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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas January 1946 Vol. 1. No. 9


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Last month we promised you a copy of a wonderful document this month, so here it is.

In preceeding issues of the magazine we have shown that the first Shackelford immigrant was one Roger Shackelford, and that in all probability Mary Palmer was his wife. And in the issue of November 1945, we told you that Roger had four sons - James, Francis, John and Zachariah. And this document of which we are now writing concerns the eldest or first named son - James.

The date of birth of James Shackelford is not known, nor the date of his death, but he married Elizabeth Robbins, daughter of Christopher Robbins, July, 14, 1687, in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co, Va. See Abingdon Parish Register, Christ's Church, Gloucester County.

Her sister Ann had married one Robert Freeman. They, James and Elizabeth, had the following children: James, Jr, born June, 10, 1690, Mary, John, Charles, Roger, Robert, Richard, Jane and Diana.

It appears that James Shackelford and Robert Freeman had sold the most of the land that, by inheritance, was the property of their wives, with the result that they were left in desperate and destitute circumstances.

In an effort to rescue themselves and their children, Elizabeth Shackelford and her eldest son-James, and Anne Freeman and her eldest

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son-Robert made the following petition to the House of Burgesses for their relief.

Quoting from Henning's Statutes at Large, Vol IV, Chapter XXIX, pages 461-64, August, 8, 1734 - Reign of George II.

"An act for docking the entail of certain lands in the Counties of Gloucester and Elizabeth City, and vesting the same in Henry Willis in fee simple, and for settling other lands and tenements and several slaves to the same uses.

I. Whereas John Robbins, late of Robbin's Neck in the County of Gloucester, now deceased, was in his life time seised in fee simple of two thousand acres of land, with the appurtenances, lying and being in Robbin's Neck aforesaid, between the Rivers Ware and Severn, in the parishes of Ware and Abingdon, in the County aforesaid; and five hundred acres of land with the appurtenances, lying and being in the parish of Elizabeth City, in the County of Elizabeth City, and so being thereof seised, did make his last will and Testament in writing, bearing date the two and twentieth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and fifty five, and thereby, among other things, did devise unto his second son - William Robbins, the plantation lying in Elizabeth City County, in the possession of Lieutenant Lee, George Martin, and Mr Linnor; and all that part of his dividend in the County of Gloucester, lying on the westward side of Gowlett's Creek, part whereof was in the possession of John Walker and Robert Gowlett, to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, forever; and devised to his third son - Thomas Robbins, and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, in the occupation of James Andrews and John Hanson, and six hundred acres, part of his divident in Gloucester County. And he devised his plantation in Elizabeth City, now in possession of Robert Gray and John (see page 3)

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{this will be on page 2 of this transcript} Lee and Simon Sleeder, and his plantation in Gloucester County, where he then lived with all the remainder of that dividend of land not before given, to his eldest son Christopher Robbins, and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, forever; and declared his will to be, that if either of his sons died without heirs of their bodies the two surviving sons should enjoy all the said lands equally to them and their heirs forever.

And if two of his sons should die without heirs of their bodies, then the survivor should enjoy all of the said lands to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, forever.

And if it should happen that all three of his sons should die without issue then he devised all the said lands to his two daughters, their heirs and assigns forever, as by the said last will, relation thereunto being had, as more fully and at large may appear.

II. And whereas the said William Robbins, the second son, some time afterwards, departed this life without issue, thereby the land devised to him, vested in the said Christopher Robbins and Thomas Robbins, according to the said will, and the said Christopher Robbins thereby became seised in fee tail of one moity of the said several dividends of land, in the Counties of Gloucester and Elizabeth City; and so being thereof seised, the said Ann inter-married with one Robert Freeman, and the said Elizabeth inter-married with one James Shackelford, which the said Robert and James did sell and alien to divers persons all the lands so as aforesaid descended to their respective wives, except sixty acres; and some time afterwards departed this life; and the said Robert leaving issue by the said Anne, Robert Freeman their eldest son; and the said James leaving issue by the said Elizabeth, James Shackelford, their eldest son, besides many other children

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who were left in very poor circumstances; and since their decease the said Anne Freeman, and Elizabeth Shackelford, have been obliged to bring several ejectments for recovering their rights to the said lands, sold as aforesaid, by their husbands, and in the prosecution thereof, have been put to great expenses for law charges; and in order to defray the same, have been forced to sell their estate in the said lands, and have executed conveyances accordingly to Henry Willis of the County of Spottsylvania, gentleman; and for the better assuring of his title the said Robert Freeman and James Shackelford, the eldest sons and heirs apparent of the said Anne and Elizabeth, joined in said conveyances so that the said Anne and Elizabeth, Robert and James van never in their life time receive any benefit or advantages from said lands; and the said Anne and Elizabeth have now a very numerous issue consisting of upwards of three score children and grand children, who are all in miserable circumstances, unable to support themselves but by hard labor of those who are able to work.

III. And whereas the said Henry Willis is and stands seised in fee simple, of and in water grist mill, two plantations and two thousand acres of good land, with the appurtenances, lying and being in the little fork of Rappahannock River in the County of Spottsylvania aforesaid, which he is willing to settle, wit eight slaves, to the uses of the said entailed lands, so that the fee simple estate of the said entailed lands may be confirmed to him whereby the said Anne and Elizabeth and their poor families may hereafter be comfortable subsisted; all of which appears very just and reasonable. "To be continued and completed nest month".


" Man thinks that he is free to choose right or wrong, but if he chooses wrong he cannot change, for he thinks he is right"---Quillen.


"You cannot control the weather, but you can control the moral atmosphere which surrounds you"--


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This month we wish to acknowledge the following new subscribers, and to thank each of them for their subscriptions, for their interest and their co-operation:

Dr J. Hinton Shackelford, of Baltimore, Maryland; who also included one for his brother S/Sgt William C. Shackelford, of Bergstrom Field, Austin, Texas.; Mrs Kate S. Purcell, of Lexington, Kentucky; and was reported last month, but who this month sent in two more for her sons - Robert C. McDermott, and Paul E. Purcell, both of Cincinnati, Ohio. And Mrs Purcell also included one for her brother-Mr P.J. Shackelford, of Mt Sterling, Ky.; Miss Eunice E. Hagler, of Kansas City, Mo.; who also included one for Mr Vilas Shackelford, of Wauneta, Nebraska; Mrs Laura H. Shackelford, of Beverlyville, Va.; Mr Junius M. Shackelford, of New York City; and The New York Public Library, of New York City, So to all of you we say again - Thanks a million.


This month we are seeking information for Mrs Sam T. Donahew, of Owingsville, Ky., a grand daughter of Abner Terry Shackelford and his wife Nancy Gossett.

Abner Terry Shackelford was born in Virginia, probably Culpepper County, 1796. He married Nancy Gossett, in Pulaski Co, Ky., March, 15, 1818. They had the following children:

Sanford-------(married Sarah Stamper)

Alfred--------(married Mary ??

Berry---------(married Elizabeth ??

Evaline--------(married William P. Sheffield)

Caroline------(married William R. Trent)

Polly Ann-----(married John Horton)

Frances-------(married T.S. Lawson)

Servillah-------(never married)

James Porter--(married Elizabeth Gilvin Crain)

Julia-----------(married Calvin H. Taylor))

Sarah Jane----(married Stephen Swango)

Abner Terry Shackelford then married a second time, her name being Rebecca Daniel, and they had one son - Samuel, (Sam).

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Any one knowing the ancestry of Abner Terry Shackelford, or his wife Nancy Gossett, or any of his descendants, please pass the information along to Mrs Sam T. Donahew, Rt 2, Owingsville, Kentucky, or to the Editor.

Abner Terry Shackelford lived in Breathitt County, Kentucky.

Mr. Cecil A. Shackelford, Garden Grove, California, please note:

Clayton S. Shackelford, son of James Baylor Shackelford, and his wife - Mary Tiffin, of Fayette County, Ohio., was born Oct. 1, 1807. He died on Oct. 22, 1898, near Blue Ridge, Harrison County Mo. He was born in Tennessee, probably Claiborn County. He married Jane English about 1830. She was born in Ohio, probably Fayette County, August, 23, 1811, and died near Blue Ridge, Harrison Co, Mo., Feb, 3, 1899. They had the following issue: Merritt, Marion, Mary, Martha, Candace, Matthew, and Simon. One of the sons of Clayton Shackelford and his wife Jane English, was known as Mack Shackelford.

Any one having additional information of the descendants of Clayton Shackelford, please pass the information along to us.


"We point out our own equals. They are those we have to see getting ahead of us.---Quillen--


Margaret R. Shackelford, daughter of James P. Shackelford, and his wife Mary (Polly) Seaton, born in Henderson County, Tenn., July, 25, 1826, married first James Garrett, and had two children-Frances and Samuel. She married second Elijah Sparks. Said to have moved to either Arkansas or Texas. Wanted: Descendants of Frances and Samuel Garrett, also descendants of Elijah Sparks and Margaret R. Shackelford.

Richard Shackelford, son of James P. Shackelford, and his second wife Mary (Polly) Seaton, was born March, 7, 1831, in Henderson County, Tennessee; married Martha Ann Moses, in Madison County, Tenn.,

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November, 9, 1854, thought to have had sons Richard, (Dick), Filmore, and others. Wanted: Descendants of the above named Richard Shackelford and his wife - Martha Ann Moses.



Don, eldest son of Lt Commander Claude Oliver Morrison, is now in the army. Commander Morrison has just recently been discharged from more than four years of active and meritorious service in the navy. And just as he returned to civil life his son entered the service. Also in the service are the following: Maurice E. Schnell, of Lexington, Ky.; Jack Stevens Breckenridge, of Alabama.; James Edward Elliott, of Alabama.; Lt Henry Summer Canby, of Denver, Colo, and his brother Lt Joel Shackelford Canby, also of Denver.

In addition to Lt Commander Claud O. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo., the following have been discharged: Gaylord Dean Morrison, brother to Commander Claud.; James Q. Shackelford, of Mt Sterling Ky., and Gordon Earl Elliott.

Gaylord Dean Morrison served with the 44th Division, wears five service ribbons and has three battle stars. Gordon Earl Elliott was in the service five years. Welcome home boys - a big job well done. Andy may your civilian activities be as successful.


This month we are saddened by the passing of two beloved members of our clan.

Last month we reported the death of Jacob Hunsicker. This month we have more of the details. Jacob Hunsicker first saw the light of day in Wood County, Ill. He was the son of Joseph Linville Hunsicker and Margaret N. Hedges. On February, 29, 1880, he was married to Laura Ann Shackelford, daughter of Rev Lewis and Frances Eliza Case-Shackelford. She preceded him in death August, 12, 1934. And to this union were born three children:--Mrs Marguerite Alma Morrison, of Eagleville, Missouri.; Dr Claud Linville Hunsicker, of Des Moines, Iowa.; and Mrs Bernice Alice Scott, of Johnstown, Iowa.

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All of whom, along with seven grand children and seven great grand children survive.

Uncle Jake, as he was affectionately known, was in his 91st year. He came to Missouri at the age of three years, and had spent the balance of his long and useful life at Eagleville, Mo., and Indianola, Iowa. He was a beloved and venerable man. We wish we had the space to publish the entire obituary and biography.

Mrs Eleanor Shackelford-Canby, wife of Dr Henry Summer Canby, of Denver, Colorado, and daughter of the late Joel Walker Shackelford and Anna Dexter Goddard, passed to her eternal reward during the month of November but we have not received the details as yet, and hope to be able to tell you more about it next month.

To the bereaved of both families we extend our deepest sympathy. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god:. Matthew, 5:8.


We are happy to report three brand new members of the clan this month, but reports of two of them being belated reports. Louis Craig Shackelford, Jr. Arrived August, 16, 1945, to make his home with his mother - the former Miss Frances Wilson Devany, until such a time as his father - Louis Craig Shackelford, Sr., now serving his country in Labrador, arrives home. He was born in Little Rock, Ark., and is a grandson of Mr and Mrs James Barnes Shackelford, of Jones, Louisiana.

Another belated report was that of the arrival of master Neilson Earl, son of Earl Henry and Janice Loraine-Roupe-Holtman, of Kansas City, Mo. He arrived March, 6, 1945.

Also-Robin Lynne, son of Omer Kenneth and Lela Helen-Pierson-Tingle, arrived to bless their home in Inglewood, Calif., November, 19, 1945. To all of whom we extend congratulations and best wishes.


We wish to thank Mrs Kate S. Purcell, of Lexington, KY., and Mrs Oliver M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo., for data sent in. And to remind you again that we are grateful for all data.

Until next month, Adios The Editor.

Transcribed by Sally Livermore

April/May 1998

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