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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Lubbock, Texas November 1955. Vol. 11. No. 7


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In the last two issues of the magazine we have been discussing the family of George Lyne Shackelford. In this issue we wish to complete what we have of his descendants, and perhaps add something about his second wife and those she mentions, and thus try to determine the relationships.

The seventh child of George Lyne and Martha Hockaday-Shackelford, was their fourth son and named in honor of our fourth president--James Madison.

James Madison Shackelford, fourth son of George Lyne, was born in Madison County, Ky., June 4, 1812, and died in Madison County, Ky., December 5, 1867. He was twice married, his first wife being Priscilla Culbertson, daughter of John Culbertson, whom he married February 18, 1836. She was born April 16, 1814, in Lawrence County, Ohio, and died in Madison County, Ky., May 12, 1844. They had four children, as follows:

George Taliaferro--------------(married Emma Jane Douglas)

John---------------------------(b. Dec. 3, 1838. d. Aug. 7, 1840)

Edmund James-----------------(married Nannie Embry or Embree)

Mary---------------------------(b. July 13, 1843. d. July 24, 1844)

George Taliaferro, son of James Madison and Priscilla Culbertson-Shackelford, was born in Madison County, Ky., February 28, 1837, and died in Tennessee in 1912. He was a Colonel in the United

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States Army during the war between the States. He was married to Emma Jane Douglas, daughter of Erskine Douglas and Sophia Garrett, May 15, 1867. She was born in Stewart County, Tenn., November 11, 1843, and date of death not shown. They had four children, as follows:

Lena Priscilla---------------(married first--a Mr. Kennedy)

Joel Pattie------------------(married first--Robert S. Hughes)

Earl Douglas----------------(b. Oct. 25, 1872. d. Nov. 3, 1872)

Erskine Douglas------------(married ??

Lena Priscilla Shackelford, daughter of George Taliaferro and Emma Jane Douglas-Shackelford, was born August 8, 1868. If deceased date is not here shown. She was twice married, her first marrige was to a Mr. Kennedy, given name not shown, by whom she had but one child, a son named Clifton Douglas.

Lena Priscilla Shackelford-Kennedy, then married for her second husband Edward Hesselberg, no dates shown, by whom she had two sons, as follows: Melvyn Douglas and George Lamar Hesselberg.

Melvyn Douglas Hesselberg is in reality-Melvyn Douglas the moving picture star. He has official permission from the court to drop the name Hesselberg and use only his given name of "Melvyn Douglas" since the year 1933.

Joel Pattie Shackelford, daughter of George Talifaferro and Emma Jane Douglas-Shackelford, was born September 11, 1870, place not shown, and if deceased we do not have the date. She was twice married, her first husband having been Robert S. Hughes, and her second husband was Frank Churchill Lathrop. Our records do not show any children by either marriage.

Edward James Shackelford, son of James Madison and Priscilla Culbertson-Shackelford, was born in Madison County, Ky., October 10, 1840. He died in Kentucky, April 15, 1917. He was married to Nannie Embry, (also spelled Embree), daughter of William Wallace Embry and Georgia Ann Owings, October 10, 1867. She was born in Montgomery County, Ky., February 13, 1850, and died October 29, 1926. They

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had nine children, as follows:

Sarah Owings----------------(married Roger H. Botts)

William James----------------(married Alice B. Alexander)

Ezekiel Joel-------------------(married Carolyn Hockaday)

Florence Walker--------------(married Jefferson Rice Crook)

Edmund Lyne-----------------(married Frances Gant Howell)

Elizabeth Embry---------------(married Bruce Holladay)

Nannie Embry-----------------(married Marion W. Bridges)

Laura Drake-------------------(married William J. Crockett)

Priscilla Culbertson-------------(married Robert Bruce Young)

James Madison Shckelford, son of George Lyne and Martha Hockaday-Shackelford, then married for his second wife--Melissa Walker, parentage not shown, December 15, 1846. She was born 1815, and died September 11, 1863, in Madison County, Ky. They also had four children, as follows:

Pattie---------------------------(b. December 2, 1847. d. Aug. 7, 1849)

Jenny---------------------------(b. August 7, 1949. d. August 10, 1849)

Joel Walker-------------------- (married Ann Dexter Goddard)

William-------------------------(b. August 27, 1853. d. January 4, 1854)

Joel Walker Shackelford, son of James Madison and Melissa Walker-Shackelford, was born in Madison Co., Ky., June 2, 1851. Died in Denver, Colo. January 21, 1916. He was married to Anna Dexter Goddard, parentage not shown, June 24, 1875. She was born January 30, 1859, and died April 5, 1932. They had eight children, as follows:

Ethel----------------------------(married Richard Goodman Platt)

Walker Taliaferro---------------(b. Nov. 19, 1877. never married)

Cecil Catherine------------------(married Clarence Edsall)

Marion--------------------------(born and died in 1884)

Eleanor Seymour----------------(married Dr. Henry S. Canby)

Gladys---------------------------(married John Brower Bruner)

Goddard-------------------------(married Marie Christensen)

Lyne Throckmorton--------------(married Frances Ackerly)

Joel Walker Shackelford was the first man ever to attempt writing a history of the Shackelford Family, but died before his work was completed. And to him goes the credit for many of the records contained herein.

George W. Shackelford, son of George Lyne and

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Martha Hockaday-Shackelford, was born in Madison County, Ky., May 11, 1814. He died at Palmyra, Mo., October 8, 1864. He was married to Melvina Oldham, daughter of Brutus or Caleb Oldham and Abigail Moberly, October 22, 1839. She was born in Kentucky, exact place not shown, December 18, 1825, and died at Palmyra, Mo., 1896. Our records show that they had but five children, as follows:

George W., Jr.-------------------(never married)

Segius----------------------------(married George W. Thompson)

Maggie---------------------------(apparently never married)

Clara-----------------------------(married John Ackerson)

Caleb Oldham--------------------(never married)

Taliaferro Otey Shackelford, youngest surviving son of George Lyne and Martha Hockaday-Shackelford, was born in Madison County, Ky., May 1, 1816. He died July 18, 1884, place not shown. He wa married to Phoebe Agnes Whitaker, daughter of James S. Whitaker, at Louisville, Ky., June 22, 1848. She was born in Kentucky, probably Shelby County, October 23, 1832, and died June 2, 1922, place not shown. They had but one child, a son--James Whitaker Shackelford, born January 1850, and died February 1891, and was never married.

We have many more records of the later generations of descendants of George Lyne Shackelford, but deem it not necessary to publish them now.

But in beginning this record we stated that George Lylne Shackelford married a second time, that his second wife was Frances B., but we have never been able to learn her maiden name. Nor are we certain just where they married or when. He moved back to Virginia, as will be seen by his Will and her Will also. But just when they married, the place and the time they went back to Virginia, we do not know.

Following is a copy of her Will.

I, Frances B. Shackelford, of the County of Amherst, being of sound mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. Touching the disposition at my death, of the worldly estate

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wherewith it has pleased providence to bless me, that is to say:

In the first place it is my will and desire that my executors hereinafter named do, as soon as convenient after my death, sell the tract of land on which I reside, on a credit of one, two and three years, and all personal estate except my slaves and my easy chair, on a reasonable credit, and out of the proceeds of said sales and the collection of debts due to me, to pay all debts due from me and all proper expenses attending my burial, and then to retain to themselves each, the sum of one thousand dollars as renumeration (sic) to them for their services in carrying out this my Will.

Second: I give to my niece Fanny Shackelford, who lives with me, the sum of two thousand dollars.

Third: I give to James T. Boyd, of King & Queen, the sum of one thousand dollars.

Fourth: I give and bequeath the sum of five hundred dollars to be expended in the education of Stephen Poindexter, a son of Garland Poindexter.

Fifth: I give to my kind friends and neighbors--Elizabeth Ridgeway and Harriet Ridgeway each, the sum of one hundred dollars.

Sixth; I give to my friend Ann Quarrels my easy chair, as a token of remembrance.

Seventh: It is my wish that my cousin-Eliza G. Lambeth, do receive and ware my gold watch during her life, and at her death I give said watch to her son John.

Eighth: It is my wish that my wearing apparel be divided among my women servants, except such portion therof as my niece Fanny Shackelford may think proper to take for her own use.

Ninth: I give and bequeath my mulatto girl slave named Mary, now in possession of my cousin Mary Meredith, to the said Mary Meredith during her natural life, and at her death I give the said slave Mary to Fanny Boyd Meredith, daughter of the said Mary Meredith.

Tenth: It is my will and desire that my executors do hire out annually for four years next ensuing my death, all the rest of my slaves except the

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three infant children of the deceased servant Sarah, whose support during said period my executors are ordered to provide for under the superintendence and care of my servant Betsy Carter, who is to be permitted to select the person or persons to whom she shall prefer being cared. At the expiration of the said period of four years next following my death, I do hereby emancipate and set free all of my slaves except the slave Mary mentioned in the last clause, and the increase of the families of them, and direct that the heirs of the slaves which shall have accumulated during the four years aforesaid, shall be appropriated and expended by my executors in the removal and settlement of the slaves so emancipated, in the Colony of Liberia on the coast of Africa, provided they will consent to such removal; otherwise to their removal and settlement in one of the non-slave holding states of this Confederacy. It is my wish that my slaves will elect to go to Liberia, believing that it will be most conducive to their happiness, which is my object and desire.

My executors will, by application to the proper court, obtain the necessary means of ascertaining whether my slaves will consent to be removed to Liberia. My meaning and intention is that the consent of adults shall be binding upon their issue who are or shall be minors, and that if a portion only consent to go to Liberia they and their issue shall be removed and settled there, and those refusing to go to Liberia, and their issue, shall be removed to and settled in some free State of this Union.

Eleventh: Should the fund provided in the first clause of this Will is insufficient to pay my debts, funeral expenses, charges of administration and the paying of legacies herein before mentioned and specified, the deficiency shall be supplied from the hire of my slaves, but should such fund prove more than sufficient, as mentioned in the first clause, to accomplish to ends aforesaid, then I give and bequeath the excess or over-plus of said fund in manner following: that is to say, ten dollars per annum of it to my cousin--Nancy Gaines, of King and

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Queen County, during her natural life, and the residue of said surplus or over-plus, to the methodist (sic) Episcopal Church South, for missionary purposes.

Twelfth: I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends John W. Schoolfield, of Smythe County, and Chriswell Dabney, of the town of Lynchburg, executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills by me here before made.

Witness my hand and seal the twenty fourth day of July eighteen hundred and fifty two. (July 24, 1852). sig--Frances B. Shackelford.

Charles Wingfield, John C. Goodwin and Edward I. Goodwin, witnesses.

Probated February 19, 1855.

Will Book 13, page 448, Amherst County, Virginia.

The above Will was contested by the following persons: Eliza G. Lambeth, Garland Poindexter and his wife Julia, Henry H. Meredith and his wife Mary and W. G. H. Bingham. They lost the contest however, as the will appears to have been probated as written.


"When you get to heaven you will likely view,

Many folk whose presence will be a shock to you..

But keep very quiet, do not even stare,

There may be many folks surprised to see you there.


It will be noted that Frances B. Shackelford mentioned her cousins Eliza G. Lambeth and Mary Meredith, and her niece Fanny Shackelford. Her cousins Eliza Lambeth and Mary Meredith may be clues to her identity. But just who was Fanny Shackelford? She mentions Fanny as her niece. Does this mean that Frances B. Shackelford was a Shackelford before she married George Lyne Shackelford, or was Fanny Shackelford her niece by marriage? Any information that will add light to this problem will be greatly appreciated.

As stated in your September magazine, page 4, it will be noted that our records show that Col. Lyne Shackelford's second wife was Sarah Taliaferro, by

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whom he had the following children:

Richard Taliaferro-----------------(Married Hannah Catlett)

Elizabeth (Betsy)-------------------(married Archibald Woods, Jr.)

Baytop----------------------------(no further record)

George Lyne----------------------(married Martha Hockaday)

Our records show that Richard Taliaferro Shckelford, son of Col. Lyne and his second wife Sarah, was born in Henrico County, Va., date not shown, but the place is doubtful, as we have no other record showing that Col. Lyne Shackelford ever lived in Henrico County. He was most probably born in King and Queen County.

Our records show that Richard Taliaferro Shackelford married Hannah Catlett, and that they were the parents of five children, as follows: Elizabeth, Williamtina, Fanny, Temple and Frank.

Our records also show that of the children of Richard Taliaferro and Hannah Catlett, some of them married as follows: Elizabeth married a Mr. Kemp. Williamtina married a Mr. Lambeth, but no marriage is shown for the other three children.

But it is interesting to note that one of the daughters of Richard Taliaferro was named Fanny, and that one of them married a Lambeth. Query: Is this the Fanny Shackelford that was mentioned by Mrs. Frances B. Shackelford as her niece? And is this Mr. Lambeth related to the Eliza G. Lambeth mentioned as a cousin to Mrs. Shackelford?

Answers to these questions will be appreciated very much.


"It lightens the stroke to draw near to him who handles the rod"--Washington Irvin.(sic)


And again let us remind you that we will be grateful for all birth, marriage and death announcements. The more information that comes to us the better we will be able to keep you up to date with the family news.

And we still need additional subscribers and subsciption renewals.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.

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