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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas September 1952 Vol. 8. No. 5


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



There has been a shameful bit of carelessness on the part of those, whom blood or marriage, have occupied the position of benefactors to the human family in allowing the names of loved ones to slip into quiet shades of oblivion and perish from the earth. In keeping the deeds of valor and the many gifts of merit by those whom we love and hold in sacred memory, we have fallen far short of the duty we owe to those who were appointed to die.

Today, through a want of family pride, through wilful carelessness, through shameful isolation and through the devil's seductive arts, the names, the memory, the deeds, of Christian fortitude and the noble works of charity, the passionate love of country, home and friends as exemplified in the lives of the thousands of God's noblemen, both man and woman, have been lost and have perished from the earth for no less reason than the careless and shameful neglect of those upon whom, by inheritance, has fixed this duty of filial respect, honor, and love.

Remember that if it was not for those gone before we would not be here; and in order to avoid as much as is humanly possible, any further loss or desecration of the memory and respect of those gone before this writer has undertaken the gigantic task of compiling, and if humanly possible, the publication of a history of the people bearing the name of Shack-

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elford or Shackleford and their descendants. But we are now happy to inform you that should any thing happen that prevents us from publishing our records, we have arrangements made to have them micro-filmed so that they will be preserved for future posterity.

This writer has and is undertaking this task at his own expense. We have never asked for donations, we never will, we do not want money, but we have asked for co-operation, and we do so again now. We solicit every available record of any nature that concerns this fine old Colonial Family. This will not only help us, it will help those that come after us. So wont you send us any records you may have or any that you may [be] able to obtain? We are depending on you.


In the August Magazine we began a discussion of the Darnaby Family of Virginia and Kentucky, with a short sketch of the Coons Family as an appendage, due to the close connection and frequent inter-marriages between the two families; and a promise that this month we would tell you about the Joshua Coons Family. We give you that record now.


I, Joshua Coons, of the County of Fayette and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby declare and publish the following as my last Will and Testament.

Whereas I have heretofore given to my sons John, George, Edward, William, and Thomas, and my daughter Elizabeth, each, the following portion of my estate - towit:

To my son John a horse and saddle worth $100.00, also a silver watch worth $40.00, and a note on me for $80.00, which I have paid, amounting to $220.00.

To my son George, a negro boy Abram, worth $350.00, a horse and saddle - $100.00, bed and furniture $40.00. Total $490.00.

To my son Edward, a negro woman worth $350.00. A horse and saddle $100.00, bed and furniture $40.00. Total $490.00.

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To my son William, a negro boy worth $250.00, a horse and saddle - $100.00, bed and furniture $40.00. Total $390.00.

To my son Thomas, a negro boy worth $250.00, a horse and saddle $100.00, bed and furniture, $40.00. Total $390.00.

To may daughter Elizabeth, a negro girl worth $350.00. A horse and saddle worth $100.00, bed and furniture $40.00. Total $490.00.

To my son Joshua Alexander, a horse and saddle worth $100.00.

It is my will and I hereby direct that those of my children who have not received as large a portion of my estate as others have received, shall at my death, be made equal to those of my children who have received the largest portion thereof, either in money or property as they may prefer, said money or property to be paid or distributed by my executors as soon as convenient after my death.

It is distinctly understood that I consider the sum of four hundred and ninety dollars as the maximum amount up to which all the others are to be made at time of my death, and if I should hereafter advance to any of my children an amount over four hundred and ninety dollars, the remainder of my children are to be made equal to said amount.

I hereby direct that my son - Edward shall have that portion of my farm lying on the south side of the road adjoining his farm, and known as the Winn tract, at $55.00 (fifty five dollars) per acre, with the usual payments.

I also direct that my son William shall have that portion of my farm known as the Ferguson tract, containing fifty three acres, at sixty dollars per acre, with the usual payments.

I also direct that my son - Joshua Alexander shall have the home farm upon which I now live, known as the Young farm, supposed to contain about 100 and 50 (one hundred and fifty acres) at sixty dollars per acre, in four equal annual payments.

I also desire that my slaves be equally divided among my children, and the balance of my estate not herein named, sold at public sale to the highest

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bidder, in such time and terms as my executor shall direct, and the proceeds thereof, together with the proceeds of the lands above mentioned, to be equally divided between all my children, reserving two hundred dollars which I give and bequeath to my daugher-in-law Sally D. Coons, widow of my son - James Coons.

I further direct that my son William Coons shall act as trustee for my son John Coons in the management of that portion of my estate which shall be due my son - John Coons as heretofore directed, and he shall manage and control said protion so as to produce an annual income which he is to pay to the said John Coons for his maintenance and support annually. And in the event the said income should be insufficient for the purpose above mentioned, my son - William Coons may expend a part of the prinicple, and if my son John should ever marry and die leaving a child or children, it is my desire that said child shall receive whatever protion may be in the hands of said trustee at the time of this death; and if the said John Coons should die leaving no child or children, it is my desire that his portion which may then be in the hands of my son William Coons, shall be managed by the said William Coons for the support of the wife of the said John Coons, as heretofore directed, for the maintenance and support of the said John Coons.

And in the event of the death of my son John Coons and his wife, if he marries, it is my desire that his portion of my estate in the hands of his trustee, shall be equally divided among my other living children.

Lastly: I constitute and appoint my son George Coons executor of this my last Will and Testament, and request the court not to require any security of him as executor, or of my son - William Coons as trustee for my son John Coons, as I have full confidence in them.

In testimony of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and fifty four (June 19, 1854).

Signed - Joshua Coons.

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John H. Darnaby and David Tingle, witnesses.

Codicil to the Will of Joshua Coons.

My daughter-in-law Sally D. Coons being dead, I hereby revoke the legacy made to her in the foregoing Will, and for that reason and purpose make this codicil thereto, January 30th, 1863.

Signed - Joshua Coons.

F. K. Hunt and Richard B. Young, witnesses.

Codicil Number Two.

I make and publish this codicil to my last Will and Testament.

As my son - Joshua Alexander Coons has been disabled by the loss of his hand I give one thousand dollars in addition to what is given him in said Will. My intention being for him to receive that amount more than any of my other children out of my estate.

Signed and published this second day of November, eighteen hundred and sixty three (November 2, 1863).

Signed - Joshua Coons.

F. K. Hunt and J. H. Harrison, witnesses.

Will Book 1, pages 417/19, and codicil on page 637. Fayette County, Ky. Probated February, 1869.


"Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe. Men must be won by love and intelligence or they are never won at all" -


As will be noted by the will of Joshua Coons, he mentioned eight children, one of them being deceased; and his wife was also deceased. Following is a record of his family contained in his Bible.

Joshua Coons was born a son of Henry Coons, and his wife, according to family tradition, Mary Ann Allen, probably of Culpeper County, Va., Oct. 10, 1781. He died in Fayette County, Ky., February 6, 1869. He was married to Judith Gayle Darnaby, daughter of John Darnaby and Elizabeth Alsop, Christmas day in the year 1805. She was born in Spottsylvania Co., Va., December 9th, 1783; and died in

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Fayette County, Ky., April 13, 1853. They had the following children:

John D.-----------------(b. Nov. 15, 1806, d. Aug. 29, 1879)

George Washington-----(married Evalina Johnson)

James Madison---------(married Sally Durrett Johnson)

Edward H.--------------(married Elizabeth J. Winn, and second - Georgia Ann Darnaby)

William Benjamin-------(married Lucy Marshall Ferguson)

Thomas L.--------------(married Phoebe A. True)

Mary Elizabeth----------(married Francis Smith Darnaby)

Joshua Alexander-------(married Mrs Amanda McConnell)


More of the Coons Family later, but first we wish to bring you up to date on what little family news that has reached us since our last issue.

We have four new members of the Clan to report at this time. They are a little late in being reported to you, but unless we are informed of such events we cannot report them.

The first one is that of a lusty little son born to Mr and Mrs Gilbert M. and Betty Lee Snoddy-Kyrias, of Wichita, Kansas, who put in his appearance June 3, 1952. He will be known as Michael Dennis. The maternal grandparents are Mrs Maud Hazel Shackelford-Netherton, of Gentry, Ark., and the late Mr Roy Snoddy.

The next one was master Robert Gordon, another of the masculine gender, son of Mr and Mrs Robert William and Audree Carol Schutt-Shackelford, of New York and Pennsylvania, June 19, 1952 (see personals in the October issue).

Next was little Miss Jodena, daughter of Mr and Mrs Rex Frederick and Helen Dykes-Netherton, of Maysville, Ark., June 28, 1952. And a lusty little lady she was too, tipping the scales at 11 lbs and 6 oz. Paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs T. B. and Bessie Loribe Shackelford-Netherton, of Maysville, Arkansas.

Then to even the score old Dock Stork journeyed to Fairfield, Ill., where he left a charming little daughter with Mr and Mrs Donald E. and Betty Claire Shackelford-Wheats, August 21, 1952. She will be

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known as Wanda Jean. Maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs Marshall T. and Rosa Ellen Runyan-Shackelford, of Cisne, Ill.

On behalf of the entire Clan we extend warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of the happy parents and fortunate babies.

Only one wedding was reported, and one approaching marriage, since our last issue.

Miss Patricia Karen, the very lovely daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael Edward and Margaret Cadelia Shackelford-McGuinn, Spartanburg, S. C., became the bride of Mr Edwin James Oxley, son of Mr and Mrs Benjamin Franklin Oxley, of Enoree and Spartanburg, S. C., July 31, 1952, in the First Presbyterian Chruch of Spartanburg. The happy couple honeymooned in the mountains and at the beach, after which the groom had to return to his station in San Francisco, being in the service of his country.

It is customary to congratulate the groom and offer the bride best wishes. But in this case we are going to deviate from the rule and say - congratulations Pat, knowing you to be the splendid intelligent young lady that you are, we feel certain you made a wise choice. And we hope you always remain as happy as you are at this moment.

The approaching marriage in the near future was announced for the charming Miss Mary Mimms Stevenson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Johnson Stevenson, of Winchester, Ky., by her parents recently. Exact date not announced.

We hereby extend congratulations and best wishes to each and every one of you.

Only two deaths among our number has been reported since our last issue, but one of them was indeed a very tragic one.

Miss Wanda Shackelford, fifteen years old daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Shackelford, of Swanton, Ohio, was shot and killed in her home recently. Our correspondent failed to show exact date, but about the first week in August.

The shooting followed a quarrel between Wanda and

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her fiancee, and for a time murder was suspected, according to the newspaper account of the tragedy; but the coroner ruled it suicide. Tragic indeed.

Mrs William E. Darnaby, who before her marriage, was Nell Savage Riffell (?), daughter of the late Mr and Mrs William Overton and Amelia Fox-Riddell, of Richmond, Ky., age 67 years, died at her home in Lexington, Ky., August 13, 1952. Survivors include her husband, one brother, two sisters, and numerous other relatives. Evidently there were no children, as none were mentioned.

To all the bereaved we express our deepest sympathy, and offer consolation of hope in Him that does all things well.


"Blessed are the pure of heart; for they shall see God" - Matthew 5:8


George Washington Coons, second child and second son of Joshua and Judith Gayle Darnaby-Coons, was born in Fayette County, Ky., Sept. 1, 1808; and he died in Fayette Co., Ky., October 6th, 1891. He was married to Evalina Johnson, daughter of John and Betsy Yates-Johnson, February 2, 1831. She was born May 11, 1807, and died in Fayette Co., Ky., March 3, 1866. They had the following children:

John Johnson------(married Judith Catherine Darnaby)

Judith G. E.--------(born Dec. 12, 1833, died April 30, 1835)

James Joshua------(married Amanda C. Moore)

Infant Daughter----(born June 30, 1837, died July 4, 1837)

Charles Edward----(born Jan. 5, 1839, died July 27, 1869)

George Richard----(married Mittie Shy)

David Edgar-------(born Dec. 15, 1842, died March 1, 1864)

Zachary Taylor-----(born May 28, 1845, died ??)

Llewellen-----------(married Lizzie Lane Smith)

Infant son----------(born Jan. 25, 1850, died Feb. 2, 1850)

Additional Coons records in the October issue.


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Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 21, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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