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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas March 1952 Vol. 7. No. 11


Motto: A people which take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Again we are going to discuss Shackelfords who lived in Kentucky, and again we go to Mason County. It is possible, and I may add, probable, that some of you may grow weary of reading so much of the same branch of the family, but we have consistently urged you to send us old letters, biographies, records and anything of interest to our readers concerning any Shackelford-Shackleford or descendant thereof. Also queries. We are happy to publish any thing that we can publish. We wish above all to do the things that you would like for us to do, and to give you what you want. Until we receive such material we will publish records that we now have.

In your February issue, page 1-3, you will find a copy of the will of George Shackelford, and among his children we find a son--Alexander. We promised you a copy of his will later, so here it is.


I, Alexander C. Shackelford, of the County of Mason, State of Kentucky, being sound in health, and mind, but in contemplation of the uncertainty of life, do now make and hereby constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament--towit:

First: It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid, including a suitable monument or slab to be erected over my grave by my

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executors hereinafter named.

Second: While entertaining for my son-Dr William Shackelford, the warmest paternal regard and affection, but in consideration that in his academical and professional education and outfit in life, I have expended more than upon any other children, and as I conceive, sufficient for his success in life, it is my will that he receive no further portion of the estate of which I may die possessed of, excepting that as further testimony of my affectionate esteem, I devise to him my gold headed cane.

Third: To my youngest daughter--Lou Ann, I will and bequeath the bed and bedding, the bureau, the wardrobe and wash stand, which was her mother's, and one thousand dollars in money.

Fourth: It is my will hereby expressed, that the remainder of the estate of which I may die possessed, shall be equally divided, after the payment of the necessary incidental expenses of administration, among my five children--Priscilla Wingate, Mary Owens, Elizabeth Larew, James J. Shackelford and my aforesaid daughter--Lou Ann. It being my will that my youngest daughter--Lou Ann, in consideration of her minority, shall have the aforesaid special devises which I have heretofore made to her, of personal household property and money, in addition to the equal distributive share of the balance of my estate.

Fifth: The devise which I have made to my four daughters is hereby made to them and their children, to be held by them to their separate use, separate and apart from their husbands, or any husbands they may hereafter marry. And in the event that either of them should die without leaving any children, it is my will, and the foregoing is made on such express reservation, that the portion of my estate devised to her as aforesaid, shall revert to her surviving sisters and

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their children, and my said son--James Shackelford, in equal portions, such distributive share so reverting, to be held to the like separate use of my surviving daughters as aforesaid, and their children.

And if the sale of my real estate shall be necessary for equal distribution among my five children aforesaid, or any portion thereof, I hereby empower my executors hereinafter named, to sell and convey the same, but the proceeds of said sale must remain in the hands of my executors in trust, for the use of her children, until re-invested in other real estate at the option of my daughters, the conveyance or title of such estate to be made to my said daughter or daughters and their children, separate from any title or claims of their husbands or power to sell or encumber the same by their husbands.

Any portion of my personal estate chosen in action or money, which under the provisions of the foregoing will, shall be distributable to my daughters, or either of them, as also the additional one thousand dollars devised to my youngest daughter--Lou Ann, shall be held by my said executors in like trust as aforesaid, until in like manner invested in real estate as aforesaid.

Lastly: I appoint my son James J. Shackelford, and my nephew--James A. Johnson, executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby vesting them or either of them who may qualify, with all the power herein provided, as fully as though both had qualified as such.

Given under my hand this December the twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty eight. (Dec 12, 1868)

Signed--A.C. Shackelford

William C. Jenkins and Charles B. Pierce, witness.

Will Book X, pages 30-33, Mason County, Kentucky.

Probated May 10, 1875.

We do not know who the wife of Alexander Shackelford was. But we do know that one Alexander, or one A.C. Shackelford, married Catherine C. Wilson, August 25, 1843, in Fayette County, Ky. And he may or may not have been the above named Alexander.

Should any of you be able to confirm this one way or the other we shall be forever grateful.

And according to the above written will we see that Alexander Shackelford had

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the following children:

William,----------(married ??

Priscilla,----------(married Edwin H. Wingate

Mary,------------(married Nathaniel J. Owens

Elizabeth,--------(married William P. Larew

James J.,---------(married ??

Lou Ann,--------(married ??

Then it appears that Alexander C. Shackelford had one other son, who evidently died before he, Alexander, made his will. We find that Alexander C. Shackelford was appointed guardian of his son John Tolles Shackelford in 1852. Will Book P, page 138, also in Mason County, Ky. Which was probably when his wife died.

We were unable to find marriage records for the sons William and James J. Shackelford, and the daughter--Lou Ann, but we did find them for the others.

Edwin H. Wingate and Priscilla Shackelford, were married December 23, 1858.

Nathaniel J. Owens married Mary R. Shackelford, May 18, 1865.

William P. Larew married Elizabeth, (shown as Eliza) Shackelford, October 16, 1866.


"Be friendly with all the people you know, if it were not for them you would be a total stranger".


James Shackelford, or Shackleford, (various records show the name spelled both ways, but with this family the method most generally used is the latter) was a son of John and Anne Lyne-Shackelford, according to The Hord Genealogy, by Rev Arnold Harris Hord, and also the manuscript pedigree left by the late Dr John Shackleford, of Maysville, Ky; and Genealogical Notes furnished by the late Mr Joel Walker Shackelford, of Denver, Colo. He married a second time, his first wife being Elizabeth Scott. (see pages three and four of your Clan Magazine for November 1951) Our records show that he died in Mason County, Ky., 1800. But records in Mason Co, show that his estate was appraised January 1809 which must have been when his second wife died, and which record we do not have. In prior numbers of

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the Magazines have given you only sketches of the descendants of James B. Shackelford, but since we are now investigating the Mason County branch, we will give you more detailed information of many of them. But before we go further with these records we would like to bring you up to date on the news of the family, and other items.


And first we would like to welcome the following new subscribers: Mrs Elsie Black, of Grand Junction, Colo.; Miss Clara Barton, of Calvert, Texas; Mrs G.B. Davidson, of San Antonio, Texas; Mrs Roia Stonesifer, of Fayetteville, Ark.; Misses Dora and Ella Shackelford, of Frankston, Texas; and Miss Jean Wilson, of Durant, Okla. The two latter sent in by Miss Ruth Ray, of Los Angeles, Calif, who also included a three years renewal for herself. Also the following renewals: Judge Eugene Black, of Washington D.C.; Rev Franklin S. Moseley, of Linden, Ala., and Miss Ray mentioned above.

And the following persons favored us with additional data since our last issue went to you: Miss Clara Barton, of Calvert, Texas; Mrs Margaret Gray Blanton, of New York; Mrs Mary E. Churchill, of Denver, Colo; Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Mrs Beatrice Wands, of Los Angeles; Mr A.B. Kash, of Campton, Ky.; Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Ind.; Mrs Roia Stonesifer, of Fayetteville, Ark.; Mr Carl E. Shawver, of San Antonio, Texas; Mrs Merlyn Houck, of Stillwater, Okla.; Mr J.R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs John A. Alexander, of Atlanta, Ga., Mrs J.B. Shackelford, of Jones, La.; and Mr E.C. Shackelford, of Richmond, Indiana. And mere words cannot express our gratitude for such kindness and thoughtfulness.


We have several births, marriages and deaths to report to you but we will only give you the deaths in this issue, and the others in the April issue which will accompany this one.

We have a report of the death of Mr James Mordecai Shackelford, of Tampa, Fla., age sixty years,

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but our correspondent failed to show the date of his death.

James Mordecai Shackelford was born the son of Mr and Mrs William Alexander and Isabell Victoria Sharp-Shackelford, of Carrolton, Ga., February 3, 1888. So if he died when he was sixty three years of age he died some three or four years ago, although the report has just reached us. He is survived by his mother, three brothers and three sisters, and several nephews and nieces and a host of other relatives too numerous to mention.

Mr Roscoe Shackelford, age 79 years, coal and lumber dealer, of Barwick, Ky., died February 22, 1952. He was born the son of Mandrell Ellington and Marian Scott-Kincaid-Shackelford. Survivors include his widow, three children, two brothers and six grand children, as well as nephews and nieces and other relatives too numerous to mention here.

Then after we had already began making copy for this issue of the Magazine we were completely stunned by the news of the death of Mrs Hallie Reese-Finley, of Atlanta Ga. Mrs Finley was born the daughter of Henry O. And Eugenia Clower-Reese, August 8th, 1883, in Atlanta, Ga. She was the second of eight children, all of who preceded her in death. She passed to her eternal reward in Atlanta, Ga., March 11, 1952.

Hallie Reese married Thomas Reynolds Finley, on April 10, 1912; to which union were born one son and one daughter, both of whom survive. She is also survived by four grand children.

Mrs Finley was a very charming lady, a pleasing correspondent, and as interested and helpful in her genealogical activities as any person we know. We never had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Finley, but we shall always cherish the memory of her helpful attitude and the pleasure derived from our correspondence with her. She not only gave us all the information of her own branch of the family that she could, but was responsible for other contacts wherein additional data has been obtained. She died suddenly of a heart attack, and we shall certainly miss the help she has been rendering.

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And so to all the bereaved, and on behalf of the entire Clan, we extend our most profound sympathy. May the Lord bless each of you in your great sorrow.


"Happy the man whose wish and care a few paternal acres bound, content to breath his native air on his own ground"--Alexander Pope--


But now we must leave Kentucky for the moment and journey down into Dixie for a little discussion of some of the Shackelfords who at one time lived in Elbert County, Georgia.

Two of our subscribers are trying desperately to prove their Shackelford ancestry. And we are trying just as desperately to help them.

For a few years immediately after the Revolutionary war there were several Shackelfords in Elbert Co, Ga., or owned land there. The two men among them that seems to have remained there longer than the others, were Captain Edmund and Henry. And about them much has been written in the pages of the Shackelford Clan Magazine, and this writer has spent much time in an effort to correct all the errors that have become apparent, either among the published records or family traditions.

We have traced, one way or another, each of the Shackelford families that lived in Elbert County at one time or another, except that of one man. He is Edmund, son of Henry.

Edmund Shackelford, Sr, was a Captain in the Revolutionary war, and we have found records showing him to have been a son of Henry, but this is an error, as he was a son of John and Ann, and came from Orange Co, Va. (see Clan Magazine for July 1946, page 8) Captain Edmund named all of his ten surviving children in his will. (See Clan Magazine for July 1947) And in his old Bible the date of his birth is shown as 1746, and the date of Henry's birth is shown as 1738. They could have been brothers, but certainly neither was the son of the other.

Henry Shackelford's will is to be found in your Clan Magazine for August 1947, and in his will he mentions six children--Edmund, Henry, Nancy, Betsy,

8 (660)

Jinney and Fanny.

There are several Shackelford marriages recorded in Elbert County, and we have succeeded in placing all of them except six that has had us baffled, and for positive proof, we are still baffled. But we are of the opinion that we do have them placed, and we will be grateful to any of you who can and/or will confirm our opinion one way or another. We refer to the following: Arnold Thompson-Elizabeth Shackelford; Garland Jones-Winnie Shackelford; John Harris-Mary J. (Polly) Shackelford; William T. Fortson-Sarah H. Shackelford; William T. Thornton-Nancy J Shackelford.

Also one other --Joseph Shackelford -Ann Thornton.

Our two subscribers seeking information here, are both descendants of William T. Thornton and Nancy J. Shackelford. We have records showing this Nancy J. Shackelford to have been a daughter of Captain Edmund, but that is an error, according to the record in his old Bible. We have one record showing her to have been the daughter of Mordecai Shackelford, who died in Abbeville, S.C., but that too, is an error, according to his will, which we have a copy of. We have another record showing her to have been a daughter of Henry Shackelford, Sr. And he did have a daughter Nancy. But that too, is an error, as his daughter Nancy married an Alexander.

We believe that she was a daughter of Edmund, son of Henry, Sr. We know that both Captain Edmund and Henry came from Orange County, Va. We also know that one Edmund Shackelford married Sally Holladay, in Orange County, Va., March 1794. And since Henry, Sr, was born in 1738, this could have been his son Edmund. The above six marriages are from 1816 to 1826, so they all could have been son and daughters of Edmund and Sally Holladay. We believe they were.

One Edmund Shackelford was still in Elbert County as late as 1833. Captain Edmund died in 1821, and his son Edmund died in 1830. So this Edmund had to be the son of Henry or of some other man.

On our recent search of the Elbert records we did not find where or when he died, but we did find him among the deed records. The Minute Books might give us the answer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Transcribed by Kathy Allen May 19, 1998

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