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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas September 1956 Vol. 12. No. 5


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In our several years of genealogical research, and with thousands of records in our possession, and with many problems yet unsolved, there is none that has been as elusive and as troublesome as the family in general, of our own great grand father and one of his brothers and one sister.

In your February 1956 Magazine, page 5, it will be noted that we listed nine children, nine known children, for Roger Shackelford and his first wife - Nancy Ann Carter. And in that same issue we gave you the names of the children of Richard, mentioned first among the children of Roger and Nancy Ann. Then in the March issue we began the discussion of the son William and concluded that discussion in the August number. And as we pointed out in that February number, we now have records showing that three sons - Edward, James, and Thomas, were not the sons of Roger.

So then next in the order that we have them listed, John is next. And this gentleman has proved to be so elusive that he might even give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. All the records that has ever come to our attention shows that John was a lawyer, married, reared a fimily, but remained in Virginia, and never followed his father to Kentucky. But in our search thus far we have failed to find him among the many John Shackelfords that we have found. So we must refer to him as elusive

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John. Contact with any of his descendants is much to be desired.

The daughter Elizabeth is the next one listed. She married James Busby.

Elizabeth Shackelford, daughter of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, was born in Virginia, probably Halifax County, October 18, 1774. We do not have the date of her death. She was married to James Busby, in Albemarle County, Va., marriage bond dated March 4, 1790. Roger Shackelford, Sr., was the bondsman.

James Busby was born in Virginia, probably Albemarle County, May 2, 1754. And he died in Bourbon County, Ky., July 18, 1835. He was a soldier of the Revolution.

Elizabeth Shackelford-Busby, (known as Betsy) in her pension petition, gives the above dates, and states that she had the following children:

Cynthia---------(born 1795, married ??)

Patsy-----------(born 1797, married ??)

Gabriella--------(born 1804, married ??)

Sophia----------(born 1806, married Dangerfield Dunn)

Georgia Ann----(born 1808, married Jake Duncan)

James, Jr.-------(born 1812, married ??)

Polly------------(born 1814, married ??)

Sarah Jane------(born 1816, married Isaac Colvin)

James Busby first moved to Monongalia County, Va., now West Virginia, and the two daughters Cynthia and Patsy were born there. All the others were born in Kentucky, probably in Bourbon County.

The following marriages are of record in Bourbon County, Ky. The dates are of the marriage bonds:

Dangerfield Dunn married Sophia Busby, bond dated May 21, 1833.

Isaac Colvin married Sarah Jane Busby, bond dated January 19, 1835.

Jake Duncan married Georgia Ann Busby, bond dated February 5, 1839.

What happened to the other Busby son and daughters, or to those that married, we have never been able to determine. Some of them are said to have moved to Indiana, but we have never found the proof for that statement.

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The next child of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter, is Sarah. She is said to have married a Mr Porter, but she is another of those elusive persons. However, we believe that we located the Porter family in Harrison County, Ky. Harrison County was created in 1793 from Scott and Bourbon Counties.

There were several Porter families in both Bourbon and Harrison, but this is the only one that had a wife named Sarah. And records show them to have been from Virginia. But we are not making the positive statement that she was the daughter of Roger, but do believe that she was.


I, Charles Porter, of the County of Harrison and State of Kentucky, being in low health, but of sound mind and memory, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make, constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say:

1st: It is my will that my executor hereinafter named, sell so much of my perishable estate as shall be sufficient to pay all my debts in such manner as he may think proper, either privately or publically, and that he liquidate such debts without the aid of laws as he may choose, and he is hereby clothed with full power to act as he may think to be right.

2nd: I give to my beloved wife - Sarah Porter all my estate both real and personal, which may remain after the payment of my debts aforesaid, for and during her natural like time, to be used by her under the immediate direction and control of my executor, for the support and raising of my children.

3rd: It is my will that at the death of my said wife, the whole of my estate that may then remain both real and personal, be sold by my said executor in such way as he may think best, and the money arrising therefrom be equally divided among my children - namely: Catherine Moody, Stanfield Porter, Polly Owings, Francis, Nancy, Malinda, Thomas, Joseph, Lewis, and Shelton Porter, to each of them, share and share alike. Which I give to them and

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their heirs forever.

And lastly I do hereby appoint my friend and neighbor - Major John Smith, my executor, to execute this my last Will, and because I have perfect confidence in his honesty and integrity I hereby forbid that any inventory of any kind be made of my said estate, or any security or oath be required of him, believing as I do, that he will do equal justice to every branch of my remaining family when my God shall have called me hence.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this the fourth day of April eighteen hundred and eighteen (April 4, 1818).

Signed - Charles Porter.

Charles Smith and Elijah Chinn, witnesses.

Probated July 1818. Will Book 1, page 411.

Harrison County, Kentucky.


The following marriage records are to be found in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Jesse Henry married Nancy Porter, marriage bond dated August 11, 1818.

John Moody married Caty Porter, marriage bond dated October 18, 1810.

Thomas Porter married Sarah Corbin, marriage bond dated September 30, 1824.

Benjamin Gosnell married Malinda Porter, bond dated February 28, 1821.

John Owings married Polly Porter, marriage bond dated March 2, 1812.

Confirmation of the identity of Sarah, wife of Charles Porter is greatly needed; as also additional information of the above named families.

Following are a few marriage records to be found in Bourbon Co., Ky., of whom we need additional data.

Jonathan Gillett married Hannah Shackelford, bond dated August 19, 1790 (this name may be Gilbert).

John Keenon married Elizabeth Shackelford, marriage bond dated May 21, 1779.

William Shackelford married Frances Duncan, bond dated October 5, 1779.

William Shackelford married Sabina Metcalf, bond dated February 16, 1799.

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James Porter married Permelia Shackelford, bond dated March 19, 1803.

Benjamin Shackelford married Nancy W. Trimble, bond dated December 2, 1834.

William H. Shackelford married Margaret Hickman, bond dated February 21, 1837.

Alexander C. Shackelford married Nancy R. Towles, bond dated August 15, 1846.

Richard Claiborn Shackelford married Anna Maria C. Scott, bond dated October 14, 1846.

Additional information of these Bourbon County Shackelfords greatly desired.


Before continuing with the records of the descendants of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford we would like to bring you up todate on some of the family news, as well as to make some corrections, and the corrections will come first.

In your September 1955 Magazine, pages two and three, we gave you the Will of George Lyne Shackelford, and on page 4 we stated that our records show that George Lyne was a son of Col Lyne Shackelford and his second wife - Sarah Taliaferro. We also stated that some records show that George Lyne was a son of the first wife of Col Lyne, who was Elizabeth Taliaferro.

Now comes Mrs Charles W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va., and makes the request that we correct our statements above mentioned, and that George Lyne was a son of Col Lyne and his first wife - Elizabeth Taliaferro. And she bases her statement on information contained in an old family letter. So in due consideration to Mrs Purcell, we therefore are happy to publish her statement, along with her source of information.

Mrs Purcell further states that George Lyne Shackelford died July 15, 1847. Our records show June 15, 1847. She also states that he died near Lynchburg, Va., at an estate known as "Spring Valley."

Now it is not our policy, nor will it ever be, to take issue with any person regarding their own ancestry. But in this case we do have the following facts. Lynchburg, Va., is in Campbell County, and

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George Lyne Shackelford, in his will, states that he was of Amherst County, and his will was proved in Amherst County. But Amherst and Campbell Counties adjoin, and only a few miles separates Lynchburg and the village of Amherst. So George Lyne Shackelford could have lived near Lynchburg, yet lived in Amherst County.

Francis B. Shackelford, second wife of George L. also stated in her will that she was of Amherst, and her will was proved in Amherst. And although they may have lived near Lynchburg, records prove that their property was in Amherst.

In your October 1955 Magazine, page 5, we show Edwin J. Hockaday's probable place of birth as Madison Co., Ky. Mrs Purcell shows that he was born at Greenup, Ky., and that he also died there.

Martha, daughter of Edwin J. and Juliet E. Shackelford-Hockaday, was born in Greenup, Ky., December 13, 1836. She died December 11, 1871, in Cabell County, W. Va., and is buried at Greenup, Ky.

Benjamin Jefferson McComas, son of William McComas and Mildred Ward-McComas, was born May 28, 1835, in Cabell County, near Narboursville, W. Va., and he died in the same County, not in Greenup County, Ky., as we had it.

This completes the corrections. Mrs Purcell made additons to the record that we did not have, but the above appears to be the only ones wherein our records are in error. We are sorry for the errors, and happy to make the necessary corrections.


"You cannot control the length of your life, but you can control its width and debth" -


Before we continue with the records of the descendants of Roger and Nancy Ann Carter-Shackelford, we want to bring you up todate with news and other items, some of it very tragic indeed.

But before the news, we would like to welcome the following new subscribers: Mr Russell E. Bidlack, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mrs Joe K. Jenkins, of Hughesville, Mo.; Mr Smith Shackelford and Mrs Everett Drury, both of Lawrenceburg, Ky.; Mr R. R. Buell, of

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Prairie du Sac, Wis.; and Mrs William M. Brown, of Versailles, Ky. And renewals from the following: Mrs C. W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va.; Mrs C. W. Matthews, of Woodland, Ga.; Mr H. H. Powell, of Louisville, Ky.; Mr F. T. Shackelford, of Minneapolis, Minn.; Mrs Jennie G. Seitz, of Fresno, Calif.; Mr R. H. Shackelford, of Canton, Miss; Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Dallas, Texas; Mr H. M. Smith, of Decatur, Ga.; Mr George R. Shackelford, of Texarkana, Ark.; Mrs James G. Calloway, of Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs B. E. Jones, of Yazoo City, Miss.; Mr B. L. Shackelford, of Waynesboro, Va.; Mrs H. H. Shackelford, of Newport News, Va.; Mr M. T. Shackleford, of Cisne, Ill.; and one other whose name is to be withheld.

To all of whom we are deeply grateful.

And the following persons favored us with additional information: Mrs B. W. Gandrud, Mrs C. W. Purcell, Mrs Beryl Monroe, Mr J. R. Johnson, Mrs Vernon E. McArthur, Mr William Shackelford, Mrs George Fisher, Mr John F. Morrison, Jr., Mrs Augusta B. Therrell, Mr. H. H. Powell, Mr George R. Shackelford, Mr R. R. Buell, Mrs B. L. Shackelford, Mrs Willie Mae King, and Mrs William M. Brown.

And orchids to Mrs William M. Brown, of Versailles, Ky., for the valuable information she sent along, with a promise of more. Thanks a million to each of you, we hope we will be able to compensate in some manner. We shall be ever grateful for your kindness.


Only two new members of the Clan has been reported since our last issue went to you, and one of them was only mentioned - no name or date shown.

But we can report little Miss Debra Ann, buxom little daughter of Mr and Mrs Carl O. and Ruby Shackelford-Buster, of Texarkana, Ark., arrived May 23, 1956. Congratulations and best wishes.

Dan Cupid appears to have caused much more attention this past month than the Stork, for we have seven marriages and approaching marriages to report.

The first one is one that almost came in time to be included in our last issue, but not quite. Miss

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Alyce Jane Powell, the lovely daughter of Mr and Mrs H. H. and Natalie Jane Stultz-Powell, of Louisville, Ky., was the first to say her "I do's" when she became the bride of Mr William C. Gannaway, Jr., son of Mr and Mrs William C. Gannaway, Sr., of Huntsville, Alabama, January 27, 1956.

Next we find Miss Gail Carson, the lovely and the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael E. and Margaret Cadelia Shackelford-McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C., the bride of Mr Joseph Carswell, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, June 28, 1956.

Mary Lou Lewis, one of the attractive daughters of Mr and Mrs Orvil L. and Lizzie Adeline Sego-Lewis, of Lexington, Tenn., became the bride of Mr Bobby McDaniel, July 21, 1956. His parentage and residence not shown.

Mr and Mrs McGuinn of Spartanburg, S. C., mentioned above, also lost a son to the darts of Dan Cupid, when Miss Phullis Carmen, the talented daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph J. Perrini, of New York, became the bride of Mr Kerry Chadwick McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C., August 18, 1956.

Kerry has just finished a stint with Uncle Sam, and is now an engineering student at The North Carolina State University.

And now it appears that a Shackelford descendant has decided to follow the example of Grace Kelly and become royalty. Miss Selene Smith, daughter of Mrs Sumter Smith, of Birmingham, Ala., and Washington, D. C., and the late Col Sumter Smith, a noted star of the European Concert World, will become the bride of Prince Alexei Obolensky, in mid-autumn, exact date not announced. They are both residing in Rome, Italy, at the present time. Miss Smith descends from Zadock Daniel Shackelford, of Alabama.

Mr and Mrs J. L. Shackelford, of Hazard, Ky., announced the approaching marriage of their beautiful daugher - Glenda Maud, to Mr Billy Arimes, son of Mr and Mrs Nick Arimes, of Lothairo, Ky. Exact date not shown, but the wedding to be in September.

Sincere congratulations to each and every one of the contracting parties.

Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 30, 1998 - Austin, Texas.


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