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Shackelford Clan Magazine

Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas January 1947 Vol. 2. No. 9


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



As we promised you last month that we would devote the December and January numbers of the magazine to lives of the men in the ministry. So we are herewith giving you the story of a man of another denomination. Rev Robert E. L. Harris is the subject of this sketch, and he was a representative of the Baptist faith.

Rev Harris was born the son of the late William Lindsey Manning Harris and Sarah Frances Johnson, December, 18, 1866; and passed to his eternal reward, November 3, 1946, at his home in Hogansville, GA. He lacked one month and fifteen days of reaching his 80th milestone.

He was converted and became a member of the Greensboro, GA., Baptist Church, at the age of sixteen years. He was married to Miss Ida Clifford Farmer, of Crawfordsville, Georgia, December, 17, 1891, and for almost fifty five years they traveled life's highway together.

To that union was born one daughter, who is now Mrs. Bruce M. Russell, of Hogansville, GA.

Robert E. L. Harris, descends from two fine old southern families, families that have contributed much to the establishment of the United States and her Institutions and

culture. He being descended from Captain Edmund Shackelford, Revolutionary Soldier,

and from Major John Harris, another Revolutionary Patriot.

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He was ordained to the ministry by the Eastman Georgia, Baptist Church, September, 29, 1889; and in September, 1939 he celebrated his Golden Anniversary in the ministry, and was invited back to the Eastman Church for the observance of the anniversary, at which time a public reception was given in his honor by the Church.

During his fifty seven years of ministry he served the following Churches: Crawfordsville, Lexington, Lincolnton, Barnett, Social Circle, Covington, Jewells, Thomason, Dearing, Union Point, Harlem, Sparta, Claxton, Woodlawn (Augusta), (begin page 2) Hephzibah, Penfield, Eufaula (Alabama), Talbottom, Hogansville, first, Franklin, Grantville, and a number of churches in Georgia: Kilpatrick, Washington, Hephzibah, and Western Associations. Some of his greatest work was done in these rural churches where he served faithfully and well.

It was his wish in life that when he died and his funeral preached, that he be not eulogized, but that the matchless grace of God be the theme of his funeral service. For with all the fine work he did to his credit, he only claimed the merit of the grace of his Lord.

Rev Harris was first and last a wholehearted Baptist, but he loved all people, particularly young people and young ministers. He delighted to honor young ministers, and took great pride in their progress.

He delighted in serving the Lord to the best of his ability and understanding, and fought evil with a vengeance un-excelled by any man. A foe of demon rum of the first order, he contributed much to the passage of the Prohibition Law. Few, if any, hated drink and all of its consequences as did he.

He was indeed a man among men, with a sterling character, humble but firm, fearless in contending for the truth as he saw it; a gentle husband, a devoted father, a citizen of the first order, and one, who in passing from this earthly scene, is a great loss to his family, his friends, his State, his Church and (Transcription note - this sentence/page actually just stops here.)

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Robert E. L. Harris, was a worthy son of worthy sires, coming from a long list of distinguished forebears, who for several generations have been among the staunchest and most highly regarded in his section of the country, never failing to respond to the every call of their country, and every good cause in times of peace as well as in war.

He was widely known throughout Georgia and elsewhere. His personality was such as to attract friends and to hold them. His conception of life and the manner in which he lived it was an inspiration to all who knew him. For more than fifty years his figure has been a most familiar one among the Baptists, in Baptist Churches and Baptist homes throughout Georgia, all of whom will sorely miss him.

For more than fifty years of married life, a married life that is a book of happiness and content, with its chapters of trial and sorrow it is true, but always characterized by that perfect love and understanding which has made their lives such a bright example to those who shall follow them.

He was a man of courage and convictions, courage to express his convictions any time and everywhere; but with such tact and ability that he won and kept his friends.

The Editor never had the pleasure of knowing Rev. Harris in person, but the passing of this good man, such a beautiful life, has brought forth many tributes from all sorts of people who have known, loved and esteemed him through the years.

His beloved wife, devoted daughter and legions of friends bless his memory for his devotion to them. He was not only a man of God, he was a home man, faithful and devoted, constant and self sacrificing in his duties to his family and home, binding them with ties of affection over long years of varied circumstances that could not be broken, yet he was intensely human, with a keen sense of humor that enabled him to appreciate the human problems of life, which assisted him in the formations of his opinions and judgements.

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Not only have the Baptists, and the people of Georgia, lost an honored member, but so has the Clan, for although he did not bear the name of Shackelford, he was an honored descendant. May he rest in peace, and may he receive the reward that he so richly deserves. And may God bless and comfort the bereaved in their hour of sorrow.

"And how shall they preach except they be sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things" - Romans, 10:15

Next month we would like to begin the publication of some old letters and documents; and will be grateful for all such items contributed. We will be happy to make copies and return them to you. Just send us any old letters or documents that will make interesting reading for the Clan members, and we shall see what was happening in the days of yester-year.

This month we wish to welcome Miss Ophelia Amason, of Crawford, Ga., and Mrs. Electa Cottle, of Mount Hope, West Virginia., as new subscribers; We also wish to announce the names of Mr. Walter L. Shackelford, of Chicago; Rev Franklin S. Moseley, of Georgiana, Ala; and Mrs. Mary Moore-Sharp, of Hattisburg, Miss., as having renewed their subscriptions, Mr. Shackelford for two years.

We are also indebted to the following for additional data sent in: Mrs. Margaret S. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Mrs. George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Miss Emma Bell Sweet, of Albuquerque, New Mexico.; Mrs. Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Ga.; Mrs. William M. Sweeney, of New York City.; and Mr. Marshall T. Shackelford, of Cisne, Ill. And to all of whom we are indeed grateful, and say again - Thanks so very much.

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"If only the law makes a marriage, the law can rightly undo it, for it was not a real marriage any way" - Quillen.

Since the December magazine come off the press that old bird - the stork, has been working over time. Six or eight births have been reported to us this month, but only two of them to members of the Clan.

Dale Ann, a very charming little lady arrived on this orb December, 3, 1946; and will henceforth make her home with the proud parents - James Emmett and Hattie Elizabeth Sego-Nowell, of Lexington, Tennessee.

Dannye Richard, a very energetic little gentleman, put in his appearance November, 28, 1946, to bless the home of Mr. And Mrs. Charles Richard and Rachel Hamlet-Sego, also of Lexington, Tenn.

So on behalf of the entire Clan we herein extend our heartiest congratulations to both.

This month we have two weddings to report, and wish to apologize to the person who reported one last month, but through an oversight we did not report it. We are sorry, but here it is now.

On October, 19, 1946, Miss Michelle Monange, the lovely daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Pierre Monange, of Dijon Frances, became the bride of Mr. Tom Shackelford, son of the late John Powers Shackelford, and Mrs. Myrtle H. Hubbard-Shackelford, of Atlanta, Ga. The nuptials taking place in Glenn Memorial Chapel, Atlanta, Ga.

The lovely and talented daughter of the late Rev Alton Lee Hale and Mrs. Mattie Harris-Armor-Hale, became the bride of Mr. Wilburn Rucker Clarke, Jr., of College Park, Ga.; The vows exchanged in the College Park Methodist Church, December, 21, 1946, and further details are not available.

So on behalf of the entire Clan we herein extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each of them, for long and happy lives together.

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"Yes, oldsters and people with imperfect sight are poor drivers, but are they the ones who cause the wrecks?" - Quillen -

And this month it becomes our duty, sad though it is, to report the death of two of our number.

Samuel Tiffin Shackelford, of Flora, Illinois, was born the son of Andrew Jackson and Amelia Jane Trotter-Shackelford, in Wayne County, Ill., September 8, 1886, and passed to his eternal reward at his home in Flora, Ill., December, 2, 1946.

He served in our armed forces during the first world war. He was united in marriage to Miss Lotha Sandlin, in January of 1920, and to that union was born one daughter - Rose Mary. He is survived by his widow, one daughter, his mother, two brothers, two sisters, and a host of other relatives and friends.

And just a day or so ago we received the sad news of the sudden passing of Charles Polk Montgomery, affectionately known as "Uncle Charlie", who lived here in Lubbock, Texas.

Uncle Charlie was born the son of Jesse Franklin and Lucy Ann Frances Shackelford- Montgomery, June, 26, 1875, and departed from these earthly scenes here in Lubbock, Texas., December 31, 1946, of a sudden heart attack.

Uncle Charlie was twice married, his first wife being Miss Rowena Moore, to which union was born one son. But their happiness was short lived. His beloved Rowena was born in 1877 and died April 27, 1899. They were married December 4, 1897.

Then he married Miss Sarah Isabell Benton, December, 2, 1904; and she passed to her eternal reward May, 5, 1916. And to that union were born two daughters and three sons. He is survived by all of his children, several grand children and three brothers, two sisters, a host of nephews and nieces and other relatives and friends.

Uncle Charlie Montgomery was a cousin to Rev Charles Richard Shackelford, whose sketch we published in the December magazine.

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And on behalf of all the Clan we extend our profound sympathy to all the bereaved in their hour of great sorrow.

Wanted: Ancestry of the Honorable Dorsey William Shackelford, of Marshall, Mo., who served in congress from 1917 - 19, 1921 - 23.

We know that Honorable Dorsey William Shackleford was a son of William Jabes Shackelford and his wife - Amanda A. Harris; and that he was a grand son of Richard Dunn Shackelford and his wife - Elizabeth Ann Hubbard; and that Richard Dunn was a son of one William Shackelford, whose wife was Nancy ?, So what we wish to know is, was this William the same William that married Nancy Sheckley, in Garrard County, Ky., 1802? If not, then will some one please tell us who the parents of Richard Dunn Shackelford were? And the parents of William Shackelford, father of Richard Dunn, who died in Cooper County, Mo., about 1821.

Thomas J. Godfrey, born about 1825, probably in Georgia, married LucyAdeline Shackelford, daughter of Henry Shackelford and his wife Martha Mann, of Elbert Co., Ga. They had the following children:

William J.,------------(married Mattie Weathers)

Dora.,-----------------(married Stephen Bryant)

Roxie Ann., ---------(married Starling Van B. Waldrop)

Lelia.,-----------------(married ??

Cadmus., -------------(married ??

Elsie., ----------------(married ??

Buck., ----------------(married ??

Amelia., -------------(married ??

We will be grateful for any information of the descendants of Thomas J. Godfrey and Lucy Adeline Shackelford. They are probably in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Wanted: Ancestry of Edmund Shackelford, who married Sarah (Sally) Holliday, in Orange County, Virginia March 1794. Was he a son of Edmund Shackelford or Henry Shackelford, both of whom moved to Elbert Co., Ga? Any information of his ancestry or descendants will be appreciated.

Wanted: Information of the ancestry and descendants of Dr. Nathaniel Shackelford, of Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr. Nathaniel Shackelford was born about 1768, probably in South Carolina. He died in Florida, February 1834. He married Hannah Boon, August, 15, 1795. She also died in 1834, and in Florida. They are known to have had several children, but only two of whom are shown in this record; as follows:

David James., -----(married Charlotte Godbold)

Mary Davis., ------(married John Hilliard)

Can any one supply us with additional information concerning the ancestry of Dr. Nathaniel Shackelford and/or his descendants.

8 (166)

Richard Shackelford, born about 1820, probably in South Carolina, and died in 1912, in Florida. He was married twice, his first wife being Amanda Knighten, and to them were born children as follows:

Augustus Wright., ------(married ??

William Knighten., -----(Susan A. Witherspoon)

Elizabeth., ----------------(married ??

Eliza., ---------------------(married ??

Richard, Jr., --------------(married ??

Emma., --------------------(married ??

Richard Shackelford, Sr. Then married for his second wife - name not known, but to that union were born two sons, as follows:

Henry., --------------------(married ??

William Harrison., -------(married ??

He was said to have lived in Jefferson County, Florida. Information of his ancestry and descendants very much desired.

This being the beginning of another year we wish to take this method and opportunity to again thank you for your splendid co-operation during the past year, and to wish each of you an exceedingly happy and prosperous 1947; and to solicit your continued help and good wishes during the coming year.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Phoebe Larne, May 1998

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