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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In your May number you will note that we closed while discussing records of Shackelfords and/or Shacklefords in Pittsylvania and Henry Counties, Va.

We also made mention of the letter we have from Miss Henrietta Shackelford, of Hardin, Mo. She is a descendant of John Shackelford that married Miss Malinda Hughes Witcher. Miss Shackelford was of the opinion that this John Shackelford was from Culpepper County, Va. And while our records show that they were in Pittsylvania County, and Henry County, our records show that John Shackelford, who died in Shelby County, Ky., and whose wife was Ann, was in Culpepper at one time, as Mordecai, son of John, states that he was born in Culpepper. So all of these Shackelfords evidently lived in Culpepper at one time.

We do know however, that Henry, father of the John now being discussed, was living in King William at one time, and that his son William was born in King William in 1759.

As we pointed out in the May issue, John Shackelford was the executor of his father's Will, and had not made the final settlement on his father's estate when he himself, died. And as Henry Jr., had been practically cut off by his father and his portion of the estate left to his children, property that had been left in the care of John, and also

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the same for the chiildren of Samuel, all of whom were then heirs of John when he died in 1812. All of which confuses the issue. But we believe we are correct in designating the following children as those of each brother--Samuel, John and Henry.

Miss Henrietta Shackelford states that her grandfather John had three sisters, all of whom married men by the name of Taylor. So then we find Jane, Milly and Sindy, (which would be Jenny, Mildred and Lucinda, as the wives of John, Mumford and Daniel Taylor). Then Miss Shackelford states that her John had a brother Henry that died single, in Virginia. So here we have five children for John, the five for whom Jonathan Stone was appointed guardian. And among the number, in addition to the above five was a James and Martha. And among the heirs of John we find a Patsy. Patsy was a common nick name for Martha. And that gives us seven in all.

So the children of John, as we see it, were as follows:

Lucinda---------------------(married Daniel Taylor)

Mildred (Milly)--------------(married Mumford Taylor)

Jane (Jenny)-----------------(married John Taylor)

Henry-----------------------(never married, died in Virginia)

John-------------------------(married Malinda Hughes Witcher)

James------------------------(no further record)

Martha (Patsy)---------------(no further record)

Nancy, Sally and Milly Shackelford were, in our opinion, children of Samuel. But among the heirs of John we find but one Milly and no Sally. And as the Milly here shown appears to have been a daughter of John, we cannot say what became of Milly, daughter of Samuel, or of Sally.

Nancy, daughter of Samuel, married Benjamin Dent, in Henry County, marriage bond dated December 17, 1811. Johnathan Clark was the bondsman.

This leaves Isabell, Lucy, Rebecca, Sidney, and one of the Janes not accounted for, all of whom may have been the children of Henry. And if they were not the children of Henry, then they must have been children of John, or else some of them were of the age not to have a guardian, and could have been the older children of Samuel. And now that Miss Henri-

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etta Shackelford, of Hardin, Mo., has identified at least five of John's children, won't some one be kind enough to help us identify the others?

Thus we find the children of Samuel and John, sons of Henry Shackelford, Sr., and his wife Mary, and perhaps those of the son Henry, Jr. But Henry, Sr. had three other sons and perhaps a daughter, ie Susannah Jacobs, James, William and Daniel.

The son Daniel married Tabitha Nance in 1798, and later moved to Platte County, Mo. Miss Henrietta Shackelford states that her grandfather John had three uncles that moved to Kentucky about the same time that John moved to Missouri. And as we know that John, Samuel and William all died in Virginia, then the three uncles would have to be Daniel, James and Henry. And as we have already pointed out, we feel certain that Henry Shackelford, who married Nancy Crump in Knox County, Ky., and later went to Harlan County, was a son of Henry, Sr., of Henry County, Va. Daniel later went to Platte County, Missouri. But where did James go? and who were his descendants?

Henry Shackelford, by his own statement, was born in King William County, Virginia, August 30, 1764. He died in Harlan Couanty, Ky., May 17, 1842. He was married to Nancy Crump in Knox County, Ky., April 1, 1803 or 1801. (Our records show both dates, and we are not cerrtain which is correct) Nancy Crump, by her own statement in her pension petition, was born about 1780, in Tennessee. And she says she and Henry had six children, but she names only four of them, as follows:

Elizabeth---------------------(married William Miracle)

Ann--------------------------(married -----------Miracle)

Lorenzo Dow----------------(married Ann R. ?

Nancy------------------------(married ??

And although only four of the children were named, when we searched the records of Harlan County we found a marriage record for William Lee and one Catherine Shackelford, September 17, 1829. So this was a daughter of Henry and Nancy without a doubt, and would be the fifth of the six children.

But if this Henry was the son of Henry, Sr., of

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Henry County, Va., then Nancy Crump must have been his second wife. Anything from any person that would throw any light on this problem would be of great value in completing this record.

The above accounts for five of the six sons of Henry, Sr. But we need additional information of the son William.

William Shackelford, son of Henry, Sr., and his wife, Mary, was born in King William County, Va., in 1759. He was a Revolutionary war soldier, and according to his own statements in his pension petition, he went from King William County to Caroline, from Caroline to Powhatan, and from there to Montgomery County, and still later to Henry County.

He was married twice, but the identity of either of his wives is not know, but one of them was named Tabitha and the other one was Mary, as we see by the following records:

Tabitha Shackelford, wife of William, relinquished her right of dower in a tract of land, July 1806, Order Book 8, page 89.

William Shackelford and his wife, Mary, sold land to Joseph Martin, December 16, 1807. The land and both men of Henry County. Deed Book 7, page 122.

This had to be William, Sr., as William, Jr. was born 1801, so he would have been but five and six - correction --five or six years of age.

We do not know how many children William Shackelford had, but we find mention of the following:

William Shackelford, for love and affection for his daughter Harriet, deeded her a slave, October 24, 1834. Deed Book 11, page 466.

William Shackelford, Sr., for love and affection for his son William Shackelford, Jr., deeded a slave to him, April 18, 1837. Deed Book 12, page 225.

And from the marriage and other records we find that William Shackelford had no less than seven children, and since Tabitha appears to have been his first wife, she was probably mother of most, if not all, of them. They were as follows:

George William---------------(married first ??

(married second, Sophia Lamkin)

Harriet-----------------------(maried Duke Price)

(see next page)

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Jane--------------------------(married ??

Lucy-------------------------(married James B. Toney)

Elizabeth---------------------(married Gabriel Stultz)

Sally------------------------- (married James Glass)

Mary-------------------------(married Drewry Pulliam)

We are of the opinion that there were others but these are all that we have the names of. And we do not have their order of birth. But it would appear that Harriet was the youngest, as she never married until 1837. Duke Price and Harriet M. Shackelford were married--marriage bond dated December 11, 1837. And that is all the information we have of her family.

(transcriber's note: the rest of page 5 is very poor. It began with a poor original)

The only son of William (Buck) Shackelford was George William, who was born in Virginnia, probably Montgomery County, March (3 or 5), 1801. He died in Henry County, Va., October 20, 1870. He was married a second time, his first wife is thought to have been a Miss Taylor, but for that we have no proof. But we find the followng records in Henry County.

One William Barnard, of Spottsylvania County, was deceased, and Arthur H. H. Barnard, of Henry County, was the executor of his estate, with William Shackelford and William H. Norman as his bondsmen. See Order Book 13, page 171.

William Shackelford and his wife, Sophia, and William H. Norman, sold a tract of land to one James Green, August 16, 18(45 or 46) said land being the William Shackelford and William H. Norman from the estate of Arthur H. H. Barnard. Same reference as above.

By this it would appear that ------ Shackelford and Norman were heirs or legatees of Arthur H. H. Barnard. And as we find no connection any other way we wonder if Norman and Shackelford were not heirs through inter-marriage with the Barnards, was the first wife of William Shackelford a Barnard.

George Wiilliam Shackelford and his first wife are known to have had four children as follows:

Martha---------------(married Thomas----------)

John------------------(married --------------(cannot read)

Garland---------------(known as ------------ (cannot read)

Samuel----------------(married first------------(cannot read)

married 2nd----------(cannot read)

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(copy is now readable)

Our records show that Martha Shackelford, daughter of George William Shackelford and his first wife, was born October 11, 1834, and died June 7, 1896. She married Thomas Land, who died during the war between the States. This is all the information we have. Anything additional would be appreciated.

John Shackelford, son of George William and his first wife, was born March 20, 1838, and died May 21, 1863. He married Mary J. Hutcherson, October, 27, 1858. Dates of her birth and death not shown. They had two sons, as follows:

Samuel---------------(no further record)

George W.-----------(married Mary A. Baker)

Which is all the information we have of this family, and would be grateful for anything additional that can be had.

Garland Shackelford, son of George William and his first wife, was known as "Nig", according to Col. Robert B. Shackelford. He is said to have moved to Tennessee and nothing more was ever heard of him. He was born December 2, 1839.

Samuel Shackelford, fourth child of George William and his first wife, was born June 21, 1844, and died in Bellair, Ohio, 1938. He was married a second time, his first wife being Elizabeth (Betty) Baker, to which union were born one daughter, name not shown, but she married R. F. Bartlett.

Samuel Shackelford then married for his second wife a Miss Murry, and to this union were born three children, but our correspondent failed to give the names of any of them. We would therefore be grateful for additional information of them.

George William Shackelford, son of William (Buck) Shackelford, then married for his second wife Sophia Lamkin. And they had four children, as follows:

Mary T.---------------------(married Thomas G. Richardson)

George William, Jr.---------(married Martha A. Richardson)

Harriet L.--------------------(married Peyton W. Stultz)

Sarah B.---------------------(married Joseph H. Land)

Thomas G. Richardson, son of George W. and Clarissa Martin-Richardson, was born July 27, 1845,

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and died November 13, 1904. He married Mary T. daughter of George William Shackelford and his second wife, Sophia Lamkin, December 26, 1866. She was born October 30, 1846, and died September 7, 1930. They lived and died in Henry County, Virginia, and they had no children.

George William Shackelford, Jr., the only son of George William and Sophia Lamkin-Shackelford was born in Henry County, Va., April 5, 1848, and died in Henry County, Va., March 19, 1938. He was married to Martha A. (Pattie) Richardson, daughter of G. W. and Clarissa Martin-Richardson, October 20, 1868. She was born in Henry County, Va., December 26, 1850, and died in Henry County, March 27, 1929. They had four children, as follows:

Jessie Martin---------------(married Fanny Gardner Armstrong)

William Graves-------------(married Virginia E. Wray)

Pearl----------------------- (married lst John Reamey Semple)

2nd James Armstrong Richardson)

Ruby-----------------------(married James Ludwell Meadors)

Since this brings us up to the present generation of this family we see no reason for us to publish more of the descendants at this time.

Harriet L. Shackelford, daughter of George William and Sophia Lamkin-Shackelford, was born in Henry Co., Va., July 15, 1849, and died in Henry County, Va., April 7, 1887. She was married to Peyton W. Stultz June 14, 1877. The date of his birth is not shown, but he died May 23, 1906. They had seven children, as follows:


Mattie-------------------(twin to Holman, died in infancy)

Harry T.-----------------(married Cora ??

Fanny--------------------(married ---------------------Pace)



Harriet L.-----------------(married----------------------Minter)

We feel certain that we have additional information of this family, but if so, it is buried under a mountain of un-copied notes.

Sarah B. (Sally) Shackelford, youngest child and daughter of George William and Sophia Lamkin-Shackelford, was born in Henry Co., Va., January 6, 1851,

8 (972)

and died October 17, 1892, in Henry County, Va. She was married to Joseph H. Land January 28, 1892. They had one son--George Shackelford Land, born and died October 11, 1892. We have no further record of Joseph H. Land.


"There was need for some one to pick up things around the home, so the Lord created a mother".--


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