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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas December 1947 Vol. 3. No. 8


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



"And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." -- Luke 2:10-11.

And since this is the month we honor what is thought to be the birth day of the Christ Child, to all people everywhere in general, and to members of the Clan in particular, who strive to emulate the example of the Master to the best of their understanding and ability, this issue of the magazine is affectionately dedicated.


Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight:

Christmas in the lands of the fir-tree and pine,

Christmas in the lands of the palm-tree and vine,

Christmas where snow peaks stand solemn & white.

Christmas where cornfields stand sunny and bright,

Christmas where children are hopeful and gay,

Broods o're brave men in the thick of the fight;

Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

For the Christ-child who comes

is the master of all.

No palace too great, no cottage too small.

Phillip Brooks.

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Last month we gave you the will of John Shackelford, of Shelby County, Kentucky. This month we are giving you the will of another man of the same name, but from Hardin County, Kentucky.


In the name of God, Amen: I, John Shackelford, Sr., of Hardin County, Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and ordain this as my last Will and Testament.

First: I recommend my soul to Almighty God, and desire my body to be interred in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my executors.

I will and direct that all of my just debts and special charges against me, usually paid.

I will and bequeath to my beloved wife -- Agnes Shackelford, during her natural life or widowhood, the tract of land and farm that I now live on, and the tract adjoining, which I purchased of Joseph Van Meter; also my negro man -- Joe, together with all my household furniture, farming utensils of every kind, my gig, or two wheeler car, my wagon, wheat fan, grindstone, and carpenter tools, five horses, the choice of all I may have at my death, together with all my stock of cattle, hogs, sheep and domestic animals not above mentioned. And at the death of my wife -- Agnes Shackelford, or in the event of her marriage, at the happening of either of these events, I will and bequeath unto my son -- William Scott Young Shackelford, and my daughter -- Judith Maria Shackelford, the above named tracts of land, all the land I may die seized of or possessed of, to them and their heirs forever; and all the stock, farming utensils of every nature on the farm or in the possession of my wife at her death or marriage.

I will and bequeath unto my son -- William S. Young Shackelford, and my daugher -- Judith Maria Shackelford, that my negro man -- Ben, man Andy and wife Libby, be sold and that the money for which they may be sold, be equally divided between my son Thomas Shackelford, and my daughter Peggy McGehee, and

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my daughter -- Milly Tilly; that is, my son Thomas one third part, my daughter Peggy one third part, and my daughter Milly Tilly, one third part.

I desire that my wife have the right of taking the above named negro woman -- Libby, by paying the appraised value.

At the death or marriage of my wife I desire and will that my negro man -- Joe, be sold and the proceeds of such sale be equally divided between my children -- Thomas, Peggy, Milly, William S. Young and Judith Maria Shackelford; that is, an equal fifth part to each. And at the death of either of my children -- William S. Young Shackelford or Judith Maria Shackelford, before they arrive at age or without issue, then the share of the one dying is to be divided into four equal parts or shares, one share to the surviving one, one to Thomas Shackelford, one to Peggy McGehee, and one to Milly Tilly.

I will and bequeath to my grandson -- Samuel Shackelford, the son of my son Robert, my large shot gun; and all my property not herein named I will and direct that at the death of my wife, to be divided among my children.

I bequeath to my son -- John Shackelford, twenty five cents as a full share of my estate. I exclude him from all share or legacy in my estate further than the said twenty five cents.

I bequeath unto the children of Sally Shackelford, deceased, twenty five cents in full of their shares of my estate, having advanced to Jeremiah Shackelford, their father, more than his part or portion.

I hereby nominate or constitute and appoint my worthy friend -- Dr Bryan R. Young, and my brother-in-law John Withers, my executors, and my wife also as executrix, of this my last Will and Testament; and desire to qualify them without giving any security.

I revoke all former wills by me made, and desire this enclosure as my last Will and Testament, In testimony whereof I have herein set

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my hand and seal, this the 29th day of January, 1828 (January 29, 1828). In Hardin County, Ky.

John R. Stockman, Hugh Mulholland, Lewis Helm, Witnesses.

Sig -- John Shackelford.

Sworn in court, and probated May 1828, by Hugh Mulholland and Lewis Helm, Hardin County, Ky.


"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." -- John 11:25.


We have a great deal of data of the descendants of the John Shackelford, whose will is concluded on this page, but the one essential part of the data, that of his ancestry, we are not certain about, and which we would like very much to have.

One of his descendants claims that he was a son of John Shackelford, who married Anne Lyne; but we have other information that shows that John, son of John and Anne Lyne, went to North Carolina.

It is also said of him that he married three times, but we have proof of only two marriages, and do not have the name of any but his third wife. By his first wife, or his second wife, or both of them, he had the following children:

Robert----------------(married ??, had a son Samuel)

Sarah-----------------(married Jeremiah Shackelford)

Margaret (Peggy)-----(married Dr Lynch McGehee)

Milly------------------(married Henry Tilly)

John------------------(married Elizabeth Compton Briscoe)

Thomas S.------------(married Matilda English)

Charles---------------(married ??, died before 1828)

John Shackelford, Sr., married last -- Agnes Withers, February 20, 1819, in Hardin County, Ky., and they had two children, as follows:

Judith Maria-----------(married Levi Fields)

William Scott Young---(Married Sarah J. Withers)

Some of the above people remained in Hardin Co., Ky., some of them went to Bullitt Co., Ky., while

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others of them moved to Missouri.

Another record we have of still another John Shackelford, who may have been the above John.

Charles Shackelford, son of Roger, Jr., and grandson of Roger the immigrant, was baptized January 2, 1719, Abbingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va., and married Eleanor Monney, Abbingdon Parish, July 1, 1743; and they had the following children:

James----------(baptized August 26, 1744)

Fielding---------(baptized October 1, 1746)

John------------(baptized August 24, 1748)

Charles, Jr.-----(baptized August 24, 1748)

Kemp----------(baptized November 8, 1752)

Henry----------(baptized February 16, 1754)

Magahain-------(baptized August 1, 1756)

Elizabeth--------(baptized April 22, 1759)

The above sons -- John and Charles, were twins. And we are of the opinion that this is the John who died in Hardin County, Ky., and whose will is to be found in this issue of the magazine. So if any one sees this that can help us out on this problem we shall be forever grateful.


This month we wish to again thank the following persons for honoring us with subscription renewals: Dr John A. Shackelford, of Jones, La.; who also included one for Mrs C. C. Crim, of Jackson, Miss., Mr D. S. Shackelford, of Yazoo City, Miss., Miss May Shackelford, of Bentonia, Miss., and Mrs G. C. Walker, of Lancaster, Ky. Also Mrs Vernon E. McArthur, of Hutchinson, Kansas. Mrs McArthur and Dr John A. Shackelford, renewed for two years each. To all of whom we are grateful, and say again - "Thanks a million."


The following persons favored us with additional data this past month: Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs Eliza Shackelford, of Nashville, Tenn.; Mrs Anna B. Brown, of Lancaster, Ky.; Mrs W. A. Gibson, of Franklin, Ga.; Mrs Merlyn Houck,

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Stillwater, Okla.; Mrs L. D. Dean, of Portageville, Mo.; Mrs E. L. Trenholm, of Jackson, Miss.; Mrs Margaret C. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C.; and Mrs Hale Houts, of Kansas City, Mo. To all of whom we say "Thanks", for we deeply appreciate your splendid co-operation.


"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the light: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me" -- John 14:6.


We have two blessed events to report this month. The stork called at the home of Mr Preston Lee and Jeweldean McDaniel-Nowell, of Lexington, Tenn., Oct. 17, 1947, and left a choice morsel of the sugar and spice and everything nice variety, that shall be known henceforth as Janie Kay.

And while he was in that same area he made a stop at the home of Mr and Mrs Lois Lee and Linnie Exell Sego-Brown, and left a bouncing baby son, October 10, 1947; that will be known as James Lois Brown.

And to all of them we extend congratulations and best wishes.


And while the stork was keeping quite busy, that little busy body -- Dan Cupid, was not asleep either, and his darts found their mark among the Clan members at least three times.

Betty Gay Irene Corn, the lovely daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Lawrence Corn, of Kannapolis, N. C., became the charming bride of Michael Edward McGuinn, III, handsome son of Mr and Mrs Michael Edward and Margaret Cadelia Shackelford-McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C. The happy event taking place in the parlor of the Presbyterian Church, at Spartanburg, S. C., September 7, 1947.

Miss Opal Irene Renfroe, the charming daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas and Leavy Bell Sego-Renfroe, of Lexington, Tenn., became the happy bride of Joe Herman, the affable son of Mr and Mrs Joe Florence and Lizzie Bell Lewis-Maness, also of

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Lexington, Tenn., October 25, 1947.

Also Nathan Hope, son of Mr and Mrs Nathan Cicero and Susan Beatrice Blandenburg-Shackelford, of Carrolton, Ga., took as his charming bride - Miss Mary Louise, daughter of Mrs W. R. Sutherland, of Hawkinsville, Ga. But our correspondent did not give us the date or the details, or the place of this happy event.

So to all goes our very best wishes for success and happiness throughout long and blissful married lives together.



This month we were happy to have a letter and some additional information from a grand lady of the Clan. She was Mrs Amanda Elizabeth Gibson, of Franklin, Ga. Mrs Gibson is now in her 85th year, but as interested in her forbears as ever. The Editor, while doing research in Georgia, was royally entertained in the home of Mrs Gibson, and shall always cherish the memory of that short visit. We found Mrs Gibson to be a very charming hostess.

Mrs Blanche G. Dickson, daughter of Mrs Gibson mentioned above, and who is now a fellow Texan, being a resident of Austin, Texas, is now vacationing in Lima, Peru, visiting her son, having sailed November the 12th.

Orchids to our good friend -- Mr Harry Willard Mills, of Arlington, Va., for the plug he gave us in his November "Letttergram." Who, incidently, is also doing a swell job on his Mills and allied families, genealogically speaking.

And this [month] we wish to call our reader's attention to two new books that are just off the press. Mrs W. M. Sweeney, of New York, has just published her findings among the old records of old Rappahannock Co., Va. Old Rappahannock County was organized in 1656, and abolished in 1692. So records of that age should be enlightening to many of our readers. The price of the book is $20.00. If interested write to Mrs W. M. Sweeney,

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8-10, 27th Ave, Long Island City, New York.

Mr and Mrs L. D. McPherson, of Washington, D. C., are the co-authors of a wonderful book -- "The Holcombes-Nation Builders", which is just off the press. A great work for the Holcombes.

The book contains 1345 pages and weighs eight lbs. Contains the genealogy of, not only the Holcombes, but many of the allied lines. Price of the book is $10.00. If interested write Mr and/or Mrs L. D. McPherson, P. O. Box 3265, Columbia Heights Station, Washington, D. C.


Each month we send out a number of sample copies of "The Shackelford Clan Magazine." And we will be grateful if each person that receives a Magazine will read the enclosures carefully. We are seeking additional information of all Shackelfords and allied families everywhere. We are happy to exchange information any time, or to purchase all information that we do not already have.


In an old manuscript history of the Pace Family is to be found the following statement: "Charles Pace who married a [?]arnett and had only one child - a son Dredzel, and died about the commencement of the Revolutionary war. His widow I have seen, and she was married the second time to a Mr Shackelford, and had several sons and daughters" -- end of quote. The above manuscript was written by Rev Barnabas Pace.

Now comes a letter from Mrs W. A. Gibson, of Franklin, Ga., who says that she believes that it was her great grandmother who first married the Charles Pace. But that does not correspond with information in our possession.

The great grandfather of Mrs Gibson, was one John Shackelford, born 1741, and who is said to have married twice, his first wife being Kezzy McGowan, and his second wife -- Margaret Cooper. Can any one give us additional light on this?

Wishing each and every one of you a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, March 18, 1999 - Austin, Texas.


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