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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We have at one time or another published more or less records of these two William Shackelfords, but since there is some confusion as to their identity, and since we have found a number of people claiming descent from one of them while in reality they descend from the other, we feel that it is fitting and proper Food was cooked on a fire place in the large iron kettles, and we may see these kettles that we here and now show the ancestry of both of them and thereby clear up a problem that apparently has plagued several people.

Both of the above named William's were sons of a Roger Shackelford, which we presume, is the cause of the confusion. One of them was a son of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford. (see our Shackelford Clan Magazine, April, 1956, for the parentage, date of birth and death, and the identity of the wife of one of the above named William Shackelfords) and we shall here and now give you the ancestry of the other one.

This William Shackelford was a son of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford. (see your Shackelford Clan Magazine for March 1947&emdash;Will of Roger Shackelford)

This William was born about 1738, in Virginia, probably Hanover County. He was a First Lieutenant in the 14th Regiment of Virginia Militia, was wounded at the battle of Germantown and died as a result, November, 23, 1777. Following we will give you a partial list of his descendants.

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As before stated, this William Shackelford was born in Virginia, probably Hanover County. But he appears to have moved to Halifax County, Va., sometime prior to the Revolutionary war.

Our records show that he was born about 1738, but he probably was born before that time, as our records show that he had a daughter born December, 8, 1757. He married Rebecca Cook, daughter of Thomas Cook, but we have no exact dates except that of the birth of his daughter.

He had a son John who was also a soldier of the Revolution. We find the following information about him and his family.

He was in Halifax County by or before 1766, for we find that he purchased 600 acres of land from William Borroum and wife Frances, in Halifax Co., June, 9, 1766. Deed Book 6, page 44, Halifax Co., Halifax Co., Va. He was already in Halifax county at that time.

Evidently when he saw that war was approaching he made his will, and we hereby produce a copy of it.


In the name of God, Amen:

I, William Shackelford, of the County of Halifax and Parish of Antrim, being in perfect health, praised be God, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, viz: My will and desire is that my land whereon I now live should be sold at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named, and that my just debts be paid out of the sale at the discretion of my executors, and that my just debts be paid out of the sale of the said land. But in case I engage for land or lands in Henderson's purchase there or about the waters of the Ohio, then and in that case I desire my executors to secure the said land after paying my just debts out of the profits arising from the aforesaid lands, whereon I live.

Also at the discretion of my executors my family be moved to those lands secured by them if convenient, and if not, that they purchase other lands for my family where they think most proper.

Now my will and desire is that my beloved wife Rebecca Shackelford enjoy my whole estate, both real


and personal, together with raising, maintaining and schooling my children during her natural life or widowhood, and at her decease or marriage I give and bequeath and dispose of all my said estate to be equally divided among my children then living, to them and their heirs.

In case my beloved wife lives until my children come of age or marry, in that case, she at her discretion, may give them or any of them, any legacy not exceeding their proportional part.

I hearby appoint my beloved wife, and my brothers John Shackelford and Richard Shackelford, as guardians to my children and executors to this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 31st day of March anna Dmmini, seventeen hundred and seventy six. (March, 31, 1776)

Sig&emdash;William Shackelford.

Edwin Garlington, John Dickie and Sarah Dickie, Witnesses.

Probated September 17, 1778.

Will Book 1, page 254, Halifax County, Virginia.

It will be noted in the above will that William Shackelford named his wife Rebekah and his brothers&emdash;John and Richard Shackelford, as guardians of his children and executors of his will.

John Shackelford later moved to Georgia, and Richard to South Carolina and later to Alabama. And as will also be noted, he mentioned his children but never name a single one of them.

As before stated, our records show that Lt. William Shackelford was born about 1738, perhaps a few years earlier. That he married about 1756, and died November, 23, 1777, as a result of wounds received at the battle of Germantown. His wife was Rebecca or Rebekah Cook, daughter of Thomas Cook. She is said to have died about 1779, but we have never found proof for that statement, they had seven children as follows:

Nancy Ann., -------- (married Charles Gates)

John., ---------------- (never married, died about 1812)

(continued on next page)


Children of William Shackelford and his wife &endash; Rebecca Cook, continued from last page.

Mary..----------------(married Charles Rice)

Susan.,----------------(married Elisha Joyce)

Elizabeth., -----------(married Joseph Newton Whitner)

William, Jr., ---------(married Sarah Mariah Rogers)

Frances., ------------(married Hardy Owens)

Charles Gates, Sr., was born January, 14, 1761, in Buckingham County, Va. He died in Aberdeen, Miss., May, 10, 1846. He was married to Nancy Ann Shackelford, daughter of William and Rebecca Cook Shackelford, November, 17, 1780. She was born in Virginia, said to have been Louisa County, December, 8, 1757, and died June, 23, 1823. They had six children as follows:

George., -------------(married Rachel Elliott)

Thomas., ------------(married Mary (Polly) Reid)

Rebekah., ------------(no further record)

Charles, Jr.,----------(married Rose Reid)

William., ------------(married Elizabeth Ramsey)

John., ---------------(born Mar, 26, 1794. Died Nov, 21, 1810)

Charles Gates, Sr., was also a soldier of the Revolution.

George Gates, first child and son of Charles and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Gates, was born, according to our records, in Louisa County, Va., January, 27, 1784. He died in Mississippi September, 4, 1844. He was married to Mary (Polly) Reid, parentage and dates not shown, February, 16, 1812. Our records show them with thirteen children, as follows:

(see next page)


Rebecca Theresa, Joseph, John (called Jack), Rose, Margaret, Isabella, Mary M., William Reid, Thomas Rush, Helen, Charles Rush, Angelina and Samuel. Thomas Gates lived for a few years in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and for a few years in Georgia, before moving to Mississippi.

Charles Gates Jr., fourth child and third son of Charles and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Gates, was born in Virginia, probably Louisa County, November, 11, 1788. He died in Mississippi July, 13, 1871. He was married to Rose Reid, parentage not shown, October, 5, 1819. She was born, probably in South Carolina, May, 3, 1899, and died in Mississippi about 1875. They had nine children, as follows: Samuel P., G. Newton, Charles Franklin, G. Thomas, Belle Rose Ann, James Madison, John William, Margaret and Pinkey K.

William Gates, fifth child and fourth son of Charles and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Gates was born probably in Louisa County, Va., December, 9, 1791. He died in Mississippi May, 9, 1878. He was married to Elizabeth Ramsey, parentage not shown, February, 6, 1817. She was born about 1798, and died in Miss., January, 3, 1853. Our records show that they had but three children, as follows: Elizabeth, Margaret, and George. Descendants of William Gates are said to be living near Crystal Springs, Texas.

We have records of many more of the Charles and Nancy Ann Shackelford-Gates descendants, but our records are far from complete, so anything more of this family will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Shackelford, according to our records, was the third child and second daughter of William and Rebecca Cook-Shackelford. We have no vital statistics for her, except that she died in Georgia 1798. She married Charles Rice, and our records show them with five children, as follows: William, Elizabeth, Joel, Ann and James Rice.

Charles Rice was probably the son of Elijah Rice, of Halifax County, Virginia, as we find one Elijah Rive in Halifax, who left a will dated January, 25,


1833, and probated the same year, in which he names twelve children, among them a son Charles.

Susan Shackelford, fourth child and third daughter of William and Rebecca Cook-Shackelford, no dates or other information about her except that she married Elisha Joyce, and they had eight children, as follows: Ann, Elizabeth, Robert, Margaret, Absalom, William, Frances and Sarah Joyce.

Joseph Newton Whitner, Sr., was born in Germany in 1757. He died in Richmond County, Ga., 1824. He was married to Elizabeth Shackelford, daughter of William and Rebecca Cook-Shackelford, in 1789. She was born in Virginia, probably Louisa County, 1765, and died in Georgia, probably Richmond County, in 1837. They had seven children as follows: Benjamin F., John, Rebecca, Joseph Newton, Hr, Elizabeth, Sarah s., and Jane.

William Shackelford, Jr., son of William and Rebecca Cook-Shackelford, was born in Virginia, probably Louisa County, in 1769. He died in Decatur, Dekalb County, Ga., date not shown. He was married to Sarah Mariah Rogers, daughter of High Rogers, about 1795. Our records show that she was born in Ireland, but no dates are shown. They had thirteen children, as follows: Annie, Eliza Ann, Peggy, Rebecca, John, Sarah, William, Richard, Mariah, James Ludlow, Cynthia, Laura Emily, and Francis Marion.

Hardy Owens, no dates or other information whatever, except that he was born in Virginia. He married Frances Shackelford, youngest child and daughter of William and Rebecca Cook-Shackelford. And it is said that they moved to Georgia, but we have never located them. They had eight children, as follows: Cynthia, William, Nancy, Sarah, Alfred, John, Mary and Frances Owens.

Elisha and Susan Shackelford-Joyce are said to have moved to Georgia also, but we have never been able to locate them.

Therefore, we will be eternally grateful for any


additional information that can be had will be a valuable addition to the record.

"As light and the day are free to all men, so nature has left all lands open to brave men" &endash; Anon

Four new Members of the clan have been reported since the last issue of the magazine went to you, and if all reports were like this one the family name of "Shackelford" wont disappear for a very long time. We refer to the twin sons mentioned.

Donald Eugene, lusty little son of Mr. And Mrs. Theodore M. and Mary Vance-Shackelford, of Birmingham, Alabama, arrived on this orb August, 14, 1956.

Then as if to prove that he was still going all out, the stork made a stop at the home of Mr. And Mrs. William F. and Vann Gibson-Shackelford, of Atlanta, Ga., and delivered twin sons who will bear the names of Robert Hill and William Lee. The date was September, 2, 1956.

Next was the report of buxom little Terri Elizabeth, one of the sugar and everything nice variety, that arrived to bless the home of Mr. And Mrs. Gentry O. and Pauline Elizabeth Shackelford-Simms, of Whitaker, Mich., November, 3, 1956.

And on behalf of the entire clan we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to all.

But here sadness enters into the picture, for we have a report that seven members of our clan have departed from these earthly scenes since we last reported to you. They are as follows:

Mr. Homan Stultz was born a son of Peyton W. and Harriet L. Shackelford-Stultz, in Henry County, Va., May, 12, 1878. He passed on to his eternal reward September, 15, 1956. Interment in Fairview Cemetery, Roanoke Va. He has several descendants surviving, but records of them are buried under a mountain of un-copied notes, and we are not able to mention any of them at this time.

David Ashley or Asher Shackelford, was born a son of David Asher and Sally Leo Dicie Rundell-Shackelford, October, 7, 1882, at Tyler, Smith Co., Texas,


and died at his home in Hawkins, Texas, during the month of October 1956. He was one of the seventeen children. Survivors include his widow, three sons, two daughters, three brothers, two sisters and seven grand children.

Mrs. Susie B. (Lou Bell) Howe, born a daughter of Thomas E. and Henrietta Muir-Darnaby, February, 12, 1872, in Fayette Co. Ky. She passed to her eternal reward at the Maxwell Street Nursing Home, Lexington, Ky., October, 12, 1956. Her husband preceded her in death several years ago. She is survived by one son, one grand daughter and one sister.

William C.H. Wood, born a son of Thomas C. And Ann Elizabeth Clark-Wood, August, 6, 1877. Died as a result of injuries caused by being run down by a truck, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Lexington, Ky., October, 11, 1956. He was born in Woodford County, but had lived in Fayette Co., More that forty years. Survivors include one son, one daughter and four grand children.

Miss Ida Darnaby, probably the oldest member of the clan, born daughter of Dr. Robert Baylor and Eudora Sampson-Shackelford, in Albermarle Co., Va., July, 30, 1879. She died in Richmond, Va., October, 23, 1956. She was never married. Interment at Cismont, Va., place of her birth.

And next was another traffic tragedy, when Mrs. Liston K. Shackelford, of Gloucester Point, Va., died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident the day before, October, 26, 1956. She is survived by her husband, one son and one grandchild; also her parents, one brother and one sister.

And on behalf of the entire clan we extend our deepest sympathy and sincere regrets.

To all of you we extend best wishes for a happy Holiday Season.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Larry Wayne Shackelford July 15, 1998 Cary, North Carolina

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