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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones, 716 Ave. A. Lubbock, Texas.

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Lubbock, Texas. July 1945. Vol 1. No 3.

Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


This is the month of July, a month that is sacred to all Americans. And as these very words are being typed it is the 169th anniversary of the signing of that venerable document "The Declaration of Independence".

And so to those men bearing the name Shackelford-Shackleford, who fought that that document might be preserved, is this number patriotically dedicated.



Another class of surnames those arising from physical or personal characteristics of their first bearer, apparently grew out of what were in the beginning-nick names. Thus Peter the strong became Peter Strong; Roger of small stature, became Roger Little or Roger Small; and William with the black hair became William Black, while blond John became John White. From among the many names of this type only a few need be mentioned, such as Long, Goodman, Short, Hardy, Wise, Good, Youngblood and Love. And a third class of family names, perhaps the largest of all, is that comprising local surnames-names derived from and originally designating the place of residence of the bearer, Such names were popular in Frances (sic) at an early date, and were introduced into England by the Normans. (Keep this class in mind as we get to the name Shackelford). The surnames of nobility were largely of this type, being used with the participle de, de la, or del, meaning of or of the. The Saxon equivalent was Atte, in such as John

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atte Brook, Edmund atte Lane, Godwin atte Brigg, and William atte Bourne. A vestige of this usage survives in the names Atwell and Atwater. In other cases the Norman de was substituted; and still in others, such as Wood, Briggs and Lane, the participle was dropped, The surnames of the pilgrims illustrate place designations: For example, Winthrop means "from the friendly village"; Endicott "an end Cottage"; Bradford, "at the broad ford"; and Standish "a stony park". The suffixes "ford", "ham", "lay", and "ton", denoting locality, are of frequent occurrence in such names as Ashford, Bingham, Bigham, Burley and Hamilton.

While England enjoyed a period of comparative peace under Edward the Confessor, a fourth class of surnames arose-names derived from occupations. The earliest of these seem to have been official names, ie Bishop, Mayor or Mayer, Fawcett, (judge) Alderman, Reeve, Sheriff, Chamberlain, chancellor, Chaplain, Deacon, Latimer (interpreter), Marshall, Sumner, (summoner), and Parker (Park Keeper). Trade and craft names, although of the same general type, were of somewhat later origin. Currier was a dresser of skins, Webster was a weaver, Wainright was a wagon builder, Baxter a baker, and such names as Smith, Taylor, Barber, Shepherd, Carter, Mason and Miller, as many others of the same type need no further explanation.

Many surnames of today which seem to defy classification or explanation are corruptions of ancient forms which have become disguised almost beyond reccignition (sic). For example, this writer has found the name "Shackelford" spelled as follows: Shackelford, Shackleford, Shackford, Shackelforth, and Shackelfoot, and perhaps the name Shackelton and Shaggleford could be traced to the same origin.

Longfellow was originally Longueville; Longshanks was Longchamps; Troublefield was Tuberville; Wrinch was Renshaw; Diggles was Douglas; and Snooks was Sevenoaks. Such corruptions of family names resulted from ignorance of spelling, variations of spelling and pronunciation, or in some cases merely from the preference of the bearer. They tend to baffle both the genealogist and etymologist. Shakespeare's name is found in some twenty seven different forms. Other English-American names appear in four to a dozen variant spellings. In America a

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greater variety of family names exists than anywhere else in the world. (continued next month)

We have some questions for you this month, from the subscribers. So please send along any information you have on any of the families mentioned.

But before the questions, please let us call your attention to the circular that you will find with the magazine this month. Also we would like to announce the following new subscribers; but only the names will be mentioned as space forbids giving their complete address: Mrs Vernon E. McArthur; E. T. Shackelford; Mrs C. W. Purcell; Mrs Smiley Blanton; Glen Shackelford; J. H. Shackelford; C. A. Shackelford; who also included one for his daughter-Mrs Alma Shackelford-Watson; Mrs Carrie G. Hickman; Miss Laura D. Shackelford; Mrs Arthur P. Frisch; who also included one for Mrs H. H. Shackelford; R. E. Shackelford; Miss Emma Neale Shackelford; Miss Ora Tanquary; Mrs Julia S. Dillard; Mrs J. M. Davis; Mrs W. A. Porter; Mr E. D. Shackelford; who also inclided (sic) one for Miss Cora Coleman and Miss Susie Whitescarver; Mrs Leolene S. Amrhein; and Mr William Shackelford. And Mrs J. B. Shackelford, whom we reported last month, came back with subscriptions for Miss May Shackelford; J. L. Shackelford; D. S. Shackelford; Mrs C. C. Crim; and Mrs G. C. Walker. All of which makes the Editor very happy. Thanks for such splendid response and co-operation. The following States are represented by the new subscribers: Kansas, West Virginia, New York, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, California, Alabama, Washington D. C., Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia and Kentucky.

Now for the questions. Attention people in Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. A subscriber wants information of the following: Rev John Shackelford, methodist (sic) minister, son of James B. and Mary Tiffin. James B. was born Spottsylvania Co, Va, married Mary Tiffin, niece of governor Tiffin, of Ohio. Had twelve children, the first two or three were born in Tenn. Later they moved to Fayette County, Ohio. Their children as follows: Elizabeth, born 1805; Clayton S. born 1807; James M.,

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John, born about 1810(??

Nathan, born about 1812.(??

Stephen, born about 1813.(??

Mary, born about 1815, (married George Painter)

Margaret, born about 1817, married Erastus Peck)

Joseph Tiffine, born abut 1819(m Susan Wamburg)

Nancy., born about 1821, (married George Brooks)

Lewis, born about 1825, (m Frances Eliza Case)

(and Alma Bacon)

Susan, born about Sept 1, 1827. (m Raleigh Case)

Clayton s. Shackelford, son of James B. Shackelford and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, had the following children:

Merritt.,------(married ??

Marion.,----- (married ??

Mary.,--------(married Thomas Smith)

Martha., -----(married John Smith)

Candace.,----(married Lindsey Slingerland)

Matthew.,---(married ??

Simon, born Feb 17, 1856.(married Fanny Nelson)

Interrogation marks denotes either husband or wife unknown.

James Madison Shackelford, son of James B. Shackelford and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, born about 1809, married Caroline Hurst, and had children as follows:

Elizabeth.,----(married William Coxe)

Mary.,---------(married Fritz Hahn)

Ellen.,---------(married Edward Spurlock)

Amanda.,-----(married William Ingmire)

Almira.,------(married Nicholas Hilgent)

James Hurst.,(married Ruth Wood)

John Shackelford, son of James B. and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, was born about 1810. The name of his wife is unknown, but he is said to have had the following children: Rev Joseph, Rev Charles, George, Sinai, William and Samuel. Probably others. He lived in Missouri or Kansas, or both.

Rev Nathan Shackelford, son of James B. and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, was born in Fayette Co, Ohio, about 1812. His wife is unknown, as are his children. It is thought that he had a son-Tiffin Shackelford and a daughter. Probably lived near Warsaw, Indiana.

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Joseph Tiffin, son of James B. and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, was born in Fayette Co, Ohio, about 1819. He married Susan Wamburg, and had the following children: Wesley, Henry W., Charles E., Joseph Tiffin, Kate, Emma, Susan, Margaret, (called Maggie), Elizabeth, (called Lizzie), Artie and Annie.

Lewis Shackelford, also a Methodist minister, son of James B. and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, was born in 1825, in Fayette Co, Ohio. He married a second time, his first wife being Frances Eliza Case, and they had the following children:

Sarah Alice.,----------(married A. B. Watson)

William Thaddeus.,-(married Katherine Walters)

Laura Ann.,-----------(married Jacob Hunsicker)

Mahala Jane.,--------(married Scott Johnson)

James Henry Howe.,(married Amelia Harding)

Lucinda B.,-----------(married Frank W. Burdick)

Lewis then married second-Alma Bacon, and had the following children: Chloe, Elba, and Cecil A. Their husbands and wife being unknown.

And we note that we were about to overlook the names of the husband and wives of the children of Joseph Tiffin Shackelford. who married as follows: Wesley Shackelford married Rhoda ??. Henry W. Shackelford married Rosella Stephens. Charles E. Shackelford married Jennie Roberts., and Artie Shackelford married a Mr Crist.

Please send any additional information of any of the children or descendants of James B., and Mary Tiffin-Shackelford, to The Shackelford Clan Magazine. We will see that the information reaches all interested persons.

Please read the small circular that will be inclosed (sic) with this issue of the magazine.

The Editor will appreciate any information that any one can and will pass along of the following families: as much information or as little information will be appreciated.


Martin L. Shackelford, (Martha Bird) lived in Hart County, Kentucky.

John Davis, (Sarah Elizabeth Shackelford) probably lived in Warren County, Kentucky.

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George Tarleton Shackelford, (Martha (Patsy) Howard) had the following children:

Eliza.,--------(married Joseph Dillard)

Jane.,---------(married a Mr Rutherford)

Lucy.,--------(married Daniel Ross)

William.,----(married Mary A. ??)

Benjamin.,--(no further record)

James Allen.,(married Margaret Ann Ware)

Harriet.,------(married Adolphus Paxton)

Joseph Dillard and Eliza Shackelford are known to have had at least three children: ie James, Phoebe and Joseph, Jr. Probably others. They lived in Cooper, Pettis or Jackson County, Mo.

Mr Rutherford and Jane Shackelford are said to have lived in either Cooper, Pettis or Jackson Co, Mo. Daniel Ross and Lucy Shackelford lived in Jackson Co, Mo., and had the following children: Maranda (May), Nancy Ann, Frances (Fanny), Charles William and Minnie.

We have the data of Charles William and Maranda Ross, but will appreciate the data of Jeff Kelly, (Nancy Ann Ross), Hamilton Frazier, (Frances Ross) and Minnie Ross.

William Shackelford, (Mary A.??) had the following children: S. E., J. W., Mary, J. B., and others. Was living in Cooper County, Mo., 1850.

Adolphus Paxton (Harriet Shackelford) had the following children: Benjamin and Elonzo or Alonzo, and probably others. Lived in Pettis, Cooper or Jackson County, Missouri.

Allen Shackelford, born 1801, married Eliza Reynolds, and was living in Logan Co, Ky., 1850.

Merlin Shackelford married Sarah (Sally) Anderson, in Barren County, Ky., 1823.

William H. Drake married Mary (Polly) Shackelford, in Warren County, Ky., 1820.

Milton Shackelford married Elizabeth ?, about 1830 and was living in Edmonson County, Ky., 1850.

David Howard married Francine (Sinai) Shackelford, and moved to Houstonia, Mo. They had a daughter that married a Mr Nulf. Houstonia, Mo., is in Pettis Co.

McClung Stroud married Sabina Shackelford , 1835. In Warren County, Ky. Living in Warren Co, Ky., 1860.

Wylie A. Shackelford, wife unknown, has Samuel

--7 (23)--

Thomas and Robert. Living in Platte Co, Mo., 1850.

As stated in the first issue of the magazine, subsequent issues, pages seven and eight will be devoted to the announcements of births, marriages and deaths. But we have decided that for the time being at least, we shall devote part of the space as an honor roll, giving the names, rank and branch of service of those serving in our armed forces. However, please pass along all birth and death notices, as well as wedding announcements. We will be happy to include them in the magazine.

As a beginning for our honor roll we shall be happy to pass along a record this month that all of us can be proud to note. William Shackelford, son of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford, born about 1738, soldier of the Revolution, a Lieutenant of the Continental Line, wounded at the battle of Germantown and died of wounds in November 1777. He not only served himself, but he had a son and two or three sons-in-law in the service at the same time. And it will be interesting to examine the record of the descendants of this man and note their military records in each war in which our country has been involved. But for the moment let us consider some of them that are serving in this present war.

Over in the northeaster part of the State of Louisiana will be found the little town of Jones. One of the very prominent citizens there is James Barnes Shackelford, descendant of the above mentioned William. James Barnes Shackelford married Gladys Parks, and to them have been born five sons, and five sons in whom all America can well be proud, the like of which makes America great and the very best place on this earth in which to live. Following are their names and records: John Francis, born 1914, James William, born 1915, Walter Draper, born 1918, Louis Craig, born 1921, and Duke Henry, born 1925. John Francis attended LSU and has a BS degree in agriculture. James William attended LSU, and has a BS degree in Chemical engineering, and an MS from Michigan. He is employed at the Pine Bluff, Ark., Arsenal, as a Chemical Engineer. Walter Draper is home with an honorable discharge from the U. S. Army, enlisting in March 1942, serving 23 months, in the SW Pacific area. He is entitled to wear Good Conduct, Asiatic-Pacific ribbons.

--8 (24)--

Lewis Craig Shackelford was attending Mississippi State College, but left there to enter the service. He is in the U. S. Army Air Force, serving at Goose Bay, Labrador.

Duke Henry Shackelford is also in the service, enlisting in the U. S. Navy before he was yet 18 years of age, and having left college to do so. He is now somewhere in the Pacific. Such are the descendants of a fighting liberty loving sire of 1776. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Shackelford, we all sincerely that all of them return safely (sic).

This month we are saddened by the report of two of the Shackelford Clan having given their lives while serving in the armed forces. Emmett Shackelford, of Indianapolis, Ind., brother of Miss Thelma and Morris Shackelford, killed in action in Germany, his home being 5168 North Keystone Ave, Indianapolis.

Richard Harris Shackelford, 19 year old son of Richard R. and Bettie Harris-Shackelford, of Okolona, Ark., a U. S. Marine, was killed in Action on Iwo Jima.

To the bereaved the Editor extends deep regrets and profound sympathy; and feels that he can also say the same for every member of The Shackelford Clan all over the United States.

Also on the honor roll this month is Lt Col William F. Geeslin, of Macon, Ga. He is the husband of Julia Adelaid Dillard, daughter of Mrs Julia Shackelford-Dillard, of 1608 Woodbine, Ave, S. E, Atlanta, Ga. Col Geeslin was a Captain of the National Guard of Macon, and had been for several years. When the present war started he was sent to Columbus, Ga., then to San Antonio, Texas, later to Orlando, Florida, and still later to Oklahoma City, Okla. He is now in the Southwest Pacific. Good luck Col Geeslin, and may you return home safely.

There are no marriages or deaths reported this month, but there has been one belated birth report.

Born to Mr and Mrs Clarence Robert Hunt, Sr, of Atlanta, Ga., a son named Clarence Robert Hunt, Jr, weight 8 lbs, 7oz, and length 18 inches.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hunt, and best wishes for Master Clarence Robert, Jr.

Until next month, Adios-The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

May 9th, 1998


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