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[Transcriber's note: This issue was published over a year after its date. Thus, some events reported in this issue occurred in 1955.]


Genealogy of the Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones, 270 Lexington, Ave. Lexington, Ky.

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Lexington Ky. December1954. Vol. 10. No. 7


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



When you have consulted various family histories and if you have a mention of the names of any of your family names, then by all means follow up on each reference, paying particular attention to the dates and places mentioned. Then either make a check or have some one make a check for you in the places named, to determine if the family mentioned is yours. If not your family then you will have to begin over again, and if they are yours then follow through from there.

While all of this happening be sure to read all books and periodicals that deal with methods of genealogical research. It matters not who is working or writing, new methods and new ideas are coming into use all the time. Whenever and wherever possible, become a member of each and every State Historical Society and Genealogical Society that you can, and then subscriber for each and every Genealogical Periodical that you know about. In this quest for genealogical information one never knows where or how an answer to our problems can and may be found.

As an example of what we mean by the last statement, let us tell you what happened to us. This writer happens to be a descendant of Col William Byrd. And for a number of years we had been seeking information of our several times grandmother, who

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was Nancy Ann Byrd. We had searched in no less than a dozen States. Then to cap the climax, the entire lineage was handed to us in our home town -- Lubbock, Texas, and by a personal friend of ours. The information that we had tried so hard to find was right here in our own back yard all the while -- and handed to us on a silver platter.

Never miss an opportunity at any time or place to make an inquiry from any person bearing the name of any of the family line in whom you are interested. Your next door neighbor just might have what you want. But that too, should always be checked for conformation and confirmation.

In the humble opinion of this writer there are several first class Genealogical Societies and Libraries. And of course we would have to mention The Library of Congress, The DAR Library, and The SAR Library, all of Washington, D.C.

The ladies of The Daughters of the American Revolution, The Colonial Dames, The Founders and Patriots of America, The Descendants of the Mayflower, as well as The Sons of The American Revolution and other Patriotic Societies, are all doing a wonderful job in collecting and preserving valuable old records, and in many cases making them available to the public. So a consultation of their available records and lineage books is not to be overlooked.

In our next issue we will give you a list of some of the sources of information to be found among the records mentioned above.

And there are other places, for example: The New England Historic-Genealogical Society, of Boston, Mass., The Institute of American Genealogy, of Chicago, and many others. And last but not least, is The Genealogical Society of Utah.

The New England Society of Boston, mentioned above, and The Institute of American Genealogy, both have lending Libraries whereby members of their Society and in some cases non-members, can borrow books from their Library regardless of where you live. Of course the person borrowing the books has to pay the postage, and have to return them in a limited time. (To be continued)

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Robert Shackelford Page, age 66 years, native of Albemarle County, Va., died in Norfolk Va., July, 20, 1955. Survivors include his widow the former Miss Pattie Aline Moring, of Raleigh, N.C., one daughter, three grand children and one sister.

Elizabeth Embry (Bessie) Holloday, widow of the late Bruce Holloday, was born the daughter of Edmund James and Nancy Embry-Shackelford, February, 27, 1880, in Montgomery County, Ky. She died in the Bourbon County Hospital, Paris, Ky., August, 26, 1955. She was married to Bruce Holloday, June, 14, 1933, who preceded her in death, date not known. They had no children. She was one of nine children, several of whom survive her, as well as a host of nephews and nieces.

Robert Turney Scott, son of Felix Henry and Ola Lewis Scott, was born near Lexington, Tenn., December, 13, 1892. And he died at his home near Lexington, Tenn., and within a mile of where he was born, November, 1, 1955. He was married to Flossie Gertrude Sego, daughter of William Allen and Mary Drucilla Shackelford-Sego, September, 17, 1917. She preceded him in death September, 30, 1947. They had eight children, all of whom survive. Survivors also include one sister, five brothers, several grand children and nephews and nieces too numerous to mention.

The death of Robert Turney Scott was a very sad affair to ye Editor. Both he and his wife were cousins of ours, although they were not related to each other. We were boys together and spent many hours together playing and doing things that boys usually do. Fortunately their children are all grown.

Another recent death was a very sad affair for ye Editor. Bivie Lafayette Kirk was born in Henderson County, Tenn., April, 7, 1882, and died at his home at Medina, Tenn, December, 2, 1955. He was married to Mary Elnora Shackelford, daughter of George Thomas and Martha Adelina Maness-Shackelford, December, 21, 1898, when both of them were but sixteen years of age. To which union were born six children, three of whom died in infancy. Survivors include his widow, one daughter, two sons, six grand

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children and seven or eight great grand children.

Mary Elnora Kirk is a firs cousin of ye Editor, and one of our favorite cousins we might add. And her wedding was the first one that we ever remember knowing anything about, and quite an event in our childhood. This writer enjoyed a very pleasant visit in the home of Mr and Mrs Kirk when on our way to Texas last March.

Mrs Sally E. Knight was born the daughter of James Joshua and Amanda C. Moore-Coons, January 16, 1864. She died at her home in Lexington, Ky., December, 3, 1955, just a few days before reaching her 92nd birthday. She married Thomas Peck Knight, son of James and Eliza Knight, October, 25, 1896., to which union was born one daughter, who survives - now Mrs Katherine Woods. She is also survived by one grand daughter, two great grand children and one sister. Her husband preceded her in death December, 22, 1939.

And to all of those who mourn we extend our deepest sympathy and consolation, may the Lord bless and comfort you in your hours of great sorrow.


We have several weddings to report, but we shall pass them up at this time, as we wish to get on with the subject of genealogy, and to tell you the antics of Dan Cupid at a latter date, in a later issue.


In your October Magazine, page 7, we mentioned that we have a query concerning James Shackelford of Wayne County, Ky. We also stated that we have some data of the Wayne County Shackelfords, however, we are far short of what we should have in order to complete the record and establish the ancestry of this branch of the family. Following will be records of whom we feel might be the ancestor, but no proof. Therefore we publish it for what it may be worth, and will be grateful to any one that can and will help us on this problem.


In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninety five, being sound in memory and of

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reasonable health, taking into consideration that man is born to die, I desire first to commit my soul to God and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner. And as to my earthly goods that the Lord has blessed me with I do desire that they may be disposed of in the following manner -- to wit:

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife -- Sarah, all my property during her life time.

To my son John Shackelford, after the death of my wife, I bequeath twenty four shillings.

To my daughter -- Sarah Hicks, I bequeath one cow and a calf and ten pounds.

To my daughter -- Betsy Sanders, I bequeath ten pounds.

To my daughter -- Ann Beasley, I bequeath ten pounds.

To my son -- James Shackelford, twenty shillings, all of which is to be taken out of my estate after the death of my wife.

The residue of the whole of my property is to be equally divided between my sons -- James and Edward Shackelford, Betsy Sanders, Sarah Hicks, and Ann Beasley, to them and their heirs forever.

And I do hereby certify this to be my last Will and Testament and all others to be void, Given before. Given under my hand this March the tenth, seventeen hundred and ninety five. (March, 10, 1795)

Signed -- James X Shackelford

Thomas John or Thomas and John Chilton, Witnesses.

Will Book A, page 98, Madison County, Kentucky.

Probated August, 4, 1795.


There are several early Shackelford marriages in Madison County, Ky., but only three of which could apply to the children of the above mentioned James Shackelford. They are as follows:

Edward Shackelford and Mary Peasley, marriage bond dated March, 23, 1790. (This name could be Mary Paisley or Mary Beasley).

James Shackelford and Peggy Simpson, marriage bond dated March, 31, 1796. (this man later moved to Garrard County, Ky., and no doubt was a son of Rev John Shackelford, of Caroline County, Virginia.

-- 6 (922) --

James Beasley and Anny Shackelford, marriage bond dated November, 3, 1785. No doubt this is the daughter of James and Sarah Shackelford.

Of course there is no proof that either of these James Shackelfords is the man for whom we are seeking, but we have combed the records of Madison Co, and we fail to find any other mention of the sons James and John, or the daughters -- Sarah Hicks and Betsy Sanders. But in our quest we have found what appears to have been the son Edward in several places, including Rock Castle, Clay, Pulaski and Wayne Counties.

Then we find in connection with the family, the Sanders or Saunders family, one Edward Shackelford in Wayne County, Kentucky.

The story of our James, the man for whom we seek additional information, goes like this. One James Shackelford, said to have been born in Ireland about 1770, came to America with his parents and settled Northern Virginia. He married Elizabeth Noble, and they had at least five children, ie: Lucy, Elizabeth, Mary, Gabriel P., and William P.

While the above mentioned James, son of James and Sarah, evidently was in Kentucky as early as 1785, for that was the year his sister married James Beasley, he did not remain there, or else if he did he left no record of any type.

James Shackelford, who married Elizabeth Noble, was in Wayne County, Ky., according to information from one of his descendants -- Mrs George M. Busby, of Mesa, Arizona, and is said to have died there. But when we searched the records of Wayne County we found no mention of Wayne County James, or any other Shackelford prior to 1823. However, the records of Wayne County are woefully incomplete.

According to records in our possession, and also according to those sent us by Mrs Busby, James Shackelford and his wife Elizabeth Noble, had the following children:

Lucy., ----------- (born in Virginia, married ??.

Elizabeth., ------- (born about 1803, married ?? died in Greene County, Mo., 1862.

Mary., ---------- (born ??, married ??.

-- 7 (923) --

Dr Gabriel P., --- (married 1st Eliza Cloud, and 2nd Martha J. Younger)

Dr William P., --- (married Martha A. Taylor*

One James Shackelford was in Claiborn County, Tenn., as early as 1812 or before. Gabriel P. Shackelford was there in 1830, and between 1812 and 1821 we find James B., David and Rachel Shackelford, all in Claiborn County, Tennessee.

But when we went to Claiborn County and made a search of their records we found that they had had a fire and their early records destroyed. So again we were unable to establish the ancestry of their early Shackelfords. But by consulting your maps it will be seen that Claiborn County, Tenn., was not very far removed from Madison, Clay or Wayne Counties, in Kentucky.

And we, having records of just about every Shackelford that settled in Kentucky, cannot find a man named James Shackelford that fits our problem any better than this one. While an opinion proves nothing, it is our humble opinion that James Shackelford, who was in Claiborn County, Tenn, 1812, is the same James Shackelford, son of James and Sarah Shackelford, of Madison County, Ky.

Gabriel P. Shackelford, son of James an Elizabeth Noble-Shackelford, born in Virginia, 1807. He died April, 1, 1863, in Navarro Co, Texas. He was a Medical Doctor, and he was married a second time, his first wife being Eliza Cloud, date of birth not shown, but she died May 1838. They had two sons, ie: William A., and Benjamin F.

Gabriel P. Shackelford then married for his second wife -- Martha J. Younger, daughter of Judge Alexander Younger, May, 13, 1841. She was born in Tenn, 1824 and died in 1862. They had six children, all daughters, ie: Mary A., Jane E., Gabriella, Lucy, Elizabeth Nancy, and one whose name is not shown; but the census records list her as "B", born 1853. The two last named children died in childhood.

The two sons of Gabriel P. Shackelford were born in Tennessee, and all of his children by his second wife were born in Missouri. By this we see that

-- 8 (924) --

Gabriel P. Shackelford moved to Greene County, Mo., between 1832 and 1842, and probably from Claiborne County, Tennessee, as he was there in 1830.

We have a few records of the family of Gabriel P. Shackelford, but they are still among our notes as yet not copied and catalogued. But we know that his daughter - Jane E., was born, according to census records, in 1843. She married Thomas J. Weaver, October, 8, 1867. He was born February, 1, 1832, in Springfield, Mo., and died in 1880. They had five children, as follows: Ida M., Thomas Shackelford, Joseph B., Campbell and Thomas R. Weaver.

There was one William Shackelford, whose wife was Elizabeth, 1823; and John Shackelford, whose wife was Polly, in 1825, in Wayne County, Ky.

Census records show that there was one Edmund Shackelford, whose wife was Mary Sanders, in Wayne County, Ky., in 1850. He was born in Kentucky in 1794, and his wife was born in Kentucky in 1800. They had the following children:

Florentine., (born 1824, married Meshack Stephens)

William., -- (born 1833, married ??

Hiram F., - (born 1837, married ??

Mary., ---- (born 1840, married ??

George., -- (born 1844, married ??

We know nothing of these people except that Meshack Stephens family. They were all born in Kentucky. Meshack Stephens was born in Kentucky in 1816. And he married Florentine Shackelford, date no known. They had nine children, as follows:

Mary Elizabeth., ---- (born ??, married ??

Sarah Ellen., -------- (born ??, married ??

Amanda Jane., ------ (born ??, married ??

Diza., --------------- (born ??, married ??

William Harrison., -- (born ??, married ??

Nowassa Cora., ---- (born ??, married ??

Emily Frances., ----- (born ??, married ??

George Washington., (born ??, married ??

Ulusus Grant., ------ (born ??, married ??, living in New Albany, Indiana, in 1942.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor

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