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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Richard Parker, as we told you in the November issue, was a son of Alexander and Amy Shackelford-Parker. He was born in Virginia, probably Fauquier County. The dates of birth, marriage and the identity of his wife are unknown to us. We would be happy to have any or all of that information. Richard Parker died in Mason County, Ky. His Will is as follows:

In the name of God, Amen:

I, Richard Parker, of the County of Mason, and State of Kentucky, being weak in body, and arriving at a period of life when I cannot expect, in the course of nature, to live much longer, and being desirous of disposing of what property I shall own at my death, do make this my last Will and Testament.

First: As my son Addison S. Parker incurred to a considerable amount in the education of my daughter Susan, I hereby devise and bequeath to him and his heirs--forever, my negro boy named Jacob; and the devise is to settle in full all accounts between me and my son Addison in relation to my said daughter Susan's estate.

Second: I hereby devise all the rest and residue of my estate, real, personal and mixed, to my son Addison S. Parker and his asigns forever, and hereby direct my son Addison, at such time after my decease, as he, in his discretion may deem best, to


make sale thereof in such terms and conditions as may be judged right; and after he has collected the proceeds he will apply the same as follows:

He will pay over to my daughter Adelaide S. Hord and her children, or to a trustee appointed by the court, for their use and benefit, one equal fifth of the proceeds of the sale of my property, to them and their heirs forever. My said daughter Adelaide Hord to receive the interest arriving therefrom during her natural life.

Another one fifth to Louisa Gooding and her children, to a trustee as aforesaid, to them and their heirs forever. My said daughter Louisa Gooding to receive the interest arising therefrom during her natural life.

Another one fifth part to Addison S. Parker, that he shall retain for his heirs and assigns forever.

The other two fifths of the proceeds of my estate aforesaid, will be retained by my said son Addison and be invested by him in such way and manner as in his discretion may deem best for the benefit and advantage of my daughters Lucinda A. Evans and Harriet G. Evans, and their children, free from the control of their husbands. And my said son Addison is left free to exercise his discretion in paying over to them or either of them, the profits of said two fifths or the principal thereof, at such time or times and in such way and manner as he may think proper, both principal and interest of the said two fifths. And it is hereby especially understood and declared that my said son Addison shall not be held responsible for any loss of principal or interest of said funds he makes in the investments thereof, nor shall he be required by the County Court at the instance of anyone to give any security, either as trustee or executor. And he is left free at any and at all times to divest him-


self of the trust aforesaid by appointing himself or by procuring the appointment of a trustee by the Circuit Court of Mason County; and it is my wish that my son-Addison S. Parker, shall retain two fifths as willed above, to my daughters Adelaide Hord and her children, and Louisa Gooding and her children, as trustee for them, and invest the same in such manner as he may deem best for their interest and pay it over at his discretion.

I hereby appoint my son Addison S. Parker, the sole executor and trustee of my aforesaid last Will and Testament, and do hereby revoke all other Wills and Testaments at any other time by me made, and I subscribe, seal, publish and declare this my last Will and Testament as aforesaid, this the thirtieth day of April 1847. (April 30, 1847)

Signed--Richard Parker

Daniel S. Dobyns and Richard M. Grimes, witnesses.

Will Book C, page 13, Mason County, Kentucky.

Probated September, 1847.

Children of Richard Parker as they were mentioned in his Will:

Susan--------------------(apparently never married)

Adelaide-----------------(married Abner Hord)


Addison S.---------------(apparently never married)

Lucinda A.---------------(married John H. Evans)

Harriet G.----------------(married Magness Evans)

We were unable to find a marriage record for Susan Parker, or any other mention of her. She evidently died un-married.

We could find no record of marriage for Adelaide Parker and Abner Hord, but did learn the names of several of their children.

We were unable to find a marriage record or learn the name of Mr. Gooding, who married Louisa Parker.

Magness Evans and Harriet G. Parker married December 25th, 1828.

John H. Evans married Lucinda Parker, November 24th, 1824.


Addison S. Parker apparently never married, according to legatees mentioned in his Will. He never mentioned a wife or children, but he did mention the following: Mary Frances Evans, Addison P. Evans, Louisa Evans, William Harrison Evans, Amelia A. Evans and John Dawson Evans, the six youngest children of his sister Lucinda Evans, deceased.

Also Abner Hord, Stephen Girard Hord, Eveline B. Hord, Eliza Hord, Caroline Hord-Winn, Addison P. Hord and Mason Hord, all nephews and nieces. Also Eliza S. Long, whose maiden name had been Hord, another niece. Richard P. Evans, of Missouri, Addison P. Gooding and Susan P. Gooding, nephew and niece.

This was a very long Will, entirely too long for us to copy it in its fullness. It was dated April 1st, 1850. Francis R. Hord, Walter S. Calvert, and John N. Owens, were witnesses.

Will Book O, page 378, Mason County, Kentucky.

Probated July 1850.


"God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change things I can, and wisdom enought to know the difference"--Anon


We wish to welcome Mrs. John A. Alexander of Atlanta, Ga., as a new subscriber; and she not only remitted for a two years subscription, but she included one also for Mrs. B. H. Hartsfield, of Birmingham, Alabama. She also ordered a complete set of all the back numbers of the magazine.

We also wish to welcome the subscription renewal from Mrs. Fern Bachar, of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Thanks a million to both of you, we hope we may be able to merit your confidence.

We also wish to acknowledge receipt of additional data from the following: Mr. J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. John A. Alexander, of Atlanta, Ga.; and Miss Mary Lee Shackelford, of Natchitoches, La.

There are no births reported this month, but we do have two marriges, one of whom we would like


to know more about.

A belated report informs us of the marriage of the lovely Miss Eleanor Jane Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hall, of DeWitt, Ark., to Mr. Dennis Lee Shackelford, at the First Presbyterian Church, Pine Bluff, Ark., July 28, 1951. They are now at home at the Monterey Apartments, Fayetteville, where they are attending the University.

We have records of several of the DeWitt, Ark., Shackelfords, but none of them tell us who Dennis Lee is. Will someone identify him for us?

Mr. and Mrs.George Thomas Madison, of Bastrop, La., announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their beautiful and talented daughter--Miss Susan Davenport, to Mr. Henry Duke Shackelford, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes and Gladys Parks-Shackelford, of Jones, La. The wedding was to be Satuday November 24th, 1951 which we presume was consumated on schedule.

May we, on behalf of the entire Clan, extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to all concerned.


But it is with sadness that we report to you the death of a beloved member of the Clan which has occurred since our October issue went out to you.

Mrs. Katherine Littleton Bowman, of Sunset Hills, Va., was born the daughter of Edmund Shackelford DeLong, and Frances Henderson, in Lexington, Ky., December 3rd, 1874. She completed her mortal life at her home in Virginia November 18th, 1951.

She was married to Mr. Abram Smith Bowman, June 20th, 1901, to which union were born two sons, both of whom survive. She is also survived by her husband, two sisters and two grandchildren, other relatives and a host of friends.

So to each of the bereaved we extend our most profound sympathy.


In the November issue we told you that we would give you copies of the Wills of Richard Parker and David Lindsey in this issue, but we regret that we will be compelled to deviate from that plan. We


have an inquiry from a subscriber that we must try to help as much as possible, for after all, it was that idea that we had in mind when we began publication of this little leaflet.


State of Carolina, Abbeville District.

In the name of God, Amen:

Know all men by these witnesses that I, Mordecai Shackelford, of District and State aforesaid, knowing that ere it be long that I must go the way of all the earth and wishing to leave my earthly affairs that God has been pleased to give me, as follows:

First: This being my last Will and Testament I leave my son John W. Shackelford and Allen Shackelford, my two executors.

Secondly: I desire to be berid at the deesion (sic) of my two executors. After my funeral expenses be paid I wish that my just debts be paid, and after that my other affairs be settled as follows: That previous to this, having made a division among all my children, each one having had his part up to that settlement except Robert Shackelford, he has had one hundred and sixty five dollars more than his part, which is to come out of the balance of his part. Also Wyley Shackelford has had one hundred and fifty dollars more than his part, which is to come out of the balance of his part. I also desire that fifty dollars be paid to my son Thomas Shackelford. The balance of my estate to be divided as follows:

First: I desier that the land whereon I now live be given to my son Thomas Shckelford, for his part, with the exception of one cow, to be his final part of what is now to be divided. The balance to be sold and divided as shall hereafter be directed.

I desier that John Howard Grant, my grandson, have my sucking colt, and then have an equal divide of what is to be sold--all the property that I now possess to be sold except the land I desier that John Grant's part remain in the hands of my two executors till he is twenty one years old, then they


shall cause the same to be delivered to him.

My negroes to be sold-namely Peggy, Lewis, Sillar, Nelly, Bedford and augustus, (sic) with all my stock, household and citchen furniture to be divided equally to my children--namely John W. Shackelford, Robert Shackelford, John H. Grant in the place of Mary McCalster, his mother, which he is to receive in the rume (sic) of her for her final part, Allen Shackelford, Howard Shackelford, Wiley Shackelford and Stephen Shackelford.

I know being in my right mind and memery do acknowledge this to be my last Will and Testament. In the name of God, Amen. As witness my hand and seal this sixteenth day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine. (September 16, 1839).

Signed--Mordecai Shackelford

S. Y. Carlile, Issac Carlile, and R. E. Carlile, witnesses. Will Book 3, page 7, Abbeville County, S.C.

Date of probation not shown. Estate invoiced October 1, 1839.

It will be noted that several words in the foregoing instrument are mis-spelled, but we have copied them exactly as they came to us. (T. K. J.)


It will be noted also, that in the above mentioned Will, Mordecai Shackelford mentions only eight children. But Mrs. Donia Tigrett, of Wilmer, Texas, one of his great grand daughters, says there were twelve, and gave us the names of the other four. The four she added probably died before Mordecai made his Will. They are, according to the Will and to Mrs. Tigrett, as follows:

John W. (Jack)------------------(married Margaret B. White)

Robert--------------------------(married Elizabeth McAllister)

Mary McCalster----------------(married------------Grant)

Howard B.----------------------(married M. Carlyle)

Wylie---------------------------(married Mary ?, perhaps Long)

William--------------------------(married ??

Hugh----------------------------(married ??

Fanny---------------------------(married ??

Mattie---------------------------(married ??


Allen----------------------------(married Mary Elizabeth Maxwell)

Thomas J.-----------------------(married Martha-------------??)

Mordecai Shackelford was a son of John and Ann Shackelford, who died in Shelby County, Ky. (see Shackelford Clan Magazine for February 1947, page 8).

Mordecai Shackelford married Sarah (Polly) Jones, daughter of John Jones and Annie Shackelford, in Albemarle County, Va., October 12, 1788. (For family of John Jones see Shackelford Clan Magazine for February 1946, page 4).

Pensions records show that Mordecai Shackelford who died in Abbeville District, S.C., was a soldier of the American Revolution, that he was born in Madison Co., Va., 1763. That he was born in Madison County is an error however, as Madison County was not created until 1790, and wholly from Culpepper County. He then, was born in Culpepper County. And that coincides with statements made by several other of his descendants.

He states in his pension petition that he enlisted in the army as a substitute for his father John Shackelford, which also agrees with the Will of John Shackelford, of Shelby County, Ky.(see Shackelford Clan Magazine for November 1947, page 1.)

We have many data of the descendants of John W., Robert, Howard B., and Allen Shackelford. We have very few of the others, therefore any additional data of the descendants of Mary Grant and her son John Howard Grant, Wiley, Stephen, William, Hugh, Fanny, Mattie, and Thomas J. Shackelford, will be greatly appreciated.


Having been away from home so long, and having so many things that we wanted to mention, we had almost forgotten that this is December, Christmas month. We now have neither the space or time to write an item concerning Christmas, but will be content by wishing each and every one of you an exceedingly Happy Holiday Season, and best wishes for a prosperous 1952.

Until next year, Adios--The Editor.

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