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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas February 1946 Vol. 1. No. 10


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



Continued from last month.

IV. And for as much as notice has been given in the several parish Churches wherein the said entailed lands lie, of the application of this general assembly, to dock the said entail pursuant to your majesty's instructions, may it please your most excellent majesty, at the humble suit of the said Anne Freeman, and Robert Freeman, her son and heir apparent; Elizabeth Shackelford, and her son James Shackelford, son and heir apparent, and the said Henry Willis, that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the Lieutenant governor, Council of Burgesses, of this present General assembly, and by the authority of the same, that all that part of the lands, so as aforesaid devised by the last Will and Testament of the said John Robbins, to the said Christopher Robbins, and the moity of the said lands devised to the said William Robbins, which upon his death without issue, remained to the said Christopher, and whereof the said Christopher died seised as aforesaid, with all and singular and appurtenances thereunto belonging, be and are hereby vested in the said Henry Willis, his heirs and assigns, to the only use and behoof of the said Henry Willis, his heirs and assigns forever; and he, the said Henry Willis, his heirs and assigns shall hold the same freed and discharged from all the lim-

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itations in the last Will and Testament of the said John Robbins; And that the water grist mill, two thousand acres of land with the appurtenances lying and being in St George's parish in the little fork of Rappahannock river, in the County of Spotsylvania, aforesaid, and two plantations, being part of three thousand acres of land granted to the said Henry Willis, by patent, bearing the date under the seal of The Colony of Virginia, the first day of February, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and twenty six, be and are hereby vested in the said Ann Freeman and Elizabeth Shackelford, and the heirs of the body of the said Christopher Robbins, forever; and that all and every person or persons whatsoever, who by the last Will and Testament of the said John Robbins, might have claimed the said first mentioned intailed lands now vested in the said Henry Willis, by virtue of the limitations of the said John Robbins' last Will and Testament shall forever hereafter, hold and enjoy all and singular the said last mentioned lands and premises, with the appurtenances, successively, one after another, as they might have claimed and held the same intailed lands, if that or this act had never been made.

V. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the said Henry Willis shall, after the passing of this act, place upon the said lands, last mentioned, in the County of Spottsylvania, eight slaves, (towit) four men and four women, not exceeding the age of twenty years, and shall deliver in the names of such slaves so to be placed, into the court of the County where the said lands lie, there to be recorded; and forever afterwards the said slaves shall be annexed to the said last mentioned lands and premises; and shall pass in descent, remainder and reversion so long as they or any of their increase shall be living with the said last mentioned lands.

And shall forever after, from time to time vest in the person and persons claiming and

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holding the said last mentioned lands under the limitations of the Will and Testament of the said John Robbins respectively.

VI. Saving to the King's most excellent majesty, his heirs and successors, and to all and every other person or persons, bodies politic and corporate, their respective heirs and successors all such right, title estate, interest, claim and demand other that the persons claiming under the last Will and Testament of the said John Robbins as they, every or any of them should or might claim, if this act had never been made.

VII. Provided always that the execution of this act shall be suspended until his Majesty's approbation thereof shall be obtained. The end.

Note: Their petition was aproved and they moved in a body with their children and grand children to St George's Parish Spottsylvania County, in 1736. In the petition Ann and Elizabeth mentioned as widows in 1734.

After their arrival in Spottsylvania the Family Fortunes must have improved vastly, as the County records show many land transactions, purchases, sales, with records of slaves - et cetera.

The Editor considers the above a very remarkable and important document, so important that he desires that all people interested should have a copy of it, and herewith pass it along. And the above mentioned James and Elizabeth Robbins-Shackelford, are the ancestors of many of the people of the name that later settled in Culpepper, Fauquier, Orange and Albemarle Counties, Virginia.


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This month we wish to acknowledge the following new subscribers, and to thank each of them again for their subscriptions and support: Mrs Mary Harris Armor, of College Park, Ga.; Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; reported last month, but again this month sent in one for her sister -

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Mrs James Scott, of Johnston, Iowa; and Mr H. G. Shackelford, of Orangeburg, S.C.

We also wish to acknowledge receipt of additional data from the following persons: Miss Martha Lou Houston, of Washington, D.C.; Mrs Margaret E. McGuinn, of Spartanburg, S.C.; Mrs Annette M. Rowe, of Washington C.H, Ohio.; Mrs George E. Thorne, of Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs O.M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mrs R.J. Shackelford, of Richmond, Va.; Mrs Margaret Gray-Blanton, of New York City.; Mr Ben Hill Shackelford, of Atlanta, GA.; Mrs Julia S. Dillard, of Atlanta, Ga.; Mr F. T. (Frank Tilman) Shackelford, of Minneapolis, Minn.; Mrs Rowena S. Adams, of Redondo Beach, Calif.; Mrs William Zikes, of Kimberly, Idaho.; and Mrs Mary Harris-Armor, of College Park, Ga. And so to all of whom we say again - Thanks a million.


This month we are seeking information of one John Jones, who married Ann or Annie Shackelford. John Jones was said to have been born in Orange Co., Va., about 1740. He married, or is said to have married in Albemarle County, Va., later moved to Chowan County, N.C., and still later to Elbert Co, Ga., where he died about 1797. He married Annie or Ann Shackelford, about 1760-70. They had the following children:

Stephen-----(married Caldwell)

Allen--------(married Jemima Polhill?)

Wiley-------(married West)

John, Jr.-----(married Dickey)

Thomas-----(married Eliza Merriwether Darricott)

Patsy--------(married John S. Foster)

Eliza---------(married John Wingfield)

Polly--------(married Mordecai Shackelford)

Betsy--------(married John White)

Wanted: ancestry or information of the descendants of the above mentioned John Jones, or of Ann Shackelford, or their children. Stephen is said to have moved to Troup County, Ga, or Pike Co., Ga., and so did Allen. Please send any information to Miss Martha Lou Houston, All States Hotel,

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Washington, (6) D.C.; or to the editor.

Wanted: Ancestry of William Shackelford, born November 20, 1813, in Fayette County, Ohio. He married Catherine Miller, June 2, 1842, Died at or near Geneva, Nebraska, February 9, 1898. Catherine Miller was born in Miami County, Ohio., January 10, 1823., and died at Forrest, Indiana, August 25, 1900. They had the following children:

Harriet-------------(married Lewis Baber)

Elvira--------------(married Matthew Young)

Austin G.----------(married Delana Jane Like)

Eliza Jane----------(married Jim Swasy

Lewis Hamilton----(died in infancy)

William Elliott------(died in infancy)

George Melvin-----(died in infancy)

Clara Alice--------(married Oss Stone)

Please send any information regarding the ancestry of William Shackelford or Catherine Miller, or of the descendants of theirs, to Mr F. T. Shackelford 5125, Upton Ave South, Minneapolis, Minn., or to the Editor.

Wanted: Information of the descendants of John Cook and his wife - Margaret Shackelford.

John Cook, born about 1770, probably in Virginia, and died, probably in Madison County, Alabama, but the date is not known. He married Margaret Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, probably in Laurens County, S.C. She was born in Halifax Co, Va., about 1775, and probably died in Madison Co, Alabama. They had the following children:

Emily----------(probably married Calvin Shackelford)

Clayton--------(married ??

Mary Ann------(married John Hathcock)

John, Jr.-------(married ??


Margaret------(married James Harrison)

Anyone having information of the family and descendants of John Cook please send it along.

Wanted: Information of the descendants of William Shackelford, son of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, born about 1790, died in Madison Co, Ala., 1818. Married Nancy Wright, and they had the following children:

6 (78)

Calvin---------(probably married Emily Cook)

Thomas-------(died at the age of ten years)

Elizabeth------(married Robert H. Patrick) and was living in Hinds County, Miss., 1850.

Henry J.-------(married ??) (We have since learned that Henry J. Shackelford was not a son of the above named William. See later information)

Please send any information of the descendants of William Shackelford and Nancy Wright directly to us and we shall be forever grateful.

Wanted: Information of the descendants of Zachariah Petty and his wife Rebecca Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford.

Zachariah Petty was born May 28, 1793, probably in Sough Carolina. He died in Madison County, Ala., July 8, 1854. He married Rebecca Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, January 2, 1823, in Madison County, Alabama, and they had the following children:

Mary Elizabeth --------(married Thomas Spraggins

Nancy Eliza------------(married William P. Gwynn)

Rebecca Amelia-------(died in infancy)

William Lazarus--------(married Mariah Cloud

Zachariah Richard------(married Rebecca A. Whitman)

Eli William-------------(married ??

Please send any information of the descendants of Zachariah Petty and his wife Rebecca, to us, and we shall greatly appreciate it.


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In the November 1945 issue of the Clan we discussed The Two John Shackelfords. And it will be seen in the article that the Editor is of the opinion that the John thought to have been a son of Roger, the immigrant, married a Miss Livingston, and moved to Carteret Co, N.C., where he died 1734. So this month we are giving you the descendants of this particular John, and then an opportunity to prove our error, if we are in error.

Wanted: Ancestry and information of descendants

7 (79)

of one John Shackelford, born about 1670, and died 1734, in Carteret County, N.C. He came into North Carolina from Essex County, Virginia. In his Will dated 1734, Carteret County, N.C., he mentions his wife Ann (probably Ann Livingston), and the following children:

John, Jr.------(appears to have never married)

James--------(married Keziah Wickers)

Mary---------(married Enoch Ward)

Sarah---------(married Joseph Moss or Morse)

Hannah-------(married Roberts)

Ann-----------(married ??

Elizabeth------(married Enoch Ward)

Any information that you hay have on any of the above mentioned families will be appreciated.


"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"---John, 8:32.


This month we have no births or marriages to report. Nor do we have any new names to add to our Honor Roll. But we do have the names of three of the clan that have been separated from the service-military service, as follows: Tech Sgt Edward Miles Tarver, of Dallas, Texas.; Elmer Harding Shackelford, and his brother-in-law Thomas Gentry Simms, both of Ypsilanti, Mich. And to all three we say "Welcome home boys, and thanks for a big job well done.


This month we are saddened by the passing of two beloved and venerable members of our clan;

Thomas Dick Shackelford first saw the light of day June 17, 1860, in Carrol County, Ga. He was born a son of Richard Nunn Shackelford and Elizabeth Ursula Jones. And he passed to his eternal reward December 5, 1945, in Atlanta, Ga. Surviving are one daughter - Mrs G.A. Baldini, of New York, and sons - L.; W.T.; and T.H., of Atlanta, Ga., and C.B., of Monroe, Louisiana. Also a brother-Richard Jones Shackelford, of Carrolton, Ga.

William Alsa Shackelford, another native Georgian, and affectionately known as "Uncle Shack",

8 (80)

first saw the light of day in 1861. He passed to his eternal reward at his residence in Lexington, Ga., December 5, 1945. And we feel that a few excerpts from the pens of others concerning him will not be amiss at this time.

He was Editor of "The Oglethorpe Echo" for 63 years at the time of his retirement in 1943. An article appeared in another paper, which paper I do not know, as the sender failed to state, but of "Uncle Shack" it had the following to say, and we quote: "When 63 years ago as a mere lad, lacking eight months of being of voting age, I assumed ownership and control of "The Echo", and I not the slightest idea that my connection with the paper would continue for anything like the length of time that it has, he wrote in his valedictory editorial last week. In exuberance of youth I expected to accumulate my million within a few short years and retire to a life of ease and plenty. But each week, since my financial sheet would show a discrepancy from that million, and so I added another week with the hope that my anticipation might be met, but that balance is still far from the goal I had set." - Dated May 3, 1943. End quote.

In 1940 another Georgia News Paper had the following to say of him, and we quote - "The venerable and toughly logical editor of the Echo, W.A. Shackelford, writes in the present issue, that of September 1, 1940, which marked the 60th year that the writer has been sweating over editorial paragraphs like those in this column; and with a characteristic shaft of with, he says he would not be surprised if the lines he has written, placed end to end, would reach the moon" - end of quote.

So in the loss of "Uncle Shack", the Shackelford Clan has lost a beloved character, a man who has lived a long useful life and been an influence for good, one that we can ill afford to lose.

So to both of the bereaved families, the Editor on behalf of the entire clan, expresses or deepest and profound sympathy. God bless all of you in your hours of great sorrow.

Until next month, Adios -- The Editor.

Transcribed by Sally Livermore May 1998


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