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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 701 Ave. B Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas June 1952 Vol. 8. No. 2


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In this and in the July issue we will conclude our investigation of the Shackelfords and or Shacklefords of Mason County, Kentucky.


I, John Shackleford, Medical Doctor, of Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, do make this writing my last Will and Testament.

First: I will and bequeath to my beloved wife--Ann Shackelford, during her natural life, my residence on 3rd Street, in the City of Maysville, including all the grounds, with the privileges and appurtenances as now used and occupied by me, including my office. I also will and bequeath to her for her own use to do with as she pleases, all my household property and kitchen furniture, and my miscellaneous library; no inventory of which is to be taken.

Second: Out of my other estate I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid as hereinafter expressed.

Third: It is my will, and I so direct, that my real estate in Chicago, if not sold by me, shall be sold by my executors as soon after my decease as practicable, and the proceeds thereof to be treated as personal estate and used, or as much thereof as

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may be necessary, with my other personal assets in the hands of my executors, to pay my debts and funeral expenses as directed in the second clause of this my Will. And what remains is to be distributed as personal estate--one third to my wife, and the other two thirds to my children-John Shackelford, James Shackelford, Charles Shackelford, William C. Shackelford and Sprigg Shackelford, equal, share and share alike, hereby fully authorizing my executors, or such of them as may qualify under this my Will, to make all the necessary deeds and conveyances to the purchaser or purchasers of the Chicago property.

Fourth: The rest and residue of my estate is to pass, at my decease, as follows: Two thirds to my said children, equal in fee simple, and one third to my said wife, for life; and after her decease, to my said children in fee simple.

It is my desire that the one third set apart to my wife under this clause of my Will for life, shall be improved property yielding an income.

Fifth: In making the distributions of my estate my son--James Shackelford, is to take my medicines and Medical Library, surgical instruments and office furniture at four hundred dollars; and I hereby will the same to him, and charge him with the said sum of four hundred dollars. Therefore, in the distribution of my estate should I own a buggy at my decease, it is to go under this clause of my will, to my son James without further charge.

Sixth: After the decease of my wife, the real estate hereby willed to her for life, and such of my personal estate willed to her, as she may not have used or disposed of, is to pass to my children equally, share and share alike; and should any of said children die leaving issue the share of the parent is to go to such issue under this will.

Seventh: I hereby enjoin upon my wife, my executors and my children, kindness and charity to my former servants, and I hereby direct that aunt Drucilla shall be buried in my family burying grounds in accordance with her wishes.

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Eighth: I hereby nominate and appoint my sons--John Shackelford and Sprigg Shackelford, and my brother-in-law--William Chambers, executors of this my last Will and Testament, and request the court to allow them to qualify without giving security.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty sixth day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy six. (Jan 26, 1876).

Signed--John Shackelford

J. Barbour and Robert A. Cochran, witnesses.

Will Book X, page 481. Mason County, Kentucky.

Probated January 29th, 1885.

John Shackelford, whose will you have just read, was a son of James Shackelford and his wife--Elizabeth Clark. He was born in Mason County, Ky., March 8th, 1801. He spent his entire life in Mason Co, and died there January 4, 1885.

He was married to Ann Colburn Chambers, December 26th, 1833. She was born August 19th, 1809, and she died November 7th, 1893. And although he mentioned only five children in his will, they had seven children, as follows:

Rev John,----------(married Martha Elizabeth Wheatley)

Dr James,----------(married Mary Eliza Calvert)

Charles,------------(married Orlena Lewis)

Mary,--------------(died at about the age of six years)

Nanny,-------------(died at about the age of eight years)

William C.,---------(married Lucy A. Ficklin)

Sprigg,-------------(married Carra McClure)

The following marriages are of record, most of them in Mason County, Kentucky.

Rev John Shackelford married Martha Elizabeth Wheatley, January 1, 1857.

Dr James Shackelford married Mary Eliza Calvert, September 11th, 1879.

Charles Shackelford married Orlena Lewis, about 1868. We would appreciate additional information of this family.

William C. Shackelford married Lucy A. Ficklin, June 16th, 1870.

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Sprigg Shackelford, married Carra McClure, June 20th, 1978.


"A lot of good could be done for the world if no one cared who received the credit for it".--


We regret to say that some of you seem to be allowing your subscriptions to expire, but we are indeed happy to welcome the following new subscribers: Mr William N Shackelford, of Sheridan, Wyoming; Mrs A.R. Seder, of Wilmette, Ill.; and Miss Alice Wilson, of Lexington, Ky. Also the following renewals: Mrs Blanch G. Dickson, of LaFeria, Texas; Mrs Margaret Johnson, of Culpepper, Va.; Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Tyler, Texas; Miss Elizabeth Shackelford, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Miss May Shackelford, of Bentonia, Miss.; Mrs G.C. Walker, of Lancaster, Ky.; Mrs C.C. Crim, of Jackson, Miss.; (the latter three sent in by Mrs J.B. Shackelford, of Jones, La.) Miss Emma Coons, of Lexington, Ky.; and Mr Odis Shackelford, of Nashville, Tenn. To all of whom we say again--Thanks a million.

We are also grateful for additional data sent in by the following: Mrs A.R. Seder, of Wilmette, Ill.; Mr H.H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky.; Mrs Margaret Gray-Blanton, of New York City; Mrs Merlyn Houck, of Stillwater, Okla.; Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Mrs Edward C. Shackelford, of Richmond, Ind.; Mrs John A. Alexander, of Atlanta, Ga.; Mr T.L. Shackelford, of Dalton, Ga.; Jessie N. Lusk, of Pocatello, Idaho; Miss Nanon L. Carr, of Kansas City, Mo.; Emmy J.T. Clement, of Van Nuys, Calif; Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Ind.; Mrs O.M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs C.P. McGuire, of Birmingham, Ala.; Mr Earl H. Shackelford, of Jefferson City, Mo.; and Mr Thomas J. Barnes, of McMinnville, Tenn.; And Orchids this month go Mrs A.R. Seder, of Illinois, and Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Indiana.

We wish we had the words at our command to express our gratitude for such splendid co-operation, but since we have not, we will only say again what we

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have already said--we deeply appreciate your splendid co-operation, and thank you very kindly.


And although we are mailing two copies of the Magazine every two months instead of one each month, we are a bit disappointed because of the lack of family news sent in during the past two months. We have only two births to report, well four as a matter of fact, and one of them is a bit unusual.

Master James Barnes Shackelford, II, put in his appearance January 10th, 1952, and will henceforth make his home with the happy parents--Mr and Mrs James William and Adele Bergholm-Shackelford, of Pine Bluff, Ark. He is a grandson of Mr and Mrs James Barnes Shackelford, Sr, of Jones, La. And we owe Mrs J.B. Shackelford an apology, as this was reported to us in time to have appeared in the last issue of the Magazine, and for some reason we just overlooked it.

Then during the month of April old Doctor Stork became a bit over zealous in his activities, called at the home of Mr and Mrs Zeddie Shackleford, of Brantley, Alabama, and when he had departed they were the proud parents of triplets, two sons and a daughter. The sons to be known as Donnie Ray and Kendrick Wayne, and the daughter is Eva Fay. The sons named for the two attending physicians. At the last report the mother and babies were doing fine, and the papa too.

On behalf of the entire Clan we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes.

Four weddings have been reported since our last issue went out to you. They are as follows:

A belated report of the marriage of the lovely Miss Margery Ruth, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gunner N. And Katherine Ruth Shackelford-Anderson, of Omaha, Nebraska, to Mr Donald John Finch, son of E. Dale Finch, in the First Presbyterian Church, of Omaha, July 20, 1951. After their honeymoon in Colorado, their future home was not disclosed.

Then Miss Jacqueline Ann Geilus, charming daughter of Mrs William J. Geilus, became the lovely

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bride of Mr Richard W. Anderson, son of Mr and Mrs Gunner N. And Katherine Ruth Shackelford-Anderson, and brother to Miss Margery Ruth, of Omaha, Nebraska, in the same Presbyterian Church, August 28th, 1951. They are to make their home in San Anselmo, California.

Then Mrs J.B. Shackelford, of Jones, La., reported the details of the very elaborate wedding of her son--Henry Duke Shackelford, which occurred last November, and which we have already reported to you in an earlier issue.

Miss Jo Ann Shackelford, daughter of Mrs E.A. Stephens, and the late Mr O.L. Shackelford, became the happy bride of Mr William Eugene Kincer, son of Mrs A.A. Coffman, and Mr C.W. Kincer, of Georgetown, Tenn., May 2, 1952.

We presume the last named wedding was consummated in Chattanooga, Tenn. Our correspondent never stated, but it was reported in a Chattanooga paper.

To all of whom we extend warmest congratulations and best wishes.


"When saving for old age be sure to lap up a few pleasant thoughts; remember you have to live with your memories"--From The Cresap Bulletin.


Only one death has been reported to us since our last issue went out to you.

Dr Alberto S. Watson, was born the son of Alexander Bell-and Sarah Alice Shackelford-Watson, near Mt Ayr, Iowa, December 23, 1874. He ended his earthly chores at Little Rock, Ark., January 13, 1952. He is survived by his widow-Frances Watson, (her maiden name not known). They had no children. His only brother, and his parents have already preceded him in death. And so to his widow and other relatives we extend our most profound sympathy.


"If you are careless, slipshod, indifferent, nature assumes that you wish to be a nobody and grants your prayer"--Elbert Hubbard.


In your Clan Magazine for May 1950, Vol 6, No 1,

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page 4, will be found a record of the family of one William Shackelford, whose wife was Elizabeth. This William was a son of John Shackelford, who died in Onslow County, N.C., 1778, and whose wife was Ann. This William was John's eldest son, and was born December 19th, 1732. And the record of his family as we had it was one of the most flagrant errors among our records. Our records showed only seven children for him, including a daughter Ann Elizabeth, and sons--Lemuel and Willoughby. They had no less than ten children, perhaps eleven, as follows:

John,---------------(married Martha Ann Wright)

James,-------------(married Sarah Bossard)

William,------------(married ??

Nathan,------------(married Hannah Boon)

Francis,------------(married ??

Rachel,------------(married William Saunders)

Richard,-----------(married Marry Woodbury)

Margaret,----------(married Josiah Cox)

Elizabeth,----------(married ??

Ann,---------------(married ??

Miss Clara Barton, of Calvert, Texas, produced positive proof that the ten children mentioned above were sons and daughters of William Shackelford. It is not positively proved that all ten of them were children of Elizabeth, but they probably were. But she did produce the proof that the last four were children of Elizabeth.

Nor have we positive proof that the first named son John, was the same John that married Martha Ann Wright. We do know that one John Shackelford married Martha Ann Wright, and we also know that he lived in South Carolina. We also know that John, mentioned above, lived in South Carolina at one time, therefore we are of the opinion that it is the same man. We will be grateful for any information that will confirm this one way or the other.

You will also note that we have Richard, mentioned above, as having married Mary Woodbury, but followed by interrogation points [transcription note: there were no interrogation marks on newsletter]. We know that one Richard

8 (684)

married Mary Woodbury, but we are not certain if it was this Richard. We would appreciate help on this problem too.

Then in connection with the family of this William we find the mention of a name that has not heretofore appeared among our records. We quote: "South Carolina, Darlington District, W. Dorrell, and Margaret his wife, of the District and State aforesaid, to Gaius Rowe, of Onslow County, and State of North Carolina--all the land that the said Margaret Dorrell fell heir to from the death of her grandfather--William Shackelford, Esq, in North Carolina, Onslow County, East side of Jenkinses Swamp and North side of Cohorn Swamp--except the tract on which Robert Saunders lived and died"-end of quote. Signed by William Dorrell and Margaret Dorrell, dated March 26, 1810, and recorded in Deed Book 3, page 45, Onslow County, North Carolina.

In Deed Book 3, page 17, dated October 8, 1810, another deed appears that shows Margaret Dorrell alias Margaret Shackelford, wife of William Dorrell. Also in Onslow County. Thus we see that Margaret Dorrell was a Shackelford, consequently a daughter of one of the sons of William Shackelford.

Can any of you tell us which of the sons of William was the father of Margaret Dorrell? And we will also be grateful for information of the descendants of William and Margaret Shackelford-Dorrell. Did William have a deceased son that was not mentioned among the ten children listed herein?

We would also like to know the identify of Elizabeth, wife of William Shackelford. Miss Barton thinks that she was either a Glenn, Davis or Davenport. Proof of this one way or the other would be a valuable contribution to the record.

This William Shackelford, as before stated, was born December 19, 1732. He died in 1789.

After his death his widow Elizabeth married Gains Rowe. A marriage deed between Elizabeth Shackelford relict of William Shackelford, and Gains Rowe, is of record in Onslow County, N.C. It is dated July 1792, but Miss Barton did not show the book and page number.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Kathy Allen, May 25, 1998


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