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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

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Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



'Tis with sadness that we type these lines, for this number of the magazine will be the last you will receive, unless you have back numbers coming to you. This ends the twelfth year that we have published our little leaflet. And we have enjoyed every minute of it. From practically every one of you who will get this copy of the magazine we have had splendid response and co-operation, which we appreciate and shall always cherish in our memory. We have also had splendid response and co-operation from many that will not get a copy of this number, some of them having passed on from these earthly scenes, and others who have long since let their subscriptions lapse. But all in all, we have had a great deal of pleasure in sending you this little leaflet, we have through its medium , made many new friends, and been rewarded with many records that otherwise we would never have had. And we wish to thank you again.

And although this is the last copy of the magazine, we want each and every one of you to bear in mind that our records are still available. We hope to keep hearing from you -- write us any time, ask any questions you wish, we will always reply, and answer your questions when we can.

So until we meet in person, or meet again, may the Lord bless each of and every one of you.

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We will begin this copy of miscellaneous records with records of Shackelfords in Middlesex Co., Va.


In the name of God, Amen: I, William D. Shackelford, now in sound mind but weak in body, do make this my last Will and Testament.

Item: I desire first that all my just debts shall be paid.

Item: I give unto my two sons -- Lyons and Edwin, as soon as they arrive at the age of twenty one years, in bonds, one hundred dollars to each. The above sums I leave them as payment in full for a legacy by Benjamin Bartlett; and in the event that they claim any interest on the above sums, then in that case the legacy is void.

Item: I lend to my beloved wife -- Eliza Shackelford, all my estate both real and personal, as long as she lives, and at her death I wish all my estate that then remains to be equally divided between my surviving children or their heirs; and in the event that my wife should lose the child that I expect she is now pregnant with, before her death, then in that case I give unto my wife one third part of my estate to dispose of in that way she may think proper, and the balance in the way above mentioned.

I now appoint and constitute my beloved wife and Richard Claybrook, my executors. Given under my hand this the 26th - twenty sixth day of October eighteen hundred and twenty (October 26, 1820).

Sig --- William D. Shackelford

John Street and Elizabeth H. Daniel, witnesses.

Probated November 20, 1820.

Will Book 3, page 478. Middlesex County, Va.

We do not know the parentage of this William D. Shackelford. But our records show that he married Eliza T. Daniel, daughter of Lydia Daniel, November 19, 1805.

One William Shackelford, of Middlesex County, married Catherine Daniel, daughter of William Daniel, in King & Queen County, December 21, 1776. And this writer is of the opinion that William D.

-- 3 (1143) --

Shackelford was a son of William and Catherine Daniel-Shackelford.

William Shackelford who married Catherine Daniel, was a son of Roger and Rebecca Shackelford, of Essex County, and a grandson of Richard and Frances Lyne-Harwood-Shackelford, of King & Queen County.

In the settlement of the estate of William D. Shackelford, his sons are mentioned as Edward and Lyne, not Edwin and Lyons.

And we find other Shackelfords in Middlesex Co.:

William Shackelford and his wife Catherine, also Beverly Shackelford, sold land to William D. Shackelford, October 8, 1810. All parties and the land in or of Middlesex County. Deed Book 13, page 97.

One William Shackelford was in Middlesex County as early as 1767. Order Book 1767/69, page 23. But he appears to have been in King & Queen County -- living in King & Queen County. Order Book 69, page 153.

One Richard Shackelford was in Middlesex as early as 1770. And one Zachariah and Benjamin were in Middlesex as early as 1773. Zachariah was the executor of Richard Shackelford, deceased, 1784.

One John Shackelford was admitted to the bar in Middlesex County, 1786. Then John Shackelford, Jr., was admitted to the bar in Middlesex in 1792.

One William Shackelford, probably he who married Catherine Daniel, was deceased and his estate administered by John Harwood in 1793. Order Book ??, Number not shown, page 488.

One Lyne Shackelford was admitted to the bar on December 23, 1793, Middlesex County.

Phillip Shackelford sold his interest in the estate of his father -- Richard T. Shackelford, to his brother William T. Shackelford, February 27, 1826. Deed Book 15, page 164. Then he sold the interest of his wife -- Jane Matilda, in the estate of her own father -- James Healey, on the same date as above. Jane Matilda Healey-Shackelford was born January 2, 1807.

James and Lucy Shackelford, his wife, of Cincinnati, Ohio, sold land in Middlesex, to Richard C. Muse, November 18, 1833. Deed Book 16, page 405.

Edwin Shackelford, son of William D. Shackelford,

-- 4 (1144) --

now of Lancaster County, Va., purchased land from Thomas Jesse and his wife Elizabeth, they being his mother and step-father. October 8, 1847. Deed Book 19, page 272, Middlesex County, Virginia.

So by the above we see that Eliza or Elizabeth (records show both spellings), widow of William D. Shackelford, later married Thomas Jesse.

The following marriage records are to be found in Middlesex County, Virginia.

John Shackelford, of King & Queen County, married Mary Drummond, February 14, 1783.

Francis Shackelford, of King & Queen County, married Mary Carr, April 27, 1793.

George D. Shackelford, married Martha C. Lewis, daughter of Iverson Lewis, October 13, 1807.

Benjamin Kenningham, of King & Queen County, married Rose B. Shackelford, March 9, 1791.

Thomas Jesse married Mrs Elizabeth Shackelford, widow of William D. Shackelford, December 22, 1828.

Edwin Shackelford, son of William D. Shackelford, married Frances Goode, February 22, 1838.

James W. Shackelford, married Lucy Kidd, January 14, 1830.

It would appear that Edwin Shackelford married a second time, as we find him in Lancaster County, Virginia, in 1851, with a wife named Elizabeth. Deed Book 21, page 97, Middlesex County, Virginia.



As is known, Culpeper County was the home of a number of the very early Shackelfords. Culpeper County was created in 1749 from Orange County, and Orange County was created in 1734 from Spottsylvania County.

By reading the story of "The Remarkable Document" in your Shackelford Clan Magazines for January and February 1946 it will be noted that Ann Freeman and Elizabeth Shackelford, and their entire families moved in a body from Gloucester County to the land that they had been awarded by the courts, said lands two thousand acres, lying at that time in Spottsylvania Co., and later at least a part of it, if not

-- 5 (1145) --

all of it, was cut off into the new County of Orange; and in that part of Orange that later became Culpeper County.

And as was customary at that time, when the father died it was the eldest son that became the heir to the property unless otherwise specified.

The eldest son of James and Elizabeth Robbins-Shackelford, was a son James, Jr., born 1690. Therefore he became the heir. But records of Culpeper show one John Shackelford disposing of this land, so this John evidently as the eldest son of James, Jr., and the first John Shackelford we find among the Culpeper records appears to have married Winifred Read. But we have never been able to learn anything about his family. From the records of Culpeper we find the following:

One John Shackelford, of Culpeper County, gave a life time lease on 100 acres of land to Richard Nalle, also of Culpeper, March 15, 1749. Deed Book A, page 139. The land was also in Culpeper.

John Shackelford, same as above, also leased 150 acres of land in Culpeper, to John Read and others, November 2, 1751. Deed Book A, page 375. The said lease to be in force until 1820.

John Shackelford also leased another 100 acres of land in Culpeper, said land part of an original tract owned in partnership by the said John Shackelford, and Robert Freeman, to Peter Bowman, January 1, 1756. Deed Book B, page 474.

John Shackelford and Robert R. Freeman divided the two thousand acres of land February 9, 1755. Deed Book C, page 345.

Then John Shackelford and his wife Winifred, sold 100 acres of land in Culpeper, to Thomas Smith, November 15, 1764. Deed Book D, page 576.

This is about the time that one John Shackelford appeared in Orange County. Query: Could he be the one who ws the father of Captain Edmund Shackelford, born 1746? If so, then he evidently married a second time, as his wife in Orange was Ann.

There were many other Shackelfords in Culpeper County, also. See Will of Nancy P. Shackelford, beginning on the next page.

-- 6 (1146) --


In the name of God, Amen: I, Nancy P. Shackelford, of the County of Culpeper and State of Virginia, being weak of body but of sound mind and memory, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament.

First: It is my will that my brother Coleman Crutcher shall inherit the farm upon which I now reside and which was willed to me by my husband -- Churchhill Shackelford, deceased.

Second: It is my will that in the event of the death of my brother -- Coleman Crutcher, that his heirs shall inherit the above named tract of land.

Third: It is my will that in consideration of the above devise that my brother Coleman Crutcher shall support free of charge an aged and infirm woman named Hannah, during her life time.

There was more of the above will, but not genealogically important, so we will not publish the balance of it.

Dated August 19, 1861, and probated February 2, 1862.


James Shackelford, no wife mentioned, for love and affection for his children, gave them all he possessed, January 1, 1800. Their names being John, William, and Nancy. Deed Book V, page 125. Abijah Dulaney and George Hardin, witnesses.

Mildred Coleman, for love and affection, deeded a negro woman and cash to Ambrose, Susan, and Sarah Shackelford and her husband -- John Shackelford.

Caleb Shackelford and his wife -- Lucinda, sold land in Culpeper County, to Albert G. Simms, October 14, 1843. Deed Book 6, page 427.

Churchill Shackelford, mentioned above, was son of Daniel Shackelford. Daniel died in Culpeper Co., 1813, and left a will, but his will has been lost, and the records of Culpeper do show that it was recorded, and Churchill Shackelford was executor of Daniel's estate. And Daniel, according to available records, had the following children: Churchill, Harrison, Maria, Matilda, and Daniel, Jr. Daniel, Jr.

-- 7 (1147) --

was born 1810. In 1832 both he and his brother Harrison were in White County, Tenn. And records of Culpeper show that at that time there had not been a complete settlement of the estate of Daniel, Sr. Churchill was deceased and Daniel's guardian had been his uncle John.

Then John, the uncle John mentioned above, brother of Daniel, died December 7, 1855, leaving the following children: Walker, Robert, a daughter the wife of Frederick Brown, and Eliza Newby, wife of James Newby. The widow of, name not shown, John Shackelford, died December 28, 1855.

As will be noted, we do not have identification for any of the above Shackelfords unless it would be for the John who married Winnifred Read. Therefore any information that will add to these data will be a valuable addition to the record.



The first Shackelford in Fauquier County appears to have been James, as we find that he was at that time of the Parish of Hamilton, in Prince William County, when he purchased a tract of land -- 631 acres, also in Hamilton Parish, but in Fauquier Co., from William Stamps or Stamms and his wife Anne, September 23, 1745. Deed Book 2, page 370.

This James Shackelford is said to have been a son of John and Anne Lyne-Shackelford. He later move to and died in Mason County, Ky. (see your Mason County, Ky. records, for the descendants of this James Shackelford).

And aside from the immediate family of the above mentioned James, the next Shackelford to appear in Fauquier, was Benjamin Shackelford, whose wife was Martha Jones. His descendants have been published in previous numbers of the magazine. But there were others whose records have not been published.

Bannister Shackelford, whose wife was Delila, is in Fauquirer County in 1818 when he purchased land from Samuel Rixey, July 1, 1818. Deed Book 23, page 31. Rixey was of Culpeper County.

James B. Shackelford, was in Fauquier in 1835.

-- 8 (1148) --

Deed Book 35, page 175.

Among the marriage records of Fauquier County, we find the following:

George Grant married Mary Shackelford, daughter of James, and grand daughter of the first named James, bond dated March 18, 1772.

John Metcalf, Jr., married Milly Shackelford, sister to the above named Mary, bond dated May 1, 1782.

Daniel Shackelford, (probably the same Daniel as the one in Culpeper County) married Annah Hardin, daughter of Hall Hardin, bond dated January 4, 1793.

Warner Shackelford married Rebecca Stephens, bond dated January 16, 1804.

Samuel J. Shackelford, married Nancy Grigsby, daughter of Anne Grigsby, bond dated Nov. 2, 1796.

Kendal Moss married Nancy Grant, infant daughter of George Grant, bond dated November 30, 1796.

Selah Shackelford married Frances Harden, daughter of Hall Harden, bond dated December 5, 1797.

Bannister Shackelford married Delila Stevens, daughter of Ephem Stevens, bond dated Nov. 19, 1798.

Solomon Shackelford married Clary Heflin, daughter of John Heflin, bond dated August 26, 1800.

William Shackelford married Sally Skinner, daughter of John Skinner, bond dated February 19, 1803.

John Shackelford married Betsy Brannan, bond dated February 24, 1806. John Brannan, bondsman.

St Pierre Shackelford married Elvira Gibson, daughter of William Gibson, bond dated Dec.10, 1827.

Warner W. Shackelford married Susan Kearnes or Keirnes, daughter of Jacob Kearnes or Kiernes, bond dated January 18, 1830.

James Shackelford married Catherine Harris, bond dated February 18, 1831.

We have many other records we would like to publish. We sincerely regret that we find it necessary to discontinue the magazine, but under the present circumstances we see no other way out. So again we say "Thanks for your kindness and co-operation, and may we have the pleasure of meeting each and every one of you in person before our earthly chores are finished."

So for now -- Adios.

The Editor.

Transcribed by Stephen William Shackelford, August 30, 1998 - Austin, Texas.

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