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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas April 1946 Vol. 1. No. 12


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


Last month we began a series of articles of the family of Mark Whitaker Izard, and his wife Permelia Shackelford. Mark Whitaker Izard and Permelia Shackelford had the following children: Flavius Josephus, Mark Whitaker, Jr, James S., George Addison, Nancy Elizabeth, Rebecca, Van Buren, Eliza Clementine, Erastus and Thomas N.

Flavius Josephua Izard, was the eldest son and eldest child of his parents, saw the light of day for the first time near Huntsville, Madison County Alabama, just prior to his parents moving to near the present site of Forrest City, Arkansas., February 9, 1825.

Flavius Josephus Izard, being the offspring of sturdy pioneers, grew to manhood in the country that was little less than a wilderness at that time, succeeding where young men and women made of less austere material would have fainted and fell by the wayside.

At the age of twenty nine he married the lovely and charming Miss Sarah Elizabeth Whitaker, May 4, 1954; to which union were born six children, two of them dying in infancy. The four of them that survived being Mark Wilson, Juliet Saint Francis, Mary Darthula and John Sidney, all of whom have since passed on to their eternal reward.

Both Juliet Saint Francis and Mary Darth-

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ula having passed away last year, 1945, of whom we shall have more to say later.

The Editor of The Forrest City, Ark., paper had the following to say of him when he passed to the great beyond, and we quote - "With mingled sentiments of pathos and joy we record this week the passing of one of St. Francis County's most honorable and venerable citizens, who in life was known and loved by hosts of friends and kinsmen in this community and wherever he was known.

We are sad because of the absence of this noble character from the familiar earthly paths along which he exercised an elevating influence.

Dr F. J. Izard might well have been termed one of the Lord's most trusted sentinels. Armed with the sword of the spirit he guarded his Master's interest faithfully and well, never losing an opportunity to challenge the enemy and reason with him about his soul's salvation and his words of admonition were always burdened with love and brotherly kindness. His devotion to his family was beautiful and steadfast, and he cherished, next to his religion, a sacred love for his children and those who bore his name.

We rejoice because of the sweet assurance which he gave us in the last days that "all was well; Death had no sting for this valiant Christian, and he passed away into the valley of the shadows surrounded by a halo of glory, leaning on the mighty arm of his Redeemer, his venerable countenance lighted up by the heavenly smile of implicit trust and confidence.

He was born in or near Huntsville, Alabama, Feb 9, 1825, and passed to his eternal reward March 6, 1901. He came to Arkansas when but an infant, with his father and mother, who were among the earliest settlers near Mt Vernon, then a small village situated about one mile north of the present site of Forrest City. He grew to young manhood surrounded by the environment peculiar to those early times, and passed through all the trying viciss-

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udes and unsettled conditions brought about by the civil way; but by close study and unceasing application, acquired a very flattering knowledge of the common school branches and entered somewhat into the classics.

In May 1854 he was married to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Whitaker, and to them were born the six children heretofore mentioned.

Thus passes from the scene of action a good man, a good citizen, a loyal companion and a devoted father, and having fought a good fight now enters into his well earned peace and rest.


In a later issue we are going to tell you something of the two daughters of Flavius Josephus Izard, both of whom passed from this sphere of action last year, and both of whom the Editor had met in person.

This month marks the first milestone in the life of "The Shackelford Clan Magazine", and to say that we are grateful with the results would be a mild statement indeed. Your co - operation has been wonderful and the past twelve months have been busy ones and profitable ones from a genealogical point of view, and the accomplishments far beyond our fondest expectations. Our subscription list is double that which we had expected, and the additional information garnered is copious. And while our service to others has not been what we would have wished for it to have been, we are happy to say that we have been able to furnish many of you with information that you did not have, and to have given some of you a better knowledge of your Shackelford - Shackleford ancestors.

And our policy during the coming months shall continue to be the same, that is, to solicit every iota of additional information that you will be kind enough to pass along, and to help each of you to the utmost of our ability in securing genealogical information of your Shackelford ancestors, that you do not already have. We shall

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continue to solicit your criticism and suggestions as to what you feel we could do to make it a better magazine; and we shall continue to ask for your help and co-operation in making your suggestions come true.


"I have always tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever I thought a flower could grow" - Abraham Lincoln.


This month we do not have a single new subscriber to report, which makes it unusual; but it is unusual in another way too, in that we have one subscription renewal to report, and from a subscriber whose subscription does not expire until next august, for which we are very grateful.


This month we have received additional information from the following persons: Mr Thomas J. Dillingham, of Boonville, Indiana.; Mr A.A.(the second a could be a typo---transcriber) Lewis, of Fredericksburg, Va.; Mrs George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Miss Martha Lou Houston, of Washington, D.C.; Mrs O.M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs W. A. Porter, of Richmond, Va.; Ensign William E. Hagey, of Bristol, Tenn.; Mr F.T. Shackelford, of Minneapolis, Minn.; Mrs Julian Webb, of Donalsonville, Ga.; Mrs Mabel C. Thorne, of Los Angeles, Calif.; Miss Eunice E. Hagler, of Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs Ollie Bobo, of Philadelphia, Miss.; Mr C. A. Shackelford, of Garden grove, Calif.; Mr Junius M. Shackelford, of New York City.; Mrs Robert A. Druck, of Newport, Ky. And we will assure you that we are grateful for such splendid co-operation, and wish to thank each of you again.


This month we feel that it is about time for us to call to your attention our proposed journey of genealogical research. We are not certain at the moment if we will be able to go, but it is our plans just now to make an extended tour of research some time during the year 1946. We hope to be

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away from here by or before the first of July, and be away for at least three months. If there are any of you that desires any particular bit of information that you would like to have me secure for you, or at least make an effort to secure, please let me know in the immediate future.


This month we do not have a single inquire by any of the subscribers, for which we regret, as we are always anxious to insert your questions. But since none of you has sent in one we are forced to insert our own inquiries.

We are particularly desirous of obtaining information of John and Ann Shackelford, the John that was born about 1670, and who made his Will in Carteret County, North Carolina, 1734, and whom we mention in the February issue of the magazine, page 7 (of the original - transcriber).

But first we wish to ask for information of a William Shackelford, said to have been a brother of the above mentioned John, or perhaps a son or a nephew. William Shackelford, born about 1700, liven in King and Queen County, Va., and married a Taliaferro, and is said to have had sons William and Daniel.

One William Shackelford, thought to have been a son of the above William and Miss Taliaferro, married Catherine Daniel, December 21, 1776, in Middlesex County, Virginia.

James Shackelford, son of John and Ann Shackelford, born about 1703, probably in Va., married Keziah Wickers, about 1730, and died 1759, in Carteret Co., N.C. They had the following children:

James, Jr.------(married Ouria ??)

Joseph---------(married ??

Peleg-----------(married ??

Ann------------(married Freeman Ellis

Ruth------------(married ??

Sarah-----------(married Isaac Wade)

Susannah-------(married ??

Lydia-----------(married William Morse)

Polly------------(married ??

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James Shackelford, Jr. Son of James and Keziah Wickers - Shackelford, married Ouria ??, maiden name not known, and had at least two children:

John (probably married Illesia Pigot)

Roger (married ??

Freeman Ellis, Sr. Born about 1735, and died 1803, and married Ann Shackelford, daughter of James and Keziah Wickers - Shackelford, and had the following children:

Jedidale--------(married Isaac Wade)

Dillins----------(married ??

Freeman, Jr.---(married ??

William---------(married ??

Benjamin-------(married ??

Hannah---------(married ??

Susannah-------(married ??

Keziah---------(married ??

Isaac Wade, Sr. Born about 1735, died in 1808, and married for his second wife - Jedidale, daughter of Freeman and Ann Shackelford - Ellis. They married June 17, 1793, and had the following issue:

Freeman------(married ?? )

Bernice-------(married Increase Bradley )

Nancy--------(married Gould)

Eliza----------(married John Howard )

Mary (Polly)--(married John Chadwick )

Amos---------(married ?? )

Sarah Ann----(married ?? )

Susan---------(married ?? )

Elijah---------(married ?? )

Benjamin------(married ?? Artilla )

James---------(married ?? )


Isaac Wade, Sr. Born about 1735, and died 1808, married for his first wife - Sarah Shackelford, daughter of James and Keziah Wickers - Shackelford, and they had the following children:

Keziah-----------(married ?? )

Sarah (Sally)-----(married ?? )

Dempsey---------(married?? )

7 (95)

Caleb------------(married Ruth ?)

James------------(married Polly ?)

William-----------(married ?)

Joseph-----------(married Nancy ?)

Isaac Jr.----------(married Amy ?)

Any one having additional information of the above mentioned families, please pass it along to the Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine. We shall be happy to purchase it or exchange.


"The mind, conscious of innocence, despises false reports: But we are a set always ready to believe a scandal" - Ovid.


After long arduous, honorable and faithful service, the following are reported this month as out of the service and back home: Ervin S. Riley, of Okolona, Ark.; Captain George A. Reid, of Arkadelphia, Ark.; James Clevie Davis and Charles Richard Sego, both of Lexington, Tenn.; Russell Shackelford, of Napton, Mo.; and James Herschel Swayze, of Conway, Ark. But James Herschel Swayze found the army to his liking and decided to remain for another three years.

Robert Paul Jowers, son of Clemuel E. and Ruby Ann Shackelford-Jowers, of Lexington, Tenn., was at home on leave - a convalescent, having been wounded a second time while showing the Germans the way home from France. We are happy to report however, that Paul is responding to treatment very nicely and will soon be as good as new, Sincere congratulations Paul.


We have one marriage to report this month, but the details were not given. Charles Richard Sego, son of William Richard and Allie Frances Scott-Sego, married on his return from the service. We were not told the name of the bride.


And this month we have two births to report one of them belated. Sharon Lee, a buxom daughter

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arrived on this planet August 23, 1945, and so will make her home in the future with Captain and Mrs Louie S. Weber, of Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Dan Shackelford Shipp arrived January 6, 1946, in Yazoo City, Miss., and will make his home with his very proud parents - Mr and Mrs Dan Shackelford Shipp, Sr, of Yazoo City.


Now comes the sad feature of our little magazine, that of relating the death of two of our clan during the past month. And of another, although not a member of our clan, he was a subscriber to the magazine, and just for the joy of helping others - contributed to our genealogical collection and us a great deal of encouragement.

Albert O. Pierson, (not a member of the clan) passed to his eternal reward September 19, 1945, at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana. The report just reached us a few days ago. So to the bereaved we extend our deepest sympathy.

Jason Doyal Shackelford first saw the light of day at Frankfort, Indiana., May 8, 1872. Born a son of Austin C. Shackelford and Delana Jane Like. He passed to his eternal reward January 27, 1946, at Geneva, Nebraska. He was the eldest of eleven children, nine of whom preceded him in death, being survived by his wife - Mrs Cora Fox-Shackelford, of Geneva, Nebraska. He had no children.

Survivors also include his only brother Mr Frank Tilman Shackelford, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This month it is our sad duty to report the passing of one of our most beloved members of the clan. Mr Walter G. Holmes, of Monsey, New York. The Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine feels certain that Walter G. Holmes was one of the most widely known members of the clan, and certainly one of the most beloved. And the next two issues of our clan magazine will be devoted to giving you a biography and sketch of his life's work.

He died as a result of a fall from his window February 7, 1946. Full details next month.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Sally Livermore May 1998


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