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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 716 Ave A. Lubbock, Texas.

.60c A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Lubbock, Texas. August 1945. Vol 1. No 4.

Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Surnames of every race and nation are represented. But while the greater number are of English, Scotch, Irish or Welsh origin, brought to this country by scions of families which had borne these names for generations prior to their emigration, many others from central and southern Europe and from the Slavic countries, where the use of surnames is generally a more recently established practice, present considerable difficulty to the student of etymology and family history.

Thos (sic) Americans who possess old and honored names--who trace the history of their surnames back to the sturdy immigrant ancestors, or even beyond the seas, and into the dim mists of antiquity--may be rightly proud of their heritage. While the name, in it's origin, may seem ingenious, humble, surprising or matter of fact, it's significance today lies not in the literal interpretation of it's original meaning but in the many things that have happened to it since it first came into use. In the beginning it was only a word, a convenient label to distinguish one Joe from his neighbor Joe who lived next door. But soon it established itself as a part of the bearer's individuality; and as it passed to his children, his children's children, and in turn even to their children, it became the symbol, not of one man but of a family and

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all that that family stood for; handed down from generation it grew inseparably associated with the achievement, the tradition and the prestige of the family. Like the coat of arms--that vivid symbolization of the name which warrior ancestors bore in battle--the name itself, borne through every event of a man's life and through the lives of scores of his progenitors, became the badge of family honor-the good name to be proud of, to protect, and to fight for if need be. As the worthy deeds of the marching generatons have given it dignity--splendor and fame, it has become an institution, a family rallying cry, and the most treasured possession of thos (sic) who bear it.

Now as to the family name of Shackelford--Shackleford this writer is not in possession of positive and authentic proof of the origin or the meaning. There are two or three stories in regard to it, but neither have been proved. nor (sic) do the authors make a positive claim.

One writer gives us this story, and I quote-"The name of Shackelford or Shackleford is derived from the residence of it's first bearer at a place so called in England. It's actual meaning is Shackel's ford. Shackel or Shackall being the early baptismal name. In ancient English and early American records the name occurs in the various forms of Shackellford, Shackellsford, Shackelsford, Shackelford, Shakelford, Shakelsford, Shakleford, Shackleford, Schackleford, Schackelford and Shackelforth, and perhaps Shackford. The latter being found at at (sic) an early date in New England. Those spellings, or of those spellings, the two most used are Shackelford and Shackleford." end of quote.

Now then with reference to the above story we find Mr Edward Madison Shackelford and Rev Franklin Shackelford Moseley, in their book--"George Shackelford-Annette Jeter and Descendants, and we quote "Mr Shackelford, (speaking of Judge Rhodes Shackelford, of Richmond, Ky.) and other investigators content (sic) that our name originated from the place where its bearers lived. We know that was often the case, but we also know that more families gave their names to the places where they lived, than derived their names from such places. Mr Shackelford, (Judge Rhodes Shackelford) states that there are two vill-

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ages in England called Shackelford, (one of which he visited), but he fails to account for their being so named. Two other writers do try to explain it, but to us their reasoning is unsatisfying". end of quote. So this writher, Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine, is also inclined to differ with Judge Madison Shackelford, Rev Moseley, and others, that the other story, which we shall designate as "The Legendary History of the Shackelford name", and shall treat that subject in the next issue of the Magazine. (Continued next month).


Now for the questions of the month, and this month we have probably more than we will be able to insert into one issue. But before going into the questions, we wish to announce the following new subscribers to the Clan since last month: Mrs Leon Shackelford, of W. Va.; Miss Lillie I. Shackelford, of Texas.; Mr B. H. Shackelford, of Georgia.; Institute of American Genealogy, of Chicago.; Mr Walter G. Holmes, of New York.; Mrs Sally Shackelford, of Tenn.; Mrs Bessie Brown-Randell, of Ga.; Mrs Lillian D. Shackelford, of Va.; Mr James J. Shackelford, of Texas.; Mrs Theodore E. Nelson, of Nebraska.; Mrs M. A. Smyly, of Ala; Mr Henry E. Shackelford, of Miss.; Mr Willard M. Shackelford, of Texas.; Mrs George T. Shackelford, of Texas.; Judge Thomas J. Shackelford, of Ga.; who also included one for W. A. Shackelford, also of Ga; Mr T. R. Shackelford, of Ill.; who also included one for Mr R. M. Shackelford, of Mo.; Miss Mary Lee Shackelford, of Texas.; formerly of La.; and who also included one for Mrs Floyd a. Green, of Texas.; Mrs W. M. Bellamy, of N. C; Mrs Chloe Shackelford-Moore, of Idaho, who also included one for her son and daughter---Mr G. H. Mull, of Oregon, and Mrs Fern Bachar, of Colorado.; Mr Robert E. Brumby, of La.; and Miss Emily S. Brown, of Sparta, Ga.

All of which makes the Editor very happy; and we say again--"Thanks a million". May our efforts and the satisfaction of them, be mutual.

Last month we asked for information of the families of Reverands John and Nathan Shackelford, and their brother Stephen, sons of James B., and

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Mary Tiffin Shackelford, of Fayette Co, Oh. James B. and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford died in Ind. Any one having information of the above mentioned three families, or family of the other children of James and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, please send it to the Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine or to Miss Ora Tanquary, 806 South Shannon St, Van Wert, Ohio.

This month we have a question relative to the ancestry of one Stephen Shackelford, of Alabama. This Stephen Shackelford is said to have lived at or near Old Elyton, not far from Birmingham. He is said to have had the following children: Paschal J., Stephen, Jr, Zadock Daniel, John and Martha Ann., and probably others.

We have a great deal of data of the family of Zadock D., but if any one has any data whatever of the families of Paschal J., Stephen, Jr, John, or Martha Ann, please send it along. We would also like to have the names of the parents of Stephen, Sr, and his wife.

There was an Elizabeth Shackelford and Martha Shackelford living in Jefferson Co, Ala., 1850. Martha was born 1782, in Georgia. Who was she? Was she the widow of Stephen, Sr, and where did they come from to Alabama? All or any information of the above Stephen will be appreciated, be it much or little. Any one having such information please send it to us, or to Mrs Carrie G. Hickman, Green Pond, Alabama. And now comes another subscriber and requests the following informtion of the following:

John Shackelford, born probably in Hanover Co, Va., about 1740, and married Frances Wade Butler, who was born about 1755, and married about 1775; and they had the following children:

John.,------(never married.

James.,-----(1st Patsy Broadnax, 2nd Nancy Atkinson)

Anna E.,----(never married.


Elizabeth.,--(married General Eppes Brown)

Martha.,----(known as Patsy, married ??)

Mary.,------(known as Polly, married--Wingfield)

Nancy.,-----(Captain George Rives)

Edmund.,----(married Rebecca Power)

Frances Wade.,-(married David Edward Butler)

--5 (29)--

Names in parenthesis are husbands and wife fo the names prceeding (sic).

Anyone having information of any of the families of the above named children of John and Frances Wade-Butler-Shackelford, particularly of Susannah Lawson or Martha Shackelford, (known as Patsy) will be greatly appreciated. It is not known who Martha married, but she probably married in Hancock or Putnam Counties, Ga. Please send information to the Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine, or to Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, Rt 5, Spartanburg, S. C., or to Mrs Bessie Brown-Randell, 1061 West Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta, Ga. The above John Shackelford was a soldier of the Revolution, and died about 1800, and is intered at Sparta, Georgia.

Since no one has yet come forward with answers to any of our former questions, we are going to ask more questions this month. And we will be extremely happy if the answers to any of them come in. and we will also be happy to receive replies from the subscribers to whom we have written letters asking for additional information of their respective branches of the family.

Will anyone having information of the following families please send it along to us, or if those not having the information, but knowing who might have, please send name and address to us.

James Shackelford (Margaret (Peggy) Simpson, married in Madison County, Ky., March 28, 1796.

James Shackelford (Polly Hollowell) married in Sumner County, Tenn., in 1822.

John Shackelford ???, said to have married in Albemarle County, Virginia. Whom?

James Busby (Elizabeth Shackelford) Married March 4, 1790, either in Albemarle Co, Va., or Madison County, Kentucky.

Sarah Shackelford (?? Porter) married either in Madison Co, Ky., or Albemarle Co, Virginia.

Carter Shackelford (married Susan Briscoe, January 4, 1802, in Franklin County, Ky.

David Binkley (married Drucilla Shackelford) either in Davidson or Montgomery Counties, Tenn.

James Orville Shackelford (Sabina Shackelford) married in Kentucky, lived short time Clarksville, Tenn.

--6 (30)--

Thomas M. Finney, (Mary E. Shackelford) and said to have lived in St Louis, Missouri.

Henry Guthrie, Sr. (Nancy Ann Shackelford) Married in Madison Co, Ky., but he is said to have lived in or near Davidson Co, Tenn. Henry Guthrie and Nancy Ann Shackelford had the following children:

Mary Harris.,------(married Andrew Johnson)

William.,-----------(married ??

Mary Williams.,----(married never married.

Eleanor Thurston.,-(married Thomas Mason)

Henry, Jr.,---------(married Henley Crockett)

John Nathaniel.,---(married Jane Wolf)

Thomas L.,--------(married Jane ??--------------)

Sarah B.,----------(married ??

Asenath.,-----------(married James B. Shane)

Daniel S.,----------(married ??

Elizabeth.,---------(married Alexander Sneed)

Adeline.,----------(married Anderson McFarlin)

Samuel W.,-------(never married, died as a boy)

Nancy B.,---------(married Shadrach Boaz)

Dudley.,-----------(married Delila Keele)

Susannah Delia.,--(married James W. Waldron)

It will be noted by the above records that Henry Guthrie, Sr, and Nancy Ann Shackelford, had sixteen children, We are not certain however, that we have them listed in order of birth. We have some data of some of the above mentioned families, but any additional information from any one will be very much and greatly appreciated.

We will also greatly appreciate any information of the family of Robinson Shackelford, who married Ann Bushrod Carpenter, of King & Queen Co, Va., May 12, 1781. He was a soldier of the Revolution.

The Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine is very anxious to obtain any additional information of a genealogical nature, of any Shackelford family or descendants of Shackelfords, wherever they may be, if we do not already have the data we want it.

We are equally as anxious to pass the information on to others if and when they desire it. So please pass along additional information if you have it; please ask us if you wish to know. We solicit correspondence.

--7 (31)--

Honor Roll.

This month we are going to publish an incomplete list of those serving in our armed forces. Neither time or space will permit the publication of their address or their ranks and organizations, but we will include the State from which they were inducted into the service. And we will be grateful for any additional names of those now serving, or those that have served during this present war. And we particularly would like to know if any who have been wounded, killed or decorated.

The following are now serving or have served during the present war: Major Geo W. Shackelford, of Omaha, Neb.; Capt Louis G. Shackelford, of Aubrey, Ark.; William Carl Scott, Benjamin Early Scott, (now discharged) Verlie Sego Scott; all of Tenn. Robert Howell Scott, William R. Buchannon, Theodore Roosevelt James, all of Tenn. Kenneth Thomas Shackelford, of Ill.; James Hershel Swayze, of Ark.; Harry Oleen Jones, and Melvin Wayne Jones, (the latter being sons of the Editor), Elmer Harding Shackelford, Gentry O. Simms, both of Michigan.; James Cleavie Davis; Coy V. Davis, of Tenn--now discharged) William Fred Davis, Roy Matthew Jowers, Robert Paul Jowers, both of Tenn. (Robert Paul Jowers has been twice wounded in action) Elmer Ray Lewis, Archie Frank Judkins, Marvin Hood, all of Tenn. Capt Joseph Lyle Dickey, of Mo.; Howard Willis Shackelford, Roy Clifford Atterbury, Clifton Denny, Louie Weber, all of Mo. Roy Allen Fair, John Ray White, of S. C. Jesse Cleveland Bogans, Allen Hudson Bogans, Michael Edward McGuinn, all of S. C. Lewis Stewart Drill, of Minn. Lt James E. Bell, Jr, of La. (now discharged). And Capt George Keeler.

Next month we have many more to add to the above list, and hope to receive information of a great many more than we now have.

We are happy to report this month that up to this moment we have not received word of any others of the Clan having given their lives for their country.

But we are saddened by the fact that information has reached us that Pfc Robert Paul Jowers, son of Clemues E. and Ruby ann ShackelfordpJowers (sic), of Lexington, Tenn., has been twice wounded in action, is now in the hospital. Good luck Paul, we are pulling for you.

--8 (32)--

No births have been reported this month, consequently we are void of that sort of information for this issue.

We do have one wedding to report, and a very unusual one it is too.

Harry Oleen Jones, Radioman 1/0 U. S. Naval Air Force, based in Hawaii, returned to California for a thirty day leave, and before coming home took unto himself a bride. He was married to Miss Lillian Schoenfeld, of Oakland, Calif., daughter of Louis Schoenfeld and Jennie Engle, July 13, 1945.

Harry Oleen Jones is the eldest son of ye Editor. It will also be noticed that the bride is Jewish, and that they dared superstition in that they were married on Friday the 13th.

The parents of the bride are Jews, strictly orthodox, and she was reared according to the Jewish orthodox religion, which is what makes this an unusual union. The Editor, who is absolutely void of racial or religious prejudice, wishes for them a long, prosperous and happy married life.

This month comes the report that Lt Louis G. Shackelford, son of Mr and Mrs W. S. Shackelford, of Aubrey, Ark., has been awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in the Italian campaign. Lt Shackelford, (since promoted to Captain) is or was with an armored field artillery battalion. Congratulations Captain Shackelford, more power to you.

The Editor is of the opinion that here and now is a good time and place to put in a plug for others that are interested in genealogy.

Mrs Margaret S. McGuinn, Rt 5, Spartanburg, S. C., edits her Family Magazine under the title of "Chadwick Chat"; and will be grateful for any Chadwick data that you may send her way.

Mr George Edson, of 811 East Park St, Olathe, Kansas, is Editor of "The Stewart Clan Magazine", and will appreciate any and all Stewart data.

Mr Harry W. Mills, of 4805-20th St, North, Arlington, Va., is Editor of "Mills Lettergram", and will be grateful for any Mills data sent his way.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

May 14, 1998


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