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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas April 1950 Vol. 5. No. 12.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In the name of God, Amen: I, Francis Shackelford, of Caswell County, being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be God, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following: That is to say.

First: It is my will that all my just debts be paid of that part of my estate as shall, by my executors hereinafter named, be thought can best be spared -- execpt negroes.

Secondly: I leave to my beloved wife Eunice Shackelford, for and during her life -- a negro woman -- Jude; with all my household furniture and all my stock of all kinds.

I give to my son John Shackelford, ten pounds to be paid to him at my wife's death.

It is my desire that the perishable part of my estate, at my wife's death, shall be equally divided amongst my children -- Rebecca Shackelford, Armistead, Nancy, Henry, Absalom, Abner, and Betty Shackelford.

I leave my negro fellow Bob, to be hired out annually by my executors, for the schooling and maintaining my young children; and at my wife's death, if my youngest child should be of age, the negroes to be divided equally among those above mentioned, that shall then be living, except John Shackelford. But if the youngest child should not be of age,

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the negroes to be hired out until that time.

And I do appoint Colonel James Sanders, Nathaniel Dickerson, Olive Terry, and Eunice Shackelford, executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this the tenth day of February, one thousand seven hundred and eight two (Feb. 10, 1782).

Sig -- Francis Shackelford.

Thomas Jeffreys and James Rainey, witnesses.

Probated October Court, 1785, in Caswell County, North Carolina.


The children of Francis and Eunice Shackelford, married as follows:

John Shackelford married Jeane or Jane Shields, January 28, 1785.

Armistead Shackelford married Nancy Holcombe, October 24, 1786.

Nancy Shackelford married Richard Cole, August 26, 1787.

Henry Shackelford married Mary Shields, September 13, 1784.

Abner Shackelford married Frances Wright, December 9, 1795.

Francis Shackelford, whose Will you see above, lived in Pittsylvania County, Va., at one time. He owned land in Caswell County, N. C., and died there. So his Will is of record in both places. The above marriages in Pittsylvania County, Va. We have no marriage record for Rebecca, Absalom and Betsy Shackelford, children of Francis and Eunice Shackelford.

All information of the descendants of Francis and Eunice Shackelford will be purchased or exchanged, and deeply appreciated.


"Though a man conquer a Thousand men in Battle, a greater conqueror is he that conquers himself." -- Buddha --



In the name of God, Amen:

Be it known that I, P. C. Shackelford, being of

-- 3 (471) --

sound mind, and therefore convinced of the uncertainty of this life, and warned by my present sickness, I do make, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in words following:

First: I appoint Thomas W. Patton my sole executor, and give him full and unrestricted authority and control of my property, with power to sell either publicly or privately, such parts or all of same as he may deem best to carry out my wishes according to their true intent and meaning, according to his understanding of them, as herein expressed.

Second: I wish my said executor to pay all of my just and honest debts.

Third: I wish him to provide, so far as my estate will enable him to do, for the comfortable support and maintenance of my dear and devoted wife Penelope Shackelford; and in any sales that my said executor may contemplate making of my property, and wish him to consult my wife, and to be guided by her wishes, unless they are directly opposed to his judgement of that which is best for her, in which event he is to have the right to decide.

Forth: Should any portion of my property remain after the death of my wife, I wish the same to be divided by sale or otherwise, as my executor may deem best, in equal parts and given to Penelope Neil and to Rosella Ingle, or their children surviving, in case of the death of either of them before the death of my wife.

Fifth: Should my wife survive my said executor, I do, in that event, appoint her my sole executrix, with the same authority, power and responsibility as attaches to my said executor -- Thomas W. Patton.

In testimony hereof I do hereby execute this as my last Will and Testament, this the 25th day of January, 1889.

Sig -- P. C. Shackelford.

Signed and sealed by testator in the presence of S. E. Cannon and Charles Hilliard, who witnessed the same at his request, and in the presence of each other. Recorded in Buncombe County, North Carolina, Probated March 1, 1889.

-- 4 (472) --

P. C. Shackelford married Penelope White, in Buncombe County, North Carolina, April 23, 1857.

We presume that Penelope Neil and Rosella Ingle, were daughters of P. C. and Penelope White-Shackelford. Any additional information of this family, or of other Shackelfords in Buncombe County, North Carolina, will be greatly appreciated.


"Happy is the home where all the members have learned the arts of self restraint and self direction."


This issue of your magazine marks the end of the fifth year of publication of our little leaflet. They have been five busy years for us, and as we have stated before, your response and co-operation has exceeded our fondest expectations. Through its pages we have made many new friends, and this past year in particular, has been a banner one for collecting genealogical records of the Shackelford-Shackleford families. This past year we have been favored with more records, and older records than in any previous year. We deeply appreciate your excellent co-operation, and happily look forward to still more and better things during the next year.

We are now planning the longest and most comprehensive tour of research of all our years in this work, and so hope to be able in a few months to give you more and better information than ever before.


Since we are running this number of the magazine out ahead of schedule, which we are doing for a very special reason, we have little correspondence since our last issue; therefore very little news to report of the happenings among the Clan members. But we are happy to acknowledge the remittance of Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Tyler, Texas, for a subscription renewal. Thanks Miss Albertson.

We are also happy to report additional data sent in by the following persons: Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Ind.; Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs J. B. Shackelford, of Jones, La.; Mrs Cecil B. Taylor, of Clifton Forge, Va.; Miss Lelia Huddle, of Athens, Ga.; and Miss Ophelia Amason, of

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Lexington, Ga. To all of whom we wish to express our deepest gratitude. We do appreciate your kindness.


And this month we have another brand new member of the Clan to report. A lusty little potential President, Master Stephen Roy, son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth L. and Sarah Jane Handly-Shackelford, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., arrived November 6, 1949. And a husky fellow he was too, tipping the scales at 8 lbs and 2 oz. He was reported by his paternal grand parents -- Mr and Mrs W. W. Shackelford, of Bates City, Missouri. Sincere congratulations.


No marriages were reported, but one approaching marriage was. Mrs Bessie Daly Shackelford, of Norfolk and Richmond, Va., announces the approaching marriage of her very lovely daughter - Miss Elizabeth Leighton Shackelford, to Mr Joseph Plunkett Myers, III, son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Plunkett Myers, of Richmond, Va. The marriage to be in the late spring. Miss Elizabeth Leighton Shackelford is the daughter of the late Sterling Eve Shackelford.

Now comes our sad section when we have to report the death of three more of our Clan. And strange as it seems, with all the thousands of Shackelford records we have, this time we have the report of three Shackelford deaths, of whom we know nothing.

Mrs Lucy Shackelford, of Gloucester, Va., age 82 years, widow of the late John Matthew Shackelford, died Jan. 16, 1950. Survivors include one daughter, two sons, and ten step children, as well as a host of other relatives and friends.

Mr. Phillip A. Shackelford, of Washington, D. C., also died Jan. 16, 1950. And survivors include one daughter and one sister.

Miss Evelyn Jane Shackelford, daugher of Mrs Thelma Shackelford, of Indianapolis, Ind., age 26 years, died in her home in Indianapolis, Jan. 17, 1950. Survivors include her mother, two sisters, two brothers, along with other relatives and friends. To all the bereaved we extend the sympathy

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and consolation of hope, from the entire Clan.

May we say also, that inasmuch as we have no data of any of the above, that we would be happy indeed to have additional information of each of the above mentioned families.



News has just reached us that Mr Pat Shackelford, of Lexington, Ga., suffered a painful accident some weeks ago when he accidently fell into a feed hopper at his mill, and suffered a bad broken leg. His convalescence seems to be making progress however, and apparently he will soon be well again. Please accept our sympathy Mr Shackelford, best wishes for a complete and rapid recovery.

And this month we have the report of another Clan couple who have passed their half century mark of wedded life. Mr and Mrs Charles Lemuel and Anna Myrtle Shackelford-Morgan, of DeWitt, Ark., celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary Tuesday, Jan. 17, 1950, at their home near DeWitt.

Mr and Mrs Morgan are the parents of ten children, four of whom died in childhood; and all six of their surviving children were at home to help their parents celebrate this delightful event.

Mr Morgan has spent thirty four of his fifty years of married life in public service, and is at present the kindly and affable County Clerk, of Arkansas County, Ark. So to Mr and Mrs Morgan, in their golden years of married life, we extend our sincere congratulations, and may you live to celebrate many more anniversaries.


"Self control is an outstanding characteristic of all great men and women, the thought of all great leaders." --


A. Kitzmiller married Margaret Shackelford, March 4, 1863, in Buncombe County, N. C.

James Biggs or Beggs married Mary A. Shackelford, February 13, 1863, in Buncombe County, N. C.

William G. Shackelford married Sarah Ferguson, January 27, 1816, in Wilkes County, N. C.

-- 7 (475) --

Armstead Shackelford married Isabella Shackelford, Dec. 4, 1858, in Rockingham County, N. C.

Bennett Shackelford married Betsy Bullard, December 26, 1815, in Rockingham County, N. C.

John T. Shackelford married Eliza Semore, December 1, 1841, in Person County, N. C.

Captain Robert Shackelford, born August 16, 1773, in North Carolina, died October 3, 1814, in Georgetown, S. C., Prince George Winyah.

Richard Shackelford died September 20, 1808, at Charleston, S. C., in the 36th year of his age.

Richard Shackelford, ex-sheriff of Georgetown, S. C., died in Lumberton, N. C., April 16, 1823, age 42 years.

We would greatly appreciate additional information of all the above Shackelfords, both as to ancestry and descendants.


John Shackelford, said to have been born in Virginia, but most likely in South Carolina, 1760, and is said to have been a son of William Shackelford and his first wife -- Hester Serre. He died in Georgetown, S. C., March 10, 1824. He married Martha Ann Wright, October 3, 1779. She was born in 1760, and died in Georgetown, S. C., Sept. 7, 1818. They are known to have had the following children:

Anna B.----------------(married 1st Captain Dubois, and 2nd Thomas Henning)

Elizabeth C.------------(married Henry Bonneau Toomer)

William Frederick------(married Elizabeth Ashby)

John Wright------------(married Elizabeth Tait)

Anthony Bonneau------(married Harriet Jane Lee)

Francis-----------------(married Ann Davis ??)

Sarah B.----------------(never married, when a girl)


Anthony Bonneau Shackelford, son of John and Martha Ann Wright-Shackelford, was born about 1788, in South Carolina, probably in Georgetown. His date of birth is unknown. He married Harriet Jane Lee, April 17, 1819. And they are known to have had but one son, or our records show but one child. His name was Willis Wilkinson, and he was born Aug. 23, 1823; and died May 1895. Harriet Jane Lee-Shackelford,

-- 8 (476) --

died Oct. 19, 1824; and on her tombstone we find the following inscription: "This marble marks the grave of Harriet Jane Shackelford, wife of A. B. Shackelford, who died the 19th of Oct. A. D. 1824 in the 25th year of her age. The blossom was too delicate for this world's climate, there came an early frost and nipped its bloom."

Sarah B. Shackelford, youngest daughter of John and Martha Ann Wright-Shackelford, was born Feb. 1794, she died Oct. 6, 1807; and we find a very unusual inscription on her tombstone, as follows: "Sarah B. Shackelford, died Oct. 6, 1807, age 13 years and eight months. Early, bright, transient, chaste as the morning dew. She sparkled, was exhaled, and went to heaven. The sweetest blossoms oft unfold their blushing beauties to the early spring, and ere they reach their full perfection, the northern blasts, pityless in its chill course, checks the fair growth -- they wither and die, ye who are left weep not her death. She did belong to you only in part, in part to heaven; now heaven hath all. Your part in her you could not keep from death, but heaven keeps his part in eternal life."


James Shackelford married Sarah Hiatt, Oct. 6, 1786, in Mercer County, Ky. They had a son Frederick Shackelford, and other children.

William Wager married Polly Shackelford, June 4, 1814, in Mercer County, Ky.

John Ross married Anny Shackelford, May 11, 1815, in Mercer County, Ky.

Joel Noel married Betsy Shackelford, June 21, 1816, in Mercer County, Ky.

Henry Shackelford married Parthena Lyon, August 24, 1820, in Mercer County, Ky.

Richard Shackelford married Eliza Dean, in 1829, in Mercer County, Ky.

James Shackelford married Mary Arnold, August 2, 1838, in Logan County, Ky.

John H. Shackelford married Mary Lee, February 1, 1839, in Logan County, Ky.

We need additional data on each of the above.


This will be the last issue of the magazine until about mid-May.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, June 28, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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