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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Lubbock, Texas. March 1953. Vol 8. No 11.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy ot be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


For some time now we have been discussing the Darnaby family, and shall do so again in this issue. But of this man, whose will you are about to read, we are at a loss as to his identity. Will some of you help us out by giving us the desired information? His will is as follows:

I, William Darnaby, in the County of Fayette and Commonwealth of Kentucky, calling to mind the uncertainty of mortal life and the certainty of death, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form as follows--viz:

First: I give and bequeath to my two sons Joseph M. Darnaby, and Richard J. Darnaby, five hundred dollars to be paid out of my estate and appropriated by their guardian equally, for their education; after which I also give to my sons above named the sum of two thousand dollars in money, to be equally divided between them. And then after my executors sell a negro woman named Sally, who wishes to be sold, and after the legacies above named shall have been paid, I desire that the residue of my property, land, negroes, and every other specie of property whatsoever shall be equally divided between my three children--Mildred Childers, late Mildred Darnaby, Joseph M. Darnaby, and Richard J. Darnaby.

I also desire that my daughter Mildred

--2 (750)--

Childers shall continue to reside at my present place of residence, and take charge of my two sons-Joseph M. Darnaby, and Richard J. Darnaby.

And lastly I constitute and appoint my two friends-Ambrose Weathers and Joseph J. Carter, my executors.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourth day of April, eighteen hundred and fifty three. (April 4, 1853)

Sig--William Darnaby.

Bernard Bryan, William Bryan, Joseph J. Carter, witnesses.

Will Book U, page 43, Fayette County, Ky.

Probated April 25, 1853.

The identity of the above mentined William Darnaby is a mystery. Our records show that one William Darnaby married Agnes Weathers November 17, 1822, and had a daughter Mildred, but our records also show that that Mildred Darnaby married Woodson Bryan. Our records also show that one Jacob Childers married Mildred Darnaby January 5, 1847. Are there any of you that can tell us who the above mentioned William Darnaby, was? We will be very grateful for that information.

And this month, before we begin on other Darnaby records, we have another query, and will appreciate any help that any one can give us on this.

One John Shackelford, whose wife was Anne, was in Orange County, Va., and about 1780 deeded land to his son Edmund Shackelford, reserving a life estate for himself, his wife Anne, and a daughter Sarah. We would like to know the maiden name of his wife Anne. It is thought that she may have been a White.

Another John Shackelford, whose wife was Anne, lived at one time in Culpepper County, Va., and may have lived in Albermarle County, as one of his sons married in Albemarle County. He, John, died in 1819, in Shelby County, Ky. A White was a witness to his will, and an executor also. He had, among others, a son Jeremiah, and a grand daughter America White.

One Jeremiah White left a will in Albemarle Co,

--3 (751)--

Va., dated in 1777, in which he named among several others, a daughter--Anne Shackelford.

Now we see by the first census of Virginia, which was taken from the tax lists, the following:

Edmund Shackelford, shown with seven whites and four blacks. Henry Shackelford shown with six whites and no blacks. Jeremiah White shown with twelve whites and sixteen blacks. This from Virginia State Enumerations 1782-1785, page 40, Orange County, Va.

Then on page 96 is shown Edmund Shackelford with seven souls. Henry Shackelford with seven souls, Jeremiah White with eleven souls, and Jeremiah White with four souls.

Now what we would like to know: Was Anne White-Shackelford the wife of the John Shackelford in Orange County, or was she the wife of the John, of Culpepper County, or/and later Shelby County, Ky? Or was she the wife of either? We would certainly appreciate any help on this problem.


"For prosperity and sound sleeping keep your mind on your work, not your work on you mind"



In the name of God, Amen:

I, Edward Darnaby, of the County of Fayette, and State of Kentucky, knowing that death is certain to me, and being disposed to make a righteous disposition of my property between my wife and children, though I am of sound mind and disposing memory and judgement, do make this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all others ever made by me. First, it is my desire that my executor hereinafter named, shall pay off all my just debts.

Second: I bequeath unto my beloved wife Catherine Darnaby, the whole of my estate--real and personal, during her natural life, and at her death to be equally divided between my children: Frances Mae Johnson, Judith Ann Bryan, Lydia Catherine Lewis, Elizabeth Darnaby, William Henry Darnaby, Caroline Darnaby, and Edward Falricner Darnaby. And should any of my married children or any of the single children marry and die

--4 (752)--

leaving a child or children, then I desire these my grand children or grand child, as the case may be, to have a child's part of my estate.

Third: I have given my daughter Johnson a negro girl, horse, bed, furniture, etc, ten dollars, and also one hundred dollars to pay Ferguson, together with cow and calf, making about seven hundred and seventy five dollars, including the loan of two hundred and ten dollars to her husband, which I wish deducted from the portion of my said daughter Johnson.

Fourth: I have given my daughter Judith Ann Bryan, one horse, bed and bedding, ten dollars in cash, cow and calf, etc, making about one hundred and twenty dollars, which I wish deducted from her portion.

Fifth: I have also given my daughter Lydia Catherine Lewis, one horse, bed and bedding, cow and calf and seventy five dollars in cash, making about one hundred and forty dollars, which I wish deducted from her portion.

I have borrowed from R. T. Dillard, three hundred and eighteen dollars on which I have paid the interest for several years, for my son-in-law George Lewis, which if my executor should have to pay, is also to be deducted from the portion of my daughter Lewis.

Sixth: It is also my wish that my wife, from time to time, as she may think fit, give to all my children such property as she can spare, keeping a regular account so that justice shall be impartially done between all my children.

It is my specific wish that my son William Henry Darnaby should act as trustee for my daughter Judith Ann Bryan and her children. I therefore leave in his hands the portion of my estate coming to my said daughter, in trust, for the benefit of her and children.

If any of my children should die and leave no heir or heirs of their body begotten, then I desire that their portion of my estate be equally divided between my surviving children. And should any of my children die leaving heirs, then my grand children to have their parent's portion of such child dying without issue.

--5 (753)--

I hereby request my wife to act as executrix and my son William, and my friend R. T. Dillard, as executors of this my last Will and Testament.

Whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth of April, eighteen hundred and fifty two. (April 14, 1852)

Sig--Edward Darnaby.

R. T. Dillard, B. M. Darnaby, and James Darnaby, wit.

Will Book T., page 478, Fayette County, Ky.

Probated July 1852.



In the name of God, Amen:

I, Catherine Darnaby, of the County of Fayette, and State of Kentucky, being of feeble body but of sound mind, do make and confirm this my last Will and Testament.

I give unto my son Fabicuss Darnaby, the house he now possesses.

I give unto my two single daughters--Elizabeth and Caroline Darnaby, the carpets, divans, window blinds, knives and forks, indeed all the furniture and articles about the house--purchased and made, including the wool rolls made by me since the death of my husband, in consideration of their faithful attention to me, and of their aid in the purchase of the same.

I wish that portion of the land to which I have title, to be sold with the balance of the farm, and equally divided with the balance of issue, and it, the amount thereof coming to my daughter Judith Anne Bryant, I wish to be put into the hands of my son William H. Darnaby, as trustee, for the benefit of said Judith Ann and her children, those she now has and such others as she may have, and at the death of the said Judith Ann, to be equally divided among her children.

I also give unto my son Fabicuss, a bay mare named Dolly. I also request that there be money enough reserved of my estate to finish his education.

It is also my wish that the burying ground be enlarged and inclosed (sic) with a substantial stone fence.

--6 (754)--

I hereby request my brother-in-law George W. Darnaby, William H. Darnaby, and George W. Lewis, to be my executors.

In testimony whereof I hereby sign my name and seal this the twenty second day of September eighteen hundred and fifty eight.(Sept 22, 1858)

Sig--Katherine Darnaby.

David Tingle, E. I. Coons, Simeon A. Darnaby, and others, witnesses.

Will Book W, page 306, Fayette County, Ky.

Probated February 10, 1858.


"There is no endowment in man or woman that is not tallied in you".--


We have herein reproduced the wills of both Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine, because of one or two discrepancies and one or two omissions in the names of their children.

It will be noted that Edward mentioned his wife as Catherine, and her name appears in like manner in the index of the Will Book, yet she signed her own name as Katherine.

It will also be noted that Edward mentioned a son Edward Falricner, which Catherine did not mention atall (sic), but she mention (sic) a son Fabixuss. (Fabicuss) Therefore we would like to know if these were one and the same, or if there were sons Edward Falricner and Fabicuss?

Also, our records show them to have had a son by the name of Sidney, but no record of his marriage or any other record. Was there a son Sidney?

Rev Edward Darnaby, whose will you have just read was the fifth child and fourth son of John Darnaby, Sr, and his wife Elizabeth Alsop. He was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 28, 1793. He died in Fayette County, Ky., May 14, 1852. He was married to Catherine Smith, daughter of Francis and Mary Smith, April 4, 1817.

She was born September 5, 1795, and died in Fayette County, Ky., December 30, 1858. Our records show they had the following children:

--7 (755)--

Frances Mae.,-(married Orville Marshall Y. Johnson)

Judith Anne.,--(married James A. Bryan)

Lydia Catherine,(married George W. Lewis)

Elizabeth E.,---(married James Stephenson)

Caroline.,-----(married Hampton Miller)

William Henry.,(married Mary J. Berry)

John.,---------(died as a small boy)

Sidney.,------(no further record)

Edward Falricner (married Emma Whaley)

Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, son of John Johnson, and his wife Elizabeth Yates, was born in Fayette County, Ky., April 16, 1810. He died in June, 1874. He was married to Frances Mae Darnaby, daughter of Rev Edward Darnaby, and his wife Catherine Smith, June 19, 1835. She was born 1818, and died June 1853. They had eight children as follows:

Catherine Smith., (married Tavernor W. Smith)

Annie Elizabeth., (born 1838, and died July 12, 1906)

Edward.,--------(born 1841. Died November 19, 1863)

Lucy.,-----------(born 1843. died in infancy)

Sarah Caroline.,-(married Henry Dillard Wilson)

Richard Jones.,--(married Linda May Ramsey)

Francis Marion.,-(married Mary Myall)

William Sidney.,-(married Clara Wisdom)

Tavernor W. Smith, son of Joel and Catherine Smith, was born July 31, 1824. He died May 14, 1893. He married Catherine Smith Johnson, daughter of Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, and his wife Frances Mae Darnaby, January 20, 1859. She was born October 4, 1836, and died January 27, 1907. They had no children.

Henry Willard Wilson, Sr, dates of birth and death not known to us, not (sic) do we know his parentage. He married Sarah Caroline Johnson, daughter of Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, and his wife Frances Mae Darnaby, November 2, 1871. She was born June 1845, and died June 10, 1915. They had seven children:

Thomas Edward.,--(born Dec 30, 1872. d Nov 25, 1894)

Orville Frances.,---(born June 19, 1875. d May 22, 1895)

Henry Dillard, Jr.--(born Nov 12, 1877. d July 5, 1920)

--8 (756)--

Minnie Kate.,-----(born May 12, 1879. d Sept 21, 1898)

Mary Elizabeth.,--(born Sept 8, 1881. d Mar 15, 1945)

Clifton Shropshire, (born May 10, 1884. d May 1893)

Llewellen Verda., (married Tony D. Perkins)

Richard Jones Johnson, son of Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, and his wife Frances Mae Darnaby, was born in Fayette County, Ky., January, 12, 1848, and died February 9, 1930. He was married to Linda May Ramsey, parentage not known to us, October 9, 1884. She was born August 9, 1860, and died April 14, 1908. They had seven children, as follows:

Allie Marshall., (born Jan 9, 1886. d Sept 20, 1886)

Ray Smith.,----(married Margaret Lail)

Lura Ramsey.,-(married Clarence Flynn)

Infant Daughter, (born and died August 30, 1891)

Joseph Risk.,---(married Ethel Butner)

Edgar Richard.,-(married first Ethel Fain, and second Ethel Honican)

Sidney William., (married Alma Preston)

Francis Marion Johnson, son of Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, and his wife Frances Mae Darnaby, was born December 18, 1850, in Fayette County, Ky. He died December 20, 1926. He was married to Miss Mary Myall, parnentage and date of birth not shown, in May 1875. She died January 20, 1930. They had no children.

William Sidney Johnson, son of Orville Marshall Yates Johnson, and his wife Frances Mae Darnaby, was born in Fayette County, Ky., June 1853. He died August 29, 1925. He was married to Miss Clara Wisdom, daughter of Richard J. Wisdom, and his wife Clara Ann Smith, March 3, 1877. Her date of birth not known to us, but she died October 26, 1924. They had six children--namely:

Jack Stubblefield., (married Annie Hisle)

Frank Marshall.,--(married Pearl Hisle)

Lena Oliver.,-----(married ??

Betsy.,-----------(married Benjamin (Ben) Hisle)

Mary.,-----------(married ??

Sarah.,----------(married ??

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

June 9, 1998


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