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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas January 1952 Vol. 7. No. 9


Motto: A people which take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In our November 1951 issue we began a discussion of the early Shackelfords and descendants of Mason County, Ky. There were many of them according to the early records, and we have many data of them, with a proven ancestry back to the immigrant, but we need more records of the descendants in order to complete our files. Therefore any additional information of them will be much appreciated.

David Lindsey married Lucy Parker, daughter of Alexander and Amy Shackelford-Parker, September, 25, 1811. Following is a copy of his Will.


I, David Lindsey, of Mason County, Kentucky, being of sound and disposing mind, do make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all other wills by me heretofore made.

Item 1: I give and devise my farm on which I now live, lying on the turnpike near Louisburg, Ky., about 125 acres, and all the appurtenances, to my daughter--Elizabeth Craig, during her natural life, taking the rents and profits thereof during her said life, and after her death and the death of her husband--Francis F. Craig, if he should outlive his said wife, my daughter, (but this is not intended to give him any estate) I devise the said lands

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and appurtenances to her issue, to be divided among them--that is to say, if any children, to be equally divided, but if children and other issue--the descendants of children, I devise that the descendants of children shall only take the part that his or her or their parent or parents should have taken if they had lived to take it, at the death of my said daughter Elizabeth. I direct and devise that if my son-in-law Dr. Francis P. Craig, shall outlive my said daughter and myself, that then he shall have a home with his said children or their issue as long as he lives single and un-married, and a decent support on said farm.

Item 2: I will and devise that all my negroes of which I may die possessed of and owning at my death may be equally divided among my three children and their issue, to hold as I may hereafter direct--that is to say: one third part in value of the said negroes of which I may die owner of, to my son William F. Lindsey and his heirs; one third part in value to my son Richard A. Lindsey and his heirs; and one third part in value of said negroes to my daughter Elizabeth Craig, for and during her life--that is to say: to have and to hold the same and the increase thereof for her natural life, and after her death--remainder in fee simple to her issue, to take in the same manner I have herein directed the lands to be divided.

Item 3: I direct and devise that all the other lands and real estate to be equally divided at my death, of which I may die possessed of, among my aforesaid three children, and the part which may be coming, at my death, of this last aforesaid property, to my daughter Elizabeth Craig, shall be her estate only during her natural life--then to be divided among her issue in the same way I directed the lands in the first item of this my Will, but I hereby empower and direct my executors hereafter named, or such as may take upon himself or them selves, the execution of this Will, and in their discretion to sell such a part of the real estate as in third item I have given to my daughter and her

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issue, and to lay out the proceeds in other real estate to be held and enjoyed by my daughter and her issue in the same manner I have directed the aforesaid real estate in this item mentioned, if my executors should not dispose of it.

Item 4: I direct and bequeath, after the payment of my debts, all my personal estate and stocks in the public funds and corporations to be equally divided among my three children aforesaid, and their issue; and whereas I have made certain advancements to my children, as will appear charged against them on my books, and desiring to make them all equal, I direct that each and every one of them and/or his or her representatives shall bring into notch potch the said advancements, the said advancements and all others that may be made to them before my death, and then to be made equal, that is neither of my said children to receive any part of my personal estate, or their representatives until the others who have received the smallest advancements shall be made equal with the first, or the one advanced the most.

And I direct, as it is my wish, to secure all I have given to my daughter-Elizabeth Craig, to her and her children, of my said personal estate bequeathed in the last item fourth, as far as the law will permit, that the said interest thus bequeathed to my daughter should be held and enjoyed by her and her issue in the same way I have directed and devised the real estate; and my negroes given to her and her issue in the same way--that is, to her for life, and after her death to her issue; and in all cases of estate given to my daughter I direct she shall only have a life estate, with remainder after her death to her said issue.

Lastly: I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons-William F. Lindsey and Richard A. Lindsey, executors of this my last Will and Testament, empowering them to sell the personal estate I may at my death own, and divide the proceeds as I have directed.

As witness my hand and seal this thirtieth day of October eighteen hundred and forty seven. (Oct, 30 1847). But this Will was inter-lined on the first

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page with the words "but this is not intended to give him an estate" before signing.

Signed--David Lindsey

Edward D. Dulin and John W. Dulin, witnesses

Recorded in Will Book P, Page 630

Probated January 10, 1853, Mason County, Ky.

And in the division of the estate of David Lindsey, his daughter Elizabeth was then mentioned as Elizabeth Enders--late Craig. She had evidently married a second time. Will Book P, page 330 and 380, also in Mason County, Ky.

And additional records of the descendants of the children of David Lindsey, Elizabeth Lindsey-Craig-Enders, William F. And Richard A. Lindsey, will be a valuable addition to the record.


"Our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War because, as they said "Taxation without representation was unfair". But now in 1952 it appears to this writer that "taxation with representation is not so desirable either"--


We are happy over the manner in which subscriptions, both new and old subscribers, have been coming in since the publication of the December issue. But even so, some of you seem to be permitting yours to lapse, which we deeply regret.

We are now glad to welcome the following new subscribers: Mrs. H.H. Shackelford, of Newport News, Va.; Mrs. W.E. Bach, of Lexington, Ky.; Unitah County Public Library, of Vernal, Utah., Mr. H.H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky.; who also ordered a complete set of all back numbers, and should have been reported in the November issue. Mr. Edward S. Smith, of Washington, D.C.; who also included one for his brother--Mr. H.M. Smith, of Decatur, Ga.; And the following renewals: Mr. J.L. Shackelford of Bentonia, Miss.; Mr. George R. Shackelford, of Texarkana, Ark.; Mrs. Pearl s. Richardson, of Axton, Va.; Mrs. Jennie G. Seitz, of Fresno, Calif.; Mrs. O.M. Morrison, of

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Eagleville, Mo.; and Mrs. R.V. Blair, of Nashville, Tenn. To all of whom we are grateful indeed, and say again "Thanks a Million".

And we are indebted to the following persons for additional data sent in: Mr. J.R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. Fern Bachar, of Ft. Morgan, Colo.; Mrs. B.L. Kirk, of Medina, Tenn.; Mrs. Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Miss Clara Barton, of Calvert, Texas; Mrs. W.E. Bach, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. O.M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs. Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Col T.G. Shackelford, of Cincinnati, Ohio; Mrs Martha Shellabarger, of Kirkland, Wash.; Mrs. Nora Fell-Shackleford, of Rochester, N.Y.; Mrs. C.W. Purcell, of Huntington, W.Va.; Mrs. C.W. Matthews, of Woodland, Ga.; and Mr. H.H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky. To all of whom we are grateful and have not the words at our command to thank you in the manner that we would like to. And orchids to Miss Clara Barton, of Calvert, Tex., and Mr. H.H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky.; To Mr. Powell for quantity, as we wish all of you could see the data that he has presented us with. And to Miss Barton for quality. We put it that way, not because Mr. Powell's data did not have quality, because it did, and of the very best. But we say that regarding that data sent along by Miss Barton, because, while we had practically all the material she sent along, but also practically all the material we had was in error, and she produced official proof that is aiding us to make the necessary corrections and placing our records in the files that they should have been in all the time. Such co-operation certainly has our deepest appreciation.


Since we are now mailing out two copies at one time we shall not attempt to bring you up to date with the family news in one issue. We have several births, marriages and deaths to report, but shall give you only the births and marriages in this one, and the deaths in the February issue. These are belated reports however, on some of them.

John Carl, lusty little bundle of the masculine gender, arrived at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Carl V.

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and Dorothy Grace Natus-Morrison, of Portland, Oregon, July 13, 1951.

Julia Lee, a buxom little lady from the heavenly regions put in her appearance August 29th, and it to make her home with the proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee and Jacqueline Anderson-Morrison, of Crockett, California.

Then on October 17th, 1951, old Dock Stork made a call at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Earl and Mary Katherine Kirk-Bird, of Medina, Tenn, and left with them a potential president, that will be known Richard Ewell. Maternal great grand parents are Mr. and Mrs. B.L. and Nora Shackelford-Kirk, also of Medina, Tennessee.

To all of whom we extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes to all parents and babies.


Of the two marriages we have to report, both are belated due to our having been away so long last year. But we give them to you now.

Miss Minnie Elizabeth Pratt, talented daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bruce and Mary Louise Hayes-Pratt, of Centreville, Alabama, became the charming bride of Mr. Donald Edgeworth Little, of Alexander City, Alabama. This was a very elaborate affair, we wish we had the space to give you more of the details. The marriage vows were exchanged June 6, 1951.

Ten days later another wedding in Alabama will be of interest to all Clan members in that section, when Miss Ann Smallman, lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Alcorn and Julia Shackelford-Smallman, of Birmingham, became the happy bride of Mr. Hugh Anderson Neighbors, Jr., son of Mr. Hugh Anderson Neighbors, Sr., also of Birmingham, in the Highland Presbyterian Church, June 16, 1951. After a brief honeymoon the happy couple will be at home in Alexander City, Alabama. Another very elaborate affair we wish we had the space to give you more of the details. And it seems to be quite co-incidental that although the two brides mentioned above are of entirely different branches of the family, one of the grooms was of Alexander City, and the other is to make a home in that city.


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In our November 1951 issue we began publication of the descendants of one Abner Terry Shackelford, begging at the same time for information from any source that will give us proof of his ancestry. At that time we gave you what, in our opinion, is his parentage, and the place of his birth, but wholly without proof.

Of his descendants we began by giving you the names of the children of his two eldest children--Sanford Richard and Frances. Now we continue with others according to order of birth in as much as we have the records.

Alfred Shackelford, third child and second son of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, was born in Kentucky, probably Breathitt County, in 1824. It is thought by some that he was married three times, but we doubt this as we can find no record of what is said to have been first marriage, or information that indicates such a marriage. But we give you here what has been given to us for whatever it may be worth. It is said that his first wife was Mary Sheffield. But in 1859, according to census records, his wife was named Eviline. Her maiden name is not known to us. She evidently died soon after 1850, for Alfred Shackelford married Sibby Little, at the home of Charles Little, in Morgan County, Ky., August 15, 1853. And by his different wives and according to census records, he had the following children:

Nancy,-----------(born in Ky, in 1847

John,-------------(born in Ky, in 1848

James H.,--------(born in Ky, in 1850

William S.,-------(born in Ky, in 1854

Stanley G.,-------(born in Ky, in 1855

Abner T.,--------(born in Ky, in 1857

Greenberry,------(born in Ky, in 1860

Louisa,-----------(born in Ky, in 1861

Cordelia,---------(born in Ky, in 1863

Amanda E.,------(born in Ky, in 1866

Mary A.,---------(born in Ky, in 1874

Alfred Shackelford was still living in Kentucky in Wolf County, as late, as he is on record as having sold land there in 1882, and is mentioned as being

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of Wolf County at that time. But evidently soon after that date he moved to Washing County, Ark, where he remained the balance of his life.

Emma Shackelford, fourth child and second daughter of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, married James John Moore. But of this family we do not have any information, therefore would be happy to know the names of their children and where they lived.

Greenberry Shackelford, (known as Berry) third son of, and the fifth child of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, was born in Kentucky, 1828. He married twice, his first wife being Elizabeth Puckett, and probably the mother of all of his children. And according to census records they had the following children:

James,----------(born in Ky, 1851

William,-------(born in Ky, 1852

Gardner,-------(born in Ky, 1854

Nancy,---------(born in Ky, December 1859

Melissa,--------(born in Ky, 1861

Amanda,-------(born in Ky, 1864

John,-----------(born in Ky, 1865

Berry Shackelford seems to have spent his entire life in Breathitt County, Kentucky.

Evaline, third daughter and sixth child of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, was born in Kentucky, and was a twin to her sister Caroline. She married William Preston Sheffield, and as far as we are able to determine, she had but one child-James S. Sheffield. She seems to have spent her entire life in Breathitt County, Ky. And we found but very little information of this family.

Caroline Shackelford, twin sister of Evaline, married William R. Trent. But we were able to find nothing of this family. Any additional information of them will be appreciated.


"Should you put off until tomorrow what you should have done today you will probably regret it, as it is possible that by then congress will have placed a tax on it"--.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

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