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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas April 1951 Vol 6. No 12.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


Will of Robert A. Snorgrass.

The State of Missouri, County of Moniteau.

In the presence of God, Amen:

I, Robert A. Snorgrass, of the County of Moniteau, and State of Missouri, being infirm in body, yet able to be on foot and of sound mind and memory, viewing the uncertainty of life with the certainty of death, do hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament as follows-towit:

First: I desire that my funeral expenses and all my other debts be first paid, then Second: Having given my son Isaac Snorgrass, in property and cash two hundred and fifty dollars, I therefore Will and bequeath unto him--five dollars.

Third: Having also given unto my son William W. Snorgrass, in property and cash, two hundred and fifty dollars, I Will and bequeath unto him-five dollars.

Fourth: Having also given my daughter Frances dale, two hundred dollars in cash and property, I Will and bequeath unto her-five dollars.

Fifth: Having given unto my son Job Snorgrass, one hundred and eighty seven dollars in cash and property, I Will and bequeath unto him-eighteen dollars.

Sixth: Having also given my daughter Sarah W. Martin, one hundred and thirty dollars in cash and property, I Will and bequeath unto her-seventy five dollars.

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Seventh: My son Jonathan Snorgrass, having by mutual consent, left me before he arrived at the age of twenty one years, I Will and bequeath unto him-eighty five dollars.

Ninth: Having five sons of minor age viz: Robert A. Snorgrass, Jr., Jesse Snorgrass, Joel S. Snorgrass, Thomas G. Snorgrass, and George W. Snorgrass., I Will that they be raised and schooled out of the proceeds of my personal and real estate, and as they shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, if the condition of the estate be such, that each of the above named minor heirs be paid out of my estate two hundred and fifty five dollars, as follows-namely: one hundred dollars in property and one hundred and fifty dollars in cash, each. But in case the estate should from some unforeseen event become embarrassed so as to be unable to meet the above named minor demands, then the above named sum to each minor be curtailed so as to meet the ability of the estate.

Tenth: I Will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Jane Snorgrass, all my estate, real and personal, subject to the payment of the different amounts that may become due my children as above specified, to have and to hold said estate during her natural life or widowhood.

Eleventh: Having implicit confidence in the ability and integrity of my beloved wife Jane Snorgrass to manage and take care of my estate, I do hereby appoint her Executrix of my said estate, and that she have sole control of all papers, money and all personal and real estate thereunto belonging, and that she have the term of three years before she be required to make payment of any moneys to any of my heirs.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this, the fifth day of October A.D. 1850. (October 5th, 1850)

Signed--Robert A. Snorgrass.

Thomas V. Greer, N. A. Cook and Stephen Adair, Witnesses.

Recorded in Will Book 1, pages 49/51, Moniteau County, Mo.

We did not have the time to copy the above Will

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while we were in Moniteau County, so had to write to the Probate Judge for a copy, and when they made the above copy they failed to show date of probation. Therefore we do not know when either Robert A. Snorgrass or his wife Jane, died.

Robert A. Snorgrass married Jane (called Jincy) Sweeney, daughter of Charles and Frances Shackelford-Sweeney, in Casey County, Ky., bond May 14th, 1819.

By the above will it is seen that they had eleven children. They were in Moniteau County, Mo., by or before 1845. They lived near Tipton, which is in Morgan County, but we see here their home was in Moniteau. Living so near the county line may account for the lack of marriage records of their children in Moniteau County. We found only one Snorgrass marriage record that we can be sure of.

William B. Martin married Sarah W. Snorgrass, daughter of Robert A. and Jane., Oct, 30, 1845.

One Robert A. Snorgrass, married Elizabeth Ann Gist, April 26th, 1852. We are not certain if this was Robert A. Sr, or Robert A. Jr.

One George Snorgrass, married Anna Hopper, March 10th, 1876. This is probably the youngest child of Robert A. and Jane, as their son George was born 1846. (census record)

In future issues we will give you additional information of this Snorgrass family.


"Life is an exciting adventure with something new and undreamed of about to happen each day. The quality of looking constantly ahead to the future makes life interesting".--Cresap Bulletin--


We were favored with subscription renewals from the following persons since our last issue, to whom we are forever grateful: Dr John A. Shackelford, of Martinsville, Va. 2 years.; Mrs Fern Bachar, of Ft Morgan, Colo.; Miss Ophelia Amason, of Lexington, Ga.; Mr George R. Shackelford, of Texarkana, Ark.; Mrs George A. McIntyre, Jr, of Marion, S.C.; and Mrs Margaret Gray-Blanton, of New York., each two years.

And may we say here that we do not know exactly how to handle the renewal from Mrs. Blanton, of New

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York. You see she already had a life subscription paid for, and now she sends her check for a two years extension. Seriously however, thanks a million to each of you.


Mr and Mrs Leon Wilson, of Lexington, Tenn., are the proud parents of a beautiful baby daughter that arrived at their home October 7th, 1950. But here we are at a loss two ways. Our correspondent failed to give us the name of the baby or to identify the mother, except to say that the mother was a daughter of Mrs Ada Shackelford-Lewis also of Lexington, Tenn.

Tommy Edward, a potential president, arrived October 7th(same date as above) and will henceforth bless the home of Mr and Mrs Donald E. and Betty Claire Shackelford-Wheats, of Cisne, Ill.

Sarah Jan, a choice morsel of the sugar and spice and everything nice variety, arrived of this orb December 8th, 1950, and will make her home with the happy parents Mr and Mrs Carol O. and Ruby Lorene Shackelford-Buster, of Ashdown, Ark.

Happiness followed by sadness entered the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Howell and Lorene Wood-Scott, of Lexington, Tenn., when a baby daughter named Peggy Lou was born to them December 25th, 1950; and remained with them but six days, passing from this troubled world December 31st.

And ye Editor experienced the same joy and the same sadness, when a fine baby son was born to our youngest son and his wife, Mr and Mrs Melvin Wayne and Edith Evelyn Hunter-Jones, February 14th. They named him Douglas Howell, but no sooner had they given him a name than he departed this life on February 15th, just twenty four hours old. The following poem is dedicated to his memory:

We had him such a little while,

We didn't get to know his smile,

But Lord he's yours to give and take,

Even though our heart should break.

We know if we will but do our part,

We'll have again his little heart,

-- 5 ( 569) --

To clasp close to our own,

And make for him again-a home.

To raise him to maturity,

And love him if we'll but be,

The kind of parents that we should,

And do the things our Father would.

He'll wait for us over there,

And we together will glory share,

If we will but remember this,

He waits for us. (by Elder Ray L. Montgomery)

Our sincere congratulations and best wishes to those of you who were fortunate in being allowed to keep your babies. Our deepest sympathy to Mr and Mrs Scott, and to our son and his wife.


Alfred Tucker Desso Shackelford, was born the son of Samuel S. and Alma James-Shackelford, near Spartanburg, S. C., November 2nd, 1892. He died in Mary Black Hospital, Spartanburg, December 29th, 1950. He was married to Carrie Mae Mabry, date not known, to which union was born one son, who survives him. He is also survived by his father, his wife, one brother and eight sisters.

Mrs Anna Kathryn Shackelford, of Minneapolis,Minn.,was born Anna Kathryn Masters, Sept 25th, 1881, and she passed to her eternal reward in Minneapolis, Minn., Jan 4th, 1951. She was married to Mr Frank Tillman Shackelford, December 27th, 1905, to which union were born two lovely daughters, both of whom survive her.

Mrs Shackelford was a very wonderful person, her friends being numbered only by those that knew her. One lady wrote "She was one of God's gracious women" Another wrote "One of the finest women I ever met". Still another said "The greatest friend I ever knew". In addition to her daughters she is also survived by her husband and three grand children; and friends too numerous to mention.

Mr Earl Daniels, of Cisne, Ill., was born in Ill,

-- 6 ( 570) --

February 7th, 1900, and passed to his eternal reward February 10th, 1951. He was married to Opal Irena Shackelford, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Amelia Jane Trotter-Shackelford, in 1921. That union was blessed with four children, one daughter and three sons, all of whom survive. He is also survived by his widow and one grand child.

Sarah Eugenia Reese, was born the daughter of Thomas Lawson and Mary A. Shackelford-Clower, in Athens, Ga., October 10th, 1862. She passed from this chaotic world in St Petersburg, Florida, Feb, 22nd, 1951. Having reached the ripe old age of 88 years, four months and twelve days.

She was married to Henry O. Reese, December 23rd, 1880, to which union were born eight children, six of whom died in infancy or early childhood. Her husband and one son died several years ago, she being survived by only one daughter, two grand children and four great grand children.

We wish we had the space to give you more elaborate details of each of these fine people, but we have not. So on behalf of the entire clan we extend our sincere sympathy, and may the Lord bless and comfort each of you in your sorrow and great loss.



It has been quite some time since we inserted a personal, but this month we would like to borrow enough space to mention two or three persons.

Two very fine members of the clan, members whom we have never before mentioned, are Mr and Mrs Walter Franklin Shackelford, formerly of Tuscumbia, Alabama, now making their home with Mrs E. C. Lawhon, daughter of Mr Shackelford, at Sulligent, Alabama. Mr Shackelford is 90 years of age, Mrs Shackelford is 86. We happen to know these fine people, having visited in their home at one time. And here we wish to extend congratulations and best wishes to Mr and Mrs Shackelford. May they have many more birthdays.

About the 26th of February we had a pleasant surprise by the personal visit of Mr Joseph Richard Shackelford, of Albuquerque, N.Mex. It was our first meeting with Mr Shackelford, but found him to be

-- 7 (571) --

just as affable as his father, whom we knew quite well. We had always wanted to meet this Mr Shackelford, because you see, there is quite a story connected with him. His several times grandfather, also a Richard Shackelford, was a soldier of the Revolution, and when he died he left his gun that he had carried during that conflict to his son Richard, requesting that the gun be handed down from one generation to another, always when possible, to go to one named Richard. And this Mr Shackelford is now the proud possessor of that gun. Thanks Mr Shackelford, for your visit. Come again just any time.


"It is much easier to fight for ones principles than to live up to them"--


Will of John B. Sweeney

Clinton, Henry County, Missouri, April 22, 1850.

I, John B. Sweeney, of the County of Henry, State of Missouri, do make this my last Will.

First: I give and devise unto my father Jonathan Sweeney, a slave named Bill, age about forty three years; and a slave named Celia, age about fifty years. I give and bequeath the above named slaves to my father Jonathan Sweeney during his natural life, and after his death they are to be equally divided between my two sisters-Elizabeth and Frances Jane Sweeney, now Frances Jane Owen.

I give the balance of my property that I have, to my two sisters Elizabeth and Frances Jane Sweeney, later Frances Jane Owen, after all my debts are paid.

I give to my father Jonathan Sweeney, one third of the money or property that I make while I am gone to California, or in the County; and the other two thirds to my two sisters Elizabeth and Frances Jane Owen.

This my Will to go into effect after my death, and not until then. If I live to get back from California this Will is to be revoked, and not to be opened unless I die whilst I am gone.

I leave this Will with my father Jonathan Sweeney, and I do hereby make and ordain my father Jonathan

-- 8 (572) --

Sweeney and Benjamin L. Owen, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I, John B. Sweeney, the testator, set my hand and seal this the twenty second day of April, 1850. (April 22nd, 1850)

Signed--John B. Sweeney

Signed and declared by the said John B. Sweeney, as and for his last Will and Testament, in presence of us, who at his request, have signed and witnessed to the same in his presence and in the presence of each other, this the 22nd of April 1850.

John A. Rogers, and John G. Thornton, Jr, witnesses.

Recorded in Will Book A, pages 8-9, Henry Co, Mo.

Probated February 15th, 1854.

The above John B. (John Bates) Sweeney, with his cousin Charles W. Sweeney, son of Joshua Sweeney, went to California during the gold rush, seeking their fortune. Both of them died before returning home. Charles W. Sweeney died in 1851.


The seventh child and sixth son of Charles and Frances Shackelford-Sweeney, was Joshua. Joshua was born in Kentucky, then Lincoln County, now Casey County, November 20th, 1803. And as will be noted in your March magazine, he married three times. He married the first time in Pulaski County, Ky., November 23rd, 1825., Susannah Prather. The ceremony being performed by his uncle Richard Shackelford. Joshua Sweeney and his first wife had two children, Charles W., and Martha Frances.

We do not know whom he married for his second wife, or where, but her given name was Elizabeth Lucinda., by whom he had at least nine children, as follows: Jesse N., Robert J., James J., Mary E., Joel W., John C., George W., Edwin B., and Benjamin L. He was in Henry County, Mo., 1860. But in 1866 he was in Grayson County, Texas. His wife at that time was Mary M. He is said to have had one other son named Beauregard. Whether the latter was a son of his second wife or third wife is not known. Any additional information will be appreciated.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Sara Binkley Tarpley and Emily Sara Tarpley, October 25, 1998.

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