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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas October 1956 Vol. 12. No. 6


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We feel certain that the most troublesome problem that has faced us genealogically speaking, has been our great grandfather and his family.

In the list of children of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford shown in your February 1956 Magazine, page 5, we gave them to you just as they came to us.

Since our records show that Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford married October 13, 1767, we feel safe in saying that their eldest child was born in 1768 or 1769. We have, in the above named list, listed their son, whom we designated Roger IV, listed in the sixth place. But according to census records he was either the first or second child. Census records show that he was between 60 and 70 in 1830, which would place the date of his birth between 1760 and 1770. He could have been the second child, but we prefer to believe that he was the first one, thus bearing the name of his father and his grandfather.

He came from Kentucky, evidently with his father, and was married to Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Benjamin Stewart, bond dated April 1, 1796. That was in Madison County, Kentucky.

Later, about 1812, we find him a member of the Shaker Colony, at South Union, Ky. His wife Elizabeth died there in 1816. Roger evidently deserted

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the Shakers, for we find him in Montgomery County, Tenn., 1820; and in his home was one male and one female between 16 and 26. He was between 50 and 60.

We are not certain if this young couple were his son and daughter, or his son with a wife. It must have been a son and daughter, as other records will bear out.

Then Roger evidently married again, for we find him in Henderson County, Tenn., 1830, with the following family: one male 60 to 70, three males 5 to 10, two females under 5, one female 10 to 15, and one female 20 to 30. But again we are not certain if this was a second wife or a widowed daughter.

The only thing we are certain of, was that our own grandfather - William Shackelford was his son. Our records show from the old Bible of one of the sons of William Shackelford, that he was born Mar. 10, 1795. We copied this date ourself, but the "5" was not so clear, and could have been an "8." The census records show that he was born 1798 - all of the census years 1850, 1860, and 1870.

William Shackelford, son of Roger IV, was also in Henderson County, Tenn., 1830, with the following family: One male 30 to 40, one female 20 to 30, one male and two females all under 5. This we understand. William Shackelford was married twice, his first wife being a widow with two small daughters, and his own first son was born Sept. 7, 1828.

But from that time on Roger Shackelford cannot be located. He lived to be very old, was still living in 1864, when a cousin of ours, a little boy of five, remembers seeing him, and in relating the story to us, said that Roger was the oldest looking man he had ever seen or ever did see. But he was still spry enough to be visiting from some other County or State, in the home of our grandfather.

Our mother always told us that we had relatives in Missouri, but she never knew just where. But we have combed the records of more than sixty Missouri Counties, and failed to locate him.

There is a story about Roger Shackelford that we shall relate here, as it has rather an eccentric flavor. As before stated, Roger Shackelford lived

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to be quite old, and he conceived the idea that he wanted to make his own casket, which he did, and rather a fancy one at that. He stored it up stairs. And he was rather fond of his liquid spirits, now and then to excess. On one occasion, after he had imbibed in a little too much of this favorite bourbon, he had other ideas about his casket. He said that since it was apparent that he was never going to have any use for it, that he had made up his mind to put it ot another use. He put his thoughts into action, brought his casket down and carried it to the barn and from then on used it for a trough in which to feed his horse. That was this writer's great grandfather.

It is stated that he returned to Tennessee and died, but we have never been able to confirm that one way or the other.

But here part of the authentic record begins, but with another mystery attached. Roger Shackelford and his wife - Elizabeth Stewart (known as Betsy), had at least one child - a son William Shackelford.

William Shackelford was born in Kentucky, probably Madison County, March 10, 1798. He died in Henderson County, Tenn., December 23, 1875, and interred on his own farm about four miles southeast of Lexington.

William Shackelford was also married a second time, but here again is a mystery. His wife was a widow with two small daughters, but try as we may, we have never learned who she was, or when she died. But by this first wife he had four sons and two daughters, as follows:

Wiley R.------------(born Sept. 7, 1828, died ??)

William H.----------(born April 5, 1831, died ??)

Richard Stewart----(married three times, see later)

Mary Elizabeth-----(married twice, see later)

Drucilla-------------(married Elijah Robertson)

James B.------------(married Harriet Beall)

Of the above named children we have another mystery. Wylie R. Shackelford and William H. Shackelford were born at a time that made them of military age, and both are said to have enlisted in the Union Army during the war between the States,

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and neither of them ever returned home. Family tradition has it that one of them was killed, the remaining one going to Missouri. But a search of the military records does not show that either of them ever served in the United States Army at any time. And we have no idea what became of them.

Richard Stewart, third son of William Shackelford and his first wife, was born in Henderson Co., Tennessee, September 1, 1832, and died in Henderson County, Tenn., November 30, 1899, buried at Oak Grove, five miles northeast of Lexington. And as before shown, he was married three times. His first wife being Martha J. Pritchard, by whom he had two children, as follows:

Amanda J. A.---(born Oct. 19, 1858, died May 29, 1864)

W. R. F.--------(born Oct. 24, 1864, died July 28, 1868)

Martha J. Pritchard was born June 28, 1840, and died May 14, 1865. They were married Dec. 27, 1857.

Richard Stewart Shackelford then married for his second wife - Martha Browning Franklin. She was born September 2, 1846, and died August 28, 1869. They married November 10, 1866, and had only one child - Mary Elizabeth Drucilla (married William A. Sego).

Richard Stewart Shackelford then married for his third wife - Martha Elizabeth Pirtle, December 17, 1872. She was born July 10, 1849, and died July 27, 1904. And they had but one child - a son:

Samuel Newton------(married Louella Frances Hart)

All the above births, marriages, and deaths in Henderson County, Tennessee.

Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Shackelford and his first wife, and affectionately known as "Aunt Betsy", was born in Henderson Co., Tenn., July 21, 1834, and died at Atwood, Tenn., November 17, 1905. She too, was twice married, her first husband being Thomas J. Barber, who was born November 17, 1834, place not known, and died in Henderson Co., Tenn., July 7, 1865. They were married June 24, 1862, and had but one child - a son:

Lafayette--------(born April 11, 1863, died Sept. 19, 1880)

Aunt Betsy then married for her second husband -

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Theophilus Parham, a widower, who was born in Georgia March 10, 1813, and died in Henderson County, Tenn., April 24, 1877. They were married December 2, 1866. They had but one child, a son:

John Washington--------(married Harriet E. E. Hart).

Drucilla Shackelford, youngest daughter of William Shackelford and his first wife, was born in Henderson County, Tenn., October 30, 1838, and died in Henderson County, Tennessee, February 22, 1891. She was married to Elijah Robertson, December 20, 1869. He was born in Henderson County, December 21, 1875 ??. They had three daughters, as follows:

Mary Cathey--------(born Aug. 17, 1870, never married)

Martha Jane---------(married J. T. Hart)

Nancy Drucilla------(married William E. Hamilton)

James B. Shackelford, youngest son and child of William Shackelford, and his first wife, was born in Henderson Co., Tenn., June 12, 1840, and died in Louisville, Ky., September 4, 1874. He entered the Confederate Army soon after the beginning of the war, and in some engagement, we never learned where or how, he was wounded and as a result, lost one of his hands. After his release from military service he returned home, married and immediately went to Louisville, Ky., where he died. He married Harriet Beall, about 1865, exact date not shown, and while very little is known of his family, we do know that they had two children, as follows:

Wylie--------(born 1867)

Sarah--------(born 1869)

Nothing more is known of Wylie and Sarah Shackelford, so any information of them would be very greatly appreciated.

William Shackelford, son of Roger and Elizabeth Stewart-Shackelford, married for his second wife - Mary A. Bartholomew, daughter of James and Nancy Polen-Bartholomew, about 1844. She was born November 16, 1818, in Nash County, North Carolina. And

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she died in Henderson County, Tenn., December 29, 1891. They had six children, as follows:

Martha Davis--------(born Feb. 21, 1846, died about 1859)

George Thomas------(married Martha Adeline Maness)

Nancy Helen---------(married James Harrison Pirtle)

Elnora Tennessee----(married 1st John C. Garner, married 2nd Ransom Timothy Jones)

Amanda Elizabeth----(born 1858, and died 1862)

John Emerson E.-----(married 1st Frances P. Cannon, married 2nd Sarah Luvenia Scott)

Ransom Timothy Jones and Elnora T. Shackelford-Garner were the parents of this writer, and the only child born to that union.

Other descendants of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, will be continued and concluded in the next issue.


In the September number we ran out of space before we could complete our report on the activities of Dan Cupid since our last report. So we will give you the one and only other marriage that has been reported to us, now.

Mr and Mrs Orville Hampton Esslinger, of New Market, Alabama, announce the approaching marriage of their lovely daughter - Miss Mary Virginia, to Mr Charles Donald Thomas, son of Mr and Mrs William O. Thomas, of Collins, Miss. Exact date of the nuptials not announced. Miss Esslinger descends from Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, early Madison County, Alabama, pioneers.


Now comes the sad feature of our little leaflet, and particularly so this month because of the tragedy involved, and the number, which is eleven, that his finished their earthly chores since last report.

Mrs Beaulah Lewis-Shackelford, age 70, wife of Mr Claud Shackelford, of Danville, Va., died April 27, 1956. Survivors include her husband, nine sisters and brothers. No children mentioned.

Mrs Cornelia R. Shackelford, age 84, widow of the late James R. Shackelford, of Gloucester, Va., died at her home May 27, 1956. Survivors include

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two sons, two daughters, six grand children, and four great grandchildren, and one sister.

Eugene Wharton Haley, born son of Ambrose and Nancy K. Alberti-Haley, December 4, 1888. Died at his home in Fayette Co., Ky., recently, exact date not shown, but the news reached us July 30th. He was married to Mrs Mayzella Kerns, date not shown, and apparently had only one child born to that union. Survivors include his wife, one son, two step daughters, two step grandchildren, one sister and one brother.

Mrs Rose Hagan Crim, age 81, died at the home of her daughter - Mrs Marvin N. Kays, Lexington, Ky., July 26, 1956. She was born a daughter of James T. and Annie Tolbott-Hagen, and married William Lewis Crim, son of D. F. and Mary Agnes Haley-Crim, date not shown. Only one daughter is mentioned, by whom she is survived. Other survivors include one granddaughter and two brothers.

William Clark Shackelford, born a son of Robert and Sarah Ross or Ross-Shackelford, in Mercer Co., Ky., December 20, 1873. He died in Lexington, Ky., July 29, 1956, at the home of a son. He was married to Mary Ann Armstrong, December 19, 1895. To which union were born one son and one daughter, both of whom survive. He is also survived by four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. His wife preceded him in death January 6, 1941.

John Alfred Montgomery, born a son of Jesse Franklin and Lucy A. F. Shackelford-Montgomery, in Jack Co., Texas, Oct. 7, 1867, and departed this sphere of action at the home of a son in Cotton Center, Texas, Friday night, August 10, 1956. His home was at Weatherford, Texas, but he arrived at the home of his son August 9th, suffered a heart attack and died the next day. He married Elizabeth Amanda Erwin, Dec. 1897, to which union were born nine children, six of whom survive. He is also survived by two brothers, two sisters, and several grand children.

The next is one of the most tragic that has ever happened to any Clan member, as far as we know.

Rev Thomas Heflin Shackelford, born a son of

8 (1100)

Joseph Duke and Penomia Daniel-Shackelford, Heard County, Ga., September 7, 1885. He was married to Ruth Calhoun, of Cordele, Ga., date not shown, to which union were born one son and one daughter. Date of birth for Mrs Shackelford is not shown, but she was about sixty five. Their daughter Jimmie Claire was twenty four.

Rev and Mrs Shackelford and their daughter were all three killed in a car accident in or near Marshall, North Carolina, August 23, 1956. He was pastor of the Methodist Church at Tucker, Ga., while the daughter was a missionary to Cuba. Two other people, including the seven year old daughter of Rev R. N. Barefoot, of Marshall, N. C., were killed in the same accident. Survivors include his son and three sisters.

Mrs Lillie Bell Thompson, age 44 years, born the daughter of Dave and Gabe Ella Shackelford-Webster, in Versailles, Ky., died at her home in Lexington, Ky., September 13, 1956, after a long illness. She was the widow of the late Henry Thompson. Survivors include her father, four sisters, two brothers, but no children are mentioned.

We have the ancestry of this latter named family, but would appreciate more information of descendants.

So on behalf of the entire Clan we extend our deepest sympathy and most profound regrets.


Again we were invited to attend the annual Shackelford Reunion, at Quannah Parker Community House, near Lawton, Oklahoma, over the Labor Day week end. This is an annual affair with these good people, and we always get an invitation. We hope to live long enough to attend one. Thanks a million any way, even though we were unable to be there.

Captain Michael E. McGuinn, son of Mr and Mrs M. E. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C. has been appointed and will become Military Attache in Denmark in 1957. Congratulations Michael, and also to those proud parents of yours. More power to you.


Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, December 2, 1998 - Austin, Texas


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