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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas February 1952 Vol. 7. No. 10


Motto: A people which take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



This month marks the fourth month that we have been telling you of the Shackelfords and descendants in Mason County, Ky. As before stated, there were many of them there early, and we have their ancestry, but need additional records of the descendants in order to complete our files.


George Shackelford was a son of James B. Shackelford, and his second wife-Mary Stamms-Allen. He was a half brother to Amy Shackelford-Parker, whose Will we gave you in the November 1951 issue. He married Elizabeth Botts, probably in Fauquier Co, Va., but moved to Mason County Ky., soon after the Revolutionary war, and apparently lived there the balance of his life. He was born about 1765/70, in Fauquier County, Va. Following is a copy of his Will.

I, George Shackelford, of Mason County, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form towit:

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Shackelford, for and during her natural life, all my estate, both real and personal, and at her death I give the farm to my son Seth B. Shackelford, sup-

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posed to contain three hundred acres, be the same more or less, and my daughter Emily is to have a home and reside on said farm so long as she shall remain single.

Second: I give to my son-Seth B. Shackelford, one feather bed and furniture, and such other furniture as he has purchased and claims.

Third: I give to my three grand children--Maria Proctor, Elizabeth C. Shackelford, and Barton S. Shackelford, the sum of five hundred dollars each, to be paid by my son Seth B. Shackelford, as they arrive at the age of twenty one years; and my said son is to pay the above bequests in consideration of the large bequest I have made him in the farm.

Fourth: I give and bequeath to my daughter Emily, the bureau that is called hers, one feather bed and furniture and all the quilts and bed clothes that she makes.

Fifth: I have given to my daughter Narcissa Wells, as much as I int---unless she shall----to----then and-----event bequeath to her the----dred to be paid out of my property.

Sixth: I give and bequeath, at the death of my wife, all my negroes and personal property, to be equally divided among my children hereafter named, towit: Harriet Johnston, Emily Shackelford, Alexander Shackelford, Marcus Shackelford, and Seth B. Shackelford; and in order to make divisions equal my daughter Emily is to be charged with the sum of five hundred dollars for a negro girl named Martha, which I have given to my said daughter.

Lastly: I constitute and appoint my sons Alexander and Seth B. Shackelford, executors to this my last Will.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this the ninth day of November eighteen hundred and forty. (November 9, 1840).

Signed--George Shackelford

William G. Bullock and Thomas Callis, witnesses.


In the foregoing last Will and Testament, I the said George Shackelford, in the sixth item thereof,

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have directed that my said daughter Emily shall be charged with five hundred dollars for the negro woman Martha, which charge I hereby revoke and set aside, and do desire and direct that she have and hold the slave Martha clear of charge.

The devise to my daughter-Narcissa Wells in the fifth item of the foregoing last Will I wish to be understood on this wise--that if the said Narcissa shall die leaving no living----of her body then the said----intended for her shall go to---- or their legal representatives in equal proportions.

The bed and bedstead and furniture now in the possession of my son-Seth B. Shackelford, are to remain his property.

Witness my hand and seal the thirtieth day of July, eighteen hundred and forty one. (July 30, 1841)

Signed--George Shackelford

Athelton Owens and Thomas Callis, witnesses

Will Book N, page 6 Probated October 1843.

In the Will of George Shackelford it will be noticed that several words have been left out. And we are at a loss in understanding why, but we copied the will exactly as it appears in the Will Book.

There are those of this branch of the family who spell the name Shackleford.

Our records show that George and Elizabeth Botts-Shackelford had the following children:

William,-----------(no further record)

James,-------------(no further record)

Alexander,--------(see copy of his will later)

Marcus,-----------(married Sarah Ann Brock)

Seth B.,-----------(never married, see will later)

Harriet,-----------(married Elijah Johnson)

Lucy,-------------(married Willoughby T. Young)

Emily,-------------(never married, see will later)

Narcissa,---------(married John S. Wells)

So in the above Will we note that George Shackelford never mentioned his sons William and James, or his daughter Lucy Young. Why? We cannot say, unless they were deceased at the time. We would

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appreciate additional information of the descendants of George and Elizabeth Botts-Shackelford.


"Kind words are benedictions, they are not only instruments of power, but benevolence and courtesy; blessings both to the speaker and hearer of them"- - Saunders.


And now it becomes our sad duty to report the sad news of the passing of six members of our number. One of them a belated report, but the other five since our last issue of the magazine came to you.

Mrs. Chloe Eliza Mull-Moore, was born the daughter of Lewis Shackelford and his second wife-Alma Bacon, in Miami County, Indiana, June 18th, 1867. She departed this mortal existence at the home of her daughter, in Salem Oregon, June 2nd, 1951.

Chloe Eliza Shackelford was twice married, she was married first to Charles L. Mull, who was born April 10, 1867, and died December 26, 1901. To this union were born three children, one son and two daughters, all of whom survive. She is also survived by several grand children.

After the death of Mr. Mull she married Thomas Moore, date not shown. They had no children.

Mrs. Sally Garrison, of Richmond, Va., was born a daughter of George Edward and Mary Elizabeth Allen-Darnaby, in Fayette County, Ky. November 18, 1861. She died at her home in Richmond, Va., November 1951, exact date not shown, at the age of ninety years. She was married to Rev Henry Clay Garrison, Sr, July 11, 1893, to which union were born two sons--Henry Clay, Jr., and Allen. No survivors mentioned.

Samuel S. Shackelford, born a son of Isaac Pinckney and Nelly Thomas-Shackelford, at Spartanburg, S.C., September 13, 1870. He died at the home of one of his daughters in Spartanburg, December 6th, 1951. He married Miss Alma James in 1890, to which union were born sixteen children, ten of whom survive. Several of them died in infancy.

Alma James was born May 3rd, 1874, and she died November 11th, 1934. Survivors include, in addi-

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tion to his one son and nine daughters, twenty seven grand children and thirty two great grand children. We had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Sam Shackelford personally. On one occasion, while on a tour of research, we went to see Mr. Shackelford, and he was, although having been crippled in a car accident, kind enough to go with us to some very old cemeteries and point out to us the graves of those in whom we were interested, and in as much as possible, gave us all the pertinent details in each case. He was a kindly, generous and affable host. We shall always cherish the memory of our short visit with Mr. Sam Shackelford.

The next one to answer the call of the grim reaper was another citizen of Spartanburg, S.C. Mrs. Nettie Begg, born a daughter of Josiah and Melvina Lockman-Bagwell, in 1876. She passed from this mortal sphere at her home in Spartanburg, S.C., in December 1951 (exact date not shown). She was married to George Shackelford Begg, son of James and Mary Shackelford-Begg, (exact date not known) to which union were born two children, one son and one daughter, both of whom survive. She is also survived by four grand children.

Dr. William Kenney, age seventy four, of Paris, Ky., died at his home December 27, 1951. He was a son of the late Charles and Pauline Pullen-Kenney. He married Maud Shackelford, date not known, to which union were born at least four children, two sons and two daughters, all of whom survive. Five grand children also survive.

Dr. Kenney practiced medicine in Paris, Ky., for 54 years, and is thought to have performed the first appendectomy ever performed in Bourbon County.

This is the first information as far as we know, of this branch of the Shackelford family. We had never heard of them. Therefore we will be doubly grateful for information pertaining to the ancestry and relationship of Mrs. Kenney, to others of the Shackelford Clan.

Another venerable member of the Clan was Mrs. Norma Marvin Shackelford, wife of James Ernest Shackelford, who died at the home of her son Carey Big. bee Shackelford, near Caledonia, Miss., January 11, 1952. She was born Aug 16, 1877 in Lamar Co, Alabama. She married James Ernest Shack-

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elford, son of John Martin and Annie Maud Collier-Shackelford, December 18, 1900, to which union were born four sons and one daughter, three of whom survive.

On a tour of research in 1942 my wife and I met the above mentioned Mrs. Shackelford and her husband. We were royally entertained, and they too, gave us every courtesy and co-operation possible.

From this notice that came to us it appears that Mr. James Ernest Shackelford and one of his sons has died since we were there, which we did not know about. So we would be happy to know which son, and the exact dates of their death, should any of you be able to supply such information.

And to all the bereaved we, on behalf of the entire Clan, extend our most profound sympathy. May the Lord bless and comfort each of you in your hours of sorrow.


"The amount of knowledge that a person possesses is not so important as the amount of it he uses to his own good and to the good of others"--Dennis.


In our November 1951 issue we began giving you a record of the descendants of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, of Breathitt County, Ky. We shall try to complete that record in this issue.

Mary A. (Polly), eighth child and fifth daughter of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, married John Wesley Horton, and according to census records they had the following children:

Nancy J.,--------------(born in Ky, in 1854)

William A.,------------(born in Ky, in 1859)

James P.,--------------(born in Ky, in 1862)

Louisa F.,--------------(born in Ky, in 1864)

Emma C.,--------------(born in Ky, in February 1870)

James Porter Shackelford, ninth child and fourth son of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford,

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was born in Kentucky, evidently Breathitt Co, 1836. He married Elizabeth Gilvin Crain, and they had the following children:

Harrison Ellsworth,---(born Bath Co, Ky, 1862

Nancy Josephine,-----(born Bath Co, Ky, 1865

Findley Clay,---------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1867

William Grant,--------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1869

Emma Florence,------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1871

Porter Jackson,-------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1874

Matilda Kathryn,-----(born Bath Co, Ky, 1877

Robert Crooks,-------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1879

Lillian Effie,-----------(born Bath Co, Ky, 1881

Julia Ann, the eleventh child and seventh daughter of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett-Shackelford, married Calvin H. Taylor, and had only two children--one son and one daughter, as follows:

William C.,-------------(see Clan Magazine for August 1951

Mary J.,----------------(born in Kentucky, 1862

Jane, twelfth child and eighth daughter of Abner Terry and Nancy Gossett Shackelford, married Stephen Swango, and according to census records they had the following children:

James C.,--------------(born in Ky, 1859

William W.,------------(born in Ky, 1860

Andrew C.,------------(born in Ky, 1862

Juda C.,----------------(born in Ky, 1864

Lou Emma,------------(born in Ky, 1868

Nancy E.,--------------(born in Ky, 1874

Mary F.,---------------(born in Ky, 1876

John B.,----------------(born in Ky, 1871

Asa Lee,---------------(born in Ky, 1872

Just why the latter two Swango children were listed after Mary F. And John B, we are unable to say, but we copied the record exactly as written.

This completes the family record of the children and grand children of Abner Terry as far as we have it. We would like to have more dates and more detailed information, therefore will appreciate any thing additional that any one can pass along.

We solicit correspondence, and should any of you wish records of your branch of the family published

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in the magazine please feel free to ask us and we shall be happy to comply with your request.


"Study rather to fill your mind than your coffers; knowing that gold and silver were originally mingled with dirt until avarice or ambition parted them"--Seneca.


In doing genealogical research one often finds very odd records. The following has nothing to do with genealogy, either Shackelfords or any other family. We pass it along to you simply because we believe it will be interesting to most, if not all of you. The following Will is of record in Mason County, Ky. We will not publish it in full, but simply give you the forewords or preface.


I, Lewis Roser, having no religious belief and request that there be no superstitious mouthings over my inanimate body, no mock mourners, no hired grief, no priestly sermon, no prayers, no flowers, no many virtues of the deceased, no "it has pleased the divine providence"--etc.

I request also that my body be intrusted to the care of Mr. C.L. Sallee, of the City of Maysville, Ky. to be by him taken to the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, there cremated and the ashes taken by Mr. Sallee to the center of the suspension bridge and there thrown into the Ohio River. For this service Mr. Sallee is to be paid over and above his actual expenses the sum of one hundred dollars---

Mr. Roser then made provisions for the division of his property in the usual manner.

Will Book Z, page 614, Mason County, Kentucky.

This writer was told that the wishes of Mr. Roser regarding the disposition of his body were carried out, although Mr. Sallee died before he did and another man had to perform the task.

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Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Kathy Allen, May 9, 1998

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