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Shackelford Clan Magazine

Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones. 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas.

. 60c A Year. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Lubbock, Texas. May 1945. Vol 1, No 1.

This month marks the beginning of the fulfilment of a long cherished dream; the publication of a monthly magazine that concerns the genealogy of the Shackelford-Shackleford families and their descendants, beginning with the origin of the name and including a record of every worthy descendant of the first immigrant of the name.

To accomplish this huge task we will need and appreciate the support and co-operation of every person descended from the original immigrant. The Editor of this little leaflet has spent years collecting genealogical data of the Shackelfords and their descendants. We have several thousand records now, but there are several thousand that we do not have, which we hope to collect through the medium of this little leaflet. This will be a monthly magazine, mimeographed only until after the war, and then will appear as printed matter. It will be an eight page leaflet and will contain the following matter: A story of the life and achievements of some interesting person, either a male or female, but always a descendant of the first immigrant of the name Shackelford-Shackleford, on pages one and two.

Pages three and four will be our question box or query department. One who is a subscriber may ask any question they desire so long as it concerns any descendant, male or female, of Shackelford-Shackleford. That question, if the information is available, will be answered free, but only to subscribers. Pages five and six will be devoted exclusively to the answering of questions of the subscribers.

Pages seven and eight will be devoted to announcements, births, marriages and deaths.

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Subscriptions will be open to any person, and all questions will be answered free to subscribers when the information is available; provided the question concerns a descendant of any Shackelford-Shackleford, any place in the United States. Questions pertaining to persons other than Shackelford-Shackleford descendants will not be answered in this magazine.

The Editor of this magazine solicits subscriptions, and correspondence concerning the genealogy of any descendant of the first Shackelford-Shackleford immigrant, military records of any and every person who has served in the armed forces, any branch, during any war in which the United States has been involved, and also stories that relate noble deeds and worthy achievements.

Nothing will appear in this magazine at any time concerning any person other than military records, Church or fraternal memberships, noble deeds and worthy achievements. Not even divorces will be mentioned without the consent of the divorced person.

According to the records in possession of this writer, the first immigrant among the Shackelfords-Shacklefords, that came to America, was Roger Shackelford. He was baptized in Old Alresford, Hampshire, England, April 23, 1629. He is said to have married Mary Palmer. His name first appears of record in Virginia in 1658. If this information is not correct we will be grateful to any one that will give us the necessary authentic information.

In the next issue we will take up the subject of the origin of names, and give you the origin of the name Shackelford or Shackleford, as we have it. Also some notes concerning the first immigrant.


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We shall always strive to keep pages three and four exclusively for questions of subscribers.

All subscribers are free to ask for genealogical information of any person or family, as long as that person or family are descended from any Shackelford-Shackleford. Names and address of person sending in data will be published unless they request that they be not published. But whether writing to the Editor or to another subscriber be sure and inclose (sic) for return, unless the question is to be answered in the magazine. In that case return postage will not be necessary.

Since this is the first issue there are no questions from any one else, so the Editor will ask the questions. And information regarding the family or descendants of the following families will be very greatly appreciated.

Roger Shackelford, whom we shall designate as Roger #4, married Nancy Ann Carter, October 13, 1767. They had the following children: Richard, Edward, William, John James, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, Roger #5, Nancy Ann, Carter and Adeline.

Roger Shackelford #4, once lived in Halifax Co, Va, and later in Albemarle Co, Va. He moved to Madison Co, Ky., about 1791/92. His sons Edward, William & Roger, married in Madison Co, Ky. Carter married in Franklin Co, Ky. Thomas married in Sumner Co, Tenn. Adeline married in Tenn, and his daughter--Nancy Ann, married in Madison Co, Ky. His sons Richard and John are said to have married in Albemarle Co, Va. James also married in Madison Co, Ky. Elizabeth and Sarah married in Albemarle Co, Va.

I have the data of the above named William, Nancy Ann, Thomas and Adeline.

Edward Shackelford married Mary Peasley. Richard Shackelford married Martha (Patsy) Spears. James Shackelford married Margaret (Peggy) Simpson. Carter Shackelford married Susan Briscoe. Elizabeth Shackelford married James Busby. Sarah Shackelford married a Mr Porter, according to information that we have.

Any one having any data of the above named families please pass it along to the Editor.

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William Shackelford, son of Roger #4, was born November 13, 1770. He died in 1834, Edmonson Co, Ky., about one and one half miles form Mammoth Cave in Ky. He married in Madison Co, Ky., Mar, 13, 1794, Elizabeth (Betsy) Moore. She was born about 1775, and died 1830, in Edmonson Co, Ky. They had the following children: Nancy, William, Robinson, Allen, George Tarleton, James Richard, Merlin, Milton, Mary (Polly), Francine (Sinai), Eliza, Sabina, Lucy, Wiley A., Elizabeth, (Betsy), Adeline or Edilene. A total of seventeen. And of the above family we have considerable data of the following: Robinson, George Tarleton, Sabina, Adeline and/or Edelene.

Nancy Shackelford married Joseph Camp. Lucy Shackelford married Otha Word or Ward. Allen Shackelford married Eliza Reynolds. Merlin Shackelford married Sarah (Sally) Anderson. Mary (Polly) Shackelford married William H. Drake. Milton Shackelford married Elizabeth ??. Francine (Sinai) Shackelford, married David Howard. Sabina Shackelford married McClung Stroud. But we do not know whom William, James, Richard, Eliza, Wiley A., and Elizabeth married.

Any additional data of the above families will be greatly appreciated. Merlin Shackelford married in Barren Co, Ky. Mary (Polly) Shackelford married in Warren Co, Ky. Milton Shackelford was in Edmonson Co, Ky., in 1850. David Howard moved to Houstonia, Mo., about 1835. McClung Stroud lived in Warren Co, Ky., 1860. Joseph Camp and Otha Word married in Warren county, Ky.

Carter Shackelford, son of Roger Shackelford and Nancy Ann Carter, married Susan Briscoe, Jan 4, 1802, in Franklin Co, Ky. He was still there in 1810. Any additional data of his family will be very greatly appreciated.

John and Richard Shackelford, sons of Roger #4, and Nancy Ann Carter, are said to have remained in Virginia. They were in Albemarle Co, or said to have been there about 1791/92. So please pass along any data of their families if you have it.

Please send along any data that you might have of the Mr Porter who married Sarah Shackelford, presumed to have married in Albemarle County, Virginia.

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As before stated, it shall be the policy of the Shackelford Clan Magazine to use pages five and six to answer any and all questions that shall come from subscribers concerning the origin or descendants of the first Shackelford-Shackleford immigrant to America. All people of the name either spelling, shall be considered as such unless and until proven to be otherwise.

Any subscriber, regardless of their name, will be eligible to ask any question they wish if they have Shackelford or Shackleford ancestry.

We have thousands of records and will be able to answer many questions, and hope to be able through the co-operation of subscribers, to answer any questions that come in.

We desire and solicit the names of all men of the name Shackelford-Shackleford or descendants, and their present address. We desire and solicit the names of any of the above mentioned men and women who are serving or have served our country during this or any other war; and particularly whose who were or shall be cited or decorated for meritorious service.

We desire and solicit all information of a genealogical nature, such as Bible records, cemetery records, marriage records, or vital records of any kind, that will help to identify any person or to make their necessary family connections.

Where there has been a second or third marriage, all marriages and children by each marriage, should be included in order to make each family complete. Maiden names of all women should be given so that any person interested in the female lines could endeavor to extend such lines.

There may be some who will receive a few copies of this little magazine who are so remotely removed from their Shackelford-Shackleford ancestry that they are not aware of their lineage. In our quest for genealogical information we have found that to be the case many times. But if you receive a copy or two and sould not be able to prove your origin or you are not awareof your ancestry, please feel free to write us about it, as we have the proof or else you would not have received it.

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There may be a few isolated cases where the recipient is not a Shackelford-Shackleford descendant, as we will mail a few copies to professional or avocational genealogists. But all other recipients will be descendants.

If you receive a copy of this magazine please do not throw it away. If you are not interested in genealogy, please hand it to a relative of friend. Remember that thousands of people are interested, so please follow the golden rule, if you are not interested do for your relative, friend or neighbor what you would like for them to do for you should it be something in which you might be interested.

This is not a money making scheme, the subscription price of .60c per year will be only a small part of publication and mailing costs. Our pay will come in the reception of additional data that we hope to receive, and in the joy we will get from probably having helped others in obtaining the information that they have wanted.

This shall be your magazine, make use of it. Feel free to write us at any time, ask for information of any person by the name of Shackelford-Shackleford, or any person descended therefrom. And we will positively promise a reply, and the information whenever it is possible to give it to you.

Respectfully and Cordially:

The Editor.

Address all communications to

Shackelford Clan Magazine.

716 Avenue A

Lubbock, Texas


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As before stated, in subsequent issues of the Clan, pages seven and eight will be devoted to announcements of births, marriages and deaths. Since this is the first issue there are no announcements, so these two pages will be used for the publication of some family records, and requests for additional data.



We were always told that William Shackelford came from South Carolina; but the census records show he was born in Kentucky. The records in The War Memorial Building, Nashville, Tenn., show that he was granted land in Henderson County, Tenn, 1834. His old Bible record, which was in possession of a grandson--Samuel Newton Shackelford, of Lexington, Tenn, now deceased, showed the following:

William Shackelford, born March 10, 1795. Died in Henderson Co, Tenn., December 23, 1875.

He was twice married, but the name of his first wife was not shown, nor the date of her birth or death. They had six children, as follows:

Wiley R.,----(born September 7, 1828. Died ??

William H., --(born April 5, 1831. Died ??

Richard Stewart, (b Sept 1, 1832. d Nov 30, 1899)

Mary Elizabeth., (b July 21, 1835. d Nov 17, 1905)

Drucilla.,------(b Oct 30, 1838. d Dec 31, 1891)

James B.,-------(b June 12, 1840. d in Ky, 1874.)

Of the children of William Shackelford and his first wife, Richard Stewart, Mary Elizabeth and Drucilla, all married, reared families and died in Henderson County, Tennessee.

The sons Wiley R., and William H., are said to have enlisted in the Union Army during the war between the States. They never returned and nothing more is known of them. The son James B., enlisted in the Confederate Army, was wounded, returned to Henderson Co, Tenn., married Harriet Beale, and then moved to Jefferson Co, Ky, where he was still living in 1870. But from that date no more has been heard of him except that he may have died in 1874. They had at least two children--Wiley and Harriet.

--8 (8)--

Can any of you tell us who the first wife of William Shackelford, was, and what became of his sons--Wiley R., William H., and James B., or their families. This information will be greatly appreciated.

William Shackelford was born March 10, 1795, and died December 23, 1875. He married his second wife Mary A. Bartholomew, Jan 7, 1843. She was born in Nash Co, N. C., November 16, 1818. Died in Henderson Co, Tenn, Dec 29, 1891. They had six children:

Martha Davis.,--born Feb 21, 1846. died 1859.

George Thomas.,-born Nov 8, 1847. died Feb 21, 1919.

Nancy Helen.,---born Sept 15, 1850. died Nov, 1922.

Elnora Tennessee,born Nov 6, 1857. died Aug 22, 1906.

John Emerson E.,-born Aug 14, 1860. died Sept, 1910

Amanda Elizabeth,born 1858, and died 1862.

William Shackelford, as before stated, came to Tennessee about 1830, as he was granted land in Henderson Co, Tenn., 1834. He was a prominent farmer, and owned what was probably the first water mill in the County. He lived about ten miles northwest of Lexington when he first came to Tennessee. Later he moved to the opposite side of the County and established another water mill. He lived on the property that property, the balance of his life, and when he died he was buried in his own burying plat on his own farm.

We have never yet been able to determine the parentage of William Shackelford. We have thought that he waas a son of Roger Shackelford who married Elizabeth Stewart, in Madison Co, Ky., April 1, 1796. If there be any one who can give us information of the descendants of the above Roger and his wife Elizabeth Stewart, that information will be greatly appreciated. Or if the above William was not a son of Roger and Elizabeth, will you please give us his parentage?


Continued from page one.

This little leaflet will be known as "The Shackelford Clan Magazine". It will be published monthly. T. K. Jones, 716 Ave A, Lubbock, Texas, is the Editor and Publisher. The subscription price will be .60c per year, payable in advance.


Transcribed by Sandra A Shackelford

May 7, 1998


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