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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lubbock, Texas July 1956 Vol. 12. No. 3


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In your April Magazine we closed while discussing the descendants of William Shackelford and Elizabeth Moore. Then in your May and June numbers we had to leave this branch of the family in order to publish a request, but now we will resume our discussion of the descendants of William and Elizabeth.

We also have more family news for you this month.

In the April Magazine we gave you a list of the nine children of Robinson and Sarah Camp-Shackelford, and in naming his descendants we had finished with the family of Joseph Carter, son of Robinson. See the April Magazine, pages 4, 5, and 6.

And we find that the next child of Robinson and Sarah, was Evaline Thomas. A peculiar name for a girl, but that is what the record shows:

Edaline Thomas Shackelford, daughter of Robinson and Sarah, was born in Edmonson County, Ky., November 23, 1880. She married William C. Doyle, parentage and dates not shown. They had at least five children, as follows:

Eliza Jane------(married Benjamin Franklin Turley)

Cynthia--------(married James Dennison)

Luther---------(married Cassie Staples)

Sarah (Sally)---(married Peter Rink)

Janie-----------(married David Isbell)

Benjamin Franklin Turley, parentage not shown,

2 (1070)

was born in Edmonson County, Ky., September 29, 1840, and died in Edmonson County, Ky., November 29, 1886. He was married to Eliza Jane, daughter of William C. and Edaline Thomas Shackelford-Doyle, April 8, 1866. She was born in Edmonson County, Ky., November 1, 1842, and died in Edmonson County, Ky., August 12, 1925. They had eleven children, as follows: William Hulen, Florence Huntley, Isabell Frances, Luther Perry, Ida Mildred, Macfadus, Altavis, Annie Edaline, James Allen, Millie Derriet, and Etta Ermine. Macfadus and Altavis Turley were twins, born and died August 20, 1875. Luther Perry Turley was born July 13, 1872, and died November 20, 1872.

James Dennison, parentage and dates not shown, married Cynthia, daugher of William C. and Edaline Thomas Shackelford-Doyle, but date is not shown, but she was born in Edmonson County, Ky., February 9, 1843, and died in Edmonson County, Ky., December 7, 1928. They had eight children, as follows: Lenora, Lewis, Eliza, Mary, Edward, Frank, Bessie, and Luther.

Luther Doyle, son of William C. and Edaline Thomas Shackelford-Doyle, no dates shown, but he married Cassie Staples, no parentage or dates shown. They had eight children, as follows: Edward, Frank, Alfred, Riley, Netty, Mona, John, and Henry.

We have no record of Sarah (Sally) Doyle, daughter of William C. Doyle, except that she married Peter Rink, and had one child - Lee Rink.

Nor do we have any record of Janie Doyle, daughter of William C. Doyle, except that she married David Isbell, and had one daughter - Addie Isbell.

We have no records of the family of Martin Luther Shackelford, son of Robinson and Sarah Camp-Shackelford, except that he married Martha Bird, and had two children - Elizabeth Jane and Oliver Lee Shackelford. He lived in Hart County, Ky., where all records have been destroyed, so we could find nothing about his family from official records.

Oliver Perry, son of Robinson and Sarah Camp-

3 (1071)

Shackelford, was born in Edmonson County, Ky., August 30, 1828. He died in Edmonson County, Ky., May 5, 1923, just a few weeks short of his 95th year. He was married to Margaret P. Slemmons, daughter of E. L. Slemmons, January 5, 1852. She was born in Hart County, Ky., September 14, 1827, and died in Edmonson County, Ky., April 22, 1923. They had no children. Thus it will be seen that Oliver Perry Shackelford and his wife Margaret both lived to a ripe old age, and were married more than seventy one years.

We have a copy of the Will of Oliver P. Shackelford that we feel is of sufficient interest to you that we herewith give it you now - in part.


I, O. P. Shackelford, of Edmonson County, Ky., make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, revoking all former Wills.

Item First: I will that all my just debts shall be paid first.

Item Second: I hereby appoint Andy O. Jones my executor to carry out this Will, also to see to my wife that she is well cared for and to take care of her estate and see that she is not swindled out of her living, and that she is decently buried and good white monuments placed at our graves, worth at least one hundred dollars, with the dates of our births, marriage and death, and with the emblems of a Master Mason and Eastern Star Mason, also see that my wife and I also have nice couches to bury us in, and have an iron fence or cemented stone wall around the graves before any of the estate shall be distributed to any heir or legatee.

Item 3rd: I hereby give everything I possess on earth both real and personal, including bank stock, bank accounts and cash notes, to my wife during her natural life.

Item 4th: I will that after myself and wife are buried and monuments set up at the graves and they are fenced, than my executor shall have half of all the estate that remains for distribution, and Ebenezer Davis, of Louisville, Ky., is to have half of

4 (1072)

the remainder, and Mary J. Houchin, wife of Woodford Houchin, is to have the remainder, taking in the whole estate except the following named articles towit: One dresser to Ida B. Jones, one bedstead and mattress to Ida Davis, wife of Garrett Davis, one rocking chair to Mary Frankie Jones, one wardrobe and one square table to Oliver Houchin, and one lounge to Woodford Houchin.

Signed in the presence [of] J. D. Simmons and C. C. Hawkins, this 11th day of September, 1920.

Sig. - O. P. Shackelford.

Probated May 7, 1923.

Will Book 2, page 270, Edmonson County, Kentucky.

We had hoped to have more information of Oliver Perry Shackelford for you, as he appears to have been quite an interesting old gentleman. He kept a journal of events of his life for many years, and that journal is now in possession of Andy O. Jones (if Mr Jones is still living), of Cave City, Ky.

In this above mentioned journal Oliver Perry Shackelford makes the claim that he and his brother Martin Luther Shackelford , were the first persons to discover the great Mammoth Cave, and were the first guides in the exploration of said cave.

This writer went to the home of Mr Andy Jones and he let us examine the journal, but our time was limited and we did not have the time to make a copy of it, but Mr Jones promised to loan it to us for that purpose, but for some reason he never did. We would have copied and returned it to Mr Jones, but possibly he was afraid to trust us with it.

The last surviving child of Robinson and Sarah Camp-Shackelford, was Sarah Elizabeth, of whom we have no information except that she married John Davis, and had two children - Mary Jane and Walter.


"A little white lie never remains white for long" -


Before we continue with Shackelford records we wish to bring you up todate with a few family news and other items; and will begin by introducing

5 (1073)

two brand new members of the Clan.

Little Miss Teri Claye, winsome daughter of Mr and Mrs Melvin J. Shackelford, of McCalla, Alabama, put in her appearance April 3, 1956.

Then a buxom little Miss arrived at the home of Lt and Mrs Marion Easley and Patricia Glenn Keen-Shackelford, of Fort Meade, Maryland, May 12, 1956, and will henceforth be known as Mary.


We have no weddings to report, but do have the announcement of an approaching marriage, which we presume was consumated on schedule, but we have not as yet had the wedding announcement.

Captain and Mrs D. L. King, of Fort Ord, Calif., announced the approaching marriage of their lovely daughter - Barbara Louise, to Lt Milton Marion Shackelford, son of Mr and Mrs John Albert Shackelford, of Columbus, Miss. The wedding was to be in June 1956. Both Captain King and Lt Shackelford are members of the 7th Infantry Division, Fort Ord, Calif.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire clan, we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes.


Now it becomes our duty, sad though it be, to report the passing of five members of our clan, four of them venerable and revered.

The first is that of Mrs Mary Elizabeth Franks-Shackelford, wife of Mr Clinton Oscar Shackelford, Sr., of Columbus, Miss. The complete details failed to reach us, as they were sent to us in Kentucky, and for some reason never did reach us. But we know that Mary Elizabeth Franks was born February 22, 1880, in Mississippi, and died at Columbus, Miss., early this year. She was married to Clinton Oscar Shackelford December 23, 1897, to which union were born seven children, and according to our records all of them survive. She is also survived by her husband and several grand children.

In our quest for records we had the pleasure of visiting in the home of Mr and Mrs Clinton Oscar Shackelford, and happy to say that we were treated with kindness and courtesy and with co-operation, as much as they could give. Her loss is keenly felt.

6 (1074)

The next one was Mrs Laura Hinton-Shackelford, of Beverlyville, Va., widow of the late John Franklin Shackelford. Her parentage and date of birth not shown, but she was born Laura Hinton, in Northumberland County, Va. She was married to John Franklin Shackelford, son of William Shackelford, Jr., and Mary Agnes Cooke, September 7, 1909. She passed to her eternal reward April 12, 1956. To her was born two sons - Dr. J. Hinton Shackelford, of Baltimore, Maryland, and William C. Shackelford, of Reedville, Va. She is survived by both sons and several grand children, one sister and four brothers.

Mrs Laura Hinton Shackelford was a subscriber for our little leaflet for several years, and to her goes the credit for many of the records that we have of her branch of the family.

Judge John Macklin Stevenson, born a son of Rev Thomas J. and Anna Macklin-Stevenson, in Franklin County, Ky., January 12, 1873. Died at his home in Winchester, Ky., May 13, 1956. He was married to Miss Linna Witherspoon in 1899, to which union were born four sons, all of whom survive. Survivors also include six grand children, and one great grand child. Judge Stevenson was a man of many accomplishments, and we wish we had the space to tell you more about this splendid man and citizen.

The next is one that touches this writer very deeply. Edward Huey Shackelford, born a son of John E. E. Shackelford and Frances Permelia Cannon, near Alamo, Crockett County, Tenn., January 2, 1883. And he died at the home of his daughter - Mrs Velma Middleton, in Ypsilanti, Mich., June 16, 1956, of a heart attack. His home was in Lexington, Tenn., but he had gone to Michigan to be present at the graduation of his grand daughter, which he attended Friday night, and then died early the next morning.

Edward Huey Shackelford was a first cousin to this writer, and although he was our cousin we feel that he was one of the best men we have ever known. He was a devoted husband, a kind, loving, and patient father, generous to a fault. He was a solid citizen, respected by all who know him and idolized by his family. He was married to Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie)

7 (1075)

Sisson, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Ezekiel Sisson, of Lexington, Tenn., February 15, 1906, to which union were born one son and three daughters. They also had one daughter by adoption. His wife preceded him in death in 1940. He is survived by all of his children, his adopted daughter and at least seven grand children, his step mother and four sisters and a host of nephews and nieces.

Although he died in Michigan he was brought back to Tennessee and laid to rest beside his beloved wife, in Oak Grove Cemetery, where our own little mother has been sleeping for the past fifty years.

Laura Lavern, born the daughter of Edwin Arthur and Atha Australia-Shackelford, at Hale Center, Texas, June 3, 1919. She died at The Plains Hospital, Hale Center, Texas, July 14, 1956. She was the eleventh of fourteen children, and was never married. Survivors include her mother, seven brothers and five sisters and a host of nephews and nieces.

And on behalf of the entire clan we extend our deepest sympathy and profound regrets. May the Lord bless and comfort each of you in your sorrow.


We wish to welcome Mr Seth D. Breeding, of Austin, Texas, as a new subscriber, who also included an order for a complete set of twelve volumes; and we have renewals from Mrs A. M. Grimsley, of Fayette, Ala.; Mrs B. H. Hartsfield, of Birmingham, Ala.; Miss Emma B. Coons, of Lexington, Ky.; and we wish to acknowledge having received a remittance from Mr John F. Morrison, Jr., of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., for a set of the first five volumes. To all of whom we say again - Thanks a million.

We also wish to thank the following persons for additional information sent in the past few days: Mrs G. O. Simms, of Whitaker, Mich.; Mrs J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mr John F. Morrison, Jr., of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Mrs Virginia McArthur, of Hutchinson, Kansas; and Mrs C. W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va. To all of whom we are indeed grateful and appreciate your kindness very much.

Since we have but one more page of this number we

8 (1076)

wish to make mention of two or three or four personal items which we feel will be of interest.

Mrs Blanche G. Dickson, of Brownsville, Texas, who has been a subscriber for several years, and has been a liberal contributor of data, is now residing in Spain. Just before leaving she renewed her subscription, so we presume that the magazine is now winding its way across the Atlantic. She is planning residence in Spain for about three years.

Many times have the readers of the magazine seen the name of Henry Guthrie and Nancy Ann Shackelford, a sister to our own great grandfather, mentioned. Now comes a story from Mr John F. Morrison, Jr., of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., of the annual reunion of descendants of Henry Guthrie and Nancy Ann Shackelford, held at the Country Estate of Mr and Mrs M. M. Culp, and Mrs Minnie Read, on the banks of beautiful Stones River near Donelson, Tenn., July 4, 1956. And according to Mr Morrison, all had a wonderful time. We had an invitation to attend, but unable to get there. So may we say congratulations and best wishes for many many more reunions.

Then we do not feel it amiss to mention our own pleasant experience in June, one of the most pleasant happenings of our life.

We have two sisters and one brother living - just the four of us left out of a total of thirteen. I am the youngest of the four, and we have a combined age of 312 years. The older of the sisters married and left home before I was born, and odd as it is, the four of us had never all been together at one time in our entire life time. And the two sisters had not seen each other in more than fifty years. But on the 10th day of June 1956 we had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying our very first reunion at the home of our brother - Mr and Mrs Sam T. Jones, of Temple, Oklahoma. We too, had a wonderful time.


We just have enough space to again remind you of the special offer on the magazine. Twelve volumes bound in brown press board, for the sum of $7.00, post paid to any point in the United States.

Until next month, Adios - The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, November 28, 1998 - Austin, Texas.

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