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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas April 1952 Vol. 7. No. 12


Motto: A people which take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



This month marks the sixth month in which we have been discussing the Shackelfords and/or Shacklefords in Mason County, Ky.

And as we pointed out in the March issue, James B. Shackelford was the first one of the name in Mason County. So all of the early Shackelfords of that County were his descendants.

One of his sons was George, whose will we gave you in the February issue, along with a list of his children. One of the sons of George was Seth B., whose will we promised you later. Seth B. Shackleford, son of George and Elizabeth Botts-Shackleford, never married, and a copy of his will is of little value from a genealogical point of view, but it will serve to show something of the character of the man, with names of several nephews and nieces, which will show their relationship to the family. Following is a copy of the will of Seth B. Shackelford.

I, Seth B. Shackelford, a citizen of Mason County, Ky., do make, publish, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

First: I own property of various kinds situated and located at different points, and I owe debts different persons or parties, and I will and direct with reference to my property and business debts as follows: I name Thomas E. Pickett and Hamilton Gray

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as my executors of this my Will.

I request and direct that they shall qualify without giving security on their bond. They shall have full power to sell and dispose of and convey and make proper title to or of and all my property of every sort and description. They may and shall sell, and in their discretion dispose of and convey any and all of the same, at such times and on such terms as they may deem best for all concerned. They shall collect the prices for which they may sell, and collect any and all claims and dues coming to me, and in all the business of selling and conveying and disposing of my property and in all the work of collecting prices, claims and dues, they shall have all the power and authority which I myself would have if living. My executors shall thus take and have power as to selling my property by whatever title held.

Second: I will and direct that all my just debts shall be paid by my executors as promptly as they can be, with property.

Third: I will and direct that out of the means which may remain, my executors shall have the remains of my parents, my brother William, and my sisters Lucy and Emily, removed from my home place and re-interred in The Maysville Cemetery, in a lot to be selected by Thomas E. Pickett and my nephew--James A. Johnson; out of means my executors shall pay for this lot and t hey shall also have the graves marked by suitable plain grave stones to be chosen and prepared under the direction of my executors and my said nephew.

Fourth: My nephew--John R. Proctor, is in my debt for money paid for him, and I am bound as his surety on un-paid debts for him, and I have acquired title to certain lands which he owned, the value of which is doubtful. The powers of my executors to sell, dispose of and convey property, extend to these lands as well as my other property.

And they are to use their discretion as to them, as well as to my other property. If my nephew John R. Proctor shall, within one year after my executors qualify, pay to my executors, or cause to be paid to them, what at the

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end of the year he may owe me, and also relieve me or cause me to be relieved within one year of said qualification, of all liability for him, in that event he shall take and have one fourth of all my estate in the hands of my executors after the payment of my debts and all expenses for which they or my estate may be bound, they as my executors.

Fifth: If, according to the provisions and directions of the fourth clause, my said nephew--John R. Proctor, takes one fourth, in that event the balance shall go equally to my niece--Emily Pearce, to my niece--Abbie Pickett, wife of Thomas E. Pickett, and to my nephew--Hamilton Gray; and a fourth thus going to John R. Proctor, and each of these three. If however, John R. Proctor, at the end of the year, shall have failed to pay what he may then owe, and to relieve my estate as provided in the fourth clause, then he is to have nothing, and the other three above named shall take the whole, equally--each one third.

Sixth: In case of the death, resignation or failure to qualify, of either of the persons named as executors, the other shall act alone in all things just as both were empowered and directed to do. Witness my hand this the fourth day of February, eighteen hundred and seventy nine (Feb 4, 1879).

Signed--Seth B. Shackelford

J.G. Hickman, J.C. Pecor, and S.P. Campbell, as witnesses.

There were two codicils attached to the Will of Seth B. Shackelford, but we reproduce only one of them, since the first one adds nothing of a genealogical nature.

I now add the following provisions as a codicil to my Will.

First: the share or portion of my estate willed in the foregoing, to my niece--Emily Pearce, shall be equally divided between her and my niece--Lucy M. Wurtz; and I so will and direct.

Second: The share or portion will in the foregoing, to my niece--Abbie Pickett, shall go, since

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her death, to her children--Rosa and Abbie, and I so will.

Third: I have claims against the estate of Hamilton Gray, deceased, and against his widow-my niece Elizabeth Gray, and there are claims against me in favor of Mrs Gray. It is my will that at my death these claims on both sides shall be regarded as settled and squared. My claims are not be to asserted or collected provided those thus held against me are not asserted and collected. I, (not readable) to all claims between myself and these parties, and my will and direction in relation to them is contained in this clause.

Witness my hand this the fourth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy nine. (June 4, 1879)

Signed--Seth B. Shackelford

J.G. Hickman, J.C. Pecor, and S.P. Campbell, witnesses. Will Book 2, page 22, Edmonson County, Ky.

Probated in Mason County, Ky., July 28, 1879.


It will be noted in the will of Seth B. Shackleford, that he mentions his nephews and nieces as follows: James A. Johnston, John R. Proctor, Emily Pearce, Abbie Pickett, wife of Dr. Thomas E. Pickett, and Hamilton Gray. Then in the codicil he mentions his niece-Lucy M. Wurtz; and also that Abbie Pickett is dead, and in her place her children--Rosa and Abbie Pickett. He also mentions the fact that Hamilton Gray is deceased. But we need some information of explanation of this problem.

First: In the will of Seth he names Hamilton Gray and Thomas E. Pickett, as his executors. In the codicil to his will he mentions that Hamilton Gray is deceased, yet one Hamilton Gray qualified as an executor. Query: Were there two Hamilton Grays?

In the will of George Shackelford, (see your February Magazine) you will note that his daughters Lucy married Willoughby T. Young; Harriet married Elijah Johnston; and Narcissa married John S. Wells

We have records showing that Willoughby T. Young, son of Robert Young, married Lucy Shackelford, Feb 4, 1821, and only one child is shown to have been

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born to this union, a daughter---Anne Maria, born March 12, 1822; then Lucy died April 20, 1826.

Then Anne Maria Young, daughter of Willoughby T. And Lucy Shackelford-Young, married Jan 28, 1838, George M. Proctor, and our records two children for them--Lucy Proctor, born March 5, 1842, and John Robert Proctor, born March 16, 1844.

Therefore we know who John R. Proctor and James A. Johnston were. And Lucy M. Wurtz was very likely Lucy Proctor. But are there any of you who can tell us who Abbie Pickett, Emily Pearce, and Hamilton Gray and/or his wife Elizabeth Gray, were? We shall be grateful for any help rendered us here.


"It has been truly said that kindness is a language which the blind can see and death can hear."


Five new members of the Clan have been reported to us since the last issue of the Magazine came to you.

Mr. and Mrs Clemuel E. And Ruby Ann Shackelford-Jowers, of Lexington, Tenn., are busy entertaining three brand new grand children during the past four months. But sad to say, our correspondent did not include names or dates, or even the parentage. And we would like to say here, that when you send us information of births, marriages or deaths, we would appreciate it if you would include names and dates. Deaths without dates and births without names do not make an enviable record.

Ralph Reginald Robertson, Jr. put in his appearance at the home of Mr and Mrs Ralph Reginald and Beverly Jean Sydenstricker-Robertson, of Kansas City, Missouri, December 13, 1951.

Then a choice morsel of femininity from the Heavenly Realm appeared at the home of Mr and Mrs Dale and Martha Ana Syndenstricker-Bunch, also of Kansas City, Mo., January 18, 1952, and will be known as Brenda Cecile. Mrs Robertson and Mrs Bunch are sisters. And to each and every one we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes.


Only two marriages have been reported the past two

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months. They are as follows:

Mr Burton Shackelford, son of Mrs J.R. Shackelford, of Mt Pleasant, Tenn., and Miss Dossie Mabry, the beautiful daughter of the late Mr and Mrs James J. Mabry, were married January 19, 1952. And after a honeymoon in Miami the happy couple will be at home at the Peachtree Hills Apartments. Our correspondent never stated, but we presume--in Atlanta, Ga.

Miss Helen Elizabeth Haight, the very lovely daughter of Mrs Margaret Weaver-Haight, of Jefferson City, Mo., became the charming bride of Mr John Hutt Shackelford, at Boonville, Mo., February 9, 1952.

Our information does not show the parentage of Mr John Hutt Shackelford, but we presume he is the son of Mr and Mrs William H. And Louise Hutt-Shackelford, Jr, of Kansas City, Mo. This was a very elaborate affair and we wish we had the space to give you more of the details.

So to both grooms we extend sincere congratulations; and to all best wishes for a long happy and prosperous life together.



Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, of 116 South Carolina Ave, Spartanburg, S.C., has recently published an eight large page volume of Chadwick Data, the title of which is "John Chadwick, from England". The price of it is $1.50.

Mrs McGuinn has worked long and tirelessly in the compilation of this record, and she is a stickler for accuracy. And we feel that should any of you be interested in the Chadwick Family, a copy of the volume by Mrs McGuinn would be a valuable addition to your library. Mrs McGuinn is also one of our Shackelford cousins, and has been of great assistance to us in our own work. We feel she deserved any consideration we can give her.

Miss Macie Shackelford, one of our maternal cousins, of Milan Tenn., who has been spending most of her time in the hospital for several weeks, is now

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we are happy to say, much improved and now at home. Congratulations Macie, we hope your improvement continues.

And another item that was of particular interest to ye auld Editor was from Denton, Texas. Our sister--Mrs J.C. Sanders, and her husband, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary February 24, 1952. They held open house and had a wonderful time. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sanders, and may you celebrate many more anniversaries.


"Remember the task is lighter when many share the toil".--


Emily Shackelford, daughter of George and Elizabeth Botts-Shackelford, never married. And since we have never found a Bible record of the children of George, we do not know the date of birth of any of them. But Emily died in 1865, or at least that is when her will was probated. She left a will, evidently a non-cupative Will, as it was written by F.M. Adamson, and dated July 16, 1864. As it contains nothing of value or importance concerning genealogy, we did not copy it in full. But in this will she mentions Seth B. Shackelford, her brother; Harriet Johnston, a sister; Lucy May Wurtz, and Elizabeth Gray, as nieces; and John R. Proctor, a nephew. Dated July 16, 1864. Probated August 1865.

W.F. Wilson, John Shackelford and F.M. Adamson, as Witnesses. Will Book T, page 325, Mason County, Ky.


The above records and those in recent issues show a little information of all the children of George and Elizabeth Botts-Shackelford, except the sons William and Marcus, and the daughters-Narcissa. Therefore we shall be grateful for anything additional that any one can send us, of this branch of the family.


In your March issue of the Magazine, pages seven and eight, we had somewhat to say concerning the Shackelfords of Elbert County, Ga. And now we are going to say more, as we are so very desirous of

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proving the parentage of Nancy J. Shackelford, who married William T. Thornton, in Elbert Co, in 1826.

You will note that we mentioned six marriages in Elbert County that thus far we have failed to find parents for the six Shackelfords named therein.

Our records show that Arnold Thompson married Elizabeth Shackelford, April 23, 1816. But deed records show the named spelled "Thomason". And now we know that one Arnold Thomason, whose wife was Elizabeth, died in 1821, in St Clair Co, Ala. Then his widow married Asa Tramel. Query: Was this the same man as he who married Elizabeth Shackelford?

Garland Jones married Winnie Shackelford, December 7, 1820. Query: What became of him? He was still in Elbert County as late as 1836.

William T(homas) Fortson, married Sarah H. Shackelford, Nov 22, 1821. He moved to Mansfield, La., and died in that or an adjoining Parish. We need additional data of his descendants.

John Harris married Mary J.(Polly) Shackelford, Dec 6, 1820. They moved to Talbot County, Ga., and we have almost a complete data of their descendants. And it was thought that she was a daughter of Captain Edmund, as a matter of fact, published records show that she was. But now that we have seen the record from Captain Edmund's old Bible, we know that she was not.

Joseph Shackelford married Ann Thornton, Dec 22, 1825, and to this union were born two children: Edmund, born 1826, and Nancy, born 1831. This marriage did not last however, and they separated, she marrying a Dr Childs for her second husband; and they too, lived in Talbot County, Ga.

Then William T Thornton married Nancy J Shackelford, July 20, 1826. And we have almost a complete data of this family. William T. Thornton was a brother to the above mentioned Ann Thornton; and this family also moved to Talbot County, Ga.

Any help you can render on this problem will be a valuable addition to the record. We will be happy to purchase your data or exchange with you.

Until next month, Adios The Editor.

Transcribed by Kathy Allen May 16, 1998

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