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[Transcriber's notes: This issue was published over a year after its date. Thus, some events reported in this issue occurred in 1955. Also, the index by Mr. Kindig reversed the order for pages 3 and 4 of this issue with pages 5 and 6. The numbers in parenthesis reflect the index numbers used by Mr. Kindig. ]


Genealogy of the Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones, 270 Lexington, Ave. Lexington, Ky.

$2.00 a year. Published monthly. .15¢ a copy.

Lexington Ky. November 1954. Vol. 10. No. 7


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



As it has been so long since we published the Magazine, until last month, many questions have come in, and other items of interest, that we are as far in arrears with subject matter as we are with our publication. Therefore in this, and in the next three or four issues we will try to bring you up todate with all the family news, and with several questions that has come our way.

But before we get into that part of our discussion we wish to say a few words about your subscriptions and the increase in the subscription price.

In your July number you noted that we had increased the price of subscriptions to $2.00 a year. We deeply regret to have to do that, but as you know the price of each and every item has greatly increased, and paper and paper products apparently has exceeded them all. So in order to keep the Magazine going a tall we just had to, increase the price. But even so, we are going to have to have additional subscriptions too.

We have enough records in our possession to keep the Magazine going for many years, but we cannot keep the Magazine going out to just a few people, as the cost, the major portion of the cost, is just as great for a few subscribers as it is for many. Therefore we must say again, that unless our subscription list is substantially increased we will

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do our best to keep it coming your way, and we do not expect to make a penny from it, but we would like to get enough to pay the cost of material and mailing. We need new subscribers, not just renewals from the old ones.


"To ease another's heartache is to forget one's own" -- Lincoln.



As we finished the October number we ended by giving you the names of the children of Satterwhite Shackelford, as furnished us by Mrs Helen Hare-Cole, of Jackson, Miss. And we are now going to continue the discussion of this man and his family, showing the names of his children as we have them, and give you other information so that you may better understand what we have and what we need additional in order to complete the ancestry of this branch of the family. Any additions or corrections that any one can add will be greatly appreciated.

As will be noted, Mrs Cole shows the names of six children for Satterwhite Shackelford, and she shows dates of birth. Our records show the names of five, omitting the name "Ellis", but at the same time the person that sent this record in, stated that there were four others whose names had been forgotten. And strangely enough, even though it is stated that there were nine, all children were sons.

But this writer is inclined to agree with the record of Mrs Cole. Had there been others, even if they died in infancy or childhood their names probably would have been written along with the others.

Our records show that his name was Satterwhite W. Shackelford, but Mrs Cole thinks it was just Satter-White, just one name. She may be correct. We have proof that he was from Virginia and it is stated that he was from Portsmouth. We do know that the was in Portsmouth at one time, we gave you proof for that in the October Magazine.

But now comes Mrs Cole and states that she has

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valid proof that Satterwhite Shackelford was born in Gloucester County, Va. And of course we know that there were many Shackelfords in Gloucester County, at one time. See your Shackelford Clan Magazine for January and February 1954. Vol. 9, numbers 9 and 10, pages 6 & 7 in both numbers. In those two Magazines we find the following Shackelfords in Gloucester Co, for the years 1786 through 1820: Warner, Zachariah, Sr, Benjamin, John, Charles, Henry, Robert, George, Francis, or Frances, Zach, Sr, Zach, Jr, Mordecai, Henry, Mary - the widow of John, William, Still John Sr, and John Jr, Thomas, Richard, Seamour, Bannister, Elizabeth -- probably the widow of one of the Zachariahs, Benjamin, Sr, and Benjamin, Jr, Priscilla, Abraham, Catherine, Mildred and James.

So by the above list we find that between 1786 and 1820 there were no less than twenty seven Shackelfords in Gloucester that were tax payers. And remember the names of the women were never shown unless they were tax payers in their own right, they were either spinsters or widows.

And as Satterwhite Shackelford was born about the year 1790, it will be seen by the list above that he could possibly have been a son of either of the men and/or women mentioned above. Mrs Cole thinks that since the name of Richard has been handed on down by the descendants of Satterwhite that he was a son of Richard. Tradition has it that the father of Satterwhite was one of seven sons, which if true, might be a good clue.

Now for the children of Satterwhite Shackelford and his wife -- Courtney Ann Brown, see you Magazine for October 1954, page 8. These according to the records sent us by Mrs Cole; and as before stated, we have no further record of any of his children except his sons Josephus and Satterwhite, Jr. Well our records do show that the three sons -- William, Richard and Robert, all served in the Mexican War, and that William was killed. But Mrs Cole says this is an error, that he contracted an illness while serving in the Mexican war, was discharged and died in Memphis, Tenn, February, 1848. What happened to

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Robert and Richard we do not know.

Josephus Shackelford, according to Mrs Cole's records, was the fifth child and the fifth son of Satterwhite and Courtney Ann Brown-Shackelford. He was born February, 6, 1830, probably in Virginia, and died in Lawrence County, Alabama, June, 5, 1915. He was a Baptist minister and once served a church in Forrest City, Arkansas. While in Forrest City he met Mrs Permelia Izard, wife of Mark Whitaker Izard, and who was a daughter of George Shackelford and his wife -- Mary Ann Davis. We have many data concerning this George Shackelford family, and know that he was a son of Richard, and we have his ancestry. Josephus Shackelford and Permelia Shackelford-Izard claimed to be distant cousins.

Mark Whitaker Izard and Permelia Shackelford married in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, 1824.

Josephus Shackelford married Ann Cordelia Stowe, daughter of E. B. and Susan Underwood-Stowe, June, 18, 1855. She was born -- date not shown, nor do we have the date of her death. They had nine children, as follows:

Emma Cordelia., -- (born ??, never married.

Sarah Elizabeth., -- (married Charles William Hare)

Mary Ellis., ------- (married Walter Lee Stanley)

Anna Courtney., -- (married Dr John A. Simms)

William Bryant., -- (married Annie Stone)

Edward, J., ------- (b Aug, 2, 1868. d Oct, 26, 1870)

Carrie., ----------- (b July , 19, 1874. d Oct, 13, 1894.

Susan Josephine., - (married Albert W. Briscoe)

Lafayette., -------- (born ??, married ??.)

We have the names of children for all the above above mentioned marriages, but we need dates of births, marriages and deaths. We do not deem it necessary to publish additional records of the later generations.

Satterwhite Shackelford, Jr, youngest child and son of Satterwhite, Sr, was born April, 19, 1832., place not shown, but probably in Virginia. He died in Alabama, August, 25, 1895. He was married to Mary Rebecca Garrison, parentage not shown or known, Sept, 29, 1858. She was born June, 23, 1835, died February, 14, 1903, in Tennessee. They had three

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children as follows:

Robert James., --- (married Sarah Elizabeth Bennett)

Hilry Satterwhite., -(married Ella Crossett)

Minnie Ann Emma., (married Rufus Lyttleton Coxe)

We have the names of the children of these families too, but we need dates of birth, marriages and deaths. And any additional information regarding the ancestry and descendants of Satterwhite Shackelford will be a valuable addition to the record.


"Some people have three kinds of trouble -- all they ever had, all they have now and all they expect to have" -- Hale.


Now we would like to use the balance of the space in this issue to bring you up todate with the news of the family, and other items.

Since our last issue went out we have subscriptions renewals from the following: Mr M. T. Shackelford, of Cisne, Ill.; Mrs B. H. Hartsfield, of Birmingham, Alabama.; Mrs Virginia McArthur, Hutchinson, Kansas.; Mrs M. H. Netherton, Gentry, Ark.; and one other whose name we are withholding by request. Mrs Margaret A. Johnson, of Culpepper, Va.; who also sent along a donation of ten dollars and said to use it for the benefit of the Magazine. Miss Miriam Dozier, of Austin, Texas.; who also sent along an order for all back numbers of the Magazine.

And to all of whom we are very grateful indeed, and say again -- "Thanks a Million".

And additional data from the following: Mr M. T. Shackelford, of Cisne, Ill.; Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Mr John K. Gott, of Richmond, Va.; Mr A. D. Shackelford, of Wilson, N. C.; Mrs Thomas W. Botts, of Columbia, Mo.; Mrs Helen Hare-Cole, of Jackson, Miss.; Mrs Margaret C. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S. C.; and Mrs M. H. Netherton, of Gentry, Ark. And we are deeply grateful for this fine co-operation also, and thank you again very kindly.


We are happy to report that six new members of the Clan have been reported since our last issue,

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as follows: Danny D., a lusty little potential president, was born to Mr and Mrs Woodrow and Alice Maud Netherton-Goddard, of Altura, Calif., December, 4, 1954.

Peter Kirk, another lusty member of the masculine gender, put in his appearance at the home of Mr and Mrs Mack David and Carol Elizabeth Brookshear-Netherton, of Plainview, Texas., June, 4, 1955.

Carlton Wayne, bouncing baby boy was born to Mr & Mrs Wayne Palm, of Albin, Wyoming, Dec, 14, 1955.

All three babies mentioned above are grand children of Mr and Mrs T. B. and Bessie Lorine Shackelford-Netherton, of Maysville, Arkansas.

Then on August, 25, 1955, another splendid son arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Donald E. and Betty Claire Shackelford-Wheats, of Fairfield, Ill, and will be known as David Joe; maternal grand parents are Mr and Mrs M. T. Shackelford, of Cisne.

Then for a change a buxom little member of the sugar and spice and everything nice variety, arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs John Thomas Shackelford, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and will bear the name Terri Lynn, October, 2, 1955.

And ye Editor is grand dad again, but this time not according to the usual custom. Our son and his wife, Mr and Mrs Harry O. and Lillian Schoenfeld-Jones, of Concord, Calif., have just announced the adoption of a brand new baby boy; and they call his Brien Scott. Details were not given, but he arrived November, 3, 1955, and has red hair. And they are very proud parents, and the old grand dad is very anxious to meet his new grandson.

So on behalf of the entire Clan we extend our best wishes and congratulations to all the happy parents and fortunate babies.


And it is with sadness that we bring you the news that seventeen members of the Clan has passed from these earthly scenes, reports of which have come to us and that we have not as yet reported to you. And they are as follows:

Mrs Minnie Embrey Apperson-Shackelford, born the daughter of James D. and Fanny W. Shackelford-Embrey,

-- 7 (915) --

and wife of William G. Shackelford, was born in Fauquier County, Va., September, 26, 1881. She died at the Baptist Home, Culpepper, Va., September, 27, 1954. Her first marriage was to the late Robert M. Apperson. No survivors were mentioned.

James L. Shackelford, age 64, of Sturgis, Ky., a native of Union County Ky, and deputy sheriff, also ex-chief of Police of Sturgis, died November, 19, 1954. Only survivors mentioned was Mrs T. B. Godfrey, of Louisville, Ky., a step-daughter.

Mrs W. H. Shackelford was born the daughter of John and Adelia Doss-Young, in Bedford County, Virginia., in 1877. She died in the hospital at Lynchburg, Va., December, 11, 1954, at the age of 77 years. Survivors include three sons, one brother and two grand children.

Mrs Mathilda Katherine Purcell, (Kate) was born the daughter of James Porter and Elizabeth Gilvin Crain-Shackelford, March, 16, 1877, in Bath County, Ky. She died in Lexington, Ky., December, 13 1954. She was twice married, having married Hugh William McDermott in 1895, who died in 1902; and to this union were born two sons -- Irwin Holmes McDermott and Robert Crooks McDermott, both of whom, according to our records, survive.

Mrs McDermott then married John W. Purcell, in 1906, to which union were born one son and one daughter, both of whom survive. Evidently one of her sons died, as she is survived by one daughter, two sons, one sister and one brother, two grand children and two great grand children.

George Johnson Coons, born a son of John Johnson and Judith Catherine Darnaby-Coons, in Fayette Co., Ky., January, 13, 1863. He died at his home in Kansas, January, 5, 1955. He was married to Mary Ella Evans, daughter of Dr Evans, February, 13, 1889, to which union were born six children, three sons and three daughters, all of whom, according to our records, survive. He was survived by three sisters, including Misses Henrietta and Emma Coons, of Lexington, Ky., but since that time his eldest sister - Mrs Hughes, also died. And no doubt he is survived by

-- 8 (916) --

several grand children of whom we have no record.

Richard L. Shackelford, of 2306 M St, Richmond, Va., died February, 4, 1955. Survivors include his widow, one brother and two sisters. But no other details were mentioned.

Mrs Frank Thomason, formerly Miss Wilda Shackelford, (Alwilda Rebel) born the daughter of Franklin Pierce and Ida May Pitts-Shackelford, at Paris, Texas., about 1894. Formerly lived at Putnam, Tex, and married Frank E. Thomason, died at her home in Glendale, Calif., February,13, 1955. No other details or survivors mentioned.

John Louis Shackelford, born son of John Francis and Annie Nora Seale-Shackelford, April, 13, 1894, at Yazoo City, Miss. He died at his home in Bentonia, Miss., February, 24, 1955. He was married to Miss Laura Dalton, November, 1, 1925, to which union was born one daughter -- now Mrs Eugene Brooks, of Bentonia, Miss. He is survived by his widow, one daughter, two brothers, three sisters, and a host of nephews and nieces. Mr Shackelford had been a subscriber to our little Magazine since he saw the first issue.

Ray Edward Sego, son of William Richard and Allie Frances Scott-Sego, of Lexington, Tenn., was born Sept, 5, 1919. He was accidentally killed in an automobile accident in February 1955. According to our records he was never married. And no other details we shown.

William Shackelford Thompson, born the son of Charles Lewis and Betty Hickman Shackelford-Thompson, in St Louis, Mo., June, 19, 1871. Word has just reached us that he died at his home in Hutchinson, Kansas, in November 1954. He was married to Miss Maria Louise Donnell, January, 2, 1896. They had no children of their own, but one son by adoption. No other details were given.

Edward C. Shackelford died June 1955. Interment in Arlington National Cemetery June, 10, 1955. Survivors include his widow, two sister, and one brother. No other details were given. We would be indeed grateful for additional information here.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by: Tee Forshaw  June 17, 1998


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