)

John Darnaby, Jr., fourth child and third son of John Darnaby, Sr., and Elizabeth Alsop-Darnaby, was born in Fayette Co., Ky., November 18, 1790. And he died May 7, 1868. He married Malinda Ellis, daughter of Hezekiah Ellis, Jr., and Nancy Duvall, December 1817. She was born March 2, 1801, and died June 24, 1875. They were parents of eleven

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children as follows:

Ann Eliza-----------(married 1st Ambrose Clayton, married 2nd William Johnson)

William Luther------(married Elizabeth True)

Emeline-------------(married James Coons)

Lucinda-------------(never married)

John Ellis------------(married Dorcas Cook)

Joseph Boswell------(born Aug. 28, 1829, died May 15, 1832)

George Edward-----(married Mary Elizabeth Allen)

James Madison------(married Irene Hudson)

Mary Ellis-----------(married Nicholas Phelps)

Judith Catherine-----(married John Johnson Coons)

Louise Jane---------(married Carter D. Moore)

Next month we will continue with the Darnaby records, with some interesting history concerning them, by Miss Emma B. Coons, of Lexington, Ky.



Last October we told you of the Annual Reunion of the Shackelfords of Oklahoma and Texas and elsewhere, held each year at the Quannah Parker Camp Grounds, near Lawton, Okla. We now have a report of that reunion, and glad to pass it along to you.

There were 119 present, and a wonderful time was reported. At this reunion the Golden Wedding Anniversary was celebrated by Mr and Mrs John and Nora Carter-Shackelford; and Mr and Mrs Lee and Amanda Shackelford-Wall.

Congratulations for a successful reunion, and particularly to Mr and Mrs John Shackelford, and Mr and Mrs Lee Wall, on their 50th anniversary, and may you live to celebrate many many more.


Congratulations to Mr Francis Shackelford, now of Atlanta, Ga., but a native of Albany, Ga., who was named by President Truman as Assistant Secretary of the Army, September 26, 1952.

We had other personal items that we wanted to mention, but note that we have ran out of space. Sorry.

Please note our new address after December 15th.

Until next year, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 27, 1998 - Austin, Texas.

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