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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 701 Ave. B Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas October 1952 Vol. 8. No. 6


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



It is indeed a sad comentary upon the human race that, at this date, a cold, deaf, and indifferent ear has been turned to inherent appeals of immortal souls, that their names, and deeds of valor, heroism, charity, meekness, love, and worship, have been allowed to perish from the earth, while even the names by which they were known in life lie buried in the silent tombs of oblivion. No one could or would request or expect a greater earthly heritage after death than that his or her name and the noble deeds of, perhaps, a quiet and simple life should not only be kept with a lively hope and in fond remembrance in the heart and minds of those with whom and among whom he or she labored and made sacrifices of benefaction, friendship and love and devotion, should be perpetuated, and that posterity might learn also and know of what part he or she played as a loyal and trustworthy actor in the great drama of life.

So it is with these thoughts in mind that this writer understands, what to us, is the true value of genealogy. Which is why we are working tirelessly and almost ceaselessly to compile the records, the deeds and achievements of the Shackelford-Shackleford families, and in as much as possible, to have them perpetuated to the utmost generations yet unborn. Give us all the co-operation you possibly

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can, and future generations will arise to call us blessed.




Died on Wednesday, April 13th, 1853, of dropsy, Mrs Judith, consort of Mr Joshua Coons, of Fayette County, age 69 years, four months, and four days.

The high degree of moral worth and Christian integrity of Mrs Coons is proverbial among those who have been intimately acquainted with her during a long life of usefulness within the sphere of her influence.

Her history from early life until disabled by age and affliction as testified by every one who enjoyed or knew her hospitality and kindness has been uniformly and unswervingly that of a faithful companion, a devoted mother and hospitable neighbor, and last, though not least, an ever ready friend and servant to the afflicted, whether of high or low estate. And therefore, though now dead, she still lives and will long abide in the affections of her family and relatives, as well as in the very grateful remembrances of a host of other friends whose sorrows have been soothed and their afflictions softened by her ever timely presence at the bedside, and her consoling words and welcome services rendered, the more valuable by long experience in the sick room.

Besides her good qualities as neighbor and friend the deceased maintained an exemplary Christian character from early life until her death.

She was a member of the Baptist Church, and her house was ever the welcome home of the ministers of Christ, as well as the exemplary in character of all classes.

And so little of guile and dissimulation entered into her character the unmistakable marks of disapprobation were ever visible in her countenance, as well as her words, when in the presence of the wayward and frivolous. She is gone hence and her works do follow her - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord - (M). From Kentucky Statesman. Lexington, Ky., April 19, 1853. Friday.

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Since this writer can hope for nothing better to be said of and for him when he has left this probation, and since we can add nothing better to this sketch, we close with the admonition that she set an example that any of us will do well to emulate.


"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" - Matthew 11:28.


Before we continue with the Coons records we feel that it is only fitting and proper that we welcome the following new subscribers since our last issue: Mrs Lucy Barney, of Safford, Ariz.; Mr Clay B. Tucker, Woodville, Miss.; Mr Edward C. Shackelford, Richmond, Ind.; and the Seattle Genealogical Society, Seattle, Wash.; And to welcome back the following who have sent in subscription renewals: Mrs Eula Moore-Richardson, of Bentonia, Miss.; for two years. Mr J. L. Shackelford, also of Bentonia, Miss.; Mrs C. W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va.; and Mrs Vernon E. McArthur, of Hutchinson, Kansas.

To all of whom we say again "Thanks a Million."

We are also indebted to the following persons for additional data sent in the past two months: Mr H. H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky.; Mr M. T, Shackelford, of Cisne, Ill.; Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mr Harris Bateman, of Bartlesville, Okla., and Washington, D. C.; Mr Harry W. Mills, of Arlington, Va.; Miss Hazel Ahrens, of Oskaloosa, Kansas; Mrs Nora Fell-Shackleford, of Rochester, N. Y.; Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C.; Miss Nanon L. Carr, of Kansas City, Mo.; Mr Clay B. Tucker, Woodville, Miss.; Mr C. E. Shackelford, Richmond, Ind.; and Mrs M. H. Netherton, of Gentry, Ark.

We are grateful for such splendid co-operation, and thank each of you from the bottom of our heart.


John Johnson Coons, eldest child and son of George Washington and Evalina Johnson-Coons, was born in Fayette County, Ky., March 16, 1832. Our records show that he died in Missouri July 24, 1879. He married Judith Catherine Darnaby, daughter of John Darnaby, Jr., and Malinda Ellis, August 1, 1861. She

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was born December 16, 1841, and died March 4, 1922. They had the following children:

George Johnson-----------(married Mary Ella Evans)

Addie---------------------(born Nov. 8, 1864, died Jan. 25, 1867)

Elizabeth Whitney---------(married J. Richard Hughes)

Henrietta Berkley----------(never married, living 1957 (?))

Emma Belle----------------(never married, living 1957 (?))

Clarence V.---------------(married Nelly O'Conners)

James Joshua Coons, third child and second son of George Washington and Evalina Johnson-Coons, was born December 31, 1835, and died December 9, 1917. He was married to Amanda C. Moore, daughter of Thomas L. and Anna Higgins-Moore, March 21, 1860. She was born May 12, 1832, and died Jan. 20, 1911. They had, as far as our records show, only four children:

Mary Evaline------------(born December 30, 1860, died ??)

Sally E.------------------(born January 16, 1864, died ??)

Thomas B.---------------(born Aug. 1, 1867, died March 11, 1952)

Catherine Lee (Katie-----(married ??)

George Richard (Dick) Coons, sixth child and fourth son of George Washington and Evalina Johnson-Coons, was born Oct. 12, 1840; and we have no record of his death. He married Mittie Shy, exact date not shown, and they had at least eight children, as follows: Infant, not named; Earl; Margaret Shy; Sally; Lilly; R. French; Charles; and Edward.

This is all the record we have of this family, so would be grateful for anything additional.

Llewellen Coons, ninth child and seventh son of George Washington and Evalina Johnson-Coons, was born in Fayette County, Ky., May 27, 1847. He died in Wichita Falls, Texas, April 3, 1921. He was married to Lizzie Lane Smith, daughter of John Smith, December 1, 1870. She was born, probably in Fayette County, Ky., Dec. 1, 1852, and died in Wichita Falls, Texas, March 27, 1897. They had four children:

Lewella--------(married Charles D. Keyes)

Cora Eveline---(never married, twin to Dora Kate)

Dora Kate-----(never married, twin to Cora E.)

Bessie Bell-----(never married)

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Following is a short biography of Doctor Llewellen Coons.

Llewellen Coons, physician and surgeon, was born near Lexington, Ky., May 27, 1847, son of George W. and Evalina Johnson Coons, and grandson of Joshua and Judith G. Darnaby-Coons, of Dutch descent. He was graduated at the College of Medicine, of the University of Louisville, with the degree of M. D., in 1867, and began his medical career in Fayette Co.

In 1892 he removed to Wichita Falls, Texas, where he was in active practice until his death. He was the dean of his profession in Wichita Falls, and was consulted by many from a great distance.

President McKinley appointed him Pension Examiner, and for fifteen years he was County Health Officer for Wichita County, and also City Health Officer.

He was surgeon for the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad Co., as well as chief examiner for many old line Insurance Companies. During the world war he served in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps.

Hunting and reading constituted his main recreation. He was president and an honorary life member of The Wichita County Medical Society; and also a member of The American Medical Association, The Texas State Medical Society, The Order of Elks, The K of P, The Masonic Fraternity, and the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Politically he was a Democrat, and in religion he was a Baptist.

He was married December 1, 1870, to Miss Lizzie Lane Smith, daughter of John Smith, of Fayette Co., Ky. He had four children - Lewella, wife of Charles D. Keys, Dora Kate, Cora Eveline, and Bessie Bell Coons. He died at Wichita Falls, Texas, April 3, 1921.

James Madison Coons, third child and third son of Joshua and Judith Gayle Darnaby-Coons, was born in Fayette Co., Ky., August 6, 1810. Died in Fayette Co., Ky., March 23, 1852. He was married to Sally Durrett Johnson, daughter of John Johnson and Betsy Yates, May 26, 1836. She was born September 29, 1814, and died December 12, 1862. They had no children.

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Edward H. Coons, fourth child and fourth son of Johsua and Judith Gayle Darnaby-Coons, was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 10, 1813; and died in Fayette Co., October 2, 1891. He was twice married, his first wife having been Elizabeth Johnson Winn, daughter of Steven Johnson and Nancy Chamblin-Winn, whom he married Oct. 28, 1840. She was born June 10, 1820, and died in 1845. They had no children.

Edward H. Coons then married for his second wife - Georgia Ann Darnaby, daughter of James and Eleanor Sharp-Darnaby, Jan. 20, 1848. She was born August 8, 1819, and died December 2, 1883. Our records show they had six children, as follows:

Mary Ellen-----------(married Hezekiah McCann)

Darnaby--------------(born June 27, 1850, died July 15, 1850)

Judith Sarah----------(born Sept. 15, 1851, died March 20, 1854)

Margaret Ann--------(born Oct. 3, 1853, died March 20, 1854)

Elizabeth Catherine---(married Alonzo Devers)

Florence--------------(married John H. Wardroper)

Heziah or Hezekiah McCann, married Mary Ellen Coons, daughter of Edward H. and Georgia Ann Darnaby-Coons, September 29, 1871. She was born December 10, 1848, and died July 5, 1931. Our records show only two children, as follows:

Mary Elizabeth (Mayme)----(married Roy B. Wallace)

George Ann-----------------(married ??)

Alonzo Thomas Devers, was born 1858, and died November 12, 1933. He married Elizabeth Catherine (Kate) Coons, daughter of Edward H. and Georgia Anne Darnaby-Coons, September 7, 1872. She was born October 29, 1855, and died December 8, 1922. They had only one child according to our records:

Jennie B.------(born April 12, 1894, died March 19, 1940)

John Holmes Wardroper, no dates shown, married Florence Coons, daughter of Edward H. and Georgia Anne Darnaby-Coons, September 22, 1885. She was born September 10, 1859, and died November 25, 1909. Our records show they had two children, as follows:

Mary Fields, and Edward Holmes Wardroper.

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William Benjamin Coons, fifth child and fifth son of Joshua and Judith Gayle Darnaby-Coons, was born in Fayette County, Ky., March 28, 1817, and died in Fayette Co., October 5, 1871. He married Lucy Marshall Ferguson, daughter of John B. and Mildred Marshall Wright-Ferguson, June 27, 1841. She was born December 11, 1819, and died May 11, 1870. Our records show they had five children, i.e.:

Mildred Ferguson-------(married Judge A. B. Montgomery)

Judith Ann---------------(married Captain John Carter)

Dr. Thomas Clifton------(married Cora Belle Darnaby)

Joshua Alexander--------(married Anna Thomas)

William Darnaby---------(married Mary Bruce O'Toole)

Judge Alexander Brooks Montgomery, no dates shown, married Mildred Ferguson Coons, daughter of William Benjamin and Lucy Marshall Ferguson-Coons, February 13, 1865. She was born April 3, 1842, and died Aug. 30, 1913. They had five children, as follows:

Lucy------------(married Harvey Dargin and Mr Talbot)

Brooks----------(married ??)

Jim C.-----------(married ??)

Fayette H.-------(married ??)

W. C.-----------(married ??)

Captain John Carter was born August 24, 1835, and died in 1909. He married Judith Ann Coons, daughter of William Benjamin and Lucy Marshall Ferguson-Coons, February 18, 1866. She was born September 16, 1844, and died ??. Our records show they had six children, as follows:

William Lyman---------(married Hattie Williams)

John Hubble, Jr.--------(married Sattie Mitchell)

Clifton Carrol----------(married Mai Coleman)

Gus--------------------(married ??)

Annie Marshall---------(married Julian E. Marshall)

Mildred Ellen-----------(married John Watkins)

Dr Thomas Clifton Coons, son of William Benjamin and Lucy Marshall Ferguson-Coons, was born December 7, 1848, and died in 1926. He married Cora Belle Darnaby, daughter of William L. Darnaby and Elizabeth True, October 30, 1883. She was born in July

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26, 1858, and died in 1919. Our records show they had four children, as follows:

Lucy Ferguson------(married Krille Hamilton Ware)

William Lester-------(has never married)

Nelly True-----------(married Albin S. Pilkington)

Betty Louise---------(married Christmas Carrol Holly)

Records of the Coons family will be continued in the November issue.



Again the Shackelfords and descendants of Texas, Oklahoma, and other places, held their annual reunion at Quannah Parker Camp Grounds, near Lawton, Oklahoma, over the Labor Day weekend; and again we were invited, for which we wish to thank Mrs Opal Foresyth, of Lawton, Okla., for the invitation, also Mrs Norman E. Little, of Wichita Falls, Texas.

We regret that we were unable to attend. This is an annual affair with these good people, and we always appreciate it, and hope that some day we will have the opportunity to meet with them. Thanks again for the invitation.

Mr Robert William Shackelford, youngest son of Mrs Nora Fell-Shackelford, of Rochester, N. Y., matriculated as a Medical Doctor from the New York Medical College, June 4, 1952, and is now with Montgomery Hospital, of Morristown, Penn. And on behalf of the entire Clan we wish to extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes.

Miss Gail Carson, the pretty young daughter of Mr and Mrs M. E. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C., underwent an operation recently when she had a cyst removed from one of her eyes. And apparently the operation was a complete success, and at last report she was recovering nicely. Congratulations Gail, we are pulling for you.

Again we want to call your attention to the Special Offer on the Magazine. Remember, all back numbers from the very beginning, and a subscription to April 1954, for $4.50. Nine complete volumes. A very appropriate Christmas Gift.

Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 25, 1998 - Austin, Texas.

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