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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

60c A Year Published Monthly 10c A Copy

Lubbock, Texas June 1946 Vol. 2. No. 2


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



" Blessed are the dear which die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them". Revelations 14:13.

Tribute to Walter G. Holmes, by Helen Keller, who needs no introduction. "The passing of one of the tenderest, noblest champions that the blind of America and indeed of the world have ever had, has left me benumbed, and I am but one of a multitude who grieves for Walter G. Holmes.

So far as I know he was unique. As a seeing spokesman of those who are both blind and poor, an editor of a world girdling Braille magazine, a tireless encourager of the dull and the faltering to explore and develop their dormant faculties, a fighter for the deaf-blind as human beings to be loved and understood, he had no equal in the annals of the sightless.

God always gives where He takes away, and I am sure He will raise up a Gideon to lead the blind on with the irresistible might of the Spirit, "Uncle Walter", as we all affectionately called him, will keep forever his place in the hearts of us who have clasped his hand and felt his uncountable acts of love enriching our lives.

He was a saint of the little and forgotten.

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Many varied, warm tributes have been written and spoken during Uncle Walter's life which especially pleased him. The best tribute we can pay now is so to live that he will be happy in his spiritual return to us. This, I know from his conversations and the stories he liked most, immortality was his silent wish. With him it was a feeling almost akin to transmigration. His unsefeed soul seemed hardly to dwell in its own body, so constantly did it move into other's existence, taking their sorrow as its own and increasing their happiness. His whimsical humor, simplicity, enthusiasm for whatever work he was doing, and his modesty, his delight in tending flowers when he was able, his warm constancy in friendship, his quaint gallantries and his abounding good-will towards the blind everywhere, yes, even in enemy nations-all these form an inseparable part of the mental picture we cherish of Uncle Walter.

Let us then, try to believe more in ourselves, to enrich each others faith and opportunities, to make blindness not a cause for pity, but rather for pride in victory over difficulties, and when Uncle Walter returns, though unseen to our earth orbit, he will be still happier in our gratitude and remembrance"- End of quote from Helen Keller.

From M.C. Migel, Chairman of The Board, American Foundation for the Blind: Quote, "During his life time and in passing away, Walter G. Holmes left an indelible and loving impression on the physically Blind World, not alone as the Editor of The Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, through which he endeared himself to countless blind people, but in his personal associations and contacts with them. Uncle Walter, as we affectionately called him, was ceaseless in his endeavors to assist and ameliorate the conditions of each and every blind person that he thought required it-whether as an individual or as a group-whether by advice or materially. He was not the ordinary Editor of a Magazine. He scrupulously

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studied and painstakingly endeavored at no matter what the sacrifice of time and labor, to place before his blind readers only such material as he knew by close contact and experience would appeal to them and give them pleasure.

Without a doubt he was in closer personal contact with a greater number of blind people than any other living man in this country and was beloved and esteemed not only by them, but by all seeing people who knew him. During the many many years in which we had the pleasure of knowing him, we and all his friends and co-workers found him genial, kindly, and activated by a sincerity in his labors of love that was felt by all of us. Rest in peace Uncle Walter, we are all saying a prayer for you"- End of quote from M. C. Migel.

From Edward E. Allen, quote - "Thirty nine years ago there came to us the exultant news that a Mr. Walter G. Homes, of New York, was about to edit a really great founded periodical, a free monthly for the adult blind for whom so little had hitherto been done. And what a boon this Matilda Ziegler Magazine has been ever since; In order to reach ever would be finger reader of our language, editions first appeared in the point system of the day, and later in Moon's type also. Numbers of blind helpers regularly employed in proof reading, collection, etc., and the readers soon came to be 15,000.

Nothing like it had ever before been realized. Walter G. Holmes edited it with a clear head, of-course; but his heart so interpenetrated all, that his people got not only what they wanted but also as they wanted it. To satisfy them he would even improve upon disliked characters and contractions; he even Americanized the way of embossing Moon's type. How his dear people loved him; at an appropriate anniversary they presented him with an automobile and a watch.

He will be very greatly missed"- end of quote of Edward E. Allen.

By A. C. Ellis: "In the death of Walter G.

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Holmes, the blind have lost one of their greatest friends. My own life has been greatly enriched by long conversations with Uncle Walter in which he told me of his great joy and satisfaction in serving the blind. He was a full, useful life, devoted to those he loved. His patience, kindness, good humor and wisdom will be sorely missed.

He has set us an unparalleled example of faithfulness and devotion to the cause of these without sight". End of quote of A. C. Ellis.

Concluded next month, with a sketch of another outstanding Shackelford or descendant, also.


"A Good life hath but a few days, but a good name endureth forever", Mills Lettergram


This month we wish to announce the following new subscribes to "The Clan": Miss Ida Carrie Seale, of Houston, Texas; Mrs R. L. Thacker, of Franklin, W. Va.; Mrs C. M. Brushwood, of Richmond, Va.; Mrs. William Zykes, of Kimberly, Idaho, whose subscription was sent in by Mrs Fern Bachar. Of Fort Morgan, Colo.; The New York Historical Society of New York City; State of Alabama, Dept. of Archives and History, of Montgomery, Ala.; New England Historic-Genealogical Society of Boston, Mass.; Minnesota Historical Society, of St Paul, Minnesota; and also the following subscription renewals: Mr. Robert E. Brumby, of Franklin, La.; Miss Ora Tanquary, of Van Wert, Ohio; Miss Ruth Ray, of Mojave, Calif.; and Mrs Julia S. Dillard, of Atlanta, Ga. To all of whom we say again - "Thanks a million, we are grateful".

And while on the subject of subscriptions we call your attention to the little white slips, those of you that received them, that your subscription has expired. Won't you please renew now, and help us to complete the record?

We also wish to thank the following persons for new data sent in this month: Mrs. Dorothy V. M. Powell, of Fredericksburg, Va.; Mrs. Augusta Johnson,

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of Louisville, Ky.; Mrs. W. A. Pierce, of West Falls Church, Virginia; Mrs. B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Mrs. George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn; Mr. Harry Willard Mills, of Arlington, Va.; And special thanks to Mrs. Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Ga.; Mrs. Beatrice Wands, of Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. C. M. Brushwood, of Richmond, Va.; Miss Lois Rylander, of Ft. Worth, Texas; Mr. Harry T. Gordon, of Marengo, Ohio; Mrs Joseph Beard, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. Laura H. Shackelford, of Beverlyville, Va.; and Dr. G. M. G. Stafford, of Baton Rough, La. And for all of which we are indeed grateful, and earnestly urge all of you to please send us any information you have, or the address of any person that you think might be able to help in any manner. Your help will surely be appreciated.

This month we have no births to report, but we do have one marriage to report, that of Miss Mary Armor-Hale, lovely daughter of Rev. Alton Lee and Mattie Harris Armor-Hale, who became the bride of Mr. Frank Adams Norman, of West Point, Ga. The nuptials being performed in Atlanta. The bride is a descendant of Captain Edmund Shackelford, of Elbert Co., Ga., who was a Colonial Patriot, and a granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Ga. To whom we extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

We are fortunate in that this month we do not have any deaths to report eiher.

But we do have a report of two more that are now home after long and faithful services in the armed forces. Captain Virginius E. Brown, of Sparta, Ga, after two years in the Pacific; and S/Sgt William Harbert Randell, after long service in the Aleutian Islands. And so to both of you we extend a welcome, and express our appreciation for a tough job well done, and our joy and satisfaction over your safe return.

This month we do not have a single question

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from the subscribers, so will be forced to insert our own questions.

But before we insert our questions this month we would like to ask another. Would you like to see the answers to our questions, if and when we receive them, published in the Magazine? And would you like to see some records that we now have, published in the Magazine each month? We would appreciate your wishes on this matter.


"It is only the most shallow pretenders who either make a distinguished origin a matter of personal pride, or obscure origin a matter of personal reproach"- Daniel Webster.


Now for the questions. One Elizabeth Shackelford, born about 1826, and married a Mr. Creamer, of Blackwater, Mo. Any one having information of the ancestry and descendants of this family, will you please communicate with the Editor?

One William Shackelford, said to have been born in either Essex or Gloucester Co, Va., about 1680 -1700, and to have been in Onslow County, North Carolina, before 1755. Can any one tell us his ancestry, the name of his wife and information of his descendants?

One William Shackelford, born about 1720, in Virginia, married Hester Serre for his first wife, and said to have spent the latter years of his life in South Carolina. Any one having information of this man or of his descendants, please send it to us. Was he the same man as the William mentioned above, or what was the relationship, if any?

One William H. Shackelford, said to have been born about 1720, and to have died 1793, in Onslow County, North Carolina; and to have married Sarah Jones-Ward, daughter of Joseph Jones, of Bertie County, North Carolina. Any one having additional information of this man, his ancestry, his descendants, his relationship, if any, to the two Will -Williams mentioned above, is much to be desired and will be greatly appreciated.

Daniel E. Shackelford, born about 1750, died

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1804, and said to have married Hester Williams about 1778. Hester Williams was born about 1750, and died 1832. Both of them are said to have died at or near Humphreys, Onslow Co., N.C. The Editor of the Shackelford Clan Magazine would be happy to have any information of this family that can be had, ancestry and descendants of both Daniel H. Shackelford and his wife - Hester Williams.

John Shackelford, said to have been a son of William and Hester Serre-Shackelford, born about 1741, probably in South Carolina, said to have married first, Kezzy McGowan, and to have had the following children:

John, Jr.---------(married ??

Susan-----------(married Henry Evans)

Mordecai-------(married Mary Evans & Margaret Cooper.

John Shackelford, Jr., son of John Shackelford, Sr., and Kezzy McGowan, said to have been born in Columbia County, Ga., and to have had the following children:

James--------(married ??

John----------(married ??

Henry--------(married ??

There were probably others. The name of the wife of this man is not known to us.

Susan Shackelford, daughter of John Shackelford, Sr., and Kezzy McGowan, married Henry Evans, and had at least two children, probably others:

Augustus---------(married ??

Louisa------------(married ??

(See later numbers of the magazine for a more complete list of children for the above families).

Mordecai Shackelford, son of John and Kezzy McGowan-Shackelford, married for his first wife, Mary Evans, and had a daughter, Mary Evans Shackelford, who is said to have married first, Laird Fleming, and second, Dr. Samuel McGuffin.

We are particularly desirous of securing additional information of the above mentioned families, and proof of their marriages, and date of their descendants births and deaths, will be appreciated.

8 (112)

Wanted: Information of descendants of L. D. Paschal, who married Penelope Shackelford, daughter of Thomas Shackelford and his wife, Rebecca Lane. Descendants said to be living in Heard Co., Ga.

Wanted: Information of the descendants of L. W. Harris, who married Virginia Mae (Jenny), daughter of Thomas Shackelford and his wife, Rebecca Lane. Descendants said to be living in Coweta Co, Ga.

Wanted Information of descendants of Levi Pendergrast, who married Cynthia, daughter of Mordecai Shackelford and his wife, Margaret Cooper. Levi and Cynthia Shackelford-Pendergrast, are said to have had the following issue: Zachariah Taylor, Caroline, Missouri M., Ann, Mary, John E., Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Levi, Jr. These people were last known to be living in Heard County, Ga.

Wanted Information of the descendants of Dr. William Alexander Peddy, who married Salina D. Shackelford, daughter of Mordecai Shackelford and Margaret Cooper, Heard, Co., Ga. Dr Peddy was born about 1802, and married 1828 to Salina D. Shackelford, who was born 1814. They had the following children: William J., George W., Francis M., John S., Martha, Susan M., Kitty, Mary, Andrew J., Molly, Emily G., and Sarah. This family was last known to be living in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Additional information of all or any of them will be greatly appreciated.

Wanted: Information of the descendants of Tubal Cain Winchester, who was born about 1810, and married 1832, Catherine, daughter of Mordecai Shackelford and Margaret Cooper. She was born about 1816, and they had the following children: Mordecai, Margaret and Susan, and others. Last known to be living in Heard County, Ga.

We do not like to insert so may questions of our own, but when you do not supply us with your questions we have no other choice. So let us urge you again to send us interesting stories of either men or women, also birth, wedding and death announcements and obituaries. We want to give you some that will be of interest to you.

Until next month, Adios-The Editor

Transcribed by Sally Livermore June 1998

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