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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 701 Ave B. Lubbock, Texas.

$1.00 A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Lubbock, Texas. April 1953. Vol 8. No 12.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy ot be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



This number of our little leaflet marks the marks the (sic) end of eight years of successful publication. We say eight years of success because the response has been gratifying indeed.

The purpose of this little leaflet was to create an interest in the genealogy of people of the name Shackelford or Shackleford, either spelling, and to help those who might be interested to establish ancestry, and wherever possible to obtain additional information of any and every branch of the family. It has accomplished that, and for that reason we can say that it has been a success.

This will be the 96th time this little magazine has gone into the mail, and it has been a joy and a pleasure for us to send them to you. And we may add right here that although this makes the 96th time it has gone out we have not even scratched the surface of the records in our possession in sending them to you. And it has been a joy to us to have this privilege, and we are grateful beyond words to express, for your response and co-operation.

And although we have been away from our Texas home for almost six months and out of contact with many of you we are happy to say that not a week passes that new records do not come to us. Which is what has made the past eight years a success.

And we may add here, that to those of you who

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have written us for information we beg you to be patient with us. Our records have not arrived from Texas, and until they do we are unable to give you the intelligent answer to your inquiry that you expect and deserve.

And at this point may we urge you again to pass along any and all birth, death and marriage notices that you have concerning clan members. And should any of you know of old family records contained in old family Bibles and can obtain them please send them along. You have been wonderful in your response and co-operation in the past, so please keep it up.


"The worst results of a wreck is when a deluxe automobile runs into a jalopy bank account"--Anon.


In your March issue will be found incomplete records of Henry Dillard Wilson and his wife Sarah Caroline Johnson. We would be grateful for additional information of their descendants.

Now to continue our discussion of the Darnaby family records.

James A. Bryan, Sr, parentage not known to us, was born in Fayette County, Ky., July 13, 1820. He finished his earthly chores August 14, 1905. He married Miss Judith Ann Darnaby, daughter of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, in 1840. She was born in Fayette County, Ky., December 13, 1821, and died July 10, 1871. They had ten children, as follows:

Edward F.,---(born March 26, 1842. d Nov 2, 1863)

William W.,--(born Nov 16, 1843. died ??

John Sidney., (born Feb 6, 1846. died April 14, 1932)

James A. Jr.,-(born June 1, 1848. died ??

Enoch E.,----(born June 16, 1850. d April 9, 1895)

Joseph F.,---(born Jan 30, 1852. died ??

Marion.,-----(born March 2, 1854. died ??

Charles N.,--(married Molly Downing)

Ethie L. D.,--(born April 13, 1858. d Dec 27, 1940)

Estill W., ---(born Feb 15, 1860. d June 29, 1943)

The above is all the information we have of the James A. Bryan family, therefore anything additional

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will be greatly appreciated.

Dr George W. Lewis, parentage and dates of birth and death not known to us, married Lydia Catherine Darnaby, daughter of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, November 15, 1843. And we have no dates for her, nor do we have any other information of this family. Any information whatever of their descendants will be a valuable addition to the record.

James Stephenson, parentage and dates of birth and death not known to us, married twice. His first wife being Mary Eliza Darnaby, daughter of William Darnaby and his wife Malinda Smith, whom he married June 22, 1837. She was born April 3, 1818, and died July 4, 1843. They had three children, namely:

Thomas J.,------(married ??

William Darnaby,(married ??

Emma.,----------(married ??

James Stephenson then married for his second wife Elizabeth E. Darnaby, daughter of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith. We have no other records of this family, so anything additional will be appreciated.

Hampton or Hamilton Miller, (we have the name both ways) parentage and dates of birth and death not known, married Caroline or Carolyn Darnaby, (we have this name spelled both ways also) daughter of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, October 24, 1864. We have no dates or any other record of this family, and will be grateful for anything concerning their descendants.

William H. Darnaby, son of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, no dates shown, and of whom there is some question. It is said by some that he never married, but our records show that one William H. Darnaby, married Mary J. Derry, June 19, 1861. Our records also show that they had one son--A. Lee Darnaby, born Sept 29, 1864, and died March 26, 1951. We have a copy of the will of one Mary J.

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Darnaby, and we wonder if she was the widow of William H. Darnaby. Any of you knowing the identity of this Mary J. Darnaby, or that of her husband, will be doing us a great favor if you will pass the information along.


I, Mary J. Darnaby, being of sound mind and memory, but in feeble health, and recognizing the uncertainty of life, do make this my last Will and Testament.

First: I desire all my just debts and funeral expenses paid.

Second: I give and bequeath to my five children viz: J. W. Darnaby, H. H. Darnaby, S. T. Darnaby, R. B. Darnaby and Martha R. Darnaby, the house and lot situated on the southwest corner of seventh and Chestnut Streets, in the City of Lexington, to be owned by them in equal shares. But I direct that the same shall be sold as soon after my death as possible, and the proceeds of the sale to be applied to making such improvements as my executor may deem advisable, upon the farm situated on the Versailles Pike, near the City of Lexington, in which I have a life estate, but which at my death becomes the property in fee simple of my five children named above.

I nominate and appoint my son J. W. Darnaby, executor of this my last Will and Testament, and request that he be allowed to serve without security.


M. x Darnaby.


William Rodes, and Ella McCallie, witnesses.

The above will was not dated.

Recorded in Will Book 8, page 161, Fayette Co, Ky.

Probated March 9, 1896.

As will be seen by the above will there is no child mentioned bearing the name A. Lee, or one having the necessary initials for such a name. So we would appreciate some one giving us the information that would identify this Mary J. Darnaby.

A. Lee Darnaby, whom our records show to have

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been the son of William H. Darnaby, and his wife Mary J. Darnaby, was born September 29, 1864, in Fayette County, Ky., and died March 26, 1951. He married Lucy Wilkerson, daughter of William Wilkerson and his wife Nancy Lewis. No date of birth is shown, but she died May 14, 1944. And we have no other record of their family.

Edward Falricnor Darnaby, youngest son of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, was born in Fayette County, Ky., November 24, 1837, and died at Lexington, Ky., February 28, 1910. He was married to Miss Emma Whaley, parentage not shown, of Bath County, Ky., June 30, 1864. She was born in Bath County December 24, 1844, and died at Lexington, Ky., January 26, 1943. They had seven children as follows:

Sidney H., (born May 12, 1865. d Jan 6, 1867)

Benjamin W., (born June 3, 1867. d July 25, 1878)

Edward F., (married Leonora Taylor)

Emma Catherine., (married J. B. Snyder)

John.,-----(married first Elizabeth Haney)

William Edward., (married Nell S. Riddell)

Stell S.,---(never married)

Our records show that Rev Edward Darnaby and his wife Catherine Smith, to have had a son Sidney, but he is not mentioned in either the will of Edward or his wife Catherine. Was there a son Sidney?

George Washington Darnaby, sixth child, fifth and youngest son of John Darnaby, Sr, and his wife Elizabeth Alsop, was born in Fayette County, Ky., September 1, 1795. He died in Fayette County, Ky., January 20, 1875. He married Elizabeth Ellis, daughter of Hezekiah Ellis, and his wife Nancy Duvall, September 30, 1817. Dates of her birth and death, or the place not known to us. They had at least eight children. (Our records show nine) namely:

John Ellis.,-(born July 25, 1818. d Sept 6, 1825)

William Walter., (born Nov 26, 1819. d April 22, 37 (sic))

George Madison., (married Agnes Elizabeth Mitchell)

Elizabeth.,----(born May 16, 1825. d May 20, 1825)

--6 (762)--

Mary Catherine.,--(married Jonathan Hedger)

James Lucian.,----(married Sally Holdcraft)

Sarah Ann.,-------(married Rufus McCann)

Thomas.,---------(married Henrietta Muir)

Lucy.,------------(married ??.


I, George M. Darnaby, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do declare this instrument of writing to be my last Will and Testament, revoking all others heretofore made by me.

First: It is my will and desire that my just debts be paid first out of my estate, and the balance thereof I leave to my beloved wife Agnes Darnaby--both real and personal and mixed, to her during her life or widowhood, and that is my will that she keep my children together, raise and school them out of my estate or its proceeds, and when either of them arrives at the age of twenty one years, my wife Agnes shall give them out of my estate whatever she may think best so long as she make them equal, or as nearly as she can; and in the event that my beloved wife should marry it is my wish that she take the one third part of my estate during her life, and that the remainder be equally divided between my children: James Madison, Lucy, Elizabeth, and George Hawkins Darnaby, and at the death of my wife, that her dower be divided as the other portion of my estate. And should any of my children die leaving no children his or her part of my estate shall be divided between my children as other portion of my estate named in this instrument of writing. It is my wish and desire that my mother-in-law Nancy Mitchell remain at my house make it her home and occupy that portion of the house now occupied by her, so long as she may live or desire it.

It is my wish that my father--George W. Darnaby, act as my executor, and that the court require no security, as I have full confidence in him. I would desire my wife to counsel or advise with my executor in relation to the management of that portion of my estate that may come into her hands to

--7 (763)--

best advantage. It is furthermore my wish that my executor sell my negro woman Charlotte, either privately or publicly, as he may think most advantageous to the estate, and that if any of the rest of my negroes should become unruly or disobedient, it is my wish that my executor dispose of them and supply their places with such others as the estate may most need or require.

In testimony of all and each of the above items I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the seventh day of January eighteen hundred and fifty six. (January 7, 1856)

Sig--G. M. Darnaby.

David Tingle, and John H. Darnaby, witnesses.

Will Book V, page 329, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Probated August 11, 1856.

George Madison Darnaby was the third son of George Washington Darnaby, and his wife Elizabeth Ellis. He was born in Fayette County, Ky., June 5, 1822. And he died in Fayette County, June 19, 1856. He married Agnes Elizabeth Mitchell, parentage not known to us, but she was born in Fayette County, Ky, April 15, 1827, and died March 13, 1888. Our records show them with only three children, but four were mentioned in the will above, namely:

James Madison.,--married Sarah Frances Darnaby)

Lucy.,-------------married Lewis Allen Harp)

Elizabeth.,---------married ??

George Hawkins.,-married Thurza Dawson Lyons)

James Madison Darnaby, son of George Madison Darnaby, and his wife Agnes Elizabeth Mitchell, was born in Fayette County, Ky., November 20, 1843. and died November 19, 1913. He married Sarah Frances Darnaby, daughter of Benjamin Mills Darnaby, and his wife Elizabeth A. Triplett, April 8, 1868. Our records show they had four children, namely:

Benjamin Madison.,--married Susie Weathers)

Charles Sidney.,-----married Amanda Estill)

Kate Berry.,--------married J. Cleveland Newman)

Elizabeth Triplett.,--born May 13, 1887. d Feb 14, 99. (sic)

--8 (764)--

Benjamin Madison Darnaby, son of James Madison Darnaby, and his wife Sarah Frances Darnaby, was born May 6, 1869, and died September 21, 1943. He married Susie Weathers, parentage not known to us, June 17, 1909. They have three children:

Margaret.,------(married ??

James H.,------(married ??

Martha.,-------(married ??

Charles Sidney Darnaby, son of James Madison Darnaby, and Sarah Frances Darnaby, was born March 2, 1871, and died October 8, 1928. He married Amanda Estill, parentage not known to us, August 9, 1893. They had five children, as follows:

Rosa Estill., (born July 16, 1894. d Nov 11, 1947)

J. L., ------(married ??

Mary Carr.,-(born Nov 3, 1896. died July 22, 1897)

James Clifton, (born March 4, 1901. d March 28, 1902)

Charles S.,-(born Sept 15, 1907. d Nov 28, 1909)

J. Cleveland Newman, parentage and dates not known, married Kate Berry Darnaby, daughter of James Madison and Sarah Frances Darnaby, October 5, 1909. Our records show they had two children, namely: James Darnaby Newman, and William F. Newman.

Lewis Allen Harp, parentage and dates not known to us, married Lucy Darnaby, daughter of George Madison Darnaby, and his wife Agnes Elizabeth Mitchell, May 23, 1867. She was born May 23, 1847. Date of death not known to us. They had three children, as follows:

Annie.,-------(married George Edward Prather)

George Madison (born May 9, 1869. died ??

Allen.,-------(born Aug 23, 1872. d Aug 17, 1895)


"If we break with the past then we have little or nothing to leave for the future".--


In the May issue of the magazine we will finish with the John Darnaby family, and begin with that of his brother Edward.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

June 9, 1998


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