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"Old Dobbin had his faults but you didn't have to put license plates on the buggy"--


In your April magazine we closed while discussing the descendants of William Shackelford and his wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore-Shackelford. We shall get back to that branch of the family later. But it has always been our policy to publish records that have been requested, and answers to queries whenever and wherever we have them, and this month we do have a request for records.

We are unable to fully answer the question which comes from Mr. Marshall Thurman Shackleford, of Cisne, Ill., but we shall by happy to publish what we do have. Mr. Shackleford descends from one John Shackleford, who died in Ross County, Ohio, in 1821. But we are unable to give you his ancestry--the ancestry of this John Shackleford.

There were definitely two different branches of the family in that section of Ohio, perhaps three, and as they lived near each other, apparently were neighbors, and had children with similar names it


is extremely difficult to get them properly placed in the lineage. They apparently lived in Ross, Fayette, Pike, Pickaway and Morrow Counties. One of them originated in Maryland, another in Virginia and perhaps still another in Pennsylvania. We will discuss all three. But there was still another in Fayette County that has been discussed at length in previous issues of the magazine.

By consulting your map it will be seen that there is one point where Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland almost have a common connection, and a person could well have been born in either of the three States, and yet have been neighbors to others living in either of the other two States. And since our records show only the State of birth we cannot be certain on any one place in either of them.

So more and more this problem becomes a Chinese puzzle. Therefore any help from any one will be appreciated very much.

We will begin with the census records, then give you what official records we have, and then follow up with information that has come from various correspondents and known descendants of some of them.

But first, there was one James Shackelford, who married Mary Tiffin, and who was a son of John and Mary Mason-Shackelford, and who once lived in Fayette County, Ohio, and had a large family, whose record has been published previously. Then according to Mrs. Jennie T. Grayson, of Charlottesville,Va., this James Shackelford had a brother, Lewis, who also moved to Ohio. But this last statement is questionable, as we have been unable to find proof that James had a brother Lewis. But there was a Lewis Shackelford, two of them, that lived in Ohio, Miami County, where several of the descendants of James later moved.

However, census records show the following:

There was one James Shackelford in Fayette County, Ohio, in 1820, with the following family: 4 males under 10, 1 male over 10 and under 26, 1 male 26 to 45, and 2 males over 45. And there were no females in this family. So this could not have been the James who married Mary Tiffin, as she was still


living in 1820 and they had several daughters by that time. And since he was born 1781 he would not have been over forty five years of age.

In 1830 we find three Shackelford families in Fayette County, Ohio, as follows:

Lewis Shackelford with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5 to 10, 1 male 10 to 15, 1 male 15 to 20, and 1 male 40 to 50. And the following females: 4 females under 5, 2 females 5 to 10, 1 female 15 to 20, and 1 female 30 to 40.

James Shackelford with the following family: 1 male under 5, 1 male 5 to 10, 3 males 10 to 15, 1 male 15 to 20, and 1 male 50 to 60. And the following females: 1 female under 5, 1 female 5 to 10, 1 female 20 to 30, and one female 40 to 50.

Richard Shackelford with the following family: 1 male 60 to 70, and the following females: 1 female 10 to 15, and one female 40 to 50.

Remarks: See later remarks about the above mentioned Lewis Shackelford.

The James mentioned in the 1830 census may have been the James who married Mary Tiffin, but if so then the census records are not absolutely accurate.

But who was this Richard? He was from Maryland, as we shall see later.

In the 1850 census of Fayette County, Ohio, is to be found the following Shackelfords:

Richard Shackelford, age 89, born in Maryland, and living alone.

William Shackelford, age 37, born in Tennessee

Catherine, his wife, age 27, born in Ohio

And with three (sic) children, as follows:

Harriet, age 7, born in Ohio

Elvira, age 5, born in Ohio

Austin, age 2, born in Ohio

Eliza, age 1, born in Ohio

Lewis Shackelford, age 65, born in Virginia

Elizabeth, his wife, age 56, born in Virginia

Eliza, age 24, born in Ohio

Joab, age 18, born in Ohio

And our records show that Lewis and Elizabeth Shackelford had the following eight children:


Henry, Elizabeth, William, Stephen, Lewis, Jr., John Wesley, Nancy and one other daughter that married Marion Foster. The latter daughter not named. And it will be noted that Joab and Eliza are not among this group. And the first five named in this group were born in Pennsylvania.

But there was another Lewis Shackelford who also had a wife named Elizabeth, born 1784, and his wife born 1793, and who had the following children: William, James, John, Elizabeth, Eliza and Joab. However, the last two named men by the name of Lewis Shackelford could have been one and same man. One of them lived in Morrow County, Ohio, at one time.

Then in Ross County we find one John Shackleford who may have been a brother to the above named Lewis, or one of them. But if there were two of them it is apparent that one of them was a brother to James B. Shackelford, and the other appears to be related to John of Ross County.

John Shackelford was in Ross County as early as1809. He left a Will and named his wife Nancy, and mentioned his children but never named a single one of them. His Will was dated November 3, 1815, and probated in April 1821.

But from other records we learn that he had six children, at least six, all of whom apparently were still living in 1824, but apparently all of them except one, were under age. So John Shackleford must have died when comparatively a young man.

Deed records of Ross County show that John Shackleford purchased 70 acres of land on Paint Creek, in Ross County, from one James Dungan and his wife Mary N. (Polly) Dungan, April 19, 1809. Deed Book 8, page 437, Ross County, Ohio. But what he did with this tract of land we were unable to determine.

We do not know the maiden name of John Shackleford's wife, but what may be a clue is to be found in the following instrument:

In the Court of Common Pleas, John Shackleford was the plantiff in a law suit, and the following named persons were the defendants: Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Richard Kidder, Nancy and Henry Massie,


infant heirs under the ages of 18 and 21 years of age, of Nathaniel Massie, deceased, late of Ross County, by William Creighton, Jr., guardian of the above named Massie heirs; and as a result of the law suit Creighton, as guardian, sold their interest in the 67 acres of land in Ross County, to John Shackleford, October 21, 1817, DB 14, page 485.

The above does not prove anything, as Nathaniel Massie, deceased, may have been in debt to John Shackleford. But on the other hand it may be that Nancy Shackleford, wife of John, was also an heir of Nathaniel Massie, and being an heir was forcing the sale of said land in order to collect her share. We regret that the record did not show the cause.

The next instrument gives us a clue to the names of John Shackleford's children, when William Shackelford and his wife, Mary, of Ross County, sold their interest, which was 1/6 of the above mentioned 67 acres, to John W. Airey, September 6, 1824. Deed Book 20, page 71, Ross County, Ohio.

Then Henry Shackleford sold his interest, which was 1/5 of what was left, to John W. Airey, January 2, 1830. Deed Book 24, page 269, Ross County, Ohio.

Then Elizabeth Shackleford and John W. Airey, as guardians for Lewis and Stephen Shackleford sold the interest of all of them back to Henry Shackleford, March 14, 1834. Deed Book 28, page 490. Ross County, Ohio. In this last instrument William Shackleford and William Miller were witnesses.

So in the above instruments we possibly have the names of the six children of John and Nancy Shackleford, ie William, Henry, Nancy--wife of John W. Airey, Elizabeth, Lewis and Stephen. Later we will have more to say about this John W. Airey.

Following are Shackelford-Shackleford marriage records to be found in Ross and Fayette Counties, Ohio. Ross County will be shown first.

John W. Airey married Nancy Shackleford, March 6, 1821.

William Miller married Elizabeth Shackleford, July 18, 1834.

John Shackelford married Julia Ann Finnamore, January 15, 1835.


Lewis Shackelford and Elizabeth Ann Bryant, were married May 28, 1839.

Stephen T. Shackelford married Sarah Jane Marshall, May 25, 1841.

The above marriages in Ross County, Ohio.

The following marriages in Fayette County, Ohio.

John A. Shackelford married Maranda Griffith, March 24, 1865.

Jesse Shackelford married Elizabeth Mills, December 19, 1866.

John H. Shackelford married Etta Curtis, July 2, 1870.

Lewis Shackelford married Mary Geler, September 14, 1848.

Milton A. Shackelford married Serena C. Grove, November 27, 1881.

Stephen T. Shackleford married Rebecca Tenant, January 8, 1856. (written Stephen L. Shackelford)

Silas Shackelford married Belle Springer, January 6, 1876.

Simon Shackelford married Ella Groves, September 1, 1881.

William Shackelford married Mary House, April 1, 1823.

William Spencer married Armilda Shackelford, April 16, 1884.

William Tanquary married Elizabeth Shackelford, January 26, 1826. (daughter of James B. Shackelford).

John F. Van Dike married Elizabeth Shackelford, October 16, 1834.

William Withgott married Eliza Shackelford, August 8, 1850.

Daniel Tway married Elizabeth Shackelford, February 17, 1859. (daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Ann Bryant-Shackelford).

John F. Airey married Mary Shackelford, November11, 1847.

Thomas E. Armstrong married Mary E. Shackelford, August 30, 1865.

Phillip Carr married Mrs. Mary Shackelford, widow, November 3, 1870.

Solomon Smith married Nancy Shackelford, October,


15, 1835.

George Bainter or Painter married Nancy Shackelford. May 7, 1840.

There were many other Shackelford marriages, but all of more recent dates than the above, so we do not feel that it is necessary to publish them here.

We see too, that we have made an error in spelling, as all the above named persons are shown as "Shacklefords", not Shackelfords.

Now for the puzzles. We have shown that Henry Shackleford purchased the land formerly owned by John Shackleford, from the other heirs, March 14, 1834. Deed Book 28, page 490.

Then Henry Shackleford sold the above tract of land to one John Jacob Strawhacker, December 18, 1834. Deed Book 30, page 67. And from this date Henry Shackleford does not appear on the Ross County records--Deed Records.

But in 1850 we find one Elizabeth Shackleford, born 1785, and one Henry Shackleford, born 1804, she born in Ohio and he in Pennsylvania, living in the home of Lewis and Elizabeth Ann Shackleford, in Fayette County, Ohio.

Query: Who was this Elizabeth Shackleford? Was she a sister to John Shackleford? And was she the Elizabeth that has been a guardian of Lewis and Stephen Shackleford?

According to records sent to us by Mr. Marshall T. Shackleford, of Cisne, Ill., and also by Mrs. Nancy A. Todd, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, (latter is probably now deceased, as she is 96 years of age.) Lewis Shackleford who married Elizabeth Ann Bryant, was one of the children of John and Nancy Shackleford, of Ross County, Ohio.

There will be more on this family in the next issue. And you will see that the mystery becomes more mysterious.

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And don't forget the special offer of $7.00 for all twelve volumes.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

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