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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas July 1948 Vol. 4. No. 3


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


Will of George Shackelford

State of Alabama

Montgomery County

I, George Shackelford, of the county and state aforesaid do make and declare this my last will and testament.

In the first place I give and bequeath unto my wife Annette Shackelford the following real and personal estate for and during the term of her natural life and at her death to descend and be distributed as hereinafter directed viz:--The Southeast quarter of Section 16-T14-R17 and the following negros viz:-Ann, Charity, Luce, Easter, Wade, Sandy Anderson, Ellen, Isaac and Dinah.

In the second place I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rebecca Williams, wife of N. G. Williams the following negros viz:-George, Crecy, Wilson, Jane and Betsy; and one horse, saddle and bridle, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf and four hundred dollars in cash, all of which bequest has been received by her and is now in her possession.

In the third place I ratify and confirm the gift heretofore made by me of the following property to my grandson John M. Rives, son of my daughter Penelope Rives, deceased wife of Christopher

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Rives, viz;-the negress Linda, Jim, Mariah and Milly, also one horse and bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture, two cows and calves and six hundred dollars in cash all of which was received by his mother in her life time and is now in possession of his father.

In the fourth place I give and bequeath to my son George Shackelford the following negros:-Henry, Martha, Charity, Harriet, Jack and Letha, now in his possession.

In the fifth place I give and bequeath unto my son Francis Shackelford the following negros, viz;-Little Willis, Burril, Annis, Bill, Olser, and Tiller.

In the sixth place I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Shackelford the following negros, viz:-John, Big Willis, Temp, Adam, Crecy and Charles and four hundred dollars in cash.

In the seventh place I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Shackelford the following negros, viz:-Simon, Dave, Mirder, Ann, Henry and Betsy.

In the eighth place I give and bequeath unto my son Madison Shackelford the following negros, viz:-Tom, Mary, Grace, Issac, Capel and Caroline.

In the ninth place I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Shackelford the following negros, viz:-Jack, Harry, Henry, Ralph, Albert and Salene and four hundred dollars in cash.

In the tenth place I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Shackelford the following negros viz:-John, Carlos, Peg, Allen, Liza, and Wilson and four hundred dollars in cash.

In the next place it is my will and desire that the negros bequeathed above to my wife and to those of my sons who may not be of age at the time of my death and to those of my daughters who may be unmarried at the time of my death shall remain on the plantation now occupied by me and worked in common and that the proceeds of the labor of said slaves shall be appropriated as equitably as my executors may be able to do so to the support of my wife and to the support and maintainance and education of my children--my desire

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being that my wife and children who may be under age shall continue to live as one family and enjoy in common the profits of said property and with the view to carry out my wishes, I hereby invest my executors with full direction and exempt and discharge them from accounts annually in the probate Court or to any of said children when he or she shall become of age for any deficiency in his or her receipt of his or her proportion of the annual proceeds of said labor.

I also will and desire that all my horses, mules, cows, hogs, sheep, plantation tools, carriages, wagons, carts and provisions of every kind shall be kept on the plantation for the use of my wife and children who may be under age and my daughters unmarried at the time of my death.

I also authorize and empower my executors with the consent of my wife to sell at private sale at any time any portion of said stock or provisions whenever they may deem it for the interest of my wife and said children to do so and to appropriate the proceeds to the purchase of such property as they may deem expedient for the use and benefit of my said wife and infant children. It is also my will and desire that as my sons who are now infants shall come of age and as my daughters who are now single shall marry that my executors shall deliver to them the negros specifically bequeathed to them and also to such son or daughter one horse, saddle and bridle, one bed and furniture and two cows and calves and as I shall hereafter give to my sons the land I now own in another instrument in lieu of land I direct my executors to pay to each of my daughters as they may marry the said sum of four hundred dollars cash hereinbefore bequeathed to them. I also will and direct that upon the death of my wife the negros given to her shall be equally divided between my eight children now in being equally share and share alike and that my grandson John J. Rives is to receive no other or further portion of my estate under any division or distribution that may hereafter be made as I have

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already given him as much as I possibly can give to my other grand children.

I also will and direct that when all my children shall come of age in the event their mother shall have died that the land bequeathed to her and stock and provisions which may remain be divided equally amongst my eight children as above directed. I also direct that so long as she may live she shall have the use and benefit of said tract of land bequeathed to her and my house and furniture, stock of horses, mules, cattle, hogs, tools and provisions or so much thereof as she may need.

It is also my will that the property given to my daugther (sic) shall be held for the sole and separate use of each to the exclusion of the rights of debts of their husbands and if any of them died without children their property shall be divided amongst my eight children and in being to the exclusion of the said John M. Rives.

I also give my executors full discretion on the management of my estate with power to purchase property with the proceeds of the labor of my children's slaves to be held for the comon use and benefit of said children.

Finally I hereby nominate my son-in-law N. G. Williams and my son Francis Shackelford executors of this my last will and testament and it is my particular desire and wish that they, after giving bond and returning inventories make no other settlement in the Orphan's Court, and I wish them with all the power that may be necessary superceed the necessity of appointing guardians for my children. In as much as I have the fullest confidence in them, I have given them great discretion with the confidant belief that they will manage the property of my wife and children with utmost fairness and with satisfaction to all.

Witness my hand and seal this the twenty third day of April, 1851. (April 23, 1851)

George Shackelford

Witness J. J. Knox, William M. Jackson, Thomas S. Mays, and probated Feb. 26, 1852.

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"Death is so certain that it cannot be controlled even by those with influence". - Anon.


We are happy to have subscription renewals this month from the following: Mr. Ben Hill Shackelford of Atlanta, Ga., two years; Mrs. Lucy R. Shackelford-Brown, of Blacksburg, Va.; Mrs. Blanche G. Dickson, of Austin, Texas; Mrs. Eula Moore-Richardson, of Bentonia, Miss.; Mrs. Julia S. Dillard, of Atlanta, Ga.; And the following persons have joined our ranks as subscribers for the first time: Mr. James W. Shackelford, of Pine Bluff, Ark., two years; and Mr. Edward L. Shackelford, of Alexandria, Va. to all of whom we owe gratitude and a debt of thanks.


And this month we are happy to say, has been a banner month for additional data. We are grateful to the following for new data sent in: Mrs. Willie Mae King, of Columbis (sic), Miss.; Mrs. J. B. Shackelford, of Jones, La.; Mrs. C. P. McGuire, of Birmingham, Ala.; Mrs. George A. Vaughn, of Kansas City, Mo.; Miss Helen B. Lindsey, of Newport, Ky.; Mrs. Cecil Brown-Taylor, of Clifton Forge, Va.; Mr. W. S. Scott, of Lexington, Tenn; Judge Eugene Black, of Washington, D.C.; Mrs. E. B. Federa, of Louisville, Ky.; Mrs. D. L. Stoddard, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Mrs. Eliza Shackelford, of Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs. Lucy R. Brown, of Blacksburg, Va.; Mrs. H. A. Knorr, of Pine Bluff, Ark.; Mrs. George Fisher of Lexington, Tenn.; and Mr. Edward L. Shackelford, of Cincinnati, Ohio. To all of whom we say again "Thanks a million."


"A wise son maketh a glad father; but a foolish man despiseth his mother." Proverbs 15:20.



Sunday May 30th, the Editor was favored with a visit from Mr. James W. Shackelford, of Pine Bluff, Ark. Mr. Shackelford spent about three hours with us, and we enjoyed his visit very, very much. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Shackel-

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ford of Jones, La. He married Miss Adele Bergholm, of Lubbock, Texas, during the war. He descends from Lt. William Shackelford, who lost his life in defense of his country during the Revolutionary War. And while he was here handed us a two years subscription, and gave us an order of a complete set of the Clan when they are off the press. Thanks, Mr. Shackelford, and come to see us again.

This month we have a report of two brand new members of the clan. A belated report of the arrival of Sandra Shackelford Brown, charming little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Royal Randolph and Alice Murdock-Brown, of Winston-Salem, N.C. The little lady making her appearance August 9, 1947.

Also a fine son, Richard Spurgeon, arrived on this orb June 3, 1948; and will henceforth make his home with the proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and Ernestine Lee-Shackelford-Jones, of Milan, Tenn. And a listy little man he was too, tipping the scales at 8 lbs. 15 oz.

Sincere congratulations to all.


And this being the month of June that little busy body Dan Cupid has been shooting has darts in every direction, the darts finding their marks in the hearts of two members of the clan.

Miss Barbara Jean, lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Cleveland Helm, became the charming bride of Mr. Robert Chauncey Flagg, son of Mr. Chauncey and Mrs. Margaret Flagg, all of Kansas City, Mo., June 4, 1948. The double ring ceremony being performed at the Independence Avenue Baptist Church, of Kansas City, Mo., by the Rev. E. L. Pinkerton.

Then on June 13, 1948, Miss Wynelle Green, the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Benjamin and Ura Treasure Owens-Green, became the blushing bride of Mr. Albin Rippstein, of Taft, Texas. The Greens are of Lubbock, Texas, and the Rippsteins are of Taft.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Rippstein are students at

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Texas Tech, of Lubbock; and after a honeymoon and vacation will resume their studies at Texas Tech.

Miss Barbara Jean Helm is a great grand daughter of George W. and Mary Jane Shackelford-Helm; and a great great grand daughter of Zachariah Shackelford, and Mary Jane Finney.

Miss Wynelle Green is a maternal grand daughter of Hugh Lunsford Owens and Sarah Ellen Shackelford, and a paternal great grand daughter of William Green and Nancy Ann Shackelford; and she is the 9th generation from Roger Shackelford, the immigrant, who was baptized April 23, 1629.

Sincere congratulations and best wishes to all of you, for a long prosperous and happy life.


"Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings; and the years of thy life shall be many". Proverbs 4:10


Information Wanted

Of Ancestry and descendants of Paschal J. Shackelford.

It is said that Paschal J. Shackelford, Along with his brother Zadock Daniel, with the families of Joseph Hickman, Wiliam Pullen and others, numbering about 100 people, comprised the wagon train that left Pendleton District South Carolina, in the year 1817, for the Black Warrior river country, near Birmingham, Alabama.

Paschal J. Shackelford, was born in Georgia, 1800. He married Elizabeth Ann Hickman, daughter of Joseph and Martha Pullen-Hickman, Feb. 8, 1825, in Jefferson Co., Ala. They are known to have had the following children:

Joseph Henry------------(married Harriet Massey).

Felix---------------------(married ??

Caroline-----------------(married ??

Martha C.---------------(married Joshua Massey).

There were probably other children.

Paschal J. Shackelford was living in Jefferson County, Ala., 1850, and in his home was one Martha Shackelford, who was born in Ga., 1782. Probably his mother. He had brothers Zadock Daniel,

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John, Stephen and Joe Henry.

Any information regarding the ancestry of this man, or of his descendants, will be appreciated.

Francis Shackelford, born March 18, 1739, in Onslow Co., N.C., died May 5, 1823, in Marion District, S.C. He married Rebecca, daughter of John and Mary Ballard, 1763/64. She was born Aug. 19, 1738 and died May 26, 1818. Francis and Rebecca are known to have had the following children:

Willoughby-------(married ?? born Dec. 30, 1765)

Francis, Jr.-------(married ?? born Sept. 23, 1773)

Sarah------------(married ?? born Sept. 11, 1775)

George-----------(ma. Annette Jeter, b. June 17, 1779)

Daniel------------(married ?? born Sept. 9, 1781

Mary------------(married William Bethea.)

George Shackelford, born June 17, 1779, married Annette Jeter. His will appears on the first four pages of this issue of the Clan.

George Shackelford claimed that he and two of his brothers, names not mentioned, came to Alabama in 1818. They entered Alabama near its north eastern corner and followed the Tennessee River to Huntsville, where they separated. He went to Pintala, leaving the others at Huntsville. And strange as it seems they never heard of each other again.

We are particularly anxious to have data of the brothers of George Shackelford. It will be noted that he had three brothers, Willoughby, Francis and Daniel. Which two came with him, and what became of them?

Are there any connection between the two brothers of George Shackelford, and the above named Paschal and Zadock Daniel, who came to Alabama from Pendleton District, S.D.(sic)?


One Zachariah Shackelford, age 20 to 30, was in Allen Co., Ky., 1820. Wife the same age. They had one male under five and one female under five. Who was he?

Until next month, Adios. The Editor.

Transcribed by Alex Early May 21, 1998

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