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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



There appears to have been many Shackelfords in Pittsylvania County, Va. at an early date, but we have never been able to trace them to the immigrant, or to place them in the lineage, nor have we been able to prove the relationship of the various families.

In this issue if the magazine we shall discuss all, or as many of them as we have the space for, but as will be seen, the most of the information we have comes from the official records of Pittsylvania County. We have never, as far as we know, contacted one of the present generation of the Shackelfords descended from the early Pittsylvania families, unless the Henry Shackelford that went to Harlan County, Ky., was the son of Francis.

In your Shackelford Clan Magazine for April 1950 will be found a copy of the Will of one Francis Shackelford, who appears to have died in Caswell County, N.C., but he had lived in Pittsylvania Co., Va., and owned property there at the time of his death in 1785, and his wife and at least some of his children went back there after the death of Francis.

Francis Shackelford, as will be seen by his Will, named his wife Eunice, and the following children: John, Rebecca, Armisted, Nancy, Hennie or Henry,

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Absalom, Abner and Betty.

Now we know that there were two or more Henry Shackelfords and two or more Johns, in Pittsylvania County at an early date. Francis had a son Henry and a son John, as did Henry Shackelford, Sr., who died in Henry County, Virginia.

One Henry Shackelford married Mary Shields, in Pittsylvania County, September 13, 1784

One John Shackelford married Jean or Jane Shields, January 28, 1785.

The last named John Shackelford was the son of Henry we feel certain. But was the above named Henry a son of Henry or a son of Francis?

Henry Shackelford that moved to Harlan County, Ky. was born in King William County, Va., 1764. That is according to his own statement in his pension petition. He married Nancy Crump in Knox County, Ky. in 1803, at which time he would have been 39 years of age. Query: Was Nancy Crump his first wife and only wife, or was she a second wife, and was Mary Shields his first wife?

Unless John and Henry Shckelford, that married Jeane and Mary Shields, were sons of Francis, it appears that only two of the children of Francis and Eunice married in Pittsylvania County.

Abner Shackelford married Frances Wright December 9, 1795 in Pittsylvania County.

Richard Cole and Nancy Shackelford married August 26, 1787, in Pittsylvania County.

Armisted Shackelford married Nancy Holcomb October 24, 1786. Pittsylvania County.

The last named three appear to be children of Francis and Eunice, of that there seems little doubt, but what became of the others?

From the official records of Pittsylvania we find the following:

As far as we have been able to determine, John Shackelford was one of the first of the name in Pittsylvania, as he was there as early as 1777, when he purchased land that year from one David Gwinn. Deeds and Wills Book 5, page 351.

This John Shackelford was a Colonial Soldier, as he stated that he served under the command of Capt.

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Francis Kirtley and Col. Peter Hogg, in an expedition against the Indians in 1755. His service was certified in August 1780. Order Book 4, page 336.

In 1793 there were two John Shackelfords in Pittsylvania, one of them being known as Cane Creek John, and the other as Sandy River John. See tax lists.

What appears to be the first Shackelford in Pittsylvania County was William, as we find where he was involved in a law suit with one Joseph Cook in August 1770. See Order Book 1, page 242.

One John Shackelford appears to have left Pittsylvania as early as 1783, which was evidently the old Colonial John. Order Book 4, page 499.

It is the opinion of this writer that this old John, the colonial soldier, was the same John that later moved to Georgia, and still later to Shelby County, Kentucky, where he died in 1819.

That one John lived in Pittyslvania early is established by the statement of his son Mordecai in his penion petition.

Now from the official records of Pittsylvania Co., we find the following notes that we copied at random, and cover a period of almost one hundred years.

There was one Unity Shackelford here in 1797. See Order Book 8, page 302. This may have been Eunice, as the old writing was very difficult to read. One Thomas Shackelford was an orphan, name of parents not shown, was bound out to Jeremiah Head, June 1802. Order Book 10, page 211.

Francis Shackelford, in his Will dated 1782, mentioned the fact that several of his children were under age. And some of them must have been quite young, as his estate was still being administered in 1802. Order Book 10, page 267.

One Thomas Shackelford was deceased and his widow Catherine (Caty) Shackelford was the administrator in March 1809. Order Book 13, page 415. (More about this family later, as we have some of the data of his descendants). Then Catherine Shackelford was deceased and her estate appraised January 1824.

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Order Book 24, page 198.

The Court ordered several men as Commissioners to divide the land of Thomas Shackelford, deceased, into two parts, one half to Richard D. Shackelford and one half to John L. Shackelford, subject to the dower rights of Catherine Shackelford, the widow, September 1815. Order Book 17, page 41.

Henry Shackelford was deceased and Matilda Shackelford was the administrator, September 1829. Order Book 28, page 33. Then Matilda Shackelford was appointed guardian of Martha Ann Shackelford, daughter of Henry Shackelford, December 1830. Order Book 28, page 420.

Anna Shackelford, Joseph S. Rice, John T. Shackelford, Absalom Shackelford, William Shackelford, Nancy Shackelford, Ann Shackelford, Mary H. Shackelford and Francis A. Shackelford, all children and heirs of William Shackelford, deceased, agreeing to permit his widow--Mrs. Ann Shackelford, to possess all property during her life time, January 3, 1845. Deed Book 50, page 13.

John L. (John Lyon) Shackelford, and his wife Sarah (Chisenhall) Shackelford, of Marengo County, Alabama, sold their interest, which was 1/18 in the estate of Jesse Buckley, deceased, of Pittsylvania County, Va. Sarah Chisenhall-Shackelford being a niece and heir of Jesse Buckley, deceased, January 5, 1844. Deed Book 48, page 253.

Sarah Chisenhall, wife of John Lyon Shckelford, was a daughter of John Chisenhall and Rebecca Buckley. Deed Book 49, page 449.

Thomas R. Dix sold a tract of land, 493 acres, in Pittsylvania County, to the following persons: W. Lyon, J. R. Anderson, W. Shackelford, J. M. Hightower, J. Hudson, J. Bennett, Dr. Hoge, J. R. Lipscomb, John Bennett and A. Shackelford, all of Pittsylvania, July 29, 1844. No reason or relationship shown. Deed Book 48, page 448.

Now it would seem that we now meet some of the Henry Shackelford family of Henry County, back in Pittsylvania. We know that one Drury Pulliam married Mary (Polly) Shackelford, daughter of William (Buck) Shackelford, in 1818. Evidently Drury

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Pulliam was married twice and Mary Shackelford was his second wife. His first wife was named Nancy.

Drury Pulliam and his wife Polly, sold land in Pittyslvania Co. and other items to Joseph Perkins, December 11, 1819. Deed Book 23, page 163.

Then Drury Pulliam gave a mortgage on land and other items to William Shackelford, Sr. and William Shackelford, Jr., both of Henry County, September 14, 1821. Samuel Shackelford, Harriet Shackelford, and Juliet Ann Shackelford were witnesses. Deed Book 24, page 430.

In the last item we find the names of Harriet and Juliet Ann Shackelford, the very first and the only mention we find of Juliet Ann. William (Buck) Shackelford had a daughter Harriet, and in all probability it was this Harriet that signed the above instrument as a witness. But who was Juliet Ann? Query: Was Juliet Ann the wife of Samuel?

One John Shackelford had a wife named Sarah, as they sold a tract of land to John Hunt, December 18, 1821. Deed Book 24, page 452.

One John Shackelford, probably the son of another John, had a wife named Malinda, as they sold land to James Woodall, November 8, 1822. Deed Book 25, page 138. This is without a doubt the son of John and grandson of the elder Henry, and the one that married Malinda Witcher and later moved to Ray County, Missouri.

One Nancy Shackelford, for love and affection for her daughter-Rhoda Going, deeded her household furniture May 12, 1824. Deed Book 26, page 257.

Peyton Going married Rhoda Shackelford August 5, 1819. Garland Shackelford was the bondsman.

Rebecca Shackelford gave a deed of trust of a number of slaves and other items, to James M. Williams August 31, 1827. Deed Book 29, page 206.

Mumford Taylor acted as attorney for Daniel Taylor and his wife Lucinda of Ray County, Mo., November 8, 1833. Deed Book 35, page 349. It will be noted

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in your May 1955 magazine, page 8, both Mumford and Daniel Taylor married daughters of one John Shackelford, Mumford having married Milly, and Daniel having married Lucinda. And as attorney in the above instrument he was acting on behalf of Daniel and Lucinda in collecting her share of the estate of Henry Shackelford. Which indicates, as before pointed out, that she was a daughter of Henry; but she was a daughter of John and a grand daughter of the elder Henry. The estate had not been fully settled as late as September 25, 1835, when another power of attorney was given by Daniel to Mumford.

One Henry Shackelford was in Pittsylvania as early as 1791, when he purchased land from David and Elizabeth Shelton, January 3, 1891. Deed Book 11, page 56. This is probably the elder Henry who later moved to Henry County.

One Thomas Shackelford was in Pittsylvania in 1799, for that year he purchased land. Oct. 8, 1799. Deed Book 12, page 154. Remember there was a Thomas Shackelford that was an orphan and was bound out in 1802, so this had to be a different Thomas.

Heretofore we have given you a number of marriage records from Pittsylvania County, but following are marriage records that we do not recall of ever having published, much later ones than those published heretofore.

John T. Brock or Brook married Mrs. Frances Shackelford December 24, 1798.

It will be remembered that one Abner Shackelford married Frances Wright in 1795. And since we have never been able to determine what became of Abner, it appears likely that Abner died and his widow married John T. Brock. Confirmation of this one way or another by any person would be appreciated.

Spencer Lewis married Polly Shckelford, February 12, 1814. Garland Shackelford was bondsman.

Peyton Going married Rhoda Shackelford, August 5, 1819. Garland Shackelford was bondsman.

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Thomas S. Draine married Nancy S. Shackelford, December 3, 1831.

William Shackelford married Ann Reynolds, March 16, 1812.

Richard B. Shackelford married Susan H. Medlock, December 27, 1814.

John Shackelford married Sarah Chisenhall, December 19, 1816.

John Shackelford and Malinda H. Witcher married December 12, 1820.

Garland Shackelford and Isabella M. Shelton married March 30, 1830. John Shackelford, bondsman.

John Shackelford married Nancy Shelton January 12, 1830.

Richard C. Shackelford married Sarah Ferguson December 13, 1834.

Absalom Shackelford married Elizabeth Sikes November 16, 1840.

Francis C. Shackelford married Mary A. Crowder May 13, 1860.

Joab Robertson married Nicey Shackelford June 4, 1831.

Thomas C. East married Matilda Shackelford September 4, 1837.

Joseph L. or S. Rice married Elizabeth C. Shackelford November 16, 1840. William and Absalom Shackelford, bondsmen.

James H. Mize married Nancy Shackelford December 21, 1846.

James Motley married Martha Shackelford December 1, 1847.

Hardin J. Trammell married Delila F. Shackelford, daughter of Sarah Shackelford, December 15, 1849.

Arthur C. Eanes married Mary A. Shackelford, daughter of John and Nancy A. Shackelford, March 25, 1854. Arthur C. Eanes was a son of Arthur W. and Elizabeth Eanes.

James E. Adkinson married Virginia A. Shackelford October 20, 1859.

James Shackelford married Wilmoth Hargrave, bond dated June 23, 1858.

James Coleman, age 23 years, son of Augustus D.

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and Abby Coleman, married Mary J. Shackelford, age 15 years, daughter of James T. and Willie A. Shackelford May 7, 1868.

H. F. Shackelford, age 35 years, son of Garland and Isabella Shackelford, married Ellen V. White, age 18 years, daughter of A. B. and Martha White, January 25, 1872.

Sidney Mebane, age 22 years, son of Lewis and Ann Mebane, married Sarah Shackelford, age 25 years, parentage not shown, June 14, 1873.

Hez P. Dooley, age 60 years, son of James and Sarah Dooley, married Martha Shackelford, age 45 years, daughter of Freelove Shackelford, October 23, 1863.

Thomas Vernon, age 24 years, son of Richard and Sarah Vernon, married Mary A. Shackelford, age 19 years, daughter of John and Eliza Shackelford, October 26, 1865.

Jackson Boothe, age 21 years, son of Willis and Tabitha Boothe, married Isabella Shackelford, age 19 years, daughter of Garland and Mary Shackelford, March 29, 1866.

Nathaniel Cardwell, age 19 years, son of Rosetta Fowlkes, married Ella Shackelford, age 20 years, daughter of Thomas and Sealy Shackelford, December 26, 1867.

Monroe Shackelford, age 24 years, son of Thomas and Sealy Shackelford, married Sarah Fowlkes, age 27 years, parentage not shown, April 30, 1868.

Joseph Lyles, age 41 years, son of Benjamin and Rachel Terry, married Emily Shackelford, age 26 years, daughter of Patsy Shackelford, August 20, 1875.

Sanford A. Ward, age 22 years, son of T. F. and Eliza Ward, married Willie A. Shackelford, age 20, daughter of Nannie Shackelford, February 22, 1877.

George C. Lumkin, age 20 years, son of Lafayette and Minnie Lumkin, married Corena S. Shackelford, age 17 years, daughter of Willie A. Shackelford, December 22, 1881.

William R. Shackelford, age 26 years, son of T. A. and Elizabeth Shackelford, married Mary B. Gray, age 15 years, January 21, 1886.

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