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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas August 1952 Vol. 8. No. 4


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Now comes a query concerning the family of Lyne Shackelford, Jr., or that of his wife after the decease of Lyne. Therefore we are very anxious to have the information that we are seeking, so wont you please help us if you can?

Lyne Shackelford, Jr., was a son of Col. Lyne Shackelford, Sr., and his first wife - Elizabeth Taliaferro. He was born apparently about 1756/60, in King and Queen County, Va. Our records show that he died in Henrico County, Va., May 14, 1806. He was married to Elizabeth Price Dabney, daughter of Captain George Dabney and Elizabeth Price, exact date not shown, but apparently about 1790. They had five children. Following is a full and complete copy of the Will of Lyne Shackelford, Jr.

I, Lyne Shackelford, now residing at Curls, in Henrico Co., do make my last Will and Testament in the following manner:

I give to my wife - Elizabeth Price, the four negroes which her father gave her upon our marriage, towit: Grace and her two children Wilson and Sally Green, and a negro girl named Matilda.

I give to my daughter Betsy, a negro named Sarah.

To my daughter Patsy, a negro girl named July.

To my daughter Nancy, a negro girl named Rachel.

To my son George, a negro named Henry; and to my daughter - Mary, a negro girl named Sucky.

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I desire that my land in Matthews County, and my stock at Curls and my interest in the stock at Varina, and my household furniture, except beds, and my kitchen furniture, and plantation utensils, both here and at Varina, be sold at the end of the present year upon twelve months credit, and to form in the first place, a fund out of which my debts are to be paid, and the balance to be divided into six equal parts - one of which parts is to be allotted to my wife, and one other part to each of my five children. The part to be allotted to my wife to be only upon condition of her relinquishing her right of dower on the said lands.

I give to my wife, my carriage and two grey - (I presume it to be horses - T.K.J.), and a chair, bed and furniture. I give my other beds to be equally divided amongst all my children.

The other part of my negroes to be allotted into six equal parts, one part of which I lend to my wife during her life, and at her death they and the increase of the females to return to my children and their heirs forever.

I appoint my wife guardian to my youngest daughter Mary, and my friend - James Sparks, of Matthews and my friend - William Chamberlayne, of New Kent, executors of this my last Will and Testament, and guardians to my other children, with full power to them. In case the said Sparks should move to some new country, which he seems disposed to do, to carry my one or more of my said children with him together any property which may belong to such, hereby requesting the said Sparks and Chamberlayne may not be ruled to give security for the trusts hereby reposed in them.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal as my last --- and Testament in presence of those who heretofore subscribed their names as witnesses, the tenth day of May eighteen hundred and six (May 10, 1806).

Signed - Lyne Shackelford

William Dandridge and James Vaughn, witnesses.

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Will Book 5, page 260. Henrico County, Va.

Probated October, 6th, 1806


The children of Lyne and Elizabeth Price Dabney-Shackelford, were as follows:

Elizabeth (Betsy)------(married ??)

Martha L.-------------(married George C. Williams)

Nancy Ann------------(married Frederick Gary)

George Cluff----------(married Ann Metcalf, and second, Mrs Ann Pitt Hall-Bassett)

Mary Dabney---------(married James Metcalf)

Now here is our problem. After the death of Lyne Shackelford, Jr., it is said that Elizabeth Price Shackelford married a second time, to William Pollard. One record has it as William Penn Pollard, and that she had at least one child by this marriage, ie, James Madison Pollard, born December 5th, 1814. It is also said that William Penn Pollard had been married previously, his first wife having been Hannah Peters. It is also said that William Penn Pollard married Mrs Lyne Shackelford in Norfolk, Va. It is known that Elizabeth Price Shackelford married one William Pollard, of Hanover County, according to William and Mary College Quarterly.

In Johnston's Memorials of Virginia Clerks, it is stated that William Pollard, Jr., son of William Pollard, Clerk of Hanover from 1740 to 1781, married the widow of Lyne Shackelford, and was Clerk from 1781 to 1829. Query: Was this man the father of James Madison Pollard?

We will be deeply grateful to any one who can verify this one way or the other.


"Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, thinking together is unity, working together is success" - Selected.


Now we are saddened by the report of the passing of seven of our number since our last issue went out to you, or rather seven have been reported since then. And unfortunately, we have but little

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or no data on the families of some of them.

Rhodes Shackelford Terrill was born the son of R. B. and Bessie Devore-Terrill. He was 57 years of age. He died at his home in Richmond, Ky., February, 29th, 1952. Rhodes Shackelford Terrill was a veteran of the first world war, was Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, at Richmond, Ky. He is survived by his widow - Mrs Tibbs Quisenberry-Terrill, one daughter, and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention here.

Thomas B. Coons was born the son of James Joshua and Amanda Moore-Coons, in Fayette County, Ky., August 1st, 1867. He died March 11, 1952, as a result of an injury sustained in an automobile accident February 25. Evidently he was never married. The survivors include two sisters, two nieces, and many other relatives and friends. His home was in Lexington, Ky.

Mrs Mary G. Darnaby, age 90, of Lexington, Ky., widow of William M. Darnaby, died at her home, March 15th, 1952. She was born a daughter of William and Martha McMinimy-Frazier, in Anderson Co., Ky. Survivors include one sister, one grand daughter, three grandsons and four great grandchildren, in addition to a host of other relatives.

Nancy Catherine Shackelford, age 70 years, beloved wife of Joseph Shackelford, of Indianapolis, Ind., died May 11, 1952. She is survived by her husband, three sons, 13 grandchildren, one great grandchild, and scores of other relatives.

Miss Laura D. Shackelford, age 88 years, died at her home in Washington, D.C., May 28, 1952. Miss Shackelford was a retired school teacher, and left a tidy fortune to relatives and friends.

We have no data of the families of Rhodes Shackelford-Terrill, Mary H. Darnaby, Nancy Catherine Shackelford, or Miss Laura D. Shackelford. Therefore, we will be grateful for data of them, or either of them.

Mrs Claude Shackelford, of McCalla, Alabama, was born Claude Atchison. We do not have the date of her birth, but she was 60 years old. She died at her home June 14th, 1952. She was married to

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Mattison Clay Shackelford, December 17, 1913; to which union were born eight children, two of whom have evidently preceded her in death. She is survived by her husband, three daughters, three sons, and a host of other relatives too numerous to list.

And the report has just reached us of the passing of Mrs Linna Holly Stevenson, beloved wife of Judge J. M. Stevenson, of Winchester, Ky., July 3rd, 1952. She was born the daughter of N. Holly Witherspoon. And she is survived by her husband, four sons, one sister, five granddaughters and scores of other relatives.

To all the survivors and friends we extend our most profound sympathy and offer consolation of hope. May the Lord bless and comfort each of you.


"We should seek for the good rather than the evil in each other, and in all of life." -



For several months we have been investigating and discussing the Shackelford-Shacklefords and descendants in Mason County, Ky. Now, unless we are requested to do otherwise, we will devote several numbers to the discussion of the Darnabys, descendants of Shackelfords who lived in Fayette County, Ky., or in that immediate section of Kentucky.

But before beginning with those that came to Kentucky we will discuss some of them, that as far as we know, never came west of Virginia.

William Darnaby married Diana Shackelford, daughter of James and Elizabeth Robbins-Shackelford, in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va., October 29, 1732 (see Clan Magazine for November 1949 for a copy of his will). In his will he mentions grandsons John and Edward Darnaby, grandchildren James, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary Owen.

It is thought by some that the grandsons John and Edward Darnaby were sons of Edward, but apparently that is an error according to records found by us. William Darnaby, Sr., moved from Gloucester Co., to Spottsylvania Co., and the latter place

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is where his will is of record. And also in Spottsylvania County we find the following record: John Darnaby, son of William Darnaby, deceased, apprenticed himself to Ambrose Dudley to learn the art of house joiner and carpenter, December 15th, 1774. Deed Book J, page 315, Spottsylvania County, Va.

In this instrument we see that William, father of John, was deceased in 1774. William Darnaby, Sr., not deceased until 1785.

Then again we find the following record: William Darnaby, Jr., was deceased, and his widow - Judith, was appointed administrator of the estate July 6th, 1767. Judith Herndon was her security. Will Book D, page not shown, but in Spottsylvania County, Va.

So in this last named instrument we see that the William Darnaby that was deceased at that time, 1767, had a wife named Judith. The mother of John and Edward Darnaby, grandsons of William, Sr., was Judith Gayle, daughter of Matthew and Judith Gayle. Therefore we see by these two instruments that the father of John and Edward Darnaby was William, Jr., not Edward. And these same two men are those that came to Fayette County, Ky; and whose families we shall discuss a little later.

Also in Spottsylvania County we find the following record: Jacob Owen was deceased and his wife - Mary, and William Darnaby, were appointed administrators of his estate September 1, 1760. Robert Dudley and James Redd were their security. Will Book D, page not shown, but in Spottsylvania Co.

Also Mary Owen was deceased and William Darnaby was appointed the administrator November 22, 1771. Michael Robinson was security. Will Book D, page not shown, but in Spottsylvania County.

The Owen estate appears not to have been settled for several years, as later we find this record: William Owen was appointed the administrator for the estate of both Jacob and Mary Owen, July 3, 1787. Appointed for both estates the same day. This is easy to understand, as it will be remembered that the first administrator of Mary Owen's estate was William Darnaby. He had died in 1785, therefore another administrator had to be appointed. So the

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last two mentioned records indicate that Mary Owen was the daughter of William Darnaby, and that Mary and Jacob were the parents of the five Darnaby grandchildren mentioned in the will of William.

William Darnaby, Sr., in his will, also mentioned a granddaughter - Sarah Darnaby, who evidently was a sister to John and Edward. And as we have never been able to determine what became of her we will be grateful to any one that will pass this information along if and whenever possible.

William Darnaby, in his will, also mentioned one Agatha Duvall, wife of William Duvall, but no relationship mentioned. But according to records sent us by Mrs E. H. Seeley, of San Antonio, Texas, this Agatha Duvall was a daughter of William Darnaby. And also according to Mrs Seeley, William Duvall was a son of Daniel Duvall and Mary Thompson. Her records show only one son for William & Agatha, a son William, Jr. And Mrs Seeley's records do not show the name of the wife of William Duvall, Jr., but she says they had the following children:

Claiborne Duvall------(married Mary Faulconer)

Robert Duvall---------(married Martha Pendleton)

Catherine Duvall------(married Henry Pendleton)

Lucy Duvall-----------(married James Wilson)

Any additional information of the Duvall family will be greatly appreciated.

John Darnaby, son of William Darnaby, Jr., and his wife - Judith Gayle, was born in Spottsylvania Co., Va., June 27, 1760. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and he died in Fayette County, Ky., September 21, 1833. He was married to Elizabeth Alsop, in Virginia, in the year 1782. He came to Fayette Co., Ky., about 1785, perhaps a year or two before or after that date. He and his wife had the following children: Judith, William, James, John, Jr., Edward, George, and Betsy (see Clan Magazine for December 1949).

Since the Darnabys and the Coons were so frequently inter-married, and since Judith Darnaby, the eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth, married Joshua Coons, we feel that a short sketch of the Coons Family is

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in order at this point. The following sketch was given to us by Miss Emma Coons, of Lexington, Ky., and since these are her direct ancestors we give you the sketch exactly as she has it. We quote - "The German name of Coons, Coon, Kuhn, Kuhns, or perhaps Kunz or Kuntz, is believed to mean "bold or daring", according to some authorities.

The family originated in the Province of Zweibrucker, in Germany; although families of the name were also found in the early dates in the Province of Wurtenburg, in Bern, Bale, Nurmburg, Vienna, and various other parts of Switzerland, Prussia, Austria, Bavaria and the German Palatinate. These early families appear to have been largely of the landed classes of Europe.

While it is not entirely clear in every case from which of the family lines of the family in Europe the early emigrants of the name in America trace their descent, it is generally believed that most, if not all, of the families of Kuhn, Kuhns, Coon, or Coons derive from a common ancestor of a remote period. One of the first in America of the name was Joseph Counts or Coons, who came to Virginia about the year 1714, and left issue there by his wife - Kathrena, of Joseph, who was the father of, probably among others, a son named Henry.

Henry was married the latter part of the eighteenth century, to Mary Ann Allen, by whom he was the father of Joshua, Susan, Martin, and others.

Henry Counts, (it was he who began the method of spelling the name "Coons") was the son of Joseph and Kathrena Counts. He was born in Virginia, probably Spottsylvania County. He married Mary Ann Allen, and they had at least ten children, among them a son - Joshua, born in Virginia, probably Culpeper County, October 10th, 1781, and died in Fayette County, Ky., February 6th, 1869.

Henry Countz or Coons, came to Fayette County, Ky., about the year 1800, or perhaps earlier, from Culpeper County, Virginia. He died in Fayette County, Ky., in 1824" - end quote.

Next month the Joshua Coons Family.

Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 21, 1998 - Austin, Texas.

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