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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas March 1946 Vol. 1. No. 11


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.


This month we begin a series of articles on the lives and characters of various men and women of the Shackelford Clan. They may be of the name Shackelford-Shackleford, or they may be those inter-married with them, or descended from them; but whatever the relationship they will be an intergrant of the Clan. They may be living today or they may have lived long ago, but it will be our purpose to show you the qualities possessed by those people of our Clan.

But before we begin this article we would like to urge all of you once more to send us stories such as biographies, eulogies or obituaries of any of our Clan that you have or can secure, and pass along to us. The more you send the more interesting our magazine will become.

The Editor of "The Shackelford Clan Magazine" has been in twenty one States, and over more than 1000.000 miles in our quest for information of the Shackelfords - Shacklefords; and in the course of our travels we have met many fine people, and some of the descendants of the late Mark Whitaker Izard, are among them, and of whom we are now going to write first.

Mark Whitaker Izard, Sr., first saw the light of day in Ashland County, Ky., November 12, 1800. He was twice married, his first wife being Miss Marthat Phillips, of Lincoln Co, Ky., whom he married at

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the age of twenty. Two years later however, he lost his beloved wife, leaving him with a baby daughter just one year old.

Mark Whitaker Izard then journeyed to Madison Co, Alabama, a new country that had just been ceded to the United States by the Indians; and on May 18, 1824, he married Permelia Shackelford, daughter of George Shackelford and his wife - Mary Ann Davis. And to this union were born ten children. Soon after the birth of their first child - a son Flavius Josephus, the young couple moved to what was then the Wild West - Arkansas, settling in what is now St. Francis County, near the community known as Mt. Vernon, but now the thriving little City of Forrest City.

Following is a brief sketch of the man - Mark Whitaker Izard. He served as a member of the last Territorial Council of the Territory of Arkansas in 1825, authorizing a Territorial Convention. He was in the first State Senate in 1836, also served in the senate 1838-40, as President of the Senate. In 1844 he was elected as one of the three presidential electors of the State of Arkansas. He served in The Arkansas House of Representatives as Speaker of the House in 1848. He was again elected to the Senate in 1850-52.

While making the race for re-election to the senate an incident occurred that changed his scene of activities, and perhaps the course of the balance of his life, by receiving an appointment from president Franklin Pierce, as U.S. Marshall of the Territory of Nebraska. The death of Governor Burt of Nebraska occurred very soon after his appointment, and he went to Washington, D.C., for a personal interview with President Pierce, and was then appointed by the President to be Governor of Nebraska.

Mark Whitaker Izard served as governor of Nebraska until the fall of 1857, then resigned. At another time he was sent to Kansas to quell some trouble there, and was then offered the Governor - ship of Kansas, but declined. He passed to his

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eternal reward on August 8, 1866. So at the time of his death he was not an old man in point of years; but in point of service to his family, to his community, to his State and to the Nation, he was far older than the years of most men. He had a full life richly lived.

But to his beloved wife - Permelia Shackelford-Izard, must go some of the credit for his achievements. She was a great lady - a noble consort of a great man. She was a companion and mother of the first order, his guiding star; and her love, respect and unfaltering devotion to his ever needs, was an inspiration to reach for greater heights. She survived her twelve years, passing to her eternal reward August 19, 1878.

Next month it is to be our pleasure to tell you something of some of the descendants of the two noble souls of mark Whitaker and Permelia Shackelford-Izard.


"Men must be taught as if you taught them not, and things unknown proposed as things forgot" - Pope.


This month we have so many to thank for additional data, and so many questions from the subscribers that we doubt that we can include all of them in this issue. But we will try.

But first we wish to introduce the following new subscribers to the clan: Mr H. C. Shackelford, of Orangeburg, S.C.; Mrs Julian Webb, of Donalsonville, Ga.; and Mrs Rex Enochs, of Los Angeles, Calif. To each of whom we say again - "Thank you."

And we wish to thank the following for the additional data they sent in: Mr A. A. Lewis, of Fredericksburg, Virginia.; Mrs Mary Gates-Alfonte, of Ogden, Utah.; Mrs Laura Hinton-Shackelford, of Beverlyville, Va.; Mrs Mary E. Churchill, of Denver, Colo.; Mrs O.M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs Julian Webb, of Donalsonville, Ga.; Mrs Mabel G. Thorne, on behalf of Mrs Rex Enochs, of Los

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Angeles, Calif.; Mrs Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Ga.; Mrs W.M. Weir, of Salt Lake City, Utah.; Mrs Ollie Bobo, of Philadelphia, Mississippi.; Mr Junius M. Shackelford, of New York City.; Mrs Ada C. Hinton, of Milton, N.C.; and Mrs Margaret Johnson , of Culpepper, Virginia.

We are grateful for this splendid co - operation, and sincerely wish that others would be as co-operative.


Wanted: Information showing Revolutionary war service of the ancestors of the following: John Ross, born Fayette Co, Ky., about 1780, and died about 1846. He married Ann Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Tabitha Baldock-Shackelford, in Mercer County, Ky., May 11, 1815. They had the following children: Sarah, Tabitha Ann, Emily, Matilda, Sophia Jane, William Green, and John, Jr.

Ann Shackelford was born January 13, 1795, and died February 13, 1887.

John and Ann Shackelford-Ross lived for a time in Butler County, Ky., but later moved to Warrick County, Indiana.

Any one having information of the descendants of John Ross, or showing Revolutionary services for either of the ancestors, please pass the information along to Mrs Mabel C. Thorne, 1236 Holmby Ave., Los Angeles, 24, Calif., or to the Editor.

Wanted: Ancestry of Zachariah Shackelford, who married Frances Ross, in Cased County, Ky., May 22, 1809. Also ancestry of Frances Ross, or Elbert Walker. Elbert Walker married Nancy D., daughter of Zachariah and Frances Ross-Shackelford.

Zachariah and Frances Ross-Shackelford had the following children:

Daniel ----------(married three times, Casey Co., Ky.

Reuben ---------(married ??, lived Sabetha, Kansas

Jack ------------(married ??, moved to Kansas

Zachariah, Jr. ---(married Libby Noland

Richard ---------(married Eliza Dean)

Mary -----------(married Samuel S. Graves)

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Sarah Jane ------(married E.R. Wright)

Nancy ----------(married Elbert Walker)

Elizabeth Betsy--(married ??

Tabitha----------(married Champion, Hope, Ark)

Any one having information of the ancestor of Zachariah Shackelford, Frances Ross or Elbert Walker, please pass the information along to Mrs A.C. Ellis, 228 North Santa Cruz Ave., Apt 4, Los Gatos, California, or to the Editor.

Frances Shackelford, born about 1760, in Virginia, probably Orange Co., and died in Montgomery County, Alabama, 1827, He had the following children:

Henry Lee -----(married Jane McGowan)

Harbert --------(never married.

Collins ---------(married Mrs Mary Morrow-Hodges)

Louisa ---------(married 1st Henry Bell, and 2nd William Kilcrease)

Martha --------(married John Carr)

John -----------(married Maria L. Turner)

Daughter ------(married a Mr Connell)

Daughter ------(married a Mr Agee)

Any one knowing the identity of the wife of Francis Shackelford, or the ancestry of either, or having information of their descendants, please pass it along to Mrs Julian Webb, of Donalsonville, Ga., or to the Editor.

William Shackelford, born in Gloucester County, Virginia, about 1799 and married Eliza Munson, and they had the following children:

Emaline ----------(married John Martin)

Hester------------(married Joseph Medlicott)

Alexander--------(married Mary Ann Martin)

Franklin----------(married 1st a Miss Budges, 2nd Hester Rowe, 3rd Parke Clement)

Henry Harrison---(married ??

George Edwin----(married 1st Martha Martin, 2nd Missouri E. Medlicott)

William, Jr.-------(married 1st Lizzie Young, 2nd Mary Agnes Cooke)

Betty Virginia-----(married ??

Ann Eliza---------(married ??

Joel Munson------(married Fanny Ellen Cooke)

6 (86)

Any one having information of the ancestry of William Shackelford, of Gloucester County, Va., or of his descendants, please pass the information along to Mrs Laura H. Shackelford, of Beverlyville, Virginia, or to the Editor.


"He who has once been very foolish will at no other time be very wise" - Montaigne.


We have in the service this month the following, so far un-reported: General James R. Alfonte, who is commanding A.S.F. Depot, Ogden, Utah. His son Lt James Morehead Alfonte, now in Japan with the First Cavalry Division. Also his son - in - law -- son - in - law of General Alfonte, that is, Lt Commander Harold Lee Graham, U.S.N.R. who served under Admiral Halsy, and wears six campaign ribbons with twelve battle stars.


General Alfonte was decorated with the Legion of Merit, for meritorious service. For which we say "Congratulations".


Reported as having been discharged from the services this month after long months of honorable service, are Lt Commander Harold Lee Graham, and Petty Officer 1st Class John E. Robertson. And to both of whom we say "Thanks for victory, a huge mission splendidly accomplished"; and welcome home by a grateful nation.


As a beauty I'm not a great star;

Others are handsomer far,

But my face - I don't mind it because I'm behind it;

It's the folks out in front that I jar. - Euwer.


This month we are saddened by the belated report of the death of one of our Clan during the now well known about "Baatan Death March". He was Col. Ralph Hirsch, son-in-law of Mrs Frances B. Gates, of Auburn, Alabama; and a descendant

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of Lt William Shackelford, who too, gave his life for his country in 1777.

The Baatan March of Death was one of the most atrocious crimes in all history. The Editor as an individual American feels that justice should be meted out speedily to the perpetrators.

Since the last issue went to you the angel of death has made three more visits among the members of the Clan-Shackelford.

From Denver, Colo., comes the report of the death of Goddard Shackelford some few weeks ago, the date and details were not given. Goddard Shackelford first saw the light of day April 19, 1890, born to Joel Walker Shackelford and Anna Dexter Goddard. He was married June 12, 1917, to Marie Christensen; and to them have been born one son and two daughters, all of whom survive.

From North Carolina comes the report of the death of Dr Emmet Wise Shackelford, Nov. 21, 1946 (I believe this date to be wrong as this issue was printed in March 1946-transcriber) Emmet Wise Shackelford was born a son of William Shackelford and his second wife - Mary Agnes Cooke, April 15, 1877, and passed from this sphere of action on the above date. We have never been given the data of this family, nor were we given the details of his death. We hope to have more of the details at a later date.

We were also saddened by the report of the death of Mrs Mamie I. Beauchamp, of 2106 - North Van Buren, Little Rock, Ark., and this report was a distinct shock to the Editor, as we know Mrs Beauchamp, having met her in her home during one of our journeys in our quest for genealogical data.

She and her sister - Mrs Julia Hemenway, both of whom died last year, lived together at the above address. They were grand daughters of Mark Whitaker Izard and Permelia Shackelford, mentioned on pages one and two of this issue. They were daughters of Flavius Josephus Izard and Sarah Elizabeth Whitaker, of whom we shall have somewhat to say in the April issue of the magazine.

The Editor had a lovely Christmas card and a letter containing some data of her family, dated Dec 7, 1945, from Mrs Beauchamp. She died

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before receiving a reply.

Mamie Darthula Izard was an octogenarian, having seen the light of day for the first time on September 27, 1864. She suffered a stroke Christmas day and passed to her eternal reward the next day - December 26, 1945. She was one of God's most noble creations.

To the bereaved we extend our deepest sympathy and admonish them to read Romans 14:9


We have two new members of the Clan reported this month. Master Edward Armor Smith arrived in Eastman, GA., December 30, 1945, and will make his home with his parents - Mr and Mrs Walter Armor and Missie Lee Jones-Smith; and master Edward Armor is the great grandson of Walter Florence and Mary Harris-Armor, grandson of David Dudley and Fanny Lou Armor-Smith, and the great great grandson of John and Mary Shackelford-Harris, and great great great great grandson of Edmund Shackelford and Judith Eastin, of Elbert County, Georgia.

A lovely baby daughter - little Miss Nancy Lee, arrived on this planet to make her home with Dr and Mrs J. Hinton Shackelford, of Baltimore, Maryland, November 27, 1945. Not having a complete data of this branch of the family we are unable to give a complete lineage of Nancy Lee, as we did of Edward Armor Smith.

As far as was reported to us, both babies mentioned above, and their mothers were doing fine; and the proud papas too. To all of whom we extend our warmest congratulations.


Since beginning this copy we have received additional data from Miss Eunice Hagler, of Kansas City, Mo.; and from Cecil Asa Shackelford, of Garden Grove, Calif. To both of whom we say again - "Thanks a million".

Remember this is you magazine, we want to give you what you want. We solicit correspondence and criticism. We want to hear from you.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

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