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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas February 1950 Vol. 5. No. 10.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Since our first issue of the Shackelford Clan Magazine came off the press we have discovered a great many errors among our original records, or our friends have been kind enough to supply us with corrections. And it has been our aim for several years to give you some of the corrections so that you too, may know what is correct and what is not.

In your Magazine of July 1947, you will find the Will of Captain Edmund Shackelford, which of course, is correct. But we have had false information of his descendants. Therefore, since we are now in possession of the following authentic information of his family, we take pleasure in passing it along to you. The old Bible of Captain Edmund has been found, and the following entries are copied from its pages:

Edmund Shackelford, Sr., was born May 8th, 1746.

Judith Eastin, (his wife) born August 26, 1759.

I married my wife Judith Eastin, in January 1779. Written by my own hand this 3rd day of July, 1817, in the 71st year of my age -- Edmund Shackelford, Sr.

Their children are as follows:

Phillip Eastin-------------------------(born September 22, 1779)

Edmund, Jr.--------------------------(born June 7, 1781)

John---------------------------------(born August 28, 1783)

Charles E.---------------------------(born August 5, 1785)

Nancy R.----------------------------(born November 20, 1787)

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Polly F.------------------------------(born January 15, 1796)

Elizabeth D.--------------------------(born July 10, 1792)

Rueben E.----------------------------(born April 19, 1790)

Judith M.-----------------------------(born November 20, 1794)

Sally----------------------------------(born March 1, 1797 - died March 28, 1797)

Sarah W.-----------------------------(born November 9, 1801)

Thomas Jefferson---------------------(born February 23, 1805)

The donor, in copying the above records, placed Polly F. out of order. So to correct the error she made, and that we made, her birth date should read as follows:

Polly F. Shackelford------------------(born Jan. 15, 1796)

Phillip Eastin Shackelford-------------(died Oct. 20, 1856)

Edmund Shackelford, Jr.--------------(died Sept. 1, 1830)

Sally Shackelford---------------------(died March 28, 1797)

Elizabeth D. Seale---------------------(died October 1, 1823)

Reuben E. Shackelford----------------(died June 10, 1837)

John Shackelford----------------------(died 1857)

Thomas Jefferson Shackelford---------(died 1839)

The above were children of Captain Edmund and Judith Eastin-Shackelford.

Edmund Shackelford, Sr., died October 12, 1821.

Judith Eastin-Shackelford, died November 20, 1836.

Their children married as follows:

Phillip Eastin Shackelford, married Sarah Ann Wailes, March 20, 1804.

Edmund Shackelford, Jr., married Mildred Phillips, July 5, 1803.

Nancy R. Shackelford, married married Drury Oglesby, August 5, 1807.

Elizabeth D. Shackelford, married John Seale, September 4, 1814.

Judith M. Shackelford, married Mordecai Alexander, August 7, 1817.

Mary F. (Polly) Shackelford, married Charles Rawson, July 3, 1829.

Thomas Jefferson Shackelford, married Esther N. Stoneham, April 7, 1825.

Reuben E. Shackelford, married Mary D. Hendricks, November 19, 1824.

Sarah W. Shackelford, married John Mills, October 27, 1827.

The above entries from the old Bible of Captain Edmund Shackelford.

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We are indeed grateful for the record from the old Bible of Captain Edmund Shackelford, who died in Elbert County, Ga.; And again offer our profound thanks to the donor. It has served to clear up a number of records that we have been so in doubt of.

Our records show, but without proof, that John, son of Capt. Edmund and Judith Shackelford, married Martha Oglesby. He died intestate in Jackson Co., Ga. in 1857, and in the division of his estate no wife or children were mentioned. If any of you can confirm this one way or the other, we shall be grateful indeed.

We have more or less data of descendants of Phillip E. and Edmund, Jr., and Thomas Jefferson Shackelford. But we would like to have more, and also data of the descendants of his other sons and daughters. We will exchange or purchase anything additional.

Later we shall give you more of the records from the old Bible of Captain Edmund.


"Given an opportunity, cheerfulness will ride with you every mile of life's journey." -- Anon.


We are happy to acknowledge subscription renewals from the following: Mrs R. L. Thacker, of Franklin, W. Va.; Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; and Mrs Fern Bacher, of Fort Morgan, Colorado, who not only sent along her renewal, but included one for her brother -- Mr Gurney Mull, of Monmouth, Oregon; and a complete set of all back numbers. We are also happy to welcome Mr Maynard L. Richardson of Franklin, Indiana, as a new subscriber, who sent along a two years subscription, and an order for a complete set of back numbers. To all of whom we are deeply grateful, and thank each of you again.


The following persons favored us with new data the past month: Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Ind.; Mrs Willie M. King, of Columbus, Miss.; Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Mrs R. L. Thacker, of Franklin,

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W. Va.; Mrs Cecil B. Taylor, of Clifton Forge, Va.; Mrs Willard Cooper, of Columbus, Ga.; Mrs Homer L. Robinson, of Georgetown, Ky.; Mrs Harry T. Gordon, of Marengo, Ohio; and Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Missouri.

To all of whom we say again -- Thanks a million. With special thanks to and orchids for Mr Richardson, who sent in a record, a fine record, of his family and relatives; and to Mr J. R. Johnson, who continues to send all the records he can find. Good friends are indeed a wonderful asset.


Only one new member of the Clan was reported to us this month. She was lusty little Linda Lee, charming little cherub that arrived on this orb Dec. 2, 1949, to bless the home of Mr and Mrs Walter Armor and Missie Lee Jones-Smith, of Eastman, Ga. All doing fine when reported.

The little lady is a great grand daughter of Dr Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Georgia. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Smith.


"Better by far you should forget and smile, than that you should remember and be sad" -- Rossetti.


We have two marriages to report this month, and one approaching marriage.

One marriage that will be of interest seems to have an inter-national flavor, was when Mrs Helen de Esquivel Obregon, daughter of Judge Walter J. LaBuy, became the charming bride of Mr Harry M. Shackelford, Jr., November 23, 1949. No further details were given.

We have no information that will show just who this Mr Harry M. Shackelford is, but the marriage was consumated at Chicago. Therefore we would be grateful for additional information of this branch of the family.

Miss Kate Agnew, daughter of Mrs R. F. Agnew, of Columbus, Miss., became the charming bride of Mr Oakley Phillip Shackelford, also of Columbus, Dec. 24, 1949. No further details were shown, except that they were to be at home in Columbus.

Dr and Mrs John A. Shackelford, of Martinsville,

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Va., announce the approaching marriage of their very lovely daughter -- Blanch Harrison, to Robert Hett Chapman, Jr., of Concord, N. C., son of Mr Robert Hett Chapman, Sr., of Spartanburg, S. C., and the late Mrs Chapman. The marriage being planned for the fall of 1950. Dr and Mrs Shackelford have four very lovely daughters, Blanche Harrison being the third; all four of whom are as lovely and charming as will be found anywhere in America.

Congratulations and best wishes to each and every one of you.

Again the grim reaper has collected a heavy toll among our number, and so many have passed on to the other side that we will be unable to tell you about all of them. We shall mention briefly five of them, and tell you of the others in the March issue.

A belated report informs us of the death of Oscar Eugene Omstead, of Eagleville, Mo., July 10th, 1949. Oscar Eugene Omstead was born June 10, 1869, in Marshaltown, Indiana. He was married to Lewie Elba Shackelford, daughter of Rev Lewis Shackelford, and his second wife -- Alma Bacon, in 1889; to which union were born seven children, two sons and five daughters, one of whom died in childhood. He was also preceded in death by his beloved wife, who died September 9th, 1906. He is survived by his two sons, four daughters, several grand children, and a host of other relatives.

George A. Loescher, age 57, Principal of Austin High School, of Houston, Texas, and one of the best known and best loved educators in Texas schools, passed to his eternal reward October 8th, 1949. He is survived by his widow (note from the transcriber, this should probably read "wife", not "widow") -- the former Alice Lydia Thacker, of Franklin, W. Va., his mother and one sister. He had no children.

George A. Loescher was a remarkable man, and we shall be happy to tell you a great deal more about him in some future issue.

Mrs Ida Curtis-DeLong, of Lexington, Ky., was born daughter of Jacob E. and Melissa Kerr-Curtis, in Bethany, W. Va., in 1861. She passed to her eternal reward at her home in Lexington, Ky., Dec. 10, 1949. She was among the eldest and most beloved

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members of the Clan.

She was married to George Albert DeLong, Sr. of Lexington, Ky., Dec. 5, 1888; to which union were born four children, one son and three daughters, all of whom survive. Mr DeLong preceded her in death April 12, 1910. In addition to her children she is survived by six grand children, nine great grand children, and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention here.

Mrs DeLong was also a remarkable person, and later we shall be happy to tell you a great deal more about her life and accomplishments.

John H. Shackelford of East Hampton, Va., age 71 years, died at his home in East Hampton, Dec. 22nd, 1949. He was a native of Gloucester County, Va. Survivors include his widow (note from the transcriber, this should probably read "wife", not "widow"), three sons and two daughters, also one brother and two sisters.

This is another branch of the family of whom we have little or no data. Therefore will be grateful for any additonal information that any one will be kind enough to pass along.

Mrs Maria Bradley-Shackelford, of Richmond, Va., age 85 years, widow (note from the transcriber, this should probably read "wife", not "widow") of the late Lloyd M. Shackelford, passed to her eternal reward at the home of her daughter, Mrs H. L. Blanton, of 1112 North 36th St., Richmond, Va., December 25, 1949.

Survivors include two sons, five daughters, twelve grand children and sixteen great grand children.

This is another branch of the family of whom we have little or no information, and therefore will be grateful for any and all data passed our way.


"Every man should measure himself by his own Standard." --- Horace ---


This month we are seeking additional information of two very prominent branches of the family. We have recently contacted a descendant of each one, and they have been kind enough to help us all they could, but they need more information than we can give them at this time. So won't you please help us if you can? We refer to the following:

-- 7 (459) --

Harvey Sloan, born June 27, 1804, place of birth not shown, but he died in Franklin, Indiana, Oct. 13, 1874. He was married to America White Shackelford, December 6, 1832, in Shelby Co., Ky.

America White Shackelford was born in Shelby Co, Ky., December 15, 1811. She died in Franklin, Ind., Sept. 14, 1902. They had the following children:

John C.------------------------(born February 28, 1834)

Emily Jane---------------------(born January 26, 1836)

William Marshall---------------(born February 18, 1838)

James William------------------(born January 4, 1840)

Thomas Allen-------------------(born October 3, 1842)

Harriet Noel--------------------(born September 13, 1843)

Mary Isadore-------------------(born October 16, 1845)

Mary Elizabeth------------------(born September 12, 1847)

Florella Florence----------------(born November 22, 1849)

Charles Albert------------------(born January 10, 1852)

Howard------------------------(born February 17, 1854)

Georgia Ann--------------------(born September 8, 1855)

John C. Sloan was born in Shelby County, Ky., the others were all born in Franklin Ind. We have the death dates of all of them, the marriage dates of most of them. We will be grateful for any additional information of this family, particularly of the ancestry of America White Shackelford.

In your Shackelford Clan Magazine for November 1947, will be found the Will of one John Shackelford, whose wife was Anne, and who named the following children: Milly, Betsy, Polly, Ann, Jeremiah, John, William, Sterling, Nancy R., and Mordecai.

These people lived in Shelby County, Ky. Therefore America White Shackelford must be of this particular branch. We believe her to have been the daughter of Sterling Shackelford, who married Nancy McQuaid. If possible, wont you confirm this one way or the other? -- Thanks.

Our other question concerns the following:

One James M. Shackelford married Eliza Bainbridge, in Garrard County, Ky., March 5, 1805.

Another James M. Shackelford, thought to have been a son of the first James M., was born June 21, 1817. He died Jan. 23, 1884. He married three times, his first wife being Eliza Miller (her dates not shown).

-- 8 (460) --

He married his second wife in Owen Co., Ky., in 1849. And to that union were born at least two children, one of them being Eliza Bainbridge Shackelford, indicating that he was a son of, or at least related to the first James M. Shackelford, whose wife was Eliza Bainbridge.

Our correspondent informs us that the last named James M., was an only son, but that he had several sisters; and that his father moved to Missouri, but died of yellow fever in New Orleans, La.

We would be most grateful if any one seeing this would send us any additional information you have of this family, or the address of any person that might have such information.



A recent letter from our good friend Mr Irvin M Shackelford, Sr., of Eden, Miss, informs us that he and his good wife had the pleasure of celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary December 27, 1949.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we report this event. Thrice we have visited Mr and Mrs Shackelford, and twice we have been entertained in their home. And we consider them some of the very nicest and finest people we know. If we never see them again we shall always cherish the memory of knowing them, and that our life has been enriched by so doing. They have four splendid sons and daughters, and eight grand children, all of whom, we are sure, will make their declining years much happier. So congratulations Mr and Mrs Shackelford, may you live to celebrate many more such anniversaries.


Mrs N. E. Shackelford, of Shreveport, La., recently celebrated her 84th birthday. And an honest-to-goodness celebration it was too, as she had children, grand children, and great grand children present to help her do the celebrating.

And strange as it seems, with the many thousands of Shackelford records that we have, here again we find a family of whom we have little or no information. So we will be grateful for any additional.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, June 26, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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