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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas February 1949 Vol. 4. No. 10


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



I, John Shackelford, of the State of Georgia and the County of Morgan, being low and weak in body but perfect in mind and memory; and calling to mind that it is appointed by God for all men once to die, do make and constitute this as my last Will and Testament in manner and form following--towit:

Item First: My will and desire is that all my just debts be first paid out of such part of my estate as my executors may deem most advisable for the welfare of my family.

Item Second: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife--Lucinda Shackelford, all the land which I possess or hold in Morgan Co., or elsewhere, or may hereafter hold or possess; all my negroes of every description, and their increase, together with all my stock of every description, plantation tools, household and kitchen furniture and apparatus, during her natural life or widowhood.

Item Third: But should my wife Lucinda, marry, my desire is that an equal division should take place, of all my estate, both personal and real, between all of my children and my wife Lucinda.

Item Fourth: But should my wife Lucinda Shackelford live and remain unmarried until my youngest

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child arrives to a mature age, my desire is that my executors should then cause an equal division to be executed as quickly as possible, of all my estate, both real and personal, between my wife Lucinda Shackelford and all my children.

Item Fifth: Should any of my children marry before such a time as above, my desire is that my executors should give to such child or children, such specie of property and such portion as my executors may think proper and a just estimate thereof, to be made so that equal justice may be done with all my children when a final division may take place.

Item Sixth: Should my executors deem it advisable to sell or bargain away any part of my estate, either real or personal at any time, my desire is from the good opinion I repose in them, that they should do so, and to convey titles thereunto as though I were living myself, and should such bargains be effected by bartering, selling or otherwise, the profits, rights, titles, etc., in any wise arising therefrom, to be made and conveyed to my wife Lucinda Shackelford, and my children as above.

Item Seventh: I do hereby nominate and appoint my wife Lucinda Shackelford, executrix, and my friend - Benjamin White, executor, to this my last Will and Testament, to carry the same into effect and meaning thereof, according to the true intent.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this January 25th, one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight. (January 25, 1828).

Sig--John Shackelford

Robert R. Rogers, John A. Ponder and John Marchman, witnesses.

Recorded in Will Book B, page 235, Morgan County, Ga. And probated March 13, 1828.


"As I travel along life's pathway I trust that I may be able to drop at least one little acorn of truth into rich soil where it will spring up into a great oak, and stand out as a land mark on

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the highway of time, where dome way-worn traveler may find shelter beneath the shadows of its branches from the storms of superstition and doubt. If so, I shall feel that my life here has not been altogether in vain.--J. E. Shackelford.


Subscription renewals have come in this month from the following: Dr John A. Shackelford, of Martinsville, Va.; for two years. Dr G. G. Oswalt, of Mobile, Alabama; and Mrs J. B. Shackelford, of Jones, La., who also included one for Mrs C. C. Crim, of Jackson, Miss.; Mr David S. Shackelford, of Yazoo City, Miss.; and Mrs G. C. Walker, of Lancaster, Ky. To all of whom we say again--"Thanks form the bottom of our heart."

Mrs J. B. Shackelford, of Jones, La., has been a subscriber since she saw the first copy of the magazine, and she has consistently sent along a number of subscriptions with her own. And we deeply appreciate such interest and co-operation.

And from the following we have additional data, for which we are also thankful: Our good friend Mr Irvin M. Shackelford, of Eden, Miss.; Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs D. L. Stoddard, of Spartanburg, S. C.; Mrs Willie Mae King, of Columbus, Miss.; Rev A. Brook Withers, of Montrose, West Virginia; and Mr Bill Shackelford, of Birmingham, Alabama. And to say that we are grateful would be putting it mildly indeed.

And here we would like to pass the orchids to young Mr Bill Shackelford, of Birmingham, Alabama, for although he is only seventeen years of age he is interested in and working on his genealogy, and has recently sent us a nice record of his family. Thanks and congratulations Bill.


John Shackelford, of Morgan Co., Ga., was a son of George Shackelford, and his wife Mary (Polly) Shine, of Onslow County, North Carolina.

George Shackelford was the eleventh child of John and Ann Shackelford, and the youngest son, the

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John who died in Onslow Co., N.C., April 23, 1778. George was born Jan. 19, 1759, and died in Onslow County, in 1802. He married apparently about 1782 - Mary (Polly) Shine, daughter of Daniel Shine, Jr., and his wife Barbara Franck. They had the following children:

John (Jacky)---------(married Lucinda ?)

Daniel----------------(married 1st Catherine Ernul, and 2nd Eldat Humphrey)

Susannah-------------(married Whitehead Humphrey)

Nancy----------------(married ? Ball)

Mary-----------------(married ? Barrow)

Francis---------------(married Ann Davis ??)

It is not certain that the last named son Francis, was a son of George and Mary, but records we have indicate that he was.

One Francis Shackelford married Ann Davis, in Carteret County, N.C., December 19, 1819. He died August, 1852, in Gwinnett County, Ga.

John (Jacky) Shackelford, son of George and his wife -- Mary (Polly) Shine, was born in Onslow County, North Carolina, about 1783. He married Lucinda ??, and although according to his Will he seems to have had several children, our records show only three, Thomas Nolan, William and Hiram.

But we find among the marriage records of Morgan County, Georgia, the following marriages.

James Sowell married Martha Shackelford, January 26, 1831.

Wingfield Sowell married Diannah Rousseau, September 8, 1835.

And probably all the above were children of John and Lucinda Shackelford.

John Shackelford, of Morgan County, Ga., owned land in Walton County, Ga., as shown by the records there. Deed Book M, page 310; then in 1837 Jesse C. McCord was appointed guardian for John W. Shackelford and Hiram B. Shackelford, orphans of John. Bond Book X, page 131, May 3, 1837. Walton Co., Ga.

Thus we see that John and Lucinda had a son by

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the name of John W.

John Shackelford and his wife Lucinda, moved from Wilkes County, Ga., to Morgan County, Ga., and while in Morgan County he was appointed as a guardian for Benjamin, Mary and Lavina Osborn, deceased, of Wilkes Co., Ga. (See minutes of Inferior Court 1817 to 1824, page 73, Wilkes Co., Ga.).

This would indicate that John was related in some way to Benjamin Osborn. Query: Would Lucinda, wife of John, have been Lucinda Osborn?

Any information that would help us to determine the maiden name of Lucinda Shackelford, or information of the descendants of John and Lucinda, will be greatly appreciated.


"Before you flare up at the faults of anyone, take time to count ten -- ten of your own." Selected.


No births, and fortunately, no deaths have been reported since our last issue. But we do have two weddings, although we regret that we cannot give you the details.

Miss Opal Williams, daughter of Butler Williams, of Lexington, Tenn., became the happy bride of Felix Truman, son of Robert Turney and the late Flossie Sego-Scott, also of Lexington, Tenn., December 15, 1948. No other details of the happy event were given.

Then three days later, December 18, 1948, Nina Catherine, the pretty daughter of Mr and Mrs Orvil Lafayette and Lizzie Adeline Sego-Lewis, succumbed to the darts of Cupid. The fortunate groom being Mr John Carrol Belew, we presume also of Lexington, Tenn.

And to each of the happy couples we extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes for health, a long life and happiness together.



In a recent issue of the magazine we had somewhat to say regarding several venerable and be-

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loved ladies of the Clan. but we regret that we failed to mention one of them, for which we apologize and hasten to make mention of her right here and now. Mrs Robert Jones Shackelford, the former Miss Addie Lee Harwood, of 3122 2nd Ave., Richmond 22, VA., celebrated her 88th birthday the 21st of December, 1948. She has been a subscriber since she saw the first issue of the Clan, and is as interested and active in her genealogy as one twenty five years younger. She has been kind enough to supply us with all the data she had or could get , of her branch of the family, although not a Shackelford herself, but just inter-married with them. And to her goes the credit for a very fine record among our collection. Congratulations Mrs Shackelford, and may you celebrate many more happy birthdays.

Mr and Mrs George Mark Turner, of Lexington, Ga., celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary Nov. the 23rd, 1948. Open house was held for them by Sheriff and Mrs Carl Broach, they being the parents of Mrs Broach. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Turner, and may you live to celebrate many more anniversaries.

We also wish to take this opportunity to thank our good friend Mr George Edson, of Olathe, Kansas, for the nice plug he gave us in the last issue of The Stewart Clan Magazine, and having been at this sort of work so long, indeed knows how our loss was felt. And we are grateful for his kindness and words of consolation.


Wanted: Information of the ancestry and descendants of the following persons:

Edward Shackelford, born 1817, in Kentucky.

Elizabeth, wife of Edward, born 1832, in Kentucky.

Roberta Shackelford, born 1854, in Kentucky.

Elizabeth Shackelford, born 1856, in Kentucky.

Above from census records, Bourbon County, 1860.

John Keenon, married Elizabeth Shackelford, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, May 21, 1797.

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William Shackelford married Frances Duncan, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, September 5, 1797.

Richard C. Shackelford married Mrs Anna Maria Caroline Scott, in Bourbon Co., Ky., Oct. 4, 1846.

William Shackelford, son of James B. Shackelford, and his second wife - Mary Stamms-Allen, was born in Fauquier County, Va., about 1775/78. He married Sabina Metcalf, in Bourbon County, Ky., Feb. 9, 1797. And they had the following children:

John Metcalf----------------(married 1st Nancy Hord, and 2nd Amelia Hickman)

Maria-----------------------(married James Lewis Hickman)

James-----------------------(married ??)

William Stamms-------------(married Sarah L. Reed)

Elizabeth--------------------(married ??)

Sabina M.-------------------(married James O. Shackelford)

Susan L.--------------------(married David C. Higbee)

William Shackelford is said to have lived in Bourbon County, Ky. But some of his children married in Fleming County, Kentucky.

John Metcalf Shackelford, son of William and Sabina Metcalf-Shackelford, was born about 1798, in Bourbon County, Ky. He died in New Mexico in 1877. He married first -- Nancy Hord, in Bourbon County, Ky., and of whom we know nothing more. He married his second wife -- Amelia Hickman, in Lincoln County, Kentucky, October 27, 1825. She was born in 1808, in Kentucky, probably in Lincoln County, and died in California, 1894. They had the following children:

Samuel----------------------(married Lucy ??)

William----------------------(married ??)

Maria Louise----------------(married 1st Barton W. Waldrop, and 2nd John Edwin Swink)

Henry-----------------------(married ??)

Mary------------------------(married Elijah Hickman)

Amelia Jane-----------------(married Seth W. Hooker)

Corrilla----------------------(married ?? Patterson)

Robert----------------------(married ??)


James Lewis Hickman, son of Joel Hickman, and

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his wife Frances Gretta Wilson, was born 1788, probably in Virginia. He died in Fayette County, Ky., 1855. He married Mariah Shackelford, daughter of William Shackelford and his wife Sabina Metcalf, in Bourbon Co., Ky., Sept. 10, 1818. She was born about 1801. Date of death unknown. They had the following children:

Elizabeth F.------------------(married ??)

Mary S.----------------------(married ??)

William Shackelford----------(married ??)

Joel Thomas------------------(married ??)

James Lewis, Jr.--------------(married ??)

Maria Trotter-----------------(married Charles F. Coppage)

Sarah C.----------------------(married Charles O. Faxon)

Amelia F.---------------------(married ??)

Ellen Douglas-----------------(married ??)

John J.------------------------(married ??)

Edwin Clinton-----------------(married ??)

Later information shows that James Lewis Hickman married Frances D. Lewis, but no proof.


John Shackelford, born about 1700, married Anne Lyne, and had several children, among them a son named Samuel and the other George. We have records showing it each way. We are of the opinion that there were two sons - George and Samuel, and if one is able to present us with authentic information one way or the other we shall be grateful.

One Samuel Shackelford, said to have been born in Virginia, probably King & Queen Co., about 1756. He married Mary or Nancy Blaine, daughter of Alex Blaine, about 1777. He died in Lincoln Co., Ky., his estate having been divided by his heirs there in 1808. Following were his heirs:

Samuel-----------------------(married Susan (Sooky) Withers)

Hannah-----------------------(married Jonathan Gilbert or Gillet)

Bennett-----------------------(married Rachel Bell)

Edmund----------------------(married Susannah Thompson)

James------------------------(married Elizabeth Baldock)

Nancy------------------------(married Daniel Guthrie)

John--------------------------(married ??)

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, May 9, 1998 - Austin, Texas


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