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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas October 1949 Vol. 5. No. 6.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Food was cooked on a fire place in the large iron kettles, and we may see these kettles, rustic pictures of them, in some antique shop, but they were in daily use at the Shackelford home back in post Civil War days.

Mr Shackelford was progressive and took advantage of modern equipment. He was the first in the County to purchase a cook stove, and it was quite a novelty. He erected a spacious home along with other improvements. He was known, not only in his home County, but in adjoining Counties, as a successful farmer and stock man. Often he would feed and market 200 head of cattle at a time.

Mr and Mrs Shackelford reared five daughters, three of whom died a number of years ago: Mrs H. H. Harris, of Marshall; Mrs E. B. McCutcheon, of Pilot Grove; Mrs J. M. Marshall, of Kansas City; Mrs P. H. Hay, of Saline Co.; and Mrs Robert Ardinger, of Pettis County, with whom he makes his home.

Mrs Shackelford died April 22, 1930. He has nine grand children, eight great grand children, and one great great grand child. Mr Shackelford, though a staunch democrat, admired General Grant so much that he named one of his daughters for the General's daughter -- Nelly Grant, who is now Mrs Peter H. Hay, of Saline County.

Mr and Mrs Shackelford moved to Sedalia, Mo., in

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1918. Being accustomed to an active farm life he was not content to be idle in his retirement. Much of his time was spent in wood work, and he made six or eight violins after he had reached the age of eighty; and these are highly prized by his great grandsons now. He had walnut cut and seasoned from his farm, out of which he made fine cabinets, canes, and massive library tables. Some of this work was accomplished after his eye sight had failed. He has an ambition to make more canes even now, as he wants his descendants to have them to remember him by, as though the memory of his remarkable character would not be theirs throughout the history of the family.

It has been the custom for several years for relatives to join in celebration of his birthday. He was guest of honor at a dinner party April 24, 1938 in the home of his grand daughter -- Mrs W. W. Burger, of Pilot Grove. Five generations were represented at the gathering.

Mr Shackelford's latest achievement was to journey by automobile to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he joined the Confederate and Union veterans in the National re-union. He was accompanied by his grand daughter -- Mrs W. W. Burger, and Mr Burger, of Pilot Grove, and by his grand daughter -- Mrs Spencer Jenkins, and Mr Jenkins, of near Longwood. The party traveled nearly a thousand miles, stopping over night in Indiana. Mr Shackelford urged them to continue the journey without stopping, but every precaution was taken to guard his welfare.

He enjoyed the sight seeing trip as much as any one, although he could see only dimly. The group drove to Washington, D. C., down the Potomoc to George Washington's home at Mt. Vernon. They then returned to Gettysburg by way of Baltimore, and to see the ocean going ships in Chesapeake Bay. The entire trip covered about 2440 miles.

Upon returning home some one asked Mr Shackelford how he stood the trip, and he replied in his typical vigorous manner, - "Just bully."

The above journey was in 1938. But as we find in the written word "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement" - Heb 9:27.

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So according to the divine plan, Charles Johnson Shackelford, after more than a century of existence on this mortal sphere, passed to his eternal reward September 19, 1941. A century of a rich, full, useful life, leaving a heritage for his posterity worth more than silver or gold. Few men are privileged to live a mortal life so long, and few, if any, leave a record of this venerable [and] beloved man. May we all endeavor to emulate his example.


"Within our Nation's history,

Unto our shores there came.

From overseas a pilgrim host,

With freedom's lofty aim.

They sought the spirit's freesom,

Upon our native sod.

Peace, and the soul's own quiet,

And a place to worship God.

Into the Nation's life God sent,

A people sore oppressed.

Expatriated, lo they came,

The faithful-truest-best.

And to our nation they became,

A strength against Satan's dart.

And in the Nation's life they moved,

And bore an honored part --". Webb.


This copy of your Magazine is being typed Saturday, June 18, for as before stated, we are pushing them out ahead of time in an effort to get our affairs in order so that we can be ready when the opportunity presents itself, to make another tour of research. And as this copy is going to press before the last issue is off the press, we have no births, marriages, or deaths to report. All such news will appear in the November issue, as this will be the last one for some time.



We are happy to report that our only living aunt Mrs [Sally] Shackelford, of Lexington, Tenn., is much

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improved. She celebrated her 90th birthday last April 11th, and recently suffered a light stroke, but apparently is doing fine at this time, according to our correspondent. Best wishes and may the Lord bless her in her effort to regain her health.


John Killian married Sarah Shackelford, daughter of Zachariah and Dolly Embree-Shackelford, Jan. 26, 1800. Later lived in Casey County, Ky.

James M. Shackelford, probably a son of Samuel Shackelford, Sr. married Eliza Bainbridge, daughter of Peter and Eleanor McIntosh-Bainbridge, March 5, 1805. Above marriages in Garrard County, Ky.


James Connor married Ann Shackelford, daughter of John and Frances Shackelford, but no date shown.

Benjamin Shackelford married Frances P. Dallam, daughter of Francis Dallam, November 16, 1807.

Chester Shackelford married Lula Jones, but no date shown, or parentage. Above marriages in Jessamine County, Ky.


Ambrose Shackelford, married Sarah M. Dorsey, probably a daughter of Charles Dorsey, as he, Charles, was the bondsman, March 1, 1826.

John Shackelford married Sally Kazee, September 11, 1828. Above marriages in Hardin County, Ky.


Henry Shackelford was born in King William Co., Va., August 30, 1764, and died in Harlan Co., Ky., May 17, 1842. He married Nancy Crump, April 1, 1803, in Tennessee. She was born in Tennessee in 1780, and died in Harlan Co., Ky., 1859. They had the following children:

Elizabeth-----------------(married a Mr Miracle or Marable)

Ann----------------------(married a Mr Miracle or Marable)

Lorenzo Dow------------(married ??)

Nancy--------------------(married ??)

There were two other children, names not shown. Henry Shackelford was a Revolutionary soldier.

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Records show the following Shackelfords in Lincoln County, Ky., as early as 1790: Evidently they were the first ones there. Zachariah, John, Samuel, Thomas, George, William, and James.

Of the above we have records showing that George died in 1792, and William also died about the same time. Zachariah died in Casey Co., 1808, and Samuel died in Lincoln in 1808. But we have nothing to show what became of Thomas, John, and James. One Thomas and one James Shackelford went to Henry Co., Ky., and we would like to know if these would be the same men? There was one John Shackelford that died in Shelby Co., Ky., one John in Garrard County, and one in Hardin Co. Which of these, if either, was the Lincoln County John?

In 1820 we find the following Shackelfords in Lincoln County, Ky. Edward, with a family of six; B. C. Shackelford, with a family of three, including one female much older than himself, probably his mother or the mother of his wife; William Shackelford, with a family of nine; Marquis Shackelford, with a family of five. Then in 1850 we find the following Shackelfords:

Mary Shackelford--------------born 1792, in Ky.

Mary Shackelford--------------born 1827, in Ky.

Ann Shackelford---------------born 1821, in Ky.

James Shackelford-------------born 1821, in Tenn.

Emily Shackelford--------------born 1825, in Ky.

Robert Shackelford------------born 1848, in Ky.

The last two records above, according to the census records of Lincoln Co., Ky., for the year 1850.

Robert Maxwell married Sarah (Sally) Shackelford, April 29, 1795.

Samuel Shackelford, Jr., son of Samuel, Sr., married Susan (Sooky) Withers, January 17, 1798.

John Shackelford, son of Zachariah and Dolly Embree-Shackelford, married Polly Lawrence, December 16, 1799. This man died about 1805.

John Shackelford married Amelia Hickman, October 27, 1825. Above four marriages in Lincoln Co., Ky.

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Alexander Roberts married Lucy Shackelford, July 14, 1788.

John McKenzie married Mary Shackelford, December 18, 1788.

Daniel Guthrie married Nancy Shackelford Nov. 26, 1800. He was a son of William and Esther McClelland-Guthrie, and she was a daughter of Samuel Shackelford, Sr. They are known to have had two children, as follows: John and Catherine.

William Ford married Sarah (Sally) Shackelford, daughter of Zachariah and Dolly Embree-Shackelford, October 25, 1791.

James Shackelford, son of Zachariah and Dolly Embree-Shackelford, married Elizabeth Baldock, daughter of Levi Baldock, March 13, 1803.

Edmund Shackelford married Elizabeth Richardson, February 27, 1815

Marquis Shackelford married Anny Hiatt, November 26, 1817.

James Shackelford married Catherine Harvey, September 11, 1848.

Samuel Shackelford married Lucy Hickman, July 8, 1845.

James Shackelford married Emily Shackelford, June 21, 1847.

James Bezley or Beasley, married Anny Shackelford, November 3, 1785.

Martin Wilson married Polly Shackelford, May 20, 1806.

Thomas H. Withers married Susan Shackelford, daughter of Samuel and Susan Withers-Shackelford, October 27, 1838.

William Wray married Priscilla Shackelford, daughter of John and Polly Lawrence-Shackelford, July 7, 1824.

John Landers or Sanders married Malinda Shackelford, December 7, 1814.

Joseph Edwards married Jane Shackelford, February 23, 1841.

Griffin Edwards married Ary [?] Shackelford, November 4, 1815.

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John M. Hiatt married Permasa Shackelford, February 22, 1845.

John Murrell married Sally Shackelford, September 17, 1821

James Appleby married Lucinda Shackelford, December 20, 1834.

Stephen Cagle married Sally Shackelford, May 11, 1821.

Angbern Bridgewater married Emerine Shackelford, August 15, 1851.

James H. Downing married Mary Shackelford, September 17, 1845.

All marriage records on pages six and seven of this issue, are to be found in Lincoln County, Ky.


We have very little data of the descendants of either of those whose marriages appear above. Therefore will be grateful for any data, of or the address of any person who may have data of any of them.


William Shackelford, of Henry Co., Va., gave power of attorney to his friend -- Gabriel Buchins, to collect assets that were his in Caroline Co., King George Counties, and the City of Richmond. But acknowledged in Essex Co, Va., September 24, 1806. Deed Book 37, page 151, Essex County, Va.

This William Shackelford was a soldier of the Revolution, and in his pension petition he stated that he was born in King William Co., Va., that he later moved to Montgomery Co., and still later to Powhatan Co., and finally to Henry Co. He was born 1759, and died in Henry Co., Va., 1833. We would be most happy to have the name of his wife and the names of his children.

Catherine (Caty) Phillips, widow of Richard Phillips, died seized of 30 acres of land in Southfarnham Parish, Essex County, Va., and by will recorded in Essex County, Va., she devised the land to her three daughters -- Ann, Catherine, and Mary Phillips. They agreed to sell part of the land to Anthony Haynes, August 16, 1813, and received the consideration. But before execution of the deed Ann Phillips died intestate, and the heirs executed the deed as follows: For the

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one third interest of Ann Phillips, the heirs of the whole blood are: Catherine Phillips, Mary Phillips, Richard Phillips, and Leroy Phillips. Mary was the wife of Thomas Hunley. And the heirs of the half blood are Susanna, wife of Richard Shackelford, and the heirs of Catherine Broughton, deceased wife of Thomas Broughton, ie Priscilla, A. D., and Mary Broughton. Deed Book 40, page 34, Essex Co., Va., Jan. 16, 1818. Thus we see that the wife of this Richard Shackelford, was Susanna Phillips.

Richard Shackelford, and Susanna, his wife; Thomas Gordon, and Lucy his wife; Warner Shackelford, and Frances T., his wife, all of Essex Co., Va., sold Roger Shackelford, of Essex Co., 25 acres and a fraction of land in Essex Co. John and Samuel Shackelford were witnesses. Deed Book 40, page 515, Essex Co., Va., July 11, 1821.

John P. Shackelford, of Essex Co., Va., purchased 30 acres of land from Gregory Dennett, also of Essex Co., April 24, 1823. Deed Book 41, page 20.

John P. Shackelford, son of Richard and Susanna Phillips-Shackelford, was born in Essex Co., Va., Feb. 28, 1800, and he died Oct. 24, 1867. He married Ann Deshazo Bohannon, November 27, 1821. Date of her birth or death not known. They had the following children:

Arthur-----------------(married ??)

Julia-------------------(married Joseph Leonard)

Horace----------------(married ??)

Peter Brooks Davis----(married twice, name of both wives not known to us)

Joseph B.--------------(married Evelyn Stephens)

Matilda----------------(married Joseph (Joe) Williams)

Susanna---------------(married Isaiah Whitmore)

These people are said to have lived in Hanover and Prince George Counties, Va. All additional information of them will be a valuable addition to the record.

There were several other Shackelfords in Essex Co., some of whom we shall tell you about in the next issue. According to the records as indicated they descend from Richard and Sarah Rootes-Shackelford, of King and Queen County, Va.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, May 28, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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