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Genealogy of the Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Lexington, Ky. August 1954. Vol. 10. No. 4


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



We shall now continue our discussion of the Shackelfords of Richmond County, Virginia.

In our July number we mentioned Richard Shackelford, whom we mentioned as Richard, Sr, as being the first person of the name to come into Richmond Co, but we also pointed out that, according to Col Robert Shackelford, in his book "The Shackelford Family", that this Richard was the son of Major Richard Shackelford, of King and Queen County, Va., and that our records show his wife to have been Frances Lyne-Harwood, a widow.

So then in order to get the record straight we must admit that Major Richard Shackelford was Richard, Sr. His son Richard, who died in 1794, would then be Richard, Jr; and Richard, son of Richard, Jr, would be Richard, III. So in this discussion we shall so designate them.

Richard Shackelford, Jr, was married three times, and Col Shackelford, in his book, page 48, states that his first wife was Elizabeth Redman, but he gives no dates. But he does state that the marriage bonds of Richmond County give all three marriages -- marriage bonds that is.

His second wife was Margaret Landman, the marriage bond dated January, 17, 1767. His third wife was Joanna Lawson, and the marriage was dated Feb, 29, 1788. So these marriage dates give us some

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idea as to which wife was the mother of each particular child.

In his will he mentions his son William first, then his sons -- Clement, Vincent and Jack. He also stated that the land whereon he then lived came to him by his wife -- Peggy Landman, and that her three children -- Clement, Vincent and his grand daughter -- Peggy Saunders, in the right of her mother, would claim by law their equal proportion. Here we have proof that Clement, Vincent and Margaret, (the latter being the mother of Peggy Saunders) were children of his second wife -- Margaret (Peggy) Landman.

The tax lists for Richmond County for the years 1784 and 1785, show that William was in the home of Richard, Jr, and was over twenty one years of age in 1784. Richard, III, was also in his home and became twenty one years of age in 1785, thus placing his birth date as 1764. Therefore we see that both William and Richard, III, were sons of the first marriage, as they were born before his second marriage, which was in 1767.

So for the benefit of Miss Dozier, or any one else descended from Richard Shackelford, III, your lineage goes back through the Redman family.

Now then Col Robert B. Shackelford, in his book "The Shackelford Family", page 47, states that Major Richard Shackelford, whose wife was, as he has it, a Miss Lyne of King and Queen County, was a son of John Shackelford, Sr, and his wife - a Miss Livingston.

In this case we are forced to take issue with the Colonel. As has been pointed out in earlier issues of this Magazine, John Shackelford, son of Roger, the immigrant went to North Carolina. And our records show that John never mentioned a son Richard.

Richard Shackelford, Sr, whom Col Robert Shackelford designates as Major Richard Shackelford, died in King and Queen County, in 1773, was in our humble opinion, a son of James, who in turn was a son of Roger, the immigrant,. (See Col Robert B. Shackelford's book, page 10.)

And now that we know that there was a Richard, III, we feel that it is safe to assume that the grand

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children -- John, Nancy Lawson or Nancy and Lawson, and Vincent, were children of this Richard III, and his wife Elizabeth. Richard, Jr, in his Will, also mentioned his grand daughter -- Peggy Saunders, but made it clear that the mother of Peggy was deceased. So we can safely assume that the reason he did not mention his other children was because their parents were still living.

But there were still other Shackelfords there of whom we know nothing and have been unable to identify, as we shall see by the following notes from the Order, Will and Deed Books, as follows:

William Shackelford, evidently the son of Richard, Jr, was deceased and his estate administered by Richard L. Shackelford and Daniel Garland, February, 15, 1816. (Deed Book 20, page 55)

We have positive proof that William Shackelford, son of Richard, Jr, had a son named William, but no others with such proof. For proof that he had a son William, Jr, see your May magazine, page 6; And from this record we see that William, Jr, was born October, 12, 1793.

And from records sent to us by Miss Dozier we see that William Shackelford, son of Richard, was married twice, perhaps three times, as we find the following marriages or marriage bonds in Richmond Co.:

William Shackelford and Frances Redman, Miss Dozier says, married January, 26, 1786.

William Shackelford and Sarah New, married January 18, 1794.

William Shackelford and B. Smith, married June, 9, 1801.

Clement Shackelford and Mary Lawson Redman, married May, 23, 1798.

Thus we see that William Shackelford's second or third wife was "B. Smith". William himself refers to her as Elizabeth Brereton. And as women named Elizabeth were frequently called Betsy the letter "B" could be for Betsy or Brereton. See your May Magazine, pages 5 & 6. In her will she signed her name as Elizabeth B. Same reference as above.

And while we have positive proof that William had one son, it is apparent that he had other

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children, at least one other -- a son Richard L.

When William Shackelford died Richard L. Shackelford was one of the administrators. Deed Book 20, page 55. The date was 1816, therefore neither Clement or Vincent, son of Richard, would have had sons old enough to be administering estates in 1816.

Then Richard L. Shackelford was himself deceased in 1825, and William R. Shackelford was the administrator of his estate. So it is our opinion that William R., was the son of William.

Clement had a son William, but this William was mentioned as an infant heir in 1822. See Deed Book 26, page 15.

It must be borne in mind too, that Captain Jack Shackelford, Texas hero, and half brother to William, Clement, and Vincent, when he marched to Texas with his Red Rovers, had in his company -- a nephew - W. J. Shackelford, who was apparently the son of Clement. At any rate, William R. Shackelford was deceased by or before 1834. He left a will but we failed to find it. See Deed Book 24, page 4.

William R. Shackelford married Fanny L. Davis, daughter of George Davis. See Deed Book 21, page 575. William R. and Fanny L. Davis-Shackelford had the following children: Elizabeth F., George W., Richard L., Virginia and Sarah Ann. See Deed Book 28, page 208, dated March 1834. He was deceased and Albert G. Plummer was appointed guardian of his children in June 1834. His will was probated at the same time. Deed Book 28, page 230.

Thus we have given you all the information we are in possession of, of the sons of William and Clement, also Richard III, other than what was sent to us by Miss Dozier.


"Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous" -- Proverbs chapter 27, verse 4.


Before continuing we will bring you up to date on a few other items.

Since our last issue several new subscriptions have come in, and we are happy to welcome them, as follows: Mrs Earl J. Huggins of Holts Summit, Mo.;

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Mr John F. Morrison, Jr, of Lawrenceburg, Tenn, who also placed an order for a complete set of all back numbers.; Mrs Hale Houts, of Kansas City, Mo.; Cpl John K. Gott of Fort McClellan, Alabama, who also placed an order for all back volumes.; Miss Miriam Dozier, of Austin, Texas.; Mr Ellington Shackelford, of Newport, Ky.; Also Mrs Steve Wilson, Newport, Ky.; and Mrs A. M. Grimsley, of Fayette, Alabama.

And the following sent along their renewals: Mrs C. W. Purcell, of Huntington, W. Va.; Mrs C. W. Matthews, of Woodland, Ga.; Miss Virginia Brown, of Macon, Ga.; and Mrs Anna B. Record, of Philomath, Oregon, who also placed an order for all back volumes. To all of whom we are deeply grateful and say again "Thanks a Million".

And the additional data that has come in this past year has been gratifying indeed. It has indeed exceeded all expectation.

As has bee stated, Mr John F. Morrison, Jr, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and Miss Mildred Murphy, of Los Angeles, Calif., both of whom are quite busy compiling records of their ancestors and descendants -- The Henry Guthrie-Nancy Ann Shackelford genealogy in particular, and both of them are favoring us with all records compiled. And in addition to those two, information has come to us from the following: Mrs Earl J. Huggins, of Holts Summitt, Mo.; Mr J. R. Johnson, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs Ethel Brooks Gilmore, of Ranger, Texas.; Mrs B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Mrs Willie Mae King, Columbus, Miss.; Mrs Edna J. McMullen, Tampa Fla.; Mrs Helen Hare-Cole, Jackson, Miss.; Mrs George W. Shackelford, of Deltavilla, Va.; Corp John K. Gott, of Ft McClellan, Alabama.; Mrs B. L. Shackelford, of Waynesboro, Va.; Mrs Anna B. Record, of Philomath, Oregon.; Mrs Hester T. Carter, of Montgomery, Alabama; Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mss Henrietta Shackelford, of Hardin Mo.; and Mrs George M. Busby, of Mesa, Arizona. To all of whom we are grateful beyond words to express, and thank each and every one of you again.

In our next issue we will give you the marriages

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and deaths, reports that have come to us since our last issue.


Now continuing with the records of descendants of Richard Shackelford, Jr, of Richmond County, Va., we feel it would be well to give you some of the Dozier records, since there is additional information needed to complete this record we can better inform you of our needs by giving you what we have.

Richard Shackelford, III, son of Richard Shackelford, Jr, and his first wife -- Elizabeth Redman, was born, according to the tax lists, 1764. (See your Clan Magazine for May 1954, page 7.) His wife was Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. He was still in the home of his father in 1785. But his father Richard Shackelford, Jr, qualified as the administrator of the estate of Richard, III, either in 1793 or 1794. See Order Book 1793-1794, page 5. Then Richard, Jr, dated his own Will July, 16, 1794, at which time he did not mention his son Richard, Jr, or Richard, III. Therefore, he, Richard, III, died between January, 1, 1793 and July, 16, 1794. Since he was in his father's home in 1785 and not there in 1786 it is reasonable to assume that he married at that time.

Just how many children were born to Richard Shackelford, III, and his wife Elizabeth, is not known, but it is certain, according to the will of Richard, JR, they had at least three and perhaps four, ie: John, Nancy, Lawson (or Nancy Lawson) and Vincent. Miss Dozier thinks that Nancy Lawson was one person, and she may be correct; but we have the record of one Lawson Shackelford who had a large family, and the age is right to have been a son of the above name Richard and Elizabeth.

And as before stated, Elizabeth Shackelford, the widow of Richard III, married for her second husband, William R. Dozier, and they lived in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Then we find in Westmoreland County, Va., where Allen S. Dozier, son of James Smith Dozier, signed a marriage bond to marry Nancy Shackelford, daughter of Elizabeth Dozier and daughter-in-law of William R. Dozier, July, 9, 1810. (At that time

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step daughters were frequently called daughters-in-laws. (T.K.J.)

Allen S. Dozier, son of James Smith and Molly Hutt-Dozier, was born in Westmoreland County, Va., about 1785. He married Nancy Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Shackelford, as aforesaid, in 1810. And as far as we have information they had but two children -- Ann and Stephen Bailey Dozier.

Allen S. Dozier died October, 28, 1839, and it appears that his wife died before he did, but the date is not known.

Stephen Bailey Dozier, son of Allen S. and Nancy Shackelford-Dozier, was born in Westmoreland Co, about 1822. He moved to Panola County, Texas, about 1850. He was married to Evelina Elliott, daughter of William K. and Laura Birdsong-Elliott, April, 3, 1850. She was born in Fayette County, Tenn., about 1836. Their children, as follows:

Laura Lawson., ------------(born 1853. Died 1858.

William Allen Ward., -------(married Ella Nance)

Lucy Ann., -----------------(m. Algernon Sidney Thweatt)

Miriam Elizabeth., ----------(n 1861. d 1948. never mar-)

Stephen Bailey, Jr, ----------(born 1865, died 1871.)

William Allen Ward Dozier, son of Stephen Bailey Dozier and Evalina Elliott, was born in Carthage, Panola County, Texas, February, 21, 1856, and died September, 27, 1911, at Harrisburg, Texas. He was married to Ella Nance, daughter of William Thomas and Avarilla Davis-Nance, December, 23, 1879. She was born March, 17, 1859, and died May, 19, 1897. They had ten children, as follows:

Robert Henry., -------(b Jan, 22, 1881. d April, 20, 1954)

Thomas Bailey., ------(b Aug, 18, 1883. still living)

Algernon Brooks., ----(b Aug, 30, 1885. d July, 1, 1886.)

Fannie Lucie., --------(b April, 1, 1887. still living)

Whittie Miriam., ------(b ?, never married, still living)

Willie Avarillo., -------(b Feb, 9, 1891. still living)

Ward Allen., ----------(b Nov, 2, 1892. still living)

Infant Son., -----------(b. Nov, 2, 1892. d. April 1893)

Carl Vernon., ---------(b. May, 19, 1895. still living)

Ella Davis., ------------(b. May, 9, 1897. still living)

Since this brings up to the present generation we do not feel it necessary to publish more

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of the same. But we would be grateful for anything and everything of a genealogical nature that will add to the records of the other children of Richard Shackelford, III, and his wife Elizabeth. Also of the daughter Ann -- daughter of Allen S. and Nancy Shackelford-Dozier.


This brings us to Margaret, called Peggy, apparently the only daughter of Richard Shackelford, Jr, and by his second wife -- Margaret (Peggy) Landman.

Since Richard married Margaret Landman, January, 17, 1767, we know that the daughter Margaret was born after that date. We believe, or prefer to believe that she was born about 1769, for she married Joseph Saunders August, 29, 1789.

Joseph Saunders was born in Lancaster County, Va., June, 7, 1757. He was twice married, his first wife being Margaret (Peggy) Shackelford, as stated in the paragraph above. He died in Lawrence County, Alabama, but the date is not known to us.

Joseph Saunders served in the Revolution, in the Colonial Navy. We do not have his service records handy at the moment, but we do know that he did serve. He was the father of three daughters, perhaps other children, but three is all we know anything about. Nor do we know if all of his children were by his first wife, or that two of them were by his second wife. His daughter Margaret, (called Peggy) was by his first wife, that we have proof for. One record shows that he also had a son, but we have no proof for that.

His second wife was Martha Maclin, but that is all the information we have of her.

The names of his children by both wives were as follows:

Margaret Shackelford, (married Robert Taylor)

Lucy., -----------------(married Robert Fenner)

Martha, Jean., ---------(married 1st J. M. Finley, and 2nd Rev William H. Holcomb)

We have no proof as regards the marriages of the last two named daughters. So additional information of them would be greatly appreciated.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

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