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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


Will of Isaac Snorgrass, Continued.

6th: Having heretofore given to my son William P., Dunaway, Daley and Lacy Snorgrass, each one thousand dollars, and having only given to my daughters Sarah Ely, wife of C. G. Ely., Jane S. Calvin. Wife of L. S. Calvin., and America Fitchen, now deceased, and late wife of Amandus P. Fitchen., the sum of seven hundred dollars. In order to make them equal with my sons I give and devise to my daughters Sarah M. Ely, Jane S. Calvin, and to my son-in-law Amandus P. Fitchen, the husband of my daughter America Fitchen, deceased, each the sum of three hundred dollars, to be paid to each of them as soon as there are sufficient assets in the hands of my Executors to pay the same.

7th: I give, devise and bequeath to my son Clyde Snorgrass, the sum of one thousand dollars, which sum together with his share in the remainder of my estate, shall be paid to Lacy Snorgrass and Amandus P. Fitchen, whom I hereby appoint testamentary trustees for my sons Dunaway Snorgrass, Daley Snorgrass and Clyde Snorgrass, to hold the same to them, their heirs, assigns or successors, in trust herein, in trust however, for the uses and upon the trusts following: that is to say --They shall take the same into their immediate possession, management and control, and they are hereby empowered, authorized and

-- 2 (582) --

directed whenever they deem it advantageous to the best interest of my said sons Dunaway, Daley and Clyde, or either of them, to loan out said money, invest and reinvest the same, taking care to keep on hand at all times a sufficient amount, so as to pay to each at such time and in such amount as they may deem wise and prudent. And at the death of my said sons Dunaway, Daley and Clyde, their respective estates, or either of them, shall be paid to their heirs or legal represenatives. Provided that my son Clyde die intestate and without issue, then and in that event, his estate shall be equally divided between my children then living, their heirs or legal represenatives.

8th: Reposing implicit confidence in the honesty and integrity of my son-in-law Amandus P. Fitchen, I desire and it is my will that he shall take a child's part, just as if his late wife, my daughter America Fitchen was living; to have and to hold the same during the term of his natural life, and at his death, to the heirs of the body of my daughter America Fitchen, deceased.

9th: After the payment of all my honest debts and the payment of the special bequests, the sums of money herein mentioned, the residue of my estate shall be equally divided between my said children and my son-in-law Amandus P. Fitchen, share and share alike.

10th: I hereby appoint my son Lacy Snorgrass and my son-in-law Amandus P. Fitchen, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of September 1887. (September 22nd, 1887)

Signed, published and declared by the said Isaac Snorgrass, as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have signed our names as witnesses to the same.

Signed--Isaac Snorgrass.

W. P. Johnson, and William Redman, Witnesses.

The above Will was copied for us by the Probate

-- 3(583) --

Judge, and again he failed to show date of probation, therefore we do know when Isaac Snorgrass died. (We do not know when he died)


Isaac Drake married Mary Duck, March 5th, 1866. Marriage record found in Howard County, Missouri, Book 4-A, page 137. (Page Mr Ripley)


Additional data has come in from the following persons the past month: Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Mr G. R. Shackelford, of Texarkana, Ark.; Mrs Melvin G. Rigg, of Las Vegas, New Mexico.; Mrs Jennie G. Seitz, of Fresno, Calif.; Mrs Homer L. Robinson, of Georgetown, Ky.; Rev Franklin S. Moseley, of Linden, Alabama.; Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Ind.; Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg S. C.; Dr Charles T. Sweeney, of Carmel, Calif.; Mr S. Ray Sweeney, of Warrensburg, Mo.; Mr Irvin M. Shackelford, Sr, of Eden, Miss.; and Mrs Myrtle S. Hogg, of Wicomico, Va. To all of whom we are very grateful and take this opportunity to thank each of you again.


Will of James Shackelford

In the name of God, Amen:

I, James Shackelford, of Hardin County, State of Kentucky, being in a weak state of health, but of sound memory, calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, for the settling of my worldly affairs, do make this my last Will and Testament.

I place in the hands of my Executors hereinafter named, all my estate except what is hereafter named, to be disposed of in the following manner-towit: After my debts and funeral expenses are paid, my will and desire is, that the interest arising from the same shall be appropriated to the use and maintenance of Sarah Shackelford, widow of my brother John Shackelford, deceased; and for the use, maintenance and education of his four children-viz John, Maria, Eliza and Jeremiah. And if the interest and proceeds should not be sufficient to give them a reasonable support and education, said Executors

-- 4 (584) --

may make use of as much of the principal as will be required for the same with this proviso: that in the event the above named Sarah Shackelford should marry, she shall have a horse, saddle and bridle, bed and furniture, and such other household furniture as she had when she married my brother John Shackelford, deceased, and nothing more. But if she should not marry and keep the above named children together, my will and desire is that she remain on my farm where we now live, and have the use of same together with the use of my negro boy Charles and negro woman Allis and her increase, and all the stock of every description, also wagons, ploughs, plows, gears, tools, Household and kitchen furniture now on the place; until the youngest child becomes of age.

And the above named Sarah Shackelford has the right to pay off my debts with the above named property, with the exception of the negroes and land. But if she should not think proper to keep house and the above named children together, then the above named property is to be sold, with the exception of the negroes, who are to be hired out until the above named children become of age, and my estate be equally divided between the above named surviving children, and the said Sarah Shackelford, who are to have share and share alike.

I will and bequeath to my two nephews John and Jeremiah Shackelford, as above named, my two shot guns, to be given to them at what age my Executor may think best.

My will and desire is that my gold watch be kept by my friend Richard Richards until he can sell it for what he may consider a fair price, he then to hand the proceeds to my Executor hereinafter named.

My will and desire is that my Executor shall be qualified in the usual manner with this exception-that they shall only give bond for their faithful performance, as I wish Sarah Shackelford to have the liberty of selling any of the personal property with the advice and consent of my Executors.

And I lastly nominate and appoint my friends John English and Richard Richards, Executors of this my

-- 5 (585) --

last Will and Testament, revoking all other Wills by me made.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty ninth day of January, eighteen hundred and forty five. (Jan 29th, 1845)

Signed--James Shackelford.

Robert English and J. S. Waide, Witnesses.

Probated May 1st, 1845.

Recorded in Will Book E, page 103. Hardin Co, Ky.


"Honor and shame from no condition rise: Act well your part, there all the honor lies"--Pope.


We are still in a dilemma regarding the ancestry of James Shackelford, whose Will you have just finished reading. He was a son of Jeremiah and Sarah Shackelford, of that we feel certain. But since he had two John Shackelfords as grandfathers, makes it rather confusing to some perhaps, even to us, and we have endeavored to solve the problem.

In your Shackelford Clan Magazine for November 1947 you will find the Will of one John Shackelford, whose wife was Anne, and among his several children was a daughter Milly and a son Jeremiah.

In your Clan Magazine for December 1947, pages 2 and 3, will be found the Will of another John Shackelford, whose wife at that time was Agnes. And among his several children was a daughter Sarah, who was then deceased. The first mentioned John died 1819, in Shelby County, Ky. The last mentioned John died 1828, in Hardin County, Ky.

Both of the above mentioned Johns lived at one time in Shelby County, where Jeremiah, son of John and Anne, married Sarah, daughter of the other John, February 22nd, 1802.

John, father of Sarah, is said to have married three times. We have never found but one marriage record for him, and that was when he married Agnes Withers, February 20th, 1819, in Hardin County, Ky. But we know that he had been married prior to then.

Dr James R. Shackelford, of Nashville, Tenn., a descendant of this John, says that it has always

-- 6 (586) --

been his understanding that this John was a son of Colonel Lyne Shackelford, and his wife Elizabeth Taliaferro, of King & Queen County, Va.

But according to the genealogy of Mrs Vernon E. McArthur, of Hutchinson, Kansas, whom we consider one of the most efficient and reliable genealogists among clan members, John Shackelford, son of Colonel Lyne, went to North Carolina and left many descendants of note. But I have never found absolute proof for that statement.

Now regarding the other John, father of Jeremiah. We do know from official records in our possession, that he lived at one time in Culpepper County, Va. We also know that his son Mordecai, born 1763, served in the Revolution as a substitute for his Father John. And Mordecai states further, that after the war he went to Pittsylvania County, Va., and lived for a time on the Dan River. Later he, Mordecai, moved to South Carolina.

Since Mordecai was born 1763 he would have been but twenty years of age when the war ended, and as he never married until 1788, it seems logical that when he was discharged from the army and went to Pittsylvania County, that he was simply going back to his father's home. Our records show that there was one John Shackelford in Pittsylvania County, at one time, and that for a time he served as sheriff. Therefore we can reasonably assume that John Shackelford, whose wife was Anne, and who died in Shelby County, Ky., 1819, was at one time a resident of Culpepper County, Va., and at one time a resident of Pittsylvania County, Va., and possibly for a short time in Georgia. He seems to have moved to Washington County, Ky., about 1796. Four or five years later he went to Shelby County.

Jeremiah Shackelford, son of John and Anne, married Sarah (Sally) Shackelford, daughter of John Shackelford, February 22nd, 1802, in Shelby County, Ky. He died in 1856, also in Shelby County. They had the following children:

James.,---------(never married, died 1845)

Sarah., ---------(married Thomas Durbin)

Maria., ---------(Arthur Parke)

-- 7 (587) --


John.,---------------(married Sarah Kazee, or Sarah Nall.


One John Shackelford married Sally Kazee, or Sarah Kazee, September 11th, 1828.

One John Shackelford married Sarah Nall, June 28th, 1838. Both marriages in Hardin County, Ky.

Additional information of the above mentioned families will be appreciated.

Among the children of John and Anne Shackelford, of Shelby County, Ky., were two daughters, Milly and Polly Ann, the latter having married William Hewlett, January 19th, 1817. Both of these ladies moved to Buchannon County, Missouri.

Will of Milly Shackelford.

In the name of God, Amen: I, Milly Shackelford, of the County of Buchannon, and State of Missouri, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. That is to say:

1st: After all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, the residue of my estate, personal and real I give and bequeath and dispose of as follows:

I bequeath to the two children of Mrs S.J. Demmit, William and Susannah Demmit, the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. The aforesaid amount being now in the hands of John Calhoun. This sum to be equally divided between them, and to be under the entire control and management of their mother, until they attain the age of twenty one years. Should they die the money shall be for the use and benefit of their mother.

My cow, I give to Mrs Sarah J. Demmit.

I desire that my negro woman Malinda, now in Kentucky, shall be sold to some good human master of her own selection, and the money arising from the said sale be given to the said Malinda, for her use and benefit.

To the following negroes--Austin, Tom and Lucy, I

-- 8 (588) --

I direct my Executor to give to each one of them a sum of twenty dollars. Also to my girl Sarah, five dollars; and to Peter, Judge and Caroline, I give five dollars each.

To my negro boy Richmond, when his hire shall be collected, I desire that he shall have twenty dollars of said money.

After all my debts are paid, whatever amount of money there may be left, I bequeath to my nephew Dr James Hewlett; also my bed and bed clothes and table spoons.

My horse, I desire to be sold, and the proceeds arising from the sale to be appropriated to the erection of a suitable super structure above and around my grave.

Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint William Hewlett, Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this the eighth day of December eighteen hundred and fifty seven. (December 8th, 1857)


Signed Milly x Shackelford.


Charles West, G. S. Camp, and Strother Bell, Witnesses.

Probated January 4th, 1858, Buchannon County, Mo.

Thus we see that Milly Shackelford, daughter of John and Anne, never married, and died in Buchannon County, Mo. Also that her brother-in-law William Hewlett, husband of her sister Polly Ann, was also in Buchannon County, Mo.

Information as to the family of William and Polly Ann Shackelford-Hewlett, will be greatly appreciated.

We still appreciate and solicit correspondence regarding the genealogy of any Shackelford or descendant thereof. All communications will receive a reply. Please keep birth, marriage and death announcements coming, we are grateful for all information, great or small.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Sara Binkley Tarpley, November 11, 1998.


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