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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas March 1948 Vol. 3. No. 11


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.




In the conduct of her farm this year she went on the bond of twelve of her colored tenants for supplies, in the sums of from $200 to $300. Two of them, one for $200 and the other for $300, skipped out of Dallas County July 4th, leaving Mrs. Shackelford to pay the amounts. But they had not calculated on her push and nerve. On the 5th of July she left home, determined to run them down and in. The run was a long one. Starting from Selma she visited Montgomery, Calera, Shelby Iron Works, at Birmingham, Pratt's Mines, Alice Mines, Atlanta, August, Macon, Rome, Jacksonville, Ala.; Montgomery again, Caldwell's Mills, Greenville, Miss, Mobile, New Orleans, back to Shelby Iron Works, Montgomery and Birmingham.

While at the Richard's house she saw one of the colored men pass by. He did not see her. Hastily procuring a pistol she started in pursuit, the first day of August at noon, and the sun was as hot as fury. By this time the colored man had caught up with the other man she was in pursuit of. They discovered her and for fifteen blocks the race was a lively one. But the plucky and invincible widow won. When she got near enough she shot at random several times, and demanded the fugitives to halt or she would kill them. Remem-

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bering the sureness of her aim they halted. The the police came up and placed handcuffs on them.

Fifty dollars being demanded as the price for delivering the negroes to the sheriff of Dallas County, the plucky widow refused to pay it, and took them herself. At twenty minutes past four that afternoon she started with her prisoners to Selma, expecting to go through without delay. But at Calera she had to stay until fifty minutes after nine the next morning. Here she guarded them all night, and it is said that a cold shudder crept through the darkie's frames whenever they saw the "cold iron" in the steel-nerved hand of the widow. They were quiet as lambs.

The second of August she turned them over to the sheriff of Dallas County after a race of twenty seven days.

In a crowd of a thousand women Mrs. Shackelford would not be singled out for a woman with such rare fortitude and pluck, but rather for the queen of some household, ruling her subjects by love alone. Circumstances having developed her nerve power and made her self reliant and determined. Yet there is no woman of whom it can be more truthfully said:

"And spends the worth of womanhood,

She knows her life in doing good;

Her gentle hands and kindly voice,

Oft make the sufferer's heart rejoice.

Her greatest pleasure is to know,

That she had eased another's woe.

So here is to the health and happiness of Alabama's true heroine.


Was the above Mrs. Annie P. Shackelford, the widow of Anthony Gardner Shackelford, who was in Greene County, Alabama, 1874? Can any of you confirm this one way or the other?


"Justice is the idea of God, the ideal of man, the rule of conduct writ in the nature of mankind"--Theodore Parker.


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This past month we have been favored with subscriptions renewals from Mrs. Margaret A. Johnson, of Culpepper, Va., and Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Tyler, Texas.

We have also received remittances form the following new subscribers: Mr. Richard P. DuPage, of Forest Hills, N.Y., and Mrs. Dexter E. Parks, of Renfroe, Alabama. For all of which we are grateful, and thank each of you again.


And from the following we have received new data: Mrs. O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs. William T. Ray, of Athens, Ga.; Mrs. W. E. Morris, of Elburn, Ill.; Mrs. Ada C. Hinton, of Milton, N.C.; Mrs. Cecil Brown Taylor, of Clifton Forge, Va.; Mr. Edwin P. Hill, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Mr. Richard P. DuPage, of Forest Hills, N.Y.; and Mrs. Julia Dillard, of Atlanta, Ga. To all of whom we say again "Thanks a million", we are grateful for such splendid co-operation.


"God can change the lowest to the highest, abase the proud and raise the humble"--Horace.


This month we have some belated reports of the activities of the Stork showing, that while we were not aware of it, he was on the job never the less.

On November the 25th he delivered a bouncing baby boy at the home of Mr. Clinton Parker Davis, and his wife--The former Miss Ruth Numsicker, of Des Moines, Iowa. He will be known as Clinton Parker III. Mother and son doing fine. Papa too.

Then on December the 2nd, he took time to make delivery of another fine baby boy at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Carl V. Morrison, of Portland, Oregon. His name being David. Mrs. Morrison is the former Miss Dorothy Grace Natus, and both she and son are doing fine here also.

Then on Jan. 21st, 1948, he delivered a morsel of the sugar and spice and everything nice variety, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sheldon Hinton, of Durham, N.C. Mrs. Hinton being the

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former Miss Estell Vernon. The little lady will bear the name of Anne Sheldon. Mother and daughter doing fine; and of course--papa too.

Congratulations and best wishes to each of you.


The approaching marriage announced in the February Magazine, that of Miss Gloria Ann Shackelford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shackelford, of Atlanta, Ga., to Mr. Ernest Latimer Baker, also of Atlanta, was consumated in Glenn Memorial Chapel, Atlanta, Ga., Saturday, February 7, 1948. And after a short honeymoon at Twin Lakes, Mr. and Mrs. Baker will be at home in Atlanta.

And on behalf of the entire Clan, we extend congratulations and best wishes for a long happy life together.


But again this month it becomes our sad duty to report the death of two more venerable and beloved members of the Clan. Report of one of them is a little late in being reported, but of intererst to the Clan in general and to us in particular.

Mrs. Thora A. Shackelford, of Omaha, Nebraska, was born Thora A. Yoder, March 30, 1884. She was married to Mr. Harry Walter Shackelford, August, 16, 1913, and to that union was born one son--Major George W. Shackelford, now of Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. She passed to her eternal reward November 10, 1947. She is survived by her husband, the one son and one grandson.

Then early this month we had a letter from Mrs. Dexter E. Parks, of Renfroe, Alabama, informing us of the death of her aunt--Mrs. Carrie G. Hickman, of Atchison, Kansas.

She was born Carrie Stella Going, daughter of Issac Newton Going and his wife--Harriet Caroline Shackelford, of Green Pond, Ala., December 29, 1872. She was married to Robert Adolphus Hickman, November 6, 1895, to which union were born two sons and one daughter, all of whom, along with six grand children, survive her. Her husband preceded her in death September 7, 1915.

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We are particularly saddened by the passing of Mrs. Hickman, as she had been so remarkably kind in her co-operation with us in the compilation of the records of her branch of the family. She not only sent us all the information of her own people, but during the war she moved around with her daughter in an effort to be with their husband and son-in-law--Dr. Ira R. Morrison, who was in the service of his country. And while doing so she sent us a great deal of information of other brances of the family, people that she met in many places she happened to be in during that period of time.

She was a subscriber for our little Magazine until a few months ago, and we wondered why she had let her subscription lapse. Now we know. And we would be most happy to have the date and details of her passing.

And to all those that mourn we extend our profound sympathy, and offer consolations of hope.


Some time during the year 1948 we plan to make a tour back east in search of genealogical information. It is our goal to make stops in the following States--Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and go on to Washington, D.C., Virginia, and back through Kentucky and Missouri. However, a tour of that length and duration will probably be more than we can accomplish in one year, but we will do as much of it as we can. Later we shall tell you more of our plans.


"If there is righteousness in the heart,

There will be beauty in the character,

If there is beauty in the character, there

Will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home, there will

be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation there will

be peace in the world"--Chinese Proverb.


We are still seeking information of Andrew Porter, said to have been born in Fayette Co., Ky.,

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but likely in Virginia. His wife was Mary Shackelford, who was born in Virginia. They lived in Harrison County, Ky. They had a daughter Nancy, and probably other children.

We would be happy to have any information that will help us in proving the ancestry of Mary Shackelford-Porter, and information of others of her descendants in addition to her daughter Nancy.

Richard Shackelford, born in Virginia, 1779, married a second time, the name of his first wife not know, but by his first wife he had the following children:




Douglas--------------(married ??

Daughter, name not known, married ??

Richard Shackelford, born in Virginia, 1779, then married for his second wife--Mary (Polly) McSparnes, January 20, 1817. They had the following children:

John C.--------------(married Tinsey ??

J. T.-----------------(married Lenora A. Parker)

Mary Ann-----------(married ??

Robert--------------(married ??

James---------------(married ??

Fontleroy------------(married ??

Amarinth-------------(married ??

Josephus-------------(married ??

Mordecai------------(married Jennie Smart)

Richard, Jr.----------(married ??

Richard's first family of children were all born in Georgia, and the first four of his second family were also born in Georgia, while all the others were born in Alabama. Richard was in Coosa County, Alabama, in 1850.

Query: Is he the same Richard that was in Clarke Co., Ga. in 1820? Information of his ancestry and additional information of his descendants wanted.

Henry Shackelford, born in Georgia, 1807, was living in Henry Co., Alabama, 1860. He married

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Isabella ??, who was born in South Carolina in the year 1812. They had the following children:

A.------------------------------(born 1837, married ??

Safronia------------------------(born 1838, married ??

Isabella-------------------------(born 1839, married ??

Catherine-----------------------(born 1841, married ??

Allis (Alice)---------------------(born 1845, married ??

Anna----------------------------(born 1849, married ??

Ida------------------------------(born 1852, married ??

Above record according to census records of Henry Co., Alabama, 1860. All of the children of Henry and Isabell (sic) were born in South Carolina.


The following marriage records are to be found in Jefferson County, Alabama.

R. A. Smallman married Julia Shackelford,August 8th, 1861.

Peter Robison married Martha A. Shackelford, June 4, 1839.

Thomas A. Massey married Nancy A. Shackelford, December 24, 1846.

D. W. Abbott married Miss O. A. Shackelford, August, 1, 1877.

Lewis L. Wyatt married Sarah H. Shackelford, March 24, 1860. (This was Lewis L. Wyatt).

J. L. Baker married Maggie P. Shackelford, September 23, 1890.

Joshua Massey married Martha Shackelford, January 30, 1851.

Thomas S. Pound married Robbie Shackelford, September 23, 1890.

Harry Shackelford married Anna R. Milam, July 8, 1900.

Joseph Henry Shackelford married Harriet Massey, January 13, 1847.

P. E. Shackelford married Clara Butler, February 8, 1825.

8 (276)

Robert Shackelford married Susan Sellers, February 1, 1888.

W. C. Shackelford married Julia Stollenwerck, November 29, 1895.

Paschal J. Shackelford married Anna B. Hickman, February 8, 1825.


James Shackelford, born 1817, in North Carolina, married Laura M. ??, who was born in 1822, in North Carolina. They had the following children:

Eliza C.----------------born 1840, in N.C.

Daniel------------------born 1841, in N.C.

Theodore---------------born 1843, in N.C.

John F.-----------------born 1845, in Alabama

George L.--------------born 1847, in Alabama

The above record according to the census of Lowndes County, Alabama, 1850.


John McNulty, Sr., born 1803, in Alabama, married Mary A. Shackelford, who was born 1834, in Alabama. They had the following children, in 1850.

Alice McNulty----------born 1842, in Alabama

John McNulty, Jr.-------born 1844, in Alabama

William McNulty--------born 1846, in Alabama

The above record according to the census of Marengo County, Alabama, 1850.


Jonathan Shackelford, born 1796, in Virginia, married Sarah ??, who was born 1797, in North Carolina. No children are shown in the census record. This according to census of White Co., Ark., in 1850.

James Shackelford, born 1814, in North Carolina. Married Mary A. ??, who was born in 1822, in Georgia. They had the following children in 1850:

Elizabeth------------------born 1835, in Tenn.

Thomas W.---------------born 1837, in Tenn

William H.----------------born 1841, in Tenn

James Henry--------------born 1842, in Tenn

Malinda Lamar-----------born 1855, in Tenn

Jesseline------------------born 1857, in Georgia

This records according to the census of Richmond County, Ga., 1850.


Additional information such as wills, estate settlements, Bible and cemetery records, of any of the people mentioned in the above census and marriage records, or present address of any of the descendants, wanted, and will be appreciated.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

Transcribed by Alex Early May 17, 1998

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