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Genealogy of the Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones, 270 Lexington Ave. Lexington, Ky.

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Lexington Ky. July 1954. Vol. 10. No. 3


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



What a magic word that is. It has been said that the words "home" and "mother" are the most wonderful two words in the English language, or in other languages as for that matter, but since this writer lost his mother so early in life the word "mother" never did have the meaning to us that it should, so then the work "home" has to assume the major role.

To those of you who have been a subscriber to our little publication through the years, know that Lubbock, Texas, is our home. You know too, that we left here in December 1952 and have since been living in Versailles, Ky. But due to pressing business matters we were forced to return to Texas, and was there for several weeks -- even months. And it was our original intention to take advantage of the situation and try to bring you up to date with the Magazine at that time, as we planned to return to Kentucky as soon as possible, at that time. But we were unable to do the Magazines. So to those who may be reading this leaflet for the first time, or in future years, let us say that we have not published a Magazine in over a year; and while this will be dated July 1954, it is in reality being written in November 1955. We are just beginning publication where we left off, so as not to show a break in its publication. We hope you will understand. (Please note personal mention on pages 4-5)

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It will be noted that we told you in June 1954 that we hoped to have the July and August numbers out a little earlier. Never did we anticipate that it would be over a year before we would be able to send another copy to you. And we have neither the time or the space, nor do we feel it is expedient that we tell you the whole story as to why the long delay. Suffice it to say however, that the last eighteen months has been a hectic period of our life, and the part that we would most like to forget.

For several months we have been writing a series of articles on methods of Genealogical Research, but for this time, and perhaps another issue or two, we will omit that article until we can begin to get caught up with the family news, and publish an answer to some queries that have come in.

Even though we have not published a Magazine in over a year several new subscribers have been added, and several more have sent in their renewals. And several have placed their orders for complete sets of all back numbers, to whom we will say "Please be patient with us -- we will fill your orders at the earliest possible moment.

And although several new subscribers have been added we will say that our subscription list is still far below what it must be if we are to continue publication. Unless our subscription list is brought back to what we feel it should be we will be forced to discontinue publication as soon as we have completed Volume Ten, which includes April 1955.

We can still offer you a subscription to and including April 1955, along with all back numbers, which will be Ten complete volumes, for only $5.00. How about some of you sending complete sets to some of your friends for Christmas?


"No matter how much time you have to look for it, it is useless to try to find the lost time" -- Anon.

In spite of the fact that we have not mailed out a copy of the Magazine since last June much family news has come our way, including eight brand new

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members of the Clan. We feel certain many more new members would have been reported had the Magazine been going out regularly. Therefore we are now introducing the eight new members, as follows:

The first one was a daughter, name not shown, born to Mr and Mrs M. J. Shackelford, of McCalla, Alabama, June, 8th, 1954.

And on the very same day, June 8, 1954, a daughter was born to Mr and Mrs William D. Shackelford, of Clanton, Alabama. Name not shown.

A daughter, name not shown, was born to Mr and Mrs Dan K. Shackelford, of Rapidan, Fauquier Co, Virginia, September 30, 1954.

The next one is the pride and joy of ye Editor. For a son was born to Mr and Mrs Melvin W. and Edith Evelyn Hunter-Jones, of Pittsburg, Calif, on the 22nd of October, 1954. He will bear the name of Roger Dean, and no doubt will be another spoiled brat of the Jones Clan. His parents have already moved back to Texas and we were quite busy for awhile getting acquainted with our new grandson. He is the only grandson in the family now, and so is quite a favorite with all of us.

A son was born to Mr and Mrs Thomas and Eddie Mae Sego-Todd, of Lexington, Tenn., January, 30, 1955. Name not shown. Maternal great grand parents were the late Mr and Mrs William Allen and Elizabeth Shackelford-Sego, also of Lexington, Tennessee.

A son, name not shown, was born to Mr and Mrs John Lewis, February, 12, 1955. Paternal grand parents are Mrs Ada Shackelford-Lewis, of Jackson, Tenn., and the late Mr Grover Hart Lewis.

A daughter, name not shown, was born to Mr and Mrs Russell and Jean Butner Johnson-Sanford, of Lexington, Ky., February, 16, 1955. Mrs Sanford is the daughter of our good friends -- Mr and Mrs J. R. Johnson, also of Lexington. And the fact that we do not have the name of this little lady is our own fault. We had the pleasure of meeting her in person and the name was given to us, but for some reason we failed to make a note of it, so let it slip our mind. We are indeed sorry for the oversight.

A son, name not shown, was born to Mr and Mrs

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John Franklin and Louise Scott-Small, of Lexington, Tenn., early in March of 1955, the exact date not shown. This is another great grandson of the late Mr and Mrs William Allen and Elizabeth Shackelford-Sego, late of Lexington, Tennessee.

It will be noted that only two of the names were shown for the eight babies, and one case even the date was omitted. So we would be very grateful if our correspondents would be so kind as to give us the names and dates when reporting births.

Therefore we, on behalf of the entire Clan, extend best wishes to all babies and happy parents.


On our way home we had the pleasure of visiting some of our relatives and good friends that we have become acquainted with through our genealogical interest over a period of years, and with your permission we shall now take the liberty of telling you something about some of them.

First, we made a stop at Nashville, Tenn., where we had the pleasure of being entertained in the home of our cousin -- Mr and Mrs Odis Shackelford, for three nights, while we spent the day working in the State Library and in the court house at Gallatin, Tenn.

Mr Shackelford, who had been associated with the State Purchasing Department for a number of years, is now associated with the new State Library. We were royally entertained by both Mr Shackelford in the Library, and in his home by his gracious wife and eight year old son. And we hope that you too, may have the pleasure of knowing them some time.

While in Nashville we run down to Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and spent the night in the home of our good friends -- Mr and Mrs John F. Morrison, Jr; and we are happy to say that in all the forty four States in which we have worked we have never been treated with more courtesy or been shown a more royal welcome.

We became acquainted with the Morrisons by mail through our mutual interest in the genealogy of the Henry Guthrie-Nancy Ann Shackelford Family. And it was June 1954 that the Morrisons visited in our home in Kentucky, and from that date we have had a standing invitation to return the visit. We are very

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happy that we did.

It will be noted that we mentioned Mr Morrison and Miss Mildred Murphy in the June 1954 issue of the Magazine, and of their interest and activity in the compilation of the records of their ancestors, including Henry Guthrie and Nancy Ann Shackelford ancestry and descendants. And we can now add to that statement by saying that they are just as active now as then. The Guthrie family is that of Mrs Morrison, but Mr Morrison, bless his heart, is working just as hard to assemble information of her lines as he is his own. While this writer was there Mr Morrison was kind enough to drive us all over Davidson and Williamson Counties, introducing us to various descendants of Henry Guthrie and Nancy Ann Shackelford, visiting old cemeteries, and never have we enjoyed a day or appreciated one more than we did that day with Mr John F. Morrison, Jr.

So any one seeing this that can add even a little to the Genealogy of the Henry Guthrie family will be doing all of us a great favor by passing along the information to either Mr Morrison, Miss Murphy or this writer.

After leaving Nashville we made a short stop at Lexington, Tenn., the place of our birth, and enjoyed meeting many of our relatives and old friends. And of especial interest here was the visit we had with our only living aunt -- Mrs Sally Shackelford, who is now in her 97th year. And while she cannot walk alone now, her general health is good. She has been a widow for forty five years, and with a kindly twinkle in her eye, she says she never expects to marry again. This writer hopes to have the pleasure of attending her

100th birthday party.

After leaving Lexington, Tenn., we journeyed on to Temple Oklahoma, where we spent three more very happy days visiting our relatives and old friends, including our only living brother. But being homesick, and knowing all good things must end some time, we journeyed on home, being anxious too, to see our son that we had not seen in more that two years and our grandson that we never had seen.

While all of this was happening Mrs Jones, not

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wishing to come to Texas at this season of the year, journeyed down to Florida where she spent several months basking in the Florida sunshine and enjoyed the ocean breezes at St Petersburg. Later we joined her for some time before returning to Kentucky. But when we arrived there, there was too much sunshine.



Henry Guthrie, son of William and Eleanor Abbott-Guthrie was born in Virginia in 1754. He was a soldier of the Revolution. He married Nancy Ann Shackelford, in Madison County, Ky., 1796. He died in Davidson County, Tenn., near Nolensville, 1837.

This writer had the pleasure of visiting the last resting places of both Henry and Nancy Ann, in company with the above mentioned Mr Morrison, March, 30, this year. Many of his descendants still live in that area.

Last year on the 4th of July the descendants of Henry Guthrie held a reunion near Donelson, Tenn., which is just out of Nashville. They all reported a wonderful time, and planned another reunion for 1955, on the same date. Any one seeing this and wishing to attend one of their reunions would do well to contact Mr John F. Morrison, Jr, Box 225, Lawrenceburg, Tenn, for the details.

The annual Shackelford reunion of what we choose to refer to as The Oklahoma Shackelfords, but who really live in several States, was held at Camp Boulder, new Lawton, Oklahoma, September the 4th, 5th and 6th, 1954. These fine people hold a family reunion every year, and have for many years, and always over the Labor Day week end. And at or near the same place as possible. And this writer always has an invitation to attend, but has never been able to do so. We are still living in hopes however, that some day we will have the pleasure.

Then we learned that a Shackelford Family reunion was held at or near Carrolton, Ill., some time during the month of August 1954, their 20th. And their 21st reunion was to be held the last Sunday in August 1955. So we wish them all, the Oklahoma and Illinois groups, a very successful reunion each year.

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It so happens that the Shackelfords of Carrolton, Ill. are one branch of the family of whom we know nothing. Therefore we would be grateful for any information that any one can and will send us regarding them and their ancestry.


In your May 1954 issue of the Magazine we began a discussion of the Shackelfords of Richmond Co, Va., and beginning on page three of that issue is to be found a copy of the will of Richard Shackelford, who appears to have been the first person of the name in that County. This Richard, according to Robert B. Shackelford in his book "The Shackelford Family", page 47, was a son of Major Richard Shackelford and his wife -- a Miss Lyne, of King and Queen County. His wife, the wife of Major Richard, was the widow Harwood, formerly Frances Lyne, according to other records we have.

Richard, of Richmond County, in his Will, mentions two or three grandchildren -- John, Nancy Lawson or Nancy and Lawson. The old record is not clear if the last two were two children or just one child. We are of the opinion that there was a Nancy and a Lawson, as we have other records showing the family of one Lawson Shackelford.

Just who the father of these two or three children was he does not say. He mentions his sons Clement, Vincent and Jack, and his deceased daughter -- Margaret, or rather his grand daughter -- Peggy, who was a daughter of Margaret Saunders, wife of Joseph Saunders. He also mentioned a son William, who was evidently a son by his first marriage -- Elizabeth Redman.

Also note our remarks in your May number regarding the mystery of another Richard Shackelford, evidently son of the above mentioned Richard, whom we designated as Richard, Sr, and the second Richard as Richard, Jr. Although Richard, Sr, never mentioned a son Richard, the tax lists for Richmond County for the years 1784 and 1785 show there was a Richard, Jr. And as we pointed out in the May issue, we could find nothing among the records

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of Richmond County concerning Richard Shackelford, Jr, except enough to prove that there was such a man, but that was in May 1954.

On August the 21st 1954 we received a letter from Miss Miriam Dozier, of Austin, Texas., but who at the time was vacationing in Logan, Utah., in which she stated that she was a great grand daughter of Nancy Lawson Shackelford, daughter of the afore mentioned Richard Shackelford, Jr; and as a result of that letter, which was prompted by Miss Dozier having seen a few copies of our little Magazine, a very pleasant correspondence has been going on, and up to this time everything has been coming our way, as Miss Dozier has been kind enough to furnish us with information showing proof of her ancestry from Richard Shackelford, Jr.

Miss Dozier also enclosed records from Richmond County, Virginia, showing that the wife of Richard, was Elizabeth, whose maiden name we do not know, but she thinks that it was Elizabeth Lawson.

In the Richmond County Order Book of 1793-1794, page 5, we find that Richard Shackelford, Sr, qualified as administrator of Richard, Jr, his widow Elizabeth having relinquished all rights as the administrator.

Then it is apparent that Elizabeth Shackelford, widow of Richard Shackelford, Jr, married a second time, as we find a marriage bond in Westmoreland County, dated July, 10, 1810 where Allen S. Dozier signed a marriage bond to marry Nancy Shackelford, daughter of Elizabeth Dozier and daughter-in-law of William R. Dozier. (Then it was usual for a step daughter to be known as a daughter-in-law. T. K. J.)

Miss Dozier's record shows that Allen S. Dozier and Nancy Shackelford had at least two children -- Ann and Stephen Bailey Dozier.

There will be more on the Richmond County Shackelfords in future numbers. But right now we would like to know who Elizabeth, wife of Richard, Jr, was. Was she Elizabeth Lawson? And did she have other children besides Nancy, wife of Allen S. Dozier?

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by: Tee Forshaw  June 15, 1998


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