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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones, 716 Ave A., Lubbock Texas.

.60c A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Lubbock, Texas. October 1945. Vol 1. No 6.

Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.

The Shackelford or Shackleford family in America.

Last month we promised you information of the American immigrant, the father of the family in America that is known as either Shackelford or Shackleford.

Now here too, there seems to be some dispute, one branch claiming that the immigrant was John, others claiming that he was Roger, and that John was a son of Roger. The Editor of the Shackelford Clan Magazine subscribes to the latter, and feels that Roger was the immigrant.

Those who accept John as the immigrant make the claim that John was a "Knight and Cavalier" of Charles I, when on his arrest, he (John) fled the the (sic) country to save his head. Quoting from page 37, " The Shackelford Family", by Col Robert B. Shackleford, "One authority"--Minor Gibson, a relative, wrote an account of the family for publication in the Genealogical Column of the Richmond Times Dispatch, about thirty years ago. And in this account it is stated that the founder of the family in Virginia was John, who settled in King & Queen County, Virginia, in 1649. But this County was not formed until 1691, when it was cut off from New Kent. He further states that it is not known whom he (John) married, but it is supposed to have been in The Colony, late in life. He is known

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to have had two sons--John and Benjamin. John married the eldest daughter of John Livingston, of South Carolina, who emigrated from Scotland, et cetera". End of quote.

It is not the policy of the Editor to start an argument with any one, particularly about their ancestry, but from all the records available, and from those seen and noted, we are forced to believe that John, who married Miss Livingston, was a son of Roger. And here too, the Editor differs to some extent with those who share the above opinion as concerning the immigrant. That is, as to what became of the John who married Miss Livingston.

It will be impossible for us to cover all the arguments that we shall make in this connection in one issue, so for this issue we shall confine our remarks to Roger, and then next month, the two Johns, one a son of the immigrant, and the other one, the one that has been the cause of so much discussion among descendants, son of James.

Now back to Roger. Col Robert B. Shackelford, of Cismont, Virginia, published his book--"The Shackelford Family", in 1940. In his examination of the records he went to great lengths to discover the origin of the family in America, and his (sic) book he quotes letters from a Mr Anthony R. Wagner, of London, who made the search for the name over there. And among the many letters, wills, deeds and other records, Mr Wagner inclosed (sic) the Will of John Shackelford, a butcher of New Alresford. Will dated March 26, and proved in Bishop's Court, Winchester, March 30, 1647. And in this Will he mentioned his cousinRichard (sic) Shackelford, and five children of his cousin John Shackelford, deceased. And the five children of the deceased John, were as follows:

(1) John Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, December 23, 1647.

(2) Roger Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, April 23, 1629.

(3) Charles Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, January 25, 1630.

--3 (43)--

(4) Christopher Shackelford-baptized Old Alresford March 10, 1632.

(5) Ingram Shackelford-baptized Old Alresford, October 12, 1636.

Of the eighteen wills and documents sent to Col Shackelford by Mr Wagner, the name of Roger appeared only one time--that mentioned in the Will of John the butcher, of New Alresford.

Now those who claim that John was the immigrant say that he was living in King & Queen, 1649, but as before stated, King & Queen was not created until 1691. And if any one has documentary proof that there was a John Shackelford living in Virginia as early as 1649 the Editor would be very happy to have it.

It is known, according to Col Shackelford, that one Edward Palmer, from England, received a patent of grant of land, of 400 acres in Gloucester Co., Virginia., for the transportation of eight persons into Virginia, including Roger Shackelford. The date of this grant was June 4, 1658.

Edward Palmer had a sister Mary on the above list, and there is good reason to believe that Roger Shackelford married Mary Palmer. But no proof.

The first time that Roger himself appears as of record, is the year 1678. Land Book VI, page 665, dated Nov 20, 1678, when he is granted 313 acres of land in Gloucester Co, Va. That was during the Governorship of Sir Robert Jeffries, or Sir Herbert Jeffries. And while space forbids copying the entire document, it, by its wording, shows that Roger Shackelford had one plantation in addition to the above grant. So this grant of 313 acres was not the first land that he possessed in Virginia.

The date of Roger's death is unknown, but as far as any records that have been found are concerned, his name last appears on the Quit Rent Roll for 1704. It is obvious then, that he died after that date. Joel Walker Shackelford, (1851-1916) of Denver, Colo., the first to start a Shackelford history but who died before completing it, wrote Mrs Jane Shackelford-McCready, of Charleston,

--4 (44)--

South Carolina, that he had located the tombstone of Roger, at West Point, in King William Co., not far from Shackelford village, Gloucester Co, Va. But Rev F. S. Moseley, of Montgomery, Ala., assisted by the daughter of Joel Walker Shackelford, carefully went through all of his papers, and the tombstone record of Roger could not be found. Ye Editor has planned to go to the place mentioned by Joel Walker Shackelford in 1942, but the war prevented our doing so.

Now since we have documentary proof that Roger came to America as early as 1658, the Editor of this magazine accepts him as the immigrant, and shall continue to do so until some one comes forward with evidence to the contrary.

Roger, the immigrant, is known to have had four sons, namely-James, Francis, John and Zachariah, and probably others. Mr Edward Madison Shackelford and Rev Moseley, in their book, name three others--Benjamin, Charles, and Roger, Jr; and then they mention a William who was in Carteret County, North Carolina, 1726-31, as a possible son of Roger, the immigrant, also.

Next month we shall discuss the two John Shackelfords--John son of Roger, John, son of James.

This month we have two questions from subscribers, and we are happy to say that we have some of the answers. But any one having answers that we do not have, please pass the information along.

But before the questions we will be happy to name the following new subscribers; and welcome them into our midst: They are as follows: Dr B. L. Shackleford, of Atlanta, Ga.; Mr James Thomas Shackelford, of Napton, Mo.; Mrs H. H. Shackelford, of Newport News, Va.; Mr James M. Shackelford, of Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs R. J. Shackelford, of Richmond, Va.; Mrs Eula Moore-Richardson, of Bentonia, Miss.; who also included one for her three sisters-Mrs Ollie Moore-Bobo, of Philadelphia, Miss.; Mrs Mary Moore-Sharp, of Hattiesburg, Miss.; and Kate Moore-Loften, of Gilbert, Louisiana. Then Mrs

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Annette M. Rowe, of Washington C. H. Ohio.; Mrs Charles E. Benson, of Montclair, N. J.; Mrs Robert M. Tichenor, of Scotch Plains, N. J.; Mrs Ada C. Hinton, of Milton, N. C.; and Mrs Fern Bachar, of Fort Morgan, Colo, reported in both August and September, but who this month sent in another subscription for her son--James Robert Bachar, who is in our armed forces. Which ofcourse (sic), pleases us very much, and to all we say again--Thank You.

Not (sic) for a question sent in by Mrs Robert M. Tichenor, of 1977 Westfield Ave, Scotch Plains, N. J., she being a great grand daughter of Willis Green Shackelford, born about 1805, in Lincoln Co, Ky., and his wife--Louisa Ann Rice. The Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine has proof that Willis Green Shackelford was the son of John, but is not certain who the wife of John was, but we believe that it was Polly Lawrence. This John Shackelford, or the one we think is this John, married Polly Lawrence, in Lincoln Co, Ky., 1799. John died in 1806, leaving a widow and two children--Willis and Priscilla. So any one knowing the identity of the wife and parentage of John Shackelford, father of Willis Green Shackelford, please pass the information along to Mrs Tichenor at the above address, or to the Editor of the Clan Magazine.

John Shackelford, son of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford, born in Hanocer (sic) Co, Va., about 1736, and married Frances Wade Butler, and had John, James, Anna, Susannah, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Nancy, Edmund and Frances W. He died in Hancock County, Georgia.

James Shackelford, son of John and Frances Wade Butler-Shackelford, was born in Halifax Co, Va., about 1778. Married first--Martha (Patsy) Broadnax, and had John Wade, James Broadnax, Robert D., Edward F., Meredith, Richard, Susan, Mary Harriet, Frances, and Martha Rivers Shackelford. James then married for his second wife--Nancy Atkinson, in Perry Co, Alabama., and they had four daughters--Julia, Josephine, Ardella and Elizabeth.

The descendants of Richard Shackelford, son of James and Martha Broadnax, are said to be around

--6 (46)--

Meridian, Miss., and any one knowing anything of them please pass the information along to the Editor. We will always purchase or exchange.

Any one knowing anything about the husbands and descendants of Julia and Josephine Shackelford, daughters of James and Nancy Atkinson-Shackelford, please send the information to Mrs Margaret C. McGuinn, Rt 4, Spartanburg, S. C., or to us.

Zachariah Shackelford, whose wife was Dolly, was granted land in Lincoln Co, Ky., 1799, and again he was granted land in Casey Co, 1807. His estate was divided June 24, 1811, (see unmarked book, page 17) and among them--the heirs, we find the following: Dolly, widow; William and Richard, of Casey County, Zachariah, James, (John, deceased, with two children-Willis and Priscilla), Sally, Frances and Susannah.

It is our opinion that the John, mentioned as deceased, was the father of Willis Green Shackelford, who married Louisa Ann Rice, in Casey County, Ky., April 5, 1827. Any one knowing if this is authentic, will you please send us the proof.

The Editor will be grateful for genealogical information of the following families; Bible and cemetery records are particularly desired.

Joseph Covin: descendants in Okla. James Broadnax Shackelford: descendants in Miss, La, and Tex. Marshall Levi or Levy: descendants in Miss. W. E. Harper: descendants in Ark. William Carnathan, of Ala. Isaac Newton Butler, of La. John P. Lokey, of Tenn. Lafayette Edwards, of La. Richard Shackelford, Lysander Malloy, Warren Malloy, William Shackelford, all lived Meridian, Miss. Lawsons, of Ga., that married Shackelfords. James Edward Seaman, of Ga, and Ala. Alfred Eppes Brown, Sr, Alfred Eppes Brown, Jr, William Gaston Brown, Edward Brooking Brown, Zacheus Butler Brown, Duncan M. Brown, Marshall Lane, Algernon Sidney Brown, Algernon Sidney Mitchell, Joseph Irby Little, John Thomas Wingfield, Thomas Hester Wingfield, Allen Tupper Wingfield, John Burrwell Wingfield, Charles Norwood Wingfield.

--7 (47)--

Frank Chaffin, John Bonner, William H. Bonner, David Edward Butler, all of Georgia. Francis E. Willis and Stephen Collins, of Richmond County, Ga.

There are those who look upon genealogical research with amusement, thinking those engaged in such activities as being "shy in the upper story", to use a slang expression. To those I would admonish them to read--"For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers:" Job 8:8. Also "Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another gerneration"-Joel 1:3.

To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die--Campbell.

There are no marriages to reprot this month, but we do have another list of those in the service, including some decorations.

And now that the war is over will all of you begin sending us the names of those having been discharged? And we are particularly anxious to have the names of those having been decorated, and of those that have been wounded or that have given their lives for their country and our. (sic)


Josephine Smith, of St Louis, WAC; Walter Lindsey, of St Louis; Melvin C. Shackelford, of Carnegie, Oklahoma.; Olen D. Shackelford, and Leonard R. Shackelford, of Carnegie, Oklahoma; The last three all being sons of Clarence D. Shackelford; Robert J. Edens, of Hobart, Oklahoma, son of Ernest and Julia Shackelford-Edens, and a grandson of Clarence D. Shackelford.; William Russell Shackleford, of Napton, Mo.; Capttain (sic) Lyne Moncure Shackelford and Major Virginius Randolph Shackelford, of Orange, Va.; Robert Arthur Nelson, of Omaha, Nebraska.; also John Theodore Nelson, of Omaha, both sons of Rheodore (sic) E. Nelson and Margery May Shackelford, of Omaha.

Thomas M. Brumby III, Lieut U. S. N. R., son of Thomas A. and Cordelia Inman Gray-Brumby.

--8 (48)--

Also Major or Lt Col Richard Gray Brumby (Brumby) son of the above; Major Thomas Brumby Sessions, son of George H. Sessions and Mariah Louise Brumby; James Remley, son of James Remley and Marie Massey-Brumby; Jack Brevard, son of William Magruder and Anne Field-Brumby; Frederick Cyrus Hinton and Ralph Garland Hinton, sons of Mrs Ada C. Hinton, of Milton, N. J.; George Willard Calpp, of N. C., James Harbison, Jr, of Eldon, Mo.; William, Jewel D., John P., and Ralph E. Shackelford, all four sons of Ralph M. Shackelford, of Eldon, Mo.; and Lester Shackelford, of Lexington, Ky.


Capt Lyne Moncure Shackelford was decorated with The Gold Cross of Poland. And Major Virginius Randolph Shackelford, Jr, of Orange, Va., was decorated with the Croix de Gurre, of Luxemburg. Both of the last mentioned men are sons of Judge Virginius Randolph Shackelford, of Orange, Va., and incidentally, are direct descendants of Thomas Jefferson.

Lester Shackelford or (sic) Lexington, Ky., was decorated with The Bronz Star for services in Africa.


But even in victory we are saddened by the loss of those who gave all they had to give--their lives.

This month comes the report of the death of Josephine Smith, of St Louis, W. A. C.

Melvin C. Shackelford, of Carnegie, Oklahoma, killed in action on Luzon, January 1945.

Leonard R. Shackelford, of Carnegie, Oklahoma, wounded in action in Italy, but still in service.

Robert Arthur Nelson, of Omaha, Nebraska, killed in a plane crash, Miami, Florida, April 28, 1941. Pre-war training.

To the bereaved we extend our deepest and most profound sympathy. And let us pray that they have not died in vain.


Olen D. Shackelford, of Carnegie, Oklahoma,; Ralph G. Hinton, of Milton, N. C.; and Jewel D. Shackelford, of Eldon, Mo.; have all been discharged. Welcome home boys:

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

May 24, 1998


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