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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor T. K. Jones. 701 Ave B. Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas January 1951 Vol 6. No 9.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


Will of James Shackelford.

I, James Shackelford, of the County of Clay, and state of Missouri., do hereby make and publish this my last Will and testament as follows, towit:

First: That my funeral expenses and all my debts be first paid.

Second: That all my estate both real and personal be sold by my Executor in the manner herein after specified, and the proceeds equally divided among my lawful heirs, with the exception, that the heirs of my daughter Nancy Bartee, deceased, have three hundred dollars more than any one of my other heirs, in lieu of property received by my other heirs during my life time; and that I give unto my grand daughter Minerva Huffaker, and old negro woman named Nelly, who is to take care of her during her life time and to bury her decently at her death, who is to be bound in security for a true performance of said duty.

Third: All the balance of my slaves shall be sold among my lawful heirs to the highest bidder, and no other person shall have the right to bid for said slaves. The balance of my propery, both real and personal, also to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder.

Fourth: The amount which will be due my daughter Rebecca Hudson, I give unto Ryland and James Shack-

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elford, her trustees, for use and benefit during her natural life, which amount is to be paid back to my lawful heirs at her death.

Fifth: I appoint my son Ryland Shackelford, the Executor of this my last Will and testament, and that all conveyances of real estate and bills of sale of the slaves made by my Executor shall be as legal and valid as though they had been done by me during my life time.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty fourth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. (Jan 24th, 1854).


Signed--James X Shackelford.


M. W. Miller, and Fauntleroy, Witnesses.

Codicil to Will of James Shackelford.

Whereas I, James Shackelford, of the county of Clay, in the state of Missouri., have made my last Will and testament in writing, bearing date of January the 24th, in the year of our Lord 1854, in and by which I have given and bequeathed to my daughter, then Rebecca Hudson, and now Rebecca Holt. Now therefore I do by this writing, which I hereby declare to be a codicil to my last Will and testament, and to be taken as a part thereof; order and declare that my Will is, that only the sum of one dollar shall be paid to my daughter Rebecca Holt, and that the residue of the said legacy be given equally to the balance of my lawful heirs.

And lastly, it is my desire that this codicil annexed to and made a part of my last Will and testament aforesaid, to all intents and purposes in writing, whereof I have subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this the seventeenth of January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine. (Jan 17, 1859).

Signed--James Shackelford.

Moses W. Miller, and A. R. McGinnes, Witnesses.

Recorded in Will Book D, page 308.

Probated September 12th, 1859.

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As will be seen by the Will of James Shackelford, of Clay County, Mo., he did not name all of his children, but from those mentioned as heirs, and from other sources, James Shackelford seems to have had the following children:

John.,------------(apparently never married)

Sarah (Sally)---(married Washington Huffaker)

James, Jr.,------(married Mary Ann Arnold)

Ryland.,--------(married Alice ??

Nancy.,---------(married Peyton Z or Y. Bartee)

Rebecca.,------(married first---Hudson, and second---Holt.


There appears to have been a son Robert also, but nothing to prove it.

We are particularly anxious to prove the parentage of this James Shackelford. Census records show that he was born in Washington D.C., 1776. But as Washington D.C. had not been established at that time he must have been born elsewhere.

There was one James Shackelford who married an Eliza Bainbridge, daughter of Peter Bainbridge, in Garrard County, Ky., marriage bond March 5th, 1805. But he is evidently not this James, although this man was in Garrard County, Ky., at one time.

There was one James Shackelford, whose wife was Margaret, in Garrard County, 1830. In that year they sold 112 acres of land to William Leasure, which land was a part of an original survey to Nathaniel Hart. Records do not show where he went to.

Peyton Z or Y. Bartee, married Nancy Shackelford, daughter of James, marriage bond Jan 20th, 1816.

Ryland Shackelford, son of James, was also in Garrard County, Ky., at one time.

One Rev John Shackelford, originally from Caroline County, Va., died in Fayette County, Ky., 1829. He had a son James, his only heir. Query? Was James, son of Rev John, the above mentioned James?

John Shackelford, son of this James, apparently never married. His Will will appear in another issue of the magazine, naming other heirs, including some of the Bartees and others.

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"Interest in genealogy is memory of those of yesterday, who gave their lives to pave the way for you and I, to enjoy this day."


Your response to our plea for renewal of your subscriptions has been very good indeed, but there remains several yet who seem to be allowing theirs to lapse, which we deeply regret. But we are happy to acknowledge renewals from the following: Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mr J. L. Shackelford, of Bentonia, Miss.; Miss Elizabeth Shackelford, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Miss Mary Lee Shackelford, of Natchitoches, La.; Mrs Jennie G. Seitz, of Fresno, Calif.; Mrs Frank L. Shackleford, of Elizabeth N. J.; and one other whose name we have been requested to withold. To all of whom we are grateful indeed, and thank you very kindly.

And from the following came additional information, either while we were away or of recent date: Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs Mary E. Churchill, of Denver, Colo.; Mrs N. C. Matthews, of Jacksonville, Texas.; Mr Nesbit M. Alexander, of Brownsville, Ky.; Miss Mary Caroline Rogers, of Bennettsville, S. C.; Mrs Polly Simms, of Whitaker, Mich.; Mrs Frank L. Shackleford, of Elizabeth N.J.; and Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.

This is co-operation that we do appreciate, and thank you so much.


As we told you in the November and December numbers, we had so much family news come to us while we were away, that it was impossible to get all of it into one issue, or even two or three. But we feel certain that we can catch up in the January and February numbers. So now we will give you two or three reports of the arrival of new members of the clan.

A potential president arrived on this orb March 18th, 1950, in the person of master Steven Robert, who will henceforth bless the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Eugene and Vivian June Wessel-Hunsicker, of Dalton, Texas.

Then exactly one month later, April 18th 1950, the old gentleman that we know as the "Stork" made

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a stop much further north, and when that call was completed Mr and Mrs Lawrence Benton and Maxine Rasmick-Arbuckle, of Kansas City, Mo., were proud parents of a bouncing baby son, that will bear the name of Chris Douglas.

And to the happy parents and fortunate babies we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes.

But that sly little elf, Dan Cupid, seems to have been much more alert during 1950, than the stork. His darts found their mark in many places, some of which we are happy to report now.

Mrs Linnie Bell Stone-Eason, daughter of John Tyler Stone and Fatima Ann Shackelford, and widow of John Bryant Eason, became the bride of Mr Julius Mullins, of Tyler, Texas., in January 1950. (Our correspondent did not give the exact date) Mrs Mullins is a sister of the first wife of Mr Mullins.

Miss Jacqueline Anderson, lovely daughter of Mr and Mrs Arlo Anderson, of Arapahoe, Nebraska, became the charming bride of Mr Donald Lee Morrison, son of Mr and Mrs Claud Oliver and Helen Patterson-Morrison, of Washington, D.C., June 6th, 1950. The nuptials at Arapahoe, Nebraska. After a brief honeymoon they will be at home at Crockett, California, where the groom has employment.

Miss Colleen Sue, charming daughter of Mr and Mrs Byron and Helen McClure Fagan-Arbuckle, of Kansas City, Mo., became the bride of Mr Frederick H. Kuchem, Jr, son of Mrs Dorothy Ann Kuchem, also of Kansas City, Saturday morning June 17th, 1950, in St Peter's Catholic church. A very elaborate affair.

Miss Beverly Jean, talented daughter of Mr and Mrs Cecil White and Myrtle Laura Shackelford-Sydenstricker, of Kansas City, Mo., became the bride of Mr Ralph Reginald Robertson, son of Mr and Mrs Ralph Robertson, of Oklahoma City, Okla., June 24th, 1950. And on behalf of the entire clan we extend sincere congratulations to each of you, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous life together.


"The greatest investment of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it".


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Now it becomes our sad duty to report the passing of a very honored and venerable member of our clan.

Elder William Erb Prater, formerly of Garden Valley, Texas., was born February 15th, 1869. And he passed from the toils and cares of this world at the home of his daughter Mrs Alice Prater-Matthews, of Jacksonville, Texas., July 4th, 1950.

Elder Prater was married to Molly Frances Stone, daughter of John Tyler and Fatima Ann Shackelford-Stone, November 20th, 1889. And that union was blessed with seven children, four lovely daughters and three splendid sons, all of whom lived to maturity, one of his daughters having preceded him in death in 1945. He was also preceded in death by his beloved wife May 31st, 1942. Survivors include his six children, a host of grand children and great grand children, and friends too numerous to mention.

Elder Prater was stricken with paralysis and confined to his bed for the past seven years of his life.

It was our pleasure to have known William Erb Prater in person, also his beloved wife. We visited in his home on two occasions, and can say that we never had any one to show us more kindness or consideration. And knowing of his physical condition we were not surprised to learn of his death, but we consider the loss of Elder Prater a distinct personal loss. He was indeed a man among men.

May the Lord bless and comfort each of the bereaved during their hours of great sorrow.


James Shackelford, a copy of whose Will is to be found on pages one and two of this issue, seems to have come into Clay County, Mo., about 1840. It is not known when his first wife died, or who she was, but he married a second time after coming to Missouri. He married Elizabeth Kennedy, May 16th, 1842, in Clay County. Six months later however, he was a widower again, by death or otherwise, we cannot say. But since his Will was probated in 1859 we know that is the year he died.

James Shackelford, Jr., who seems to have been the

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second eldest son of James, Sr, was born, according to census records, in 1809., in Kentucky. He married Mary Ann Arnold, daughter of John Arnold, in Logan County, Ky., August 2nd, 1838. And to that union were born at least eleven children, perhaps others. They were as follows:

Agnes.,--------(married Arthur Yates) born 1841.

James D.,-----(married ?? born 1843.

Robert.,-------(married ?? born 1845.

Sarah.,--------(married ?? born 1848.

Susan.,--------(married ?? born 1850.

Ann.,----------(married ?? born 1853.

Belle.,---------(married ?? born 1855.

Ryland.,-------(married ?? born 1858.

John.,----------(married ?? born 1860.

Lee.,-----------(married ?? born 1863.

Maud.,---------(married ?? born 1867.

It is not known when the above named James or his wife died, or where. We could not find his Will or a division of his estate in Clay County, but he was still living and in Clay County, in 1870. But all of his children seem to have left Clay County, the marriage record of only one of them could be found, that of the eldest daughter Agnes, who married Arthur Yates. And they evidently married elsewhere other than in Clay County.

Nancy Shackelford, who seems to have been the eldest daughter of James Shackelford, married Peyton Z or Y. Bartee, marriage bond Jan 20th, 1816., in Garrard County, Ky. What family they had, if any, is not known. Nancy was deceased in 1854 when her father made his Will. But she did have heirs, as he mentioned them. But did not name them.

Peyton Bartee died in Clay County, Mo., 1846. His estate was administered by Ryland Shackelford, November 1846, but we failed to find the names of the heirs, or other details.

The next eldest daughter of James seems to have been Sarah, (called Sally) who married Washington Huffaker. But again we were unable to find their marriage record, so do not know when or where they married.

Washington Huffaker was born in Kentucky, 1801.

-- 8 (548) --

(place not shown) He died in Clinton County, Mo., 1858. He came to Clay County, Mo., in 1831. He married Sarah (Sally) Shackelford, daughter of James, and they had at least seven children that reached maturity. He was the first sheriff of Clay County, and was later County Judge. His wife died in Clinton County, in 1865. Their children that reached maturity are as follows:

Margaret Ann.,----(married Francis M. Crowley)

Christopher.,-------(married ?? lived in St Clair)

Rebecca.,----------(never married, died 1889)

James.,-------------(married Nancy A. Hubbard)

Washington, Jr.,--(married Quincy McWilliams)

Ryland.,------------(married Sue Dickey)

John Thomas.,----(married Lura B. ??)

The Huffaker family moved over into Clinton Co, soon after coming to Missouri. But they, like most of the other pioneers of that section, seem to have all moved away.

Christopher Huffaker moved to St Clair County, Mo. James Huffaker moved to Barber County, Kansas, and Washington Huffaker, Jr., moved to Greely Co, Kansas. Some of the younger generations of this family later moved to Texas.

In the next issue we will tell you something of Ryland Shackelford and his family.

Any one having additional information of any of the descendants of the above named James Shackelford, will be doing us a great favor if you will be so kind as to pass it along, or contact us, and we shall be happy to purchase such data if it will add to what we already have.


"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but never gets you anywhere".


Samuel Clark, married Cassandra Shackelford, January 5th, 1856.

Walter C. Hamilton, married Lucretia Shackelford, March 17th, 1859.

Dr Harrison P. Jacobs, married Maggie Shackelford, May 2nd, 1867. All above marriages in Clay Co, Mo.

The February issue will accompany this one.

Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Sara Binkley Tarpley and Emily Sara Tarpley, July 21, 1998

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