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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas September 1947 Vol. 3. No. 5


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Last month we told you that we had just returned from a short tour of research in Kentucky, and that in later issues we would tell you more about that journey and our accomplishments.

For several years now we have been endeavoring to obtain information that would prove the ancestry of several men and women of the Shackelford Clan, and additional information of their descendants. Among those in whom we have been interested were George, Samuel, William, John, Thomas, James and Zachariah Shackelford, all of whom appeared in Lincoln Co, Kentucky, by or before 1790.

From records of Orange County, Va., we find men of the same names as those mentioned above, but we have never been able to prove that any of them came to Lincoln Co, Ky., except Zachariah. We do know that Zachariah, he of Orange, came there, and we do know that he died in Casey County, Kentucky.

From the Lincoln Co, records, we find the following: George Shackelford died in Lincoln County 1792, according to the inventory of his estate, but we were unable to find mention of his heirs.

Samuel Shackelford married Nancy Blaine. See will of Alex Blaine, Will Book C, page 54, dated April 10, 1807., in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

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Samuel Shackelford, and his wife - Nancy Blaine, had the following heirs: All children.

Samuel, Jr., -------------(married Susan (Sooky) Withers)

Edmund., ----------------(married Susanna Thompson)

James., ------------------(married Eliza Bainbridge)

Nancy., ------------------(married Daniel Guthrie)

Hannah., -----------------(married Jonathan Gilbert)

Bennett., -----------------(married Rachel Bell)

Above heirs according to County Court Record, May Term 1822. Also Deed Book T, page 206, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The above heirs are also mentioned in the Mercer County, Kentucky records. So Samuel evidently had land in both Lincoln and Mercer.

Samuel Shackelford died in 1808, and his estate was invoiced at that time. But when the above mentioned deed was signed by his heirs, his daughter Hannah had died, and her children were mentioned as heirs, as follows: John, Betsy, Sally, Nancy, George, Samuel, James, Rosanna, Catherine and Harriet Gilbert.

Of William Shackelford we found nothing, other than that he was the administrator of the estate of John Shackelford, 1806, in Lincoln Co, Ky.

John Shackelford seems to be the first Shackelford that died in Lincoln Co, Ky. His estate was invoiced in 1792 also. Will Book B, page 32.

James Shackelford died and his estate was invoiced 1804. See Will Book B, page 245, Lincoln County, Ky.

Zachariah Shackelford died in 1808, in Casey Co., Ky., as has been shown in a previous number of the Shackelford Clan Magazine.

But of Thomas Shackelford we found little. We found nothing that indicates that he died in Lincoln Co. We found two men by the name of Thomas

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one in Henry Co, Ky., and the other in Hardin Co, Ky. But we found nothing that would indicate if he was the same man, or if either of them were the same as Thomas, the Thomas of Lincoln County.

When we left home it was our original plan to spend some time at the Filson Club, in Louisville, and a day or two at the Kentucky Historical Society, at Frankfort, and then to search the vital records in three or four Kentucky Counties. But we found so much material that occupied our time in Louisville and Frankfort, that we were unable to journey to any of the respective counties. And while we were disappointed in that we could not do what we had planned, we did succeed in learning where to go to find information of a number of those in whom we are interested, thus saving time when again we can get back over there.

And although we had only time enough to spend a few hours at Bolling Green we found the old "Shaker" records, which we shall be happy to tell you about next month.

Now if any of you, or any person that shall see this, can supply additional information as to ancestry or descendants of the above mentioned men, we shall be happy to purchase or exchange information, and will be forever grateful.


"Even if people don't please you, try your best to like them. At heart they are just as good as the rest of us." - Callan.


And we succeeded in obtaining some additional information of Rev William Hickman, whose first wife was Elizabeth Shackelford, daughter of a John.

Some records show that William Hickman married for his first wife, a sister to John Goode; but he states in his manuscript that his first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of John Shackelford, of King & Queen County, Va. And that by her he had a total of thirteen children, six sons and seven daughters. This was his own statement.

Rev William Hickman was born Feb 4, 1747, the

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son of Thomas and Sarah Sanderson-Hickman, in King and Queen County, Va. He died January, 24, 1834, in Franklin County, Ky.

He married for his first wife - Elizabeth Shackelford, about 1767, probably in King and Queen Co, Va. Elizabeth Shackelford was born, probably in King & Queen Co, Va., and died in Franklin Co, Ky., June, 9, 1813. Date of her birth is not known.

And as before stated, to them were born thirteen children, but we have been able to learn the names of only eleven of them, as follows:

William, Jr. -------------(married 1st Obedience Brown) 2nd Elizabeth Edwards)

Obedience., ------------(married Lettice Edrington)

Thomas., ---------------(married Polly Bartlett)

Mary (Polly) ------------(married Captain James Hunter)

Paschal., ----------------(married Betsy Hall)

Sally., -------------------(married John Cunningham)

Benjamin F., ------------(married Frances S. Littlepage)

John., -------------------(married Suzette de l'Homme)

Martha (Patsy)., --------(married Christopher Ransdale)

James., -----------------(married ??

There were two other children, but whose names are not given. But we found a record of the marriage of one Lettice Hickman, who married in Woodford Co, Ky., March 1792, Benjamin Edrington. She may or may not have been the daughter of William.

Rev William Hickman married for his second wife - Mrs. Elizabeth Dicken - Abbett, daughter of Benjamin Dicken, December, 25, 1814; and to that union were born four children, as follows: Edwin A., Ezra, James H., and John Gano. The latter - John Gano, died in infancy.

This family seems to have been a very prominent branch of the Shackelford descendants. Rev William Hickman was converted to the Baptist faith in Virginia, and after coming to Kentucky he was pastor of the Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church for more than forty years.

His son Paschal Hickman, was a Captain in the United States Army during the war of 1812, and

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was captured by the British, and turned over to the Indians at the battle of River Raisin, by whom he was scalped, and died as a result of the torture.

Christopher Ransdale and his wife - Patsy (Martha) Hickman, were the ancestors of former U.S. Senator Ransdale, of Louisiana.

Any additional information that you can and may send us, of the descendants of Rev William Hickman and his first wife - Elizabeth Shackelford, will be appreciated and will be a valuable addition to the record, and we shall be forever grateful.


"There is a big difference between forgetting what you ought to know and knowing what you ought to forget." - Guy.


We were almost forgotten this past month in so far as subscriptions and new data are concerned. But we are happy to report the following new subscribers and those who have renewed: Only one new one, that of Mrs. N. E. Little, of Nocona, Texas. Those who sent in their renewals were - Mr. Robert E. Brumby, of Franklin, La.; and Mr. T. R. Shackelford, of Chicago, who also included one for his brother - Mr. R. M. Shackelford, of Eldon, Mo. To all of whom we are grateful, and herewith again express our thanks.


New data was sent in by Mrs. George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs. Merlyn Houck, of Stillwater, Okla.; Mr. George R. Shackelford, of Texarkana, Ark-Texas.; Miss Ora Tanquary, of Van Wert, Ohio.; Mrs. Blanche G. Dickson, of Austin, Texas.; Mrs. Alice F. Saam, of Western Springs, Ill.; and Mrs. Margaret A. Johnson, of Culpepper, Va. To all of whom we owe a debt of profound gratitude.


We were again gratified to receive an invitation to the annual reunion - Shackelford Family Reunion, held in the Quannah Parker Wild Life Refuge, near Lawton, Oklahoma, August, 30th, through Sept 1st,

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But regret that we were unable to attend.

This is an annual affair with that particular branch of the family, who descend from Zachariah Shackelford, and his wife - Dolly Embree, who served as a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War from Orange County, Virginia.

The Editor has had the pleasure of meeting many of those fine people in person, and wish that all of you and all of the Clan could know them.

Thanks again for the invitation, we hope you had a wonderful reunion. Keep up the good work.


Only one birth to report this month. That of Master Edward Warren, a bouncing baby son arrived at the home of Murray Edward and Ruby May Keen-Sego, July, 22, 1947. The Segos live at Lexington, Tenn. Both mother and baby doing fine, and we understand that papa is too.


And we have only one marriage to report this month. Marjorie Granston, charming and talented daughter of Mr and Mr. Russel A. Morris, of Culpepper, Va., and great grand daughter of William Henry Shackelford, of Halifax Co., now deceased, became the happy bride of Mr. Robert Jelliffe, also of Culpepper, Va., August, 16, 1947. And on behalf of the entire Clan we extend the happy couple our sincere congratulations and very best wishes for a long and happy wedded life.


"No greater calamity can happen to an individual or a nation than to break with the past." - Gladstone.



We feel certain that all of you will be interested in knowing that Mrs. Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Georgia, is now greatly improved in health, and is again able to be about her normal activities.

Also aunt Sally Shackelford, of Lexington, Tenn., who fell and was painfully injured a few months

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ago is able to get around again.

Mrs. Armor is now in her 85th year, and aunt Sally is in her 89th year. May God bless them both, and may they be with us many more years.

Mrs Flossie Sego-Scott, of Lexington, Tenn., who suffered a light stroke recently, was improved when last we heard. So let us hope that she is now much improved and on the way to complete recovery.


In an old manuscript history of the Pace family, written about 1840, by Rev Barnabas Pace, in writing of his uncles, says, and we quote - "Charles Pace, who married a Miss Garnett, and had only one child - a son Dredzil, and died about the beginning of the Revolutionary war. His widow married a second time to a Mr. Shackelford and had several sons and daughters" - end of quote.

The above Pace family, and perhaps the Shackelford that married the widow Pace, lived in Wilkes County, Ga., or in old St. Paul's Parish. Can any of you give us information regarding which Shackelford this Mrs. Pace married, and the names of her Shackelford children?

For several months now we have been endeavoring to establish the ancestry of Ambrose Grayson Shackelford, who married Sarah M. Dorsey, March, 1, 1826, in Hardin Co, Ky. And it had been our original plans to search the Hardin County records on our recent visit, but the time would not allow. But we did look at all the Hardin records on file at The Kentucky Historical Society, and we found nothing that would help to establish the ancestry of Ambrose Grayson.

But we found in the tax lists of Shelby County, the following:: John, Sr, John, Jr, Robert, Jeremiah, and Sterling Shackelford, all in Shelby County, as early as 1805, some as early as 1800.

In 1823 one of the Johns fails to appear on the tax list of Shelby Co., and the very same year we find both John, Sr, and John, Jr, on the tax list of Hardin County. And as it has been our opinion for some time that the Hardin County

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Shackelfords came there from Shelby Co, we are now more than ever convinced of that fact. And we not only found the two Johns in Hardin Co., we also found a Thomas. So we are ordering a search of the Hardin records, also the Shelby records, and feel certain that we shall be able to clear this record.

And for the benefit of several of the descendants we have been trying for some time to locate the will of one Richard Shackelford, who married Tabitha Baldock.

Richard, son of Zachariah and Dolly Embree - Shackelford, was born 1770 and married Tabitha, daughter of Levi and Ann Baldock, November, 14, 1788, in Lincoln County, Ky.

Richard appears to have moved from Lincoln Co, to Casey Co, soon after his marriage. In 1814 he moved to Mercer County, but remained there but three years, moving back to Casey Co, 1817. He appears on the Casey Co, tax list from 1817 until 1826. Then in 1827 a Richard appears on the tax list of Simpson County, Kentucky. No doubt the very same Richard.

The census of Simpson County, for 1850, shows one R. Shackelford, age 80, with his wife T. Shackelford, age 78. No doubt these were Richard and Tabitha, and no doubt but that they died in Simpson County. We will also order a search of the Simpson records as soon as we can find some one to do the work.

Samuel Shackelford, Jr. married Susan (Sooky) Withers, in Lincoln Co, Ky., 1798. And we found the father of Susan Withers in Hardin County. So we should be able to secure additional data of that family when we receive a report from Hardin County.

How many of you ever hear of, or know anything about the "Shakers"? Next month we will tell you something about them.

And until next month, Adios &endash; The Editor.

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