Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A People which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We are still seeking the ancestry of one Abner Terry Shackelford, who was born in Virginia in 1796. One Abner Shackelford married Frances Wright, December 9th, 1795, in Pittsylvania County, Va. and it is our opinion that they are the parents of our afore mentioned Abner Terry. But we need proof.

One Mrs. Frances Shackelford married John T. Brook or Brock, also in Pittsylvania County, Va., December 24th, 1798. And it is our opinion that Abner Shackelford died soon after the birth of his son Abner Terry, and then his widow married John T. Brook or Brock. (We have records showing this last mentioned name both ways). So if any one can confirm our opinion or prove our error, we shall be forever grateful.

Descendants, some of them, claim that Abner Terry was born in Culpepper County, Va., or he came into Kentucky from Culpepper Co., Va. But in the sketch we are about to give you it is said that he was born in Clark County, Kentucky. But from records in our possession we believe this last statement to be in error, and feel that he was born in Pittslyvania, perhaps going to Culpepper before moving into Kentucky. He married Nancy Gossett, in Pulaski County, Ky., March 15, 1818. But evidently never lived there, as we could find nothing about him in


Pulaski County. He seems to have moved to Breathitt County immediately after his marriage, and to have remained there the balance of his life. He and his first wife--Nancy Gossett, had twelve children, all of whom have been named in a prior issue of the Magazine. Among his twelve children was a daughter named Julia Ann, who married Calvin Taylor, who was a soldier in the Union army during the war between the States, and died of typhoid fever soon after entering the service, at the age of thirty two yrs. Calvin Taylor and his wife Julia Ann Shackelford had two children--William C., and Mary Jane. And of the son William C., we find the following:

No one can review the life of Hon William C. Taylor, ex-judge, ex-legislator, prominent business man, leading agriculturalist and constructive citizen of the Winchester community of Clark Co., without being impressed with the dignity of his actions and magnitude of his accomplishments. His was a career of progress. From small beginnings he pushed steadily forward, carrying with him those with whom he was associated, and as a result he rose far above many who started out in life with more material advantages. During his career his efforts were felt in the lumber industry, in oil production and in merchandising, while likewise his activities had a beneficial identification with the progress of civic movements and the cause of education.

Judge Taylor was born on a farm in Owsley County, Kentucky, December 5, 1859, a son of Calvin and Julia Ann Shackelford-Taylor. His grandfather was Rev. Pendleton Taylor, who for forty years was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal faith in Kentucky. His maternal grandfather being Abner Terry Shackelford, who was born near the mouth of Red River, in Clark Co., and passed his life in Breathitt County, where he served as a Methodist minister among the mountaineers and attained old age.

Calvin Taylor was born and reared in Tennessee, but in 1858 accompanied his parents to Kentucky. He was married in Clark County, and at the age of thirty one years enlisted for service in the Union army during the war be-


tween the States. Not long after volunteering he was stricken with typhoid fever and died when he was but thirty two years of age. He left his young widow with two children--William C. and Mary Jane, the latter of whom became Mrs. John W. Taulbee, of near Winchester.

To the loving devotion and careful training of his mother, Judge Taylor gives full credit for what he has been able to accomplish in life. After the death of her husband she found that it was necessary to sell the home farm in order to pay off an indebtedness, and in order to support her children she did spinning and weaving and accepted such other honorable employment as chance threw in her way. She had only a common school education herself, but was determined that her children should receive a training that would fit them for their battles with the world. Her devotion to their welfare and her beautiful character enshrined her memory forever in the hearts of her children, who reached stations in life which are a reflection of their value and true worth of her teaching. Later she married Captain ?, a former Confederate army officer. Her death occurred when she was fifty nine years of age.

Judge Taylor was married October 5th, 1882, to Frances Mariba Osbern, who was of great assistance to her husband in the early days of the little country store, in the management of which she took part, and the subsequent years she showed herself devoted to his interest, often times aiding him with wise counsel and advice. Three sons were born to Judge and Mrs. Taylor--Bruce C., who married Anna Greenwade, Claud Thurman, who married Jessie Hampton, and William C., Jr., and each of the sons, at the time this was written, had a farm of his very own.


"To keep young associate with young people, but to grow old in a hurry try to keep up with them"--


Those sending in additional data since we reported to you last, include the following persons: Elder William J. Shackelford, of Neosho, Mo., Mrs. Mary E.


Churchill, of Denver, Colo.; Mrs. Willie Mae King, of Columbia, Miss.; Mrs. C. P. McGuire, of Birmingham, Alabama; Elder William J. Shackelford, of Neosho, Mo.; Mr. J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. Merlyn Houck, of Stillwater, Okla.; Mrs. W. W. Shackelford, of Odessa, Mo.; Mrs. O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs. J. W. Shackelford, of Pine Bluff, Ark.; Mrs. John Branch, of Tampa, Fla.; Mrs. Margaret Gray-Blanton, of New York City; and Mr. Irvin M. Shackelford, Sr., of Eden Miss. To all of whom we are indeed grateful for such splendid co-operation.


"Adam Idle married Nancy Brice, April 22nd, 1800. From Colonial Records of Virginia, by Beverly Fleet. And then Mr. Fleet added "Yes, Adam got into mischief once before from having nothing to do"--


We are saddened by the report of the passing of two of our number, both of them having reached a ripe old age, after having lived rich full lives.

The Darnaby family of Kentucky, those who descend from William Darnaby, are the very finest of old pioneer families. William Darnaby, Sr., married Diana Shackelford, in Gloucester County, Va., 1732. Two of his grandsons--John and Edward Darnaby, came to Fayette County, in what was then still a part of Virginia, later to become Kentucky. Their descendants now number in the hundreds, perhaps thousands, are of the stock that have made America the choice land above all other lands in which to live.

And as we all know, Kentucky is also known for their beautiful women and fine horses, for which they do and should take great pride.

A. Lee Darnaby was born the son of William H. and Mary J. Berry-Darnaby, in Bourbon County, Ky., Sept. 29, 1864. He lived a rich full life, was a retired horse trainer. He passed to his eternal reward in Lexington, Ky., March 26, 1951.

He was married to Lucy Wilkerson, daughter of William and Nancy Lewis-Wilkerson, of Fayette Co., Ky., January 20, 1887. His wife preceded him in death May 14, 1944. No other details concerning his family are known at this time.


The other death concerns a branch of the family of whom, apparently, we have never before heard of. Mrs. Annie May Coke-Shackelford, age 83 years, of Lexington, Ky., and widow of the late J. W. Shackelford, died at the home of her daughter--Mrs. George Jeffreys, April 23, 1951.

She is survived by her five daughters, three sisters, one brother, eighteen grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren.

Since we know nothing of this family we would be extremely happy to have any and all additional data that any one would pass along to us, of them.

To each of the bereaved we extend our sincere and profound sympathy. May the Lord bless each of you in your hours of sorrow.


Here and now is perhaps the right time and the right place to remind you of our next tour of research that will begin in about two more weeks. We hope to be away from here on or soon after May 10th, and our plans are just about completed, so it looks now like we will get away on time this time.

This will be the last issue of the Magazine until after our return about next November. We hope to get a lot of work done, as well as some much needed relief from our arthritis. However, we know we shall have to make at least one more tour in order to pick up individual family records that evidently cannot be obtained otherwise. We will probably be on the way by the time you receive this copy of the Magazine. We hope to see as many of you as possible, but if we do not see you, then you will be hearing from us soon after our return some six months hence.


In our July issue we gave you some information of the Johnson County, Mo., Shackelfords and their descendants, and promised you more this month. So now we continue with records of the people of that Co.

James M. Shackelford, son of John and Nancy Shackelford, was born 1825; one record says in Kentucky, another says in Tennessee. We prefer to believe he was born in Kentucky. He died in Johnson County, Mo., 1893. His first wife was Mrs. Margaret Caroline


Egan, widow of Hugh Egan, and daughter of Harvey Harrison and his wife--Zylphia Bell. Margaret Caroline was born February, 16, 1829, and she died in Johnson County, Mo., 1863. (Our records show date of her death as 1863, but it was probably in 1862).

They had the following children:

John Baxter-------------------born 1850, died 1861

Mary S.-----------------------born 1852, married ??

Nancy E.----------------------born 1853, married ??

William C.---------------------born 1854, married ??

Georgia Ann-------------------born 1856, married ??

James M., Jr.------------------born 1857, married ??

Harvey Harison----------------born 1860, married ??

Benjamin F.--------------------born ??, married ??

Zylphia C.----------------------born ??, married ??

There is some question about Zylphia C. having been a daughter of James M. and Margaret Caroline, but census records list her with them. Three of the above named children died in infancy during an epidemic of diphtheria.

James M. Shackelford and Margaret Caroline Egan married December 16, 1949.

James M. Shackelford married for his second wife- Ellen R. Markham, April 23, 1863, in Johnson Co., Missouri. They had the following children:

Thomas--------------------(never married.

Simpson-------------------(married ??

Robert L.------------------(married Maggie Tuttle)

Betty-----------------------(married ??

Elven D.-------------------(married ??

Joseph H.------------------(married ??

Above records according to census and probate records of Johnson County, Missouri.

Benjamin F. Shackelford, son of John and Nancy Shackelford, of Johnson County, Mo., born 1827, in Missouri, according to census records, but we prefer to believe that an error, and feel certain he was born in Kentucky. He died in Johnson County, Mo., July 27th, 1901. He was married to Mary F. Mulinax, February 10, 1850, in Lafayette County Mo. She was born in 1831, in Tennessee. They had the following children: (see next page)


Joseph E.-----------------(born 1850, married ??

George S.---------------- (born 1853, married ??

Benjamin F., Jr.-----------(born 1855, married Mattie-Mary)

Mary T.-------------------(born 1857, married ??

Thomas-------------------(born 1860, married ??

Eugene A.-----------------(born 1862, married ??

John-----------------------(born 1865, married ??

Madora............................(born ??, married Americus Seely)

Iduma (Ida)----------------(born 1867, m Walter Lee Newton)

W. H.----------------------(born ??, married ??

Katie M.-------------------(born ??, married Edward Segfried)

Elizabeth F. Shackelford, daughter of John and Nancy, was born 1831, in Kentucky. Date of death is not known. She married for her first husband--Christopher Columbus Markham, October 23rd, 1853. He was born 1830, and died about 1863. They had the following children:

Martha----------------------(born 1854, married ??

Emily A.---------------------(born 1855, married ??

George W.------------------(born 1856, married ??

Sarah E.---------------------(born 1858, married ??

Ellen-------------------------(born 1860, married ??

Mary------------------------(born ?? evidently died in infancy)

Elizabeth F. Shackelford-Markham, married for her second husband--Jeremiah Qualls. She was also his second wife. And by Jeremiah Qualls she had two daughters--Elizabeth Lee and Dora.

As before stated, Elizabeth F. Shackelford-Markham, was the second wife of Jeremiah Qualls; and it is not known who his first wife was. But by his first wife he had the following children: Amanda, Martha, William G., Susan O., Annie and Maggie.

Elizabeth Lee Qualls, daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth F. Shackelford-Markham-Qualls, was born in 1868. She is still living and making her home with her daughter--Mrs. Robert Lemon, Blue Springs, Mo. We had the pleasure of visiting with her last summer, and found her to be a very lovely charming lady, although her health is not the best. But with her we found a rather unusual record. She seems to have been rather fond of the Shackelfords. Her own


mother was a Shackelford, and she has been married twice, both of her husbands having been Shackelfords. She is and has been a widow for many years.

There are still many Shackelfords in Johnson Co., Missouri. We did not have the pleasure of meeting any of them, but we hope to get back there some time and seeing as many of them in person as are still there.



John Milton Whitsett married Mattie Sebastian, March 14, 1877.

Issac T. Whitsett married Mary E. Harris, December 19, 1867.

Isaac T. Whitsett married Eliza Jetmore, February 26, 1873.

Isaac T. Whitsett married Laura M. Gross, November 23, 1876.

John H. Redford married Mary Annis Cleveland, February 13, 1870.

William W. Redford married Mary L. McEllain, September 21st, 1871.

S. W. Jurden married Nancy Ellen Redford, November 6th, 1873.

F. Eugene Meigs married Martha A. Redford, May 12th, 1873.

Harvey Harrison Shackelford married Helen Roberts, February, 20, 1882.

Americus Seely married Madora Shackelford, March 15th, 1877. Moved to Greene County, Ill.

John R. Shackelford married Ssarah E. Barton, February 19, 1865.

William Sweeney married Nancy Melissa Stone, September 24, 1868.

Joseph Shackelford married Julia J. Young, October 2nd, 1873.

George S. Shackelford married Elizabeth Hornbuckle, March 15, 1877.

Benjamin F. Stinton married Alice G. Shackelford August 2nd, 1881.

Trusting to see many of you before the end of the year; so until late this year, Adios-The Editor.

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